Top 10 Ways To Boost Your TikTok Followers in Malaysia 2021

TikTok has changed many things in the social media spectrum and has become one of the most popular apps in the last four years. 

When you think of tiktok, viral comedy videos or dancing videos comes to mind.

In Malaysia, it is the third most used mobile application after Facebook and Instagram – becoming the trendiest social media marketing in all over the world!

As of Feb 2021, TikTok has more than 680 million monthly active users worldwide. In Malaysia alone, about 4.5 million people are using TikTok as well as TikTok followers for creating and watching entertaining and educational content.

What’s even more interesting is that 41% of its users are of the age group 16 to 24. Generation Z has accepted tik tok Malaysia with open arms.

TikTok allows everyone with a mobile phone to be a creator. In 2017, the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, acquired and got access to the United State’s teenagers. 

Is this the hint of a new marketing goldmine?

It may sound as it.

Despite restrictions by several governments, TikTok is flourishing as future marketing tools in countries where it is allowed to do business varied from ages, industry and branding!

If you are looking to increase your followers in TikTok Malaysia, this is the perfect place to be.

Teens in Malaysia are thoroughly enjoying creating various forms of content in TikTok – and that’s how the famous TikTok video creators were born in Malaysia!

In this article, we are going to reveal the top 10 ways by which you can boost your TikTok Malaysia followers in 2021. 

Please make sure that you stick with us till the end of this article as you wouldn’t want to miss anything, trust us!

What Types Of Videos Get The Most Attention In Malaysia 2021?

To boost your followers in TikTok Malaysia, you need to get more views and likes on the videos you upload. 

More engagement will lead your tiktok video to appear on the trending page, and more people will get to know you. 

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There are certain kinds of videos that gather more engagement than the others. If you manage to crack this game of recognizing the trend, you’ll grow faster than you ever expected! 

These are 10 of the most engaging video-types with the help of which you can boost your tik tok Malaysia followers:

#1. Cute Lip-Sync Videos

You might look cute but you’ll still lag behind others if you don’t master the lip-sync abilities.

In tik tok viral videos, looks do matter but in order to outshine other creators, you have to show some talent too. 

The first step is to find out a trending song.

It is the easiest part.

The tough part is to make your looks adorable and practice lip-syncing the song as much as possible.

You need to practice your expressions and lip-sync till you get it right to make your tik tok viral

#2. Comic and Hilarious Dance Videos

If you want to go viral in tiktok Malaysia, you can take the help of some funny dance videos.

You don’t have to dance well. You just have to make it entertaining enough.

You’ll have to find a comic song that has dancing beats. And then, shoot a tiktok video while dancing on its beats in a silly way. 

Make sure to use the right tiktok hashtags with the video. #funnydance, #nonsensedance, and other similar hashtags can be used to increase its visibility.

You can also choose a popular or trending song to dance to. In fact, it’ll maximize your reach if you choose the correct hashtags to go with it. 

#3. Funny One-Liners With Amusing & Laughter Sounds in The End

A funny tiktok video can have a short joke in it.

If you are a creative person, you can come up with witty one-liners and shoot them on your cell phone. Add some funny and hysterical sound effects at the end of the video.

Generation Z just loves such tik tok Malaysia videos and many such videos go viral every day.

#4. Incorporate Famous Memes in Your Videos

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a meme?

If you have a strong meme game, you will eventually make it big.

Youngsters love the tik tok creators who incorporate famous memes in their videos.

As always, don’t forget to include the hashtag with the original meme name.

This way, people who search for the original meme can stumble upon your tiktok video and end up following you. 

#5. Take Part in Trending and Promotional Challenges

Creators and brands come up with new challenges every day to promote their businesses.

Even celebrities give out challenges to perform their moves or deliver their famous dialogues from their upcoming movies. All of these are promotional activities which you should take part in. 

Taking part in trendy challenges will increase the visibility of your tiktok video.

If you are lucky, celebrities might even share your videos in their Instagram stories and make your tik tok viral

#6. Tips and Tricks Viral TikTok Videos

Youngsters love serious videos as well, as long as they are not boring.

You can create videos of yourself giving some important tips, tricks, and advice.

If you have expertise in a specific subject like dancing, singing, playing an instrument, creating videos, etc., you can increase your followers by teaching them.

#7. Motivational and Inspirational Videos

Make some motivational and inspirational videos for the youth at tik tok Malaysia.

Such videos are extremely easy to make and have a huge impact on the viewers.

You can make a video by quoting some not-so-famous motivational or inspirational quotes from the internet, and impress the youngsters. 

You can also post your workout videos on the gym. They’ll inspire the younger generation to keep their bodies fit.

You can even use famous quotes but then you’ll have to work on your video’s quality. You wouldn’t want to come across as a lazy creator.

#8. Playful Videos With Your Cute Pets

If you have pets in your house, you won’t have to look for content ideas.

If nothing else works, playing with your cute dog or expressions of your cat can make your tik tok viral

Do not force your pets into doing something they don’t want to do.

If you do that, people will obviously notice it and you’ll receive hateful comments.

Just try to capture the cute expressions of your pets and add them with some funny or cute sounds.

#9. Satisfactory Videos

People love such videos where some random thing is being done perfectly.

Perfect is the keyword here.

Even if it’s cutting the grass or constructing a wood cradle, make sure that you record it and edit it in a timelapse.

Make a neat tiktok video of doing anything complete and perfect to the core.

It triggers a satisfactory feeling in the viewers and they’ll want to watch more of them in your profile. 

#10. Add Text In The First Few Frames of Your Video

By adding some catchy text in the first few seconds of your tik tok Malaysia video, you can increase your average watch time.

When a viewer starts watching your video, they’ll have spent a few seconds reading the text.

Because of it, the chances of them watching the entire video increases by 30%.

Don’t make the entire video full of text. It’ll disappoint the viewers and they’ll never come back again. 

Best Ideas For You To Create Wonderful Tik Tok Videos To Skyrocket Your Followers And Fans

From memes to viral videos and dances, TikTok is taking over the world by storm.

As TikTok continues to surge in popularity, brands and businesses are all considering the ways that this social media platform is shaping this new norm!

While by now, we hope that you get the idea of the types of videos you should upload on Tik Tok Malaysia

  • You must make an immediate impression on the minds of the viewer scrolling through their FYP page. 

And now you know the tricks to leverage TikTok Marketing for your business and branding!

Viewers decide if they want to continue watching the video or not in the first 3 seconds. If your video isn’t engaging enough, it’ll eventually affect your engagement rate.

Considering to bring your own branding or businesess into this viral social media marketing in 2021?

Get started with One Search Pro and let us help you to promote your brand to the next generations!

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