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17 Best Instagram Grid Ideas To Level Up Your Instagram Feed: A Beginner’s Guide

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Best Instagram Grid Ideas To Level Up Your Instagram Feed Profile - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

Your Instagram grid ideas layout is the first thing potential customers will see when they check your business profile.

The design, colors, and overall appearance of your Instagram page give an aesthetic value that can influence your target audience’s behavior – you’ll either convert them as your new followers or send them away. 

A stylish and unique Instagram page does not just look good to the eye but is also important for your business or brand to strive and succeed.

It’ll project an idea, the voice of your brand, and your business personality. And it also helps the audience understand what you’re promoting and recognize your content when they see it on their feed. 

It may sound all rainbows and unicorns, but the task of creating a successful, aesthetically pleasing Instagram page requires more than just a nice post. 

One of the fundamental ways to do beside keeping in trends with Instagram for trends marketing tips – it is to stick to an Instagram grid layout. 

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A grid layout allows you to think about your feed’s general view based on each grid’s square. This can be done by creating a consistent layout by attentively planning each square. 

You don’t have to be a genius to split a photo to get a perfect frame every time, as there are tools for that.

You can choose to use the grid splitting tool to plan your page’s layout carefully, and it will also help you map out individuals posts and create a continuous Instagram profile for maximum impact. 

Since Instagram was created for photos and video sharing, visual interest is the essential key in making or ruining your Instagram success and the impression it gives to your audiences.

With more than 1 billion users, this is a huge platform that you don’t want to lose the opportunity. 

Why You Should Plan an Instagram Layout Grid 

1. Aesthetically Pleasing 

Instagram’s users are captivated by a beautifully curated grid profile compared to a profile that has images that are disarrayed.

Unlike other social media like Facebook and Pinterest, Instagram users will click the follow button if they see you have a nice layout.

It’s like going through a magazine; every post is worth seeing.

Hence, it’s vital to tell a story and give your Instagram profile a visual voice so people will understand what to anticipate when they see your post. 

To create an impact with your Instagram profile, try something different, like splitting the images across several tiles.

Play with the tone, color, and style. Dividing an image into nine tiles makes a vast visual effect. Perfect for brand and product launches or pointing out essential notifications. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Layout on Instagram | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Aesthetically pleasing layout invites more people to check out your Instagram page. Source: Pinterest

2. It Helps You Promote Your Brand & Product Effectively

Layout grids help relay a message of what you’re trying to share and achieve with your Instagram.

For example, selling products or services, getting leads for your website, driving foot traffic to your physical store, or merely being authoritative in your niche.  

Instagram Good Layout | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Good layout helps people know about your products. Source: Later

Another benefit for properly curating your Instagram page is a consistent color theme or palette that could be a train of thought that connects your posts, even if you’re posting irrelevant content.

By combining your posts with a color theme or palette, you can multiply and diversify content types and niche and remain connected through visual prompts. 

Color Palette Theme on Instagram | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Aesthetic looking colour palette and colour theme to suit its company brand and profile. Source: One Search Pro

3. Makes Posting Easier

When you properly plan the grid layout, you allow yourself to think of marketing and branding first, which is vital for social media marketing. 

Avoid posting random photos for the sake of being socially active.

Your post needs to be systematic and structured, so it’ll flow better, and your viewer will understand the story behind your brands and be interested in following your page to know more about it.

By planning accordingly, you help streamline your content process and stay productive. 

Organized Layout Theme on Instagram | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Organized layout makes posting new content easy. Source: Later

4. Create A Positive First Impression

You only have a few seconds to make people stay on your Instagram page.

And these people that are visiting your page could be your potential customers.

That’s why it’s crucial to create a positive first impression, so they are interested in following your page. 

Your visuals should help influence the visitor’s decision on whether or not to follow your page. 

Beautiful And Pleasing Instagram Grids | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Beautiful Instagram gives a positive first impression. Source: The Fool

So, What Makes For A Great Instagram Grid Layout? 

Besides regularly creating and producing engaging content, having a good Instagram grid layout is also an effective way to turn a considerable percentage of profile visitors into your followers. 

Here are some Instagram grid ideas that serve as good layout fundamentals.

Use High-Quality Images: Use clear, sharp, and high-quality photos as no one would be interested in blurry and pixelated pictures on Instagram. A high-quality photo does not necessarily contain photographs of a professional model or taken by a professional photographer. For example, images that snap in natural light will turn out better than the ones taken in a room. 

High Quality Images on Instagram | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Use high-quality images on your Instagram for a better aesthetic. Source: OSX Daily

Photo Consistency: Ensure that you post your photos consistently. Suppose you decide to go with a colorful or minimal grid or something related to your brand and products; you have to stick to it. But if your brand or products require something different in every post, it’s recommended that you plan accordingly so it’ll still look Instagramable. 

Photo Consistency | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Photo consistency makes an interesting feed. Source: Slaying Social 

Be Consistent with the Image Editing Filter: Be sure you use the same filter or editing in every post. You can use the Instagram filter or any editing app for that matter but stick to one, so it looks consistent and neat. 

Filters on Instagram Posts | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Use the same filter on every post so it’ll be consistent and neat. Source: Audreyrivet

Color Scheme & Awesome Colour Palette: Decide on the color scheme or palette you will use for your posts. Use your brand or product’s color scheme or a color that you use for your other social media and website. Having a vibrant color scheme is a perfect way to achieve cheerful, fun, and youthful appearances. For example, One Search Pro Instagram page color scheme is standardized with its website and Facebook. 

Color Schemes for Instagram Posts | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Stick to one or two color schemes for your post. Source: One Search Pro

Keep Things Simple: You don’t want to add unnecessary objects in your photo that potentially kills your image’s main subject. Keep it minimal by using a solid background. 

Background For Posts on Instagram | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Keeping the background simple while successfully promoting the product’s aesthetic & value. Source: Minimalist Lab

Create a Grid Content: Consider the different types of content and photos you want to post daily or weekly. This will result in a good grid that creates a natural flow between posts and makes it more consistent. 

Types of Grid on Instagram | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Research on which type of grid you want for your feed on Instagram. Source: Milk Bar Digital

17 Best Instagram Grid Ideas To Level Up Your Feed    

1. Squares Layout

This is the most used and easy Instagram grid photos layout.

All you need to do is post a photo, one square at a time.

You don’t have to overthink the structure; all you have to do is select your feed’s primary colors and filters carefully.

Usually, popular Instagram feeds have at least two distinguished colors, while others will stick to only one consistent filter.

This allows your Instagram feed to look and feel constant for every photo that you have posted.

For example, Miriam Stimpfl (@thewaveshavecome) photos have a minimalist and organized clutter aesthetic. The page brings out her story and personality. 

Square Layout | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Square layout is the most easy to maintain. Source: The Wave Shave Come

Pick a color and aesthetic that will reflect on your brand or business’s persona.

Determine what’s the best color that suits your brand and describes what your business is all about.

Think about how your potential customer will react when they see your profile.

Once you have decided on the visual theme, you’ll have a clear idea of the color scheme and palette you want to apply in every grid square. 

2. Checkerboard Feed

Just like your kitchen tiles, you can also create a checkerboard feed on your Instagram.

Create alternate posts one after another. There are various ways to tile your Instagram posts, and some of them are pop-out like BossBabe.Inc’s feed. 

Checkerboard Feed | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Use checkerboard layout by posting a photo, then a quote, followed by a photo and another quote. Source: Boss Babe

One of the easy ways to do this is to post a photo and a quote one after another.

You can also choose to use variations of color tiles on your feeds.

For example, every second image might be pink or have lots of nude space, alternating with a statement image. 

It doesn’t matter how you decide to do it; tiles, otherwise known as checkerboards, can be applied in many ways. 

3. Vertical Lines Feed

This is one of the popular feeds on Instagram. You’ll find many people use this type of layout because it’s easy to pull off.

To create this kind of grid is to post quotes using a consistent background to produce the aspect of a vertical line.

You can post any image you like as long as they possess the same visual aesthetic or style.

For example, look at Calligraphy + Watercolor (@birch.house.lettering), a business that shares artistic scripts and watercolor arts. As you can see in her profile, every photo in the middle has a white and nude background. The center of her feed features images of quotes and hand-written scripts.  

Vertical Lines Feed | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The key element of vertical lines feed is on the center often filled with quotes. Source: Birch House

To make your message and story more precise, you can ensure that each row of images are correlated to each other.

People who visit will be drawn to the middle, so it helps encourage them to scroll down along the feed to check what your page is all about. 

4. Diagonal Grid

The second most popular creative Instagram grid layout used on Instagram is the diagonal grid.

A diagonal grid features images with similar visual aesthetics or objects in diagonal lines.

For example, Joe Bloggs’s (@humandoinglife) profile has tips, and to-do post-it posted diagonally. Quotes and images of individuals are arranged similarly. 

Diagonal Grid | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Diagonal grid often features images with the same visual aesthetics. Source: Human Doing Life 

The trick to do this is to use the same type of photo, filters, and color in the grid that has the same shape.

For example, images posted in the circle could be quotes with a similar background and font, or pictures in the square could have the same filter.

It would be best if you planned your post as it can be tricky, but once you understand the rhythm and visual aesthetic for each square, it’ll get more straightforward.

5. Puzzle Layout

The puzzle layout or others might call it threes sixes and nines, is quite a challenging Instagram feed style to maintain.

It requires splitting a single photo into multiple images. Then each split image is posted to reproduce its larger version like a poster. 

One example of a successful puzzle grid layout is from Jana Bishop (@twigyposts), who sells affordable stock photos that are nice, unique, and have a minimalist look.

What’s great about her Instagram feed is that every post is connected to the other. It’s intriguing to scroll down and see how these images are relevant together. 

Puzzle Layout | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Puzzle layout can be quite challenging to maintain, but with proper planning it can turn out to be a nice feed. Source: The Jana Bishop

6. Mixed Feed

Another way to make your feed look pleasing is to take advantage of white spaces and use mixed borders.

This is the perfect way to achieve a one-of-a-kind feed that highlights each image.

The viewer’s eyes will naturally be drawn because each photo’s size seems to vary. 

Forrest Mankins (@forrestmankins) ‘s Instagram profile shows you how to alternate between two borders to produce a feed that stands out. 

Mixed Feed | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Mixed feed creates an interesting story and personality. Source: Forrest Mankins 

7. White borders

If you like to keep it simple and minimal, use a white border theme. Instead of posting pictures with various colors, use white borders as it allows evenly spaced-out photos. 

If you have products in vibrant colors like pink, yellow, and black, adding a white border makes your overall feed appear consistent, even though there are differences in each photo. 

Lady Austin’s Instagram feed is a true believer in white borders. You can see that they have different color palettes of products, but the white border makes each photo look and feel relevant to the brand. 

White Borders | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
White border layout keeps the feed neat and bright. Source: Lady Austin 

8. Rectangular Photos

This may not be the mainstream grid layout used by many Instagrammers.

So if you’re planning to try this layout, you might intrigue people to check your page. 

Rectangular photos are fantastic because it has large white spaces. It’ll make your image look clean, clear, and flawless.

The viewer’s eye will be naturally drawn to any objects and colors in the photo. 

An example of a rectangular border layout page is Yuka’s Instagram feed @yukastudio.

The page sells jewelry, and you can see that the white space in the rectangular makes the photos stand out.

Rectangular Photos | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Rectangular photos provide large white spaces and make your feed look clean and spacious. Source: Yuka Studio 

9. Color Scheme

One way to make your Instagram feed outstanding is by deciding your brand’s prominent color scheme.

Every image in your profile should consist of at least 1 to 2 core colors, and it should be consistent.

The color scheme you choose will be the focus of your feed. This can be perfect for businesses promoting apparel that often come in different colors for each season. 

For example, Primark feed’s theme has vibrant colors consistent with the season’s color.

And sometimes, the company adds striking colors like Neon yellow to show a playful effect. 

Color Scheme | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Color scheme layout is fun when you add vibrant colors that pop-out. Source: Primark 

10. Filters and Color Blocking

Filters and color blocking are so much fun. This type of layout represents vibrance and creativity.

Using a specific color and filter can be a piece of cake if you know what you want and are willing to stick to it. 

When it comes to producing colorful feeds, influencer and blogger Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam) is the expert.

Her profile is like a scream in a crowd. She uses vibrant and bright colors and saturated hues in every single image on Instagram. 

Filters and Color Blocking | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Filters and color blocking brings your Instagram feed to another level of fun. Source: Aww Sam

11. White and Negative Space

Using white borders in your image allows a unique style and serenity sense to your Instagram profile.

It feels like walking in a spacious white and airy room. As white is a versatile color, there’s so much you can do with it. 

As Instagram allows square as well as circular borders, you can apply it to suit your preferences. 

Check out SLC Rapper’s Instagram page FRANK ZOO (@thefrankzoo), who efficiently uses white and negative space.

White and Negative Space | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
White and negative space gives a unique style and calmness to your feed. Source: The Frank Zoo

12. Puzzle, Puzzle

The puzzle layout requires extra planning and effort to keep.

Essentially, it presents a single image that’s split into multiple singles that creates a larger version when posted on Instagram. 

The disadvantage to this layout is that each photo posted should stand on its own after you split it, or people who view the single image won’t notice the picture. 

Puzzle Grids | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The puzzles are a clever way to display your creativity, they help your feed design really stand out. Source: Brand with Ease

Other Best Inspired Instagram Grid Layout Ideas That You Can Achieve with FREE Tools

You can use picture editing tools to split images and select color schemes or crop to fit the Instagram square. 

Here are some free editing apps that you might want to try to enhance your overall Instagram aesthetic. 

13. Planoly

Planoly is available on both iOS and Android.

This editing app is the most popular and top-rated free editing app due to its simplicity and user-friendly features.

Planoly allows you to manage and create hashtags, access analytics data, and schedule posts and stories.

Though the free version has a fundamental usage, the app becomes more intricate and thorough as the app price increases.

Mobile apps can be relatively slow to download and upload and download, and in the free version, you can only upload up to 30 images per month. 

Planoly | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Planoly allows you to schedule posts and analyze it. Source: NVision

The app also has a great feature that helps you split posts directly, so you don’t need another tool to break the image.

If you’re a busy person, you can schedule your posts beforehand using the app.

The schedule feature allows you to post multiple photos or videos with a reminder notification when posting. If you’re using the app on the desktop, it has a functional calendar that helps you plan your posts. 

You can easily customize and create content for all your social media channels from Planoly’s selection of designer templates with its latest design app.

The app is relatively easy to use. To start adding posts:

  1. Tap on the + icon at the bottom of the app and choose your preferred image.
  2. If you want to split the image into multiple posts, tap on the grid icon at the bottom of the image you’re uploading.
  3. From the pop-up menu, select the desired format you’d like the posts split into.
  4. Tap Split at the bottom of the screen.
  5. If you’re happy with the preview, tap Upload to add the image to your Instagram profile. 

14. Preview App 

Preview App is available on both iOS and Android.

Like Planoly, this app is another popular option for grid planning tools.

It has an impressive interface that allows you to switch and rearrange schedule posts using the click of a button.

You can also use the built-in editing tool suitable for easy edits, specifically if you think the photo’s tone is slightly different from the other post you have and you need to alter it. 

Preview App | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Preview App allows you to plan your feed with as many people as you want, at the same time. Source: The Preview App 

Even for the free version, you’re allowed to upload an unlimited number of images, so if you have tons of pictures to upload, this is the ideal editing tool for you.

The free version also comes with basic analytics where you can monitor your Instagram’s growth.

You can also purchase additional filter packages or upgrade to a paid version to enjoy other features like full filter packs, robust analytics, and hashtag analytics.

This app also allows your teammate to edit and plan the Instagram feed at the same time. 

  1. To start adding images, tap on the + symbol at the top-right of the screen.
  2. Select and upload as many photos as you prefer.
  3. If you want to change the image’s order, click two images you’d like to switch.
  4. To edit an image, tap the image you wish to edit and then tap the wheel icon at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the filter you like and drag the slider at the bottom to adjust the effect.
  6. Then tap Save to save your edits.

15. UNUM

UNUM is so popular amongst the Instagram generation that it was favored even before Instagram first created the archive feature.

Though you can use the archive feature on Instagram, UNUM is still an intuitive editing tool.

With a simple drag-and-drop ability, you can easily toggle your post to see how it fits your other posts.

You can also do basic edits and cropping using the app. 

UNUM | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Editing on Instagram made it easy with UNUM. Source: UNUM 

UNUM’s free version lets you upload up to 500 images in a month with 18 tile planning spaces to use.

So far, this is one of the most generous Instagram grid layout apps we’ve encountered! It also has over 400 beautiful templates to choose from.

You can access critical insights like when is the best time to post, the best hashtags, and the top-performing post with UNUM.

If you’re working in a team, this app could be a helpful collaboration app. You can share your work with your team and edit them together. 

16. Plann

Plann is available on both iOS and Android, and it works similarly to Planoly.

The app allows a limited number of images per month, with the free version offering 30 uploads with basic editing abilities.

You can plan your grid, schedule your posts and curate your grid using a push notification. 

Plann | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
You can use Plann to access multiple royalty-free stock libraries to fill your Instagram feed with on-brand content. Source: Plann That 

You can enjoy an all-in-one tool with the paid version where you can find out when is the best time to post, see follower growth, performing hashtags, and view the available color palette.

This is great if you want to plan your future posts and determine which color palette you want to stick to or if you want to add color-coded placeholders. 

17. VSCO

VSCO is available only for iOS and Android users.

You can create photos and videos using the creator tool.

This app was developed by a professional photographer that prefers quality and unique characteristics in a picture. It’s a powerful tool and the best free camera app for the iPhone. 

VSCO | Instagram Grid Ideas | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
VSCO offers creative photo and video editing tools for you to create quality images. Source: VSCO. 

You can edit your photos using VSCO’s original presets and edit pictures using standard tools like saturation, grains, and contrast in the free version.

For the paid version, you can use more than 200 presets and edit pictures using the advanced editing tools. 

Build A Clear Vision For Your Instagram Content

The essential key to a perfect Instagram grid layout is planning consistency. 

Whether you’re planning on choosing the puzzle grid, white borders, or rectangular photos, you need to stick to it; otherwise, your feed will be in disarray and look cluttered.

Imagine reading a book with different font styles and sizes. It’s a disaster. 

It’s the same thing with color schemes; plan what color palette you’ll be choosing and stick to it.

If you’re not sure how to do it, download an editing tool like we’ve mentioned above to assist you with what type of style and content you’ll be producing.

The Plann app may not be intuitive like other editing apps, but it does work.

And if you need more comprehensive and intricate tools, you can choose either Planoly or the Preview App or talk to a trusted digital marketing agency for consultation!

If you need to step up your Instagram game, learn more about all the new Instagram updates, keeping updated with the current trends using Instagram features to capture more leads for your business.   

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