Stay At Home Lifestyle: What Have Malaysian Influencers Been Doing During Lockdown

MCO and the pandemic have undoubtedly changed the world of social media influencers in Malaysia.  They are sharing videos of them dancing, cooking, giving motivational speeches, and some go the extra length by challenging people. Some videos are entertaining, while others are hilarious. One of the most natural human experiences is laughter, and people love to be entertained. 

These Malaysian influencers use various social media platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to create content that could help ease their followers’ worries and anxiety for staying at home for too long due to the pandemic.

Some of them share cooking recipes and ideas so the followers can try them at home.

A FB page was created for people to share a picture of their cooking fails, and you’ll cry in laughter, reading all the reactions in the comment sections. 

Despite the Malaysia Movement Control being extended to more weeks than expected, Malaysians managed to stay positive. Thanks to influencers, who shared their motivational workouts and diet plans, the people know what to do during MCO

In this article, we’ll share which Malaysian influencers have actively shared their activities with us during the MCO. 

1. Jenn Chia 

Jenn Chia shared a funny TikTok video of her and her boyfriend on Instagram. Image source: MYC

With over 283 thousand followers on Instagram, Jenn Chia is no stranger to social media. She produces hit videos on her YouTube channel and has collaborated with brands like Nestle, Puma, Samsung and Ikea, to name a few. Before she began her journey in video creation, she was a singer and songwriter. Jenn Chia professionally performed at weddings, festivals and corporate functions. During the MCO, she shared positive messages on her video to motivate and encourage her followers to always stay energised and healthy while staying at home. Watch her TikTok video at here

2. Yiping Teo

Yiping Yeo shared her fitness tips with her followers during the MCO. Image source: YiPing Instagram

Founder of @pwrhouse.fit and @teambootypopping, Yiping Teo is a spin enthusiast. She has over 18k followers on Instagram. During the MCO, she shared with her followers on how to stay healthy and fit even when staying at home. On the first day of MCO, she and her friends hosted a live streaming session on Instagram, where her followers can join her for an intense workout session. If you want to join her workout sesh, follow her Instagram for the latest updates.

3. Adele Chow

Adele Chow inspired her followers to stay positive despite the pandemic. Image source: Adele Chow Instagram

Speaker and social media coach, Adele Chow is the founder of Sevenvault and Sevenpiedotcom, a platform for creating brand awareness and content advertising. She often shares positive messages and advises her followers during MCO – like how to remain calm and positive when dealing with negative comments. Or how to stay active and safe during the pandemic. If you want to listen to her inspirational messages and talks, follow her on her Instagram for current updates.

4. Jane Chuck

Jane Chuck is the founder of chucks.Co and heymotherchuckers. She’s a Malaysian born social media influencer that possesses many talents such as blogging and photography. In 2019, she launched her skincare product called Chuck’s in minimalist and stylish packaging. During MCO, she did the clean hands challenge using KENSapothecary’s product through her Instagram page. It’s her way to encourage her followers to practise proper hygiene during the pandemic. 

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5. Jordan Yeoh

If you’ve been following Jordan Yeoh on his Instagram or Facebook, you know that he’s a dedicated father and a disciplined bodybuilder. With more than 5 million followers on FB, Jordan often shares fitness and workout tips. During the MCO, Jordan encouraged his followers to start taking care of their body by sharing some exercise steps that are easy to do and require no exercise equipment – while staying at home. You can follow Jordan Yeoh on his FB to learn his workout routines. 

Jordan Yeoh shared workout tips with his followers during the MCO. Image source Jordan Yeoh’s FB

6. Priscilla Abby & Haoren – Washing Hand Song, Corona Song 

Priscilla Abby and Haoren are both Malaysian singers and actors. Together they created the Washing A Hand song. Not only does the music have catchy tunes, but it also entertains their followers, and helps them stay positive despite having to stay at home during the MCO period. The song got more than 4 million hits and plenty of likes. If you would like to hear the music, check out their YouTube videos at Priscilla Abby’s Youtube channel. 

7. Phei Yong, Chang Yong, Danny AhBoy and Chang Le 

During the MCO, the government has prohibited most citizens from leaving the house, even to get a haircut. So for some people, they found a way to do it themselves. Phei Yong, Chang Yong and Danny AhBoy created a fun challenge that requires his friends to cut their hair. They also extended the challenge to their followers by asking them to cut their own hair at home and share the pictures on Instagram. 

8. Yvonne Chua

Yvonne Chua shared her easy cooking dishes on her YouTube channel. Image source Yvonne Chua Instagram

Yvonne Chua became famous for her travel content and challenge videos on YouTube. Her makeup videos are entertaining too. Usually, she uploads beauty and travel videos on her Youtube, but during the MCO, she decided to share her and her husband’s cooking. She cooks simple meals using simple recipes that don’t require too many ingredients. If you haven’t watched their videos, you can watch it on her YouTube channel, Yvonne Chua

9. Victor Lee 

Victor Lee got creative in a healthy way during Malaysia’ Movement Control last March, when he came up with a 28-day vegetarian cooking challenge. The cooking show was known as Meat Out V Cuisine. He also hosted a Facebook live show to share his daily dessert making. It was his first time making a dessert, and he was excited and found that it’s quite challenging to do. He loves chilli and curry, and you can see that he adds chilli to most of his dishes. 

10. Siti Elizad 

Siti Elizad is a Malaysian actor and TV presenter. With more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram, she often shares her daily activities and cooking ideas. As she can’t work on filming dramas and movies during the MCO, she decided to do Instagram live to show off her cooking skills. Most of her dishes are Malay foods and western cuisines like sizzling lamb chops, desserts, and fritters. Follow Siti Elizad on her Instagram to learn her delicious recipes. 

Siti Elizad loves sharing cooking recipes during MCO. Image source Siti Elizad FB

11. Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni    

You can say this page is a parody of Masak Apa Hari Ni (MAHN). In (MAHN), members are sharing their cooking skills and pictures of delicious meals, but it’s different from Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni as most of its members are sharing their failed cooking pictures. Most of the comments made are hilarious and even our PM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin made a shoutout about this Facebook page in his MCO update.  

Funny cooking fails image from the MATJHN page on FB. Image Source MATHN FB 

12. Klook

Klook challenged its followers to share their cooking image to win up to RM250 in prizes. Image source: KLOOK 

You might recognise Klook as a platform where you can enter tickets or discover local attractions. But, during the MCO, Klook has organised a cooking challenge by allowing Malaysian to share their cooking pictures. Everyone can share their cooking picture and tag Klook on its Instagram. Three winners were selected and received up to RM250 worth of prizes. Many people shared snaps of their meal including the trending Dalgona Coffee, nasi goreng and banana cake. 

13. Wang Lei 

When the pandemic strikes, the getai host Wang Lei has to find a new way to earn. So he started making funny live videos and selling fish online. He said he had to put on a wig and dress up like a woman to woo the viewers to buying his seafood. The video he made on has average of 400, 000 views. He even admitted that he managed to earn almost twofold from what he’s earning from the getai show. 

14. 988 DJ: Chan Fong

DJ Chan Fong is a 988.fm radio jockey who has over 25 years experience in working in radio stations. He began his career in deejaying when he was studying in 1991. Ever since, he has been talking to the public and listening to his listeners. During the pandemic, DJ Chan Fong often does live streaming from his home and gives pep talks and advice to his listeners, and asking them to stay home.


Since the pandemic, many social influencer Malaysia has improved their social presence by interacting more with their followers and audiences.

Though the pandemic has made everyone stay at home, with positivity and a little bit of fun, interactive and exciting videos, many have managed to put the anxiety and boredom away.

Staying updated with the latest trending news is essential because we can get new information and learn new skills.

You can follow any Instagram influencers Malaysia that you prefer, but the bottom line is you’re learning valuable knowledge from them.

Our data team at One Search Pro provides relevant and updated content for you daily so you won’t be feeling left out, and always stay up-to-date. 

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