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How A Simple Buy Now Button Can Boost ROI for Your Online E-commerce Business: Transforming Your Brand’s E-Commerce Strategy

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How to Boost ROI for Online E-commerce Business Using Buy Now Buttons - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

If you are a heavy online shopper or blog reader familiar with any e-commerce trend in Malaysia, then you have likely come across a buy now button somewhere.

These are convenient buttons that make it easier for shoppers to buy something from an online store without having to go through the tedious shopping add to shopping cart and checkout option.

With a single tap of the buy now button, a purchase can be finalized, and the retailer fulfills the order on the spot, cutting down waiting times and unnecessary ads.

This further pushes the convenience that an online shopping page already brings to the table, leading to more efficiency, especially if you are using an app.

Enough said, we are going to look at what buy now buttons are designed for and their importance to retailer brands.

Other than that, we will also explore how they can be optimized to increase business visual commerce ROI as a zero cost marketing technique and where they can be placed on an actual ecommerce website.

Read this piece to the end for more information!

What Is a Buy Now Button and Why It’s Important?

Buy Now Button in Action | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
A simple buy now button in action. Source: Amazon

Online merchants and brands have always tried to find soft sell advertising methods of simplifying how their customers purchase items online once they enter their online stores.

They understand very well that people hate inconvenience, and anything small may send them to another merchant who has made things easier. This is what led to the creation of a buy now button.

In a nutshell, this is an easy and quick way of bypassing the addition of items into a shopping cart and having to deal with a long checkout process, straight to the order being fulfilled.

All you have to do is click on the buy now button, and the purchase is completed either on the app or the browser, offering an unbeatable type of flexibility and support.

Reasons brands should consider using buy now buttons include the following:

  • It makes online shopping less tedious for the consumer by eliminating the checkout page.
  • It increases the likelihood of the consumer buying something even when they weren’t planning on it.
  • It gives shoppers ample time to check out a product closely before deciding whether they need it or not.

How to Optimize Buy Now Buttons to Increase Your Revenue

Buy now buttons are efficient customer-driven marketing strategy tools that can be optimized to bump up the revenue of an e-commerce store. This can be achieved in the following ways.

Organized Buy Now Button | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Well-optimized buy now buttons can help bring in actual conversions. Source: WordPress

Generate Demand

Buy now buttons generate demand for products. They can be used on almost every online platform, giving people a shortcut to purchasing items with a single click.

This is the kind of convenience that shoppers are attracted to.

Speed up the Checkout Process

The checkout process is faster through the buy now buttons action. The simple button takes care of the checkout process and addition of products to the shopping cart.

For example, the consumer goes straight to purchasing the product without providing payment information, making it easy for a vendor to sell.

Simple Checkout Page | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Straight-to-the-point checkout web pages can be more desirable. Source: Bolt.com

Skip Account Creation

With the purchase now button, you also can bypass account creation.

Most online e-commerce shops, for example, usually require buyers to complete a sign up now button with their emails before they complete the purchase or use the site, a process that’s long and unpleasant for users that may not want to enter their personal details into the website or deal with a shopping cart.

A buy button gets rid of this making it easy to buy and sell.

Improve User Experience

The shop now button can be used to sell products from any online platform besides the main e-commerce website, boosting the shopping experience.

Linking of social media marketing pages helps customers make the purchase within seconds.

This is an efficient way to sell many products without using too many action elements like a checking-out page that requires too much information input.

Customer Purchase Process | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
User experience is one of the most crucial factors in ultimately deciding if your customer is making a purchase. Source: ReadWrite

Where Can You Use Shop Now Buttons?

The next question that needs to be answered for the benefit of those that want to sell using the Shop Now Button is the places that these buttons can be used for maximum effect when customers make a purchase.

These type of buy button use include the following:

Landing Page with Optimized BNB | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
A landing page with an optimized BNB. Source: Ecwid

Blog Posts

As a (somewhat smart?) shopper, I personally always research a product extensively by comparing the prices and other features across as much as possible before making the purchase, and this is likely what most other customers do too.

Most of the research is done through blog posts that review the products or touch on their core features and benefits.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then add a buy button to your product pages on your blog posts that people can use to automatically buy the product once they have the information they need.

The buy button should be placed strategically in a place shoppers can easily see on your Search Engine Optimization blog. A place like the sidebar or at the end of the product review would be ideal for a quick sale on your blog posts.

Email Marketing

Rather than send people long marketing emails that only talk about your offer and new products, how about attaching a button to each email to bump up the chances of them buying from your company?

Sometimes all it takes to turn someone into an instant customer is a little push. When you show them a product they are interested in alongside an instant buy button on the email, the chances of them clicking on that button are very high.

This pre order now button email tactic is what Etsy uses to bump up sales by providing users with a convenient way to subscribe and complete a purchase without opening the complicated website itself or having to create an account. [1]

Affiliate Marketing

Almost every company involved in running an e-commerce website has a hand in affiliate marketing.

Setting up an affiliate marketing website is child’s play; turning it into an effective weapon that turns all your engagements into generating sales is the hard part, and one of the many ways to get this done is through the addition of a simple shop button to increase chances of success.

Add an updated visual appeal of any size and great shape and ensure it is ready for the task to get the attention of anyone that opens it up when you share the items in question to other platforms.

Affiliate Marketing | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Affiliate marketing requires the right tools to work. Source: ClickFunnels


Sometimes shoppers visit an online website content but don’t buy any item, if this happens, a retailer can use cookies to follow them when they move around the web, showing them ads of products they may be showing an interest in.

This is how sites like Amazon manage to ensure users come back to buy something without sending them aggressive emails and ads that are unrelated to their interests at that particular moment.

So create buy now buttons to take advantage of this.

6 Ways to Boost Conversions Using Buy Now Buttons

Having figured out where to place the button for maximum impact; now it’s time to outline the tactics a retailer can create to turn all these into money via conversions. They include the following.

Buy Now Buttons with Other Options | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
An illustration of buy now buttons alongside other options. Source: Ghost.org

Place Your Buy Now Buttons in a Prominent Position

Location is key, and how you place your buy now buttons could be the difference between success and failure.

They should appear in places where they can be seen quickly by the target audience, like the first option at the top of the landing page where minimal scrolling is required for the shoppers to find it right away with one click, just like the Amazon buy button for website platforms.

Simplify the next Steps

Once they find the buy now button, ensure the options and steps that follow are simple and error-free to save shopping and shipping time.

Shoppers are known to abandon a shopping basket due to too many steps. As a matter of fact, a sales button gives your consumer a one-click route to making a payment without signing up or going through the tedious checkout process of providing the payment information or shipping addresses.

Combine Buy Now Buttons with Retargeting

For retailers getting too much shopping cart abandonment, consider combining these tactics to ensure no user leaves the site empty-handed, just like eBay.

Create and show great offers or exciting new products based on what they have been searching online on their browsers to get them to at least click on the button and buy something at the end of their browsing.

Retargeting | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Retargeting is a common practice in marketing to get return customers. Source: Retargeter

Employ an Eye-catching Design Using Color Psychology

First impressions are key, and getting the attention of a buyer with a catchy shop button is what retailers should be going for if they want people to buy something.

The button can be designed differently from all other ecommerce buttons and website elements with features like contrasting colors or extra thick borders, something that the consumers cannot miss.

Colors like blue, orange, or other bright examples can be used to add contrast to the optimized get it now button you created. Combining shapes that stand out alongside fonts that are bold and sharp could also help.

Take Advantage of Data and Analytics

Always track the performance data of all the ecommerce elements that you employ to increase sales and win more customers, and this includes the buy now buttons.

These data resources will give a clear picture of how you are performing and a good insight into what you need to do to improve the performance a little more and convert every element, web traffic from visitors and other prospects into sales.

Data Analytics | Buy Now Button | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Data analytics are vital in tracking your past performance and deciding on your next course of action. Source: Cooladata

Test and Track the Effectiveness of the Buy Buttons

Online retailers need to conduct as many tests as they can using the buy buttons until they find something that works best for the ecommerce site.

This involves changing the button colors, the fonts, the positioning, as well as using them on every social network page and platform, SEO blogs, and affiliate marketing site and combining it with payment options like PayPal, Transferwise, and the rest.

Once they have figured out the head formula that works, that would be the time to focus on that and expand the order now button into a helpful form.


Buy now buttons are helpful for retailers looking to boost sales from their online store campaigns. It is a small but effective e-commerce website design button that makes shopping easier for consumers, and it is time you added it if you haven’t yet.

If you don’t know how to streamline campaigns or set up attractive niche content to achieve your goals using any device in the world, we encourage you to contact us at One Search Pro and book a free consultation session.

We are a qualified advertising agency in Malaysia with a team of experts who will address all your digital marketing needs.

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