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Best & Effective Call To Action Examples That Work

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Best & Effective Call-To-Action Example That Work - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

A call to action or also known as the acronym CTA is a statement created to instantly get a response from the person who is reading or hearing the message.

Calls-to-action are used in many businesses as part of a marketing strategy to ensure that the target market responds by taking action.

It’s usually used at the end of content or sometimes throughout a sales pitch to guide potential customers and clients to take the next step, when they’re interested in your product or services.

It seems straightforward to assume people know the next step in doing business with you, but the reality is that many new business owners don’t know the right calls-to-action to use in their sales pitches and marketing.

This is generally because they believe that the prospect already knows what to do if they’re already interested in the offer.

And some would think that calls-to-actions are obnoxious and will annoy the potential customer.

Whatever your reason to skip calls-to-action out of your cta marketing materials, can potentially make you lose your business prospects.

Without a clear CTA, your readers may not know the next steps to take and are likely to leave the site without accomplishing their task. Source Martech Zone

As a call-to-action is important in funneling a prospect to the next step of the sales funnel or the process. Don’t conclude people know what to do when they read your message or ad. You’ll get better results by being concise about what the potential customer needs to do next.

Some of the benefits on why calls-to-action are essential to your business:

  • Call-to-actions on the landing page help increase conversion rates
  • Help boost your site and product sign-ups
  • Build connections between your business and your customer’s needs
  • Offers immediate access to content and minimizing potential consumer stress and disappointment
  • Faster in locating products and services
  • A decrease in frustration and an increase in usability, in turn, increases consumer loyalty.

While it’s vital to understand what industry-specific phrasings or messaging your potential consumers would respond to, the CTA writing tips and guides below are equally valuable.

Types of Core To Action in Marketing

CTA is all about being clear and concise. Let your audience know exactly what you want them to do, and don’t beat around the bush.

A call-to-action can be used to build an email list, increase your social media following and keep readers on your site. Check out a call-to-action example that uses action verbs such as below :

Example #1


Subscribe “ CTAs buttons are familiar to company blogs, for which the business wants to develop a readership between its users. Source: Crazy Egg.

A “Subscribe” for a CTA doesn’t mean you require the prospect to commit to buying. Instead, it invites them to receive updates or news from the company. “Subscribe” CTA’s are common to company blogs for which the business wants to build a readership.

Many users that are interested in the content you have shared might like to subscribe to your feed. So they’ll get notified when you add more posts to your blog. Adding this type of CTA directly below or next to your content will make it easy for your users to react and take action.

Example #2

Learn More/Discover More

TOMS uses “Learn more” as part of its CTA to educate its customers about product sustainability. Source TOMS

When using CTA’s such as “Learn more” or “Discover more”, or something similar, you’re providing something of value that’ll appeal to your audiences and make them want to contact you. Sometimes all you need to do is to provide your potential consumers some extra piece of information, so they’re prepared to receive your product or services. That is why you use this type of CTA.

Example #3

Join Our Community

This is an action-oriented and easy way to get people excited to join your community or sign up for your cause. Source Bamboo Underwear

If you’re managing an online community or your business is built on collaboration between users, a call-to-action like “Join us,” “Join the movement,” or “Join our community” is the ideal CTA for you.

Adding “Try it free” and “Join our community” CTAs side-by-side lets the readers know that there is no pressure to buy your products, it helps build trust. Source Optimizely.

These types of CTAs all serve a designated purpose though the words used vary. Today, many marketers have put some creativity into their calls-to-action to generate the leads that their business or brands can depend on.

Example #4

Book Now

Use “Book now” for your CTA to let the potential clients reserve their spot for the service you offer. Source bePos.

One of the reasons why the “Book now” call to action button example works so well is because the word now feels urgent. The same goes for the “limited offers” or “one time only” sales button. The less time someone has to hesitate, the more likely they’ll decide to make a purchase. Not only have you stated the action you want the user to take (Book now), but you’ve offered them a good reason on why they should take that action – like a free consultation.

Whether you own a hotel, salon, fitness studio, or a massage centre, you know the excitement of getting an alert when a new client has just booked your services online.

The “Book now” call-to-action examples are also available on Facebook and Instagram ads, where you can invite people to book for your online classes or schedule an appointment.

8 Effective Call-To-Action Examples That Work

Below are some great call-to-action examples from various digital marketing blogs to show you how well-placed, engaging CTAs help boost site performance. This should give you some ideas of what your CTA should look like.

1.The Blond Salad

The Blond Salad uses “Subscribe” for her CTA surrounded by a pink background to make all her female readers relate to her content. Source The Blond Salad.

The most influential and well-known fashion blogger and digital entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, is the founder of The Blond Salad blog and the CEO of Chiara Ferragni Collection. She began her career in the digital industry when she created her blog in 2009.

She encourages her readers to “Subscribe” so they won’t miss any new updates or blog posts. Her subscribers are sent notifications on her new brands and product launches. Coupled with pink and flowery images, the whole CTA experience feels like a smooth nudge for fashion and girly updates!

2. FabFitFun

It’s tough to ignore unique prompts like the above, especially under-the-gun type situations like the holiday seasons. Source FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box company. The landing page is Winter Box, which allows visitors and customers to customize it based on their preferences. The design features various examples of unique and engaging CTAs.

The first page is the “Start Customizing” CTA. It translates a few things, but most interesting is the fact that you can customize the box to serve your needs. The features boost user experience and product satisfaction. It also prioritizes the customer’s desire for exclusivity. With numerous brands and products to choose from, it’s unlikely the box you’ll create will look like anyone else’s.

Similar to provoking enthusiasm as we discussed earlier, providing an easy solution CTA is sure to get you some additional clicks. Source FabFitFun

On the second page CTA, “Skip this and choose after I pay,” offers customers flexibility. Any customer who is feeling overwhelmed by the amount of products to select from can take advantage of this option to purchase first and tailor the box later.

Further down the page, you’ll see a sample of a call-to-action that explains the benefits of clicking the button, instead of calling the customers to act with words like “Sign up” or “Download now,” where many designers might use CTAs like “Order now” or “Grab the box.” Focusing on the advantage of clicking the action button instead of what you need to do to get the box is a great way to drive some persuasiveness into your CTA.

3. Purple

It’s vital that you keep your CTA’s fresh and creative, much like you should with your ad copy in general. Source Purple

The mattress brand, Purple, adds a “Learn more” button to entice its consumers to get more information about the product without obligation. Its simple CTA combined with an engaging video immediately attracts its user’s attention and even offers 100 nights for free if the customer is not happy with the mattress.

Even though Purple’s call-to-action seems simple and straightforward, you can’t deny it compliments the video. It’s a perfect example that highlights the main selling point of their mattresses. You can tell by the video that the bed is super stable and you won’t disturb the person next to you even if you’re tossing and turning while sleeping.

The call-to-action video with a “Learn more” button is watched by millions of people. It shows that you don’t need to create super fancy videos or spend tons of money on video production. It would be best if you get creative in connecting with your audience. Purple uses language that stands out like “free” from the standard messaging and grabs the audience’s attention.


Your customer wants to know what they can expect if and when they click on your CTAs so you should be as honest as possible. Source TOMS

As a brand and a company, TOMS values the significance of social responsibility. The company also knows how to capture the interest of their readers with awareness offers like their new butterfly-inspired limited edition shoes designed in collaboration with the Environmental Defence Fund. Instead of focusing on the “Buy now” button as part of the CTA, TOMS emphasizes the social connection and softens the conventional call-to-action with a “Learn more” and “Shop now” button.

The truth is, sometimes, the consumers can feel quite saturated and overwhelmed by ads. So TOMS’s initiative is to focus on the consumer core value and subtly adding their sales pitch that doesn’t put pressure on its target audience, which turned out to be refreshing.

You can use the “Learn More” as part of your CTA to offer the opportunity to learn about your campaign or cause rather than moving right to the sales pitch.

5. Freshworks CRM

The Freshworks CRM promises a solution of boosting conversions through meaningful email marketing. They offer a free trial of the resolution, and the CTA copy reads “Sign up for free.” Source Freshworks CRM

“Free” is a magical word and one of the most powerful words in CTA writing, and everyone loves the concept of freebies. It capitalizes on our natural greed; we want it because it’s accessible even though we already have it. We humans can’t help it. We want as much as possible for as little in return, and there’s nothing cheaper than free!

“Sign-up” is a customary call-to-action, but when combined with “Free,” it translates to a convincing proposition that is hard to pass. This CTA strikes a balance between conventional and persuasive pretty well.

6. Checkmyscore.com

When your customer gets to your CTA buttons, they should have transitioned from a “reading mood” to a “ready to act mood” Source Checkmyscore.com

This landing page from Checkmyscore.com offers customers the chance to check their credit scores from all three different credit bureaus in the US at once and at a discounted rate.

This CTA does a fantastic job highlighting the two main benefits of converting. First, it uses the word “all,” which points to the comprehensiveness of the information visitors will get. Second, it explains that the customer will get a 60 percent discounted rate. This page demonstrates the benefits of bulleted copy and headlines, but CTAs can consist of unique selling ideas.

7. Spotify

The “Go Premium” button is in lime green, making it pop off the page, while the “Play Free” is plain white and blends in with the copy of the page. This contrast makes sure visitors are enticed to the premium CTA. Source Spotify

Spotify is a digital music, video service, and podcast that offers you access to tons of songs and other content from creators worldwide. Essential functions such as playing songs are accessible, but you can upgrade your membership to Spotify Premium to skip tracks or build your album and podcasts.

Spotify has a fun and colorful homepage alongside a simple CTA. They do not just allow the user to upgrade their membership but also to get Spotify for free.

As mentioned previously, everybody loves the word “free.” When Spotify uses the word “free” in the call-to-action, people would likely give it a try and learn more about the product. Adding “free” to the CTA makes it clear that the user won’t have to pay at this point in the signup process, thus helping in increasing the conversion rate.

8. Instagram

The reason these CTAs are of equal quality is because it doesn’t matter if someone downloads the app from the App Store or on Google Play and is exactly what Instagram is optimizing for. Source Instagram

Instagram’s desktop landing page tries to get users to access their account with the CTA “Log in with Facebook” and “Sign-up.” Since most of Instagram’s users are on mobile, the desktop version of the app points users toward the Google Play Store and App Store.

It’s a good CTA because no one knows Instagram’s target audiences better than they do, so they use the CTAs to send their visitors to a place where they will get the most value no matter which platform they choose to use Instagram.

Must-Have Elements of Good Core To Actions That Convert

Start Your CTA With a Strong Action Verb

Creating a CTA seems like an easy proposition. However, choosing the correct verb is vital in helping for increasing conversions.

Command your verbs to stir up readers to take action. It gives clear direction. For example, “Buy now” and “Call us” are examples of clear and concise verbs that ask the reader to do what you want them to do. Command words give direction to the reader so that they know precisely what their next steps should be.

Some other good verbs that you can use for your CTAS are :

  • “Click more”
  • “Join us”
  • “Learn more”
  • “Share”
  • ”Buy now”
  • “Discover more”

Use Powerful Words

Creating concise and robust CTAs is more convincing, but it’s also critical due to the character limits on ads. Sometimes, simple call-to-action phrases can feel dull or unnecessary, so it’s best to spice them a little bit.

But not all fun CTAs convert as sometimes it can lead to unclear instructions or confuse a user of what they should do, or what they should expect when they click your CTA button.

If you want to liven up your CTAs without perplexing your user in the process, try one of these powerful creative words:

  • ‘Sign me up” – Instagram uses this CTA to encourage its target audience to sign up to enjoy its platform at its best
  • “Join the community”/ “Join the movement”- TOMS shoes add the “Join the movement” as part of its CTA button to entice its user to join the community and enjoy extra discounts
  • “Learn how”- Spotify uses “Learn more” as one of its CTA buttons to encourage its user to explore what they are going to get when they sign up for the premium membership

If your CTA is enthusiastic, then your audience will be enthusiastic too. Take your CTA like “Sign up now and get 50% off!” Not only are you offering them massive benefits, but who wouldn’t be excited to get their order for half off?

An imperative verb, phrase, or sentence is one that the “Shop now” CTA convinces somebody to do something. Source Everlane

For example, Everlane’s CTA does a fantastic job highlighting “Get $245”, and creates urgency and at the same time letting their customer know the money they spent goes into the making of the shirt and feel assured that their shirts were ethically made.

Choose a Good Color for Your CTA

If one color dominates your page, and that color is also being used for your CTA, it won’t pop out. To make your CTA really pop choose a contrasting color. Source Optinmoster

Psychologically, there’s no doubt that color can have an intense effect on people’s moods. Sure, a click of a button is only a baby step in communicating and relaying your message to your readers before they become customers. However, choosing the proper color can make your entire CTA button become the best button on your page.

Blue: Blue is easy-to-find on most website elements. It translates loyalty and trustworthiness and has been seen as an intellectual color associated with logic, coolness, and communication. Instagram CTAs are blue!

Yellow: Yellow reminds you of Amazon’s “Buy now” button. Yellow is seen as a bright color that grabs attention and is associated with friendliness and emotion.

Red: Red color promotes urgency and stands for energy, courage, strength, and excitement and is often associated with warmth. Red, when used in small doses, can pack a punch.

Green: Green is an obvious choice for financial and banking sites. It is also often seen as the color of wealth. It promotes balance, health, and use in many environment page landing CTA buttons.

Orange: it’s an aggressive color that creates a call to action. It is associated with fun, passion, and warmth. Spotify uses orange in its copy page background, and it definitely pops!

Always Test Your CTA

CTA needs to be wisely thought out, or they might not convert as you might expect it to be. By testing your CTA, you’ll be able to find the right features to get the best performance of them.

Visual aspects like color, sizing, the chosen wording, and placement are essential in your CTA’s performance.

One way to test your CTA is by running an AB testing. This test consists of creating changes on your site and observing the effect of these changes on a segment of users. This is the best method to improve your CTA conversion rate because you can try out any feature and select the one that gives the best result.

WallMonkeys original homepage, which featured a stock-style image with a headline overlay. Source WallMonkey

For example, the company is known as WallMonkey sells a variety of wall decor for homes and business, generates it user behavior by running an A/B test. It wanted to optimize its homepage to boost clicks and conversions.

They switched the stock-style image with a more fancy alternative that would show visitors the opportunities they could get when purchasing WallMonkeys products.

WallMonkey switched its homepage into a more robust and clear CTA and improve its conversion by 27 percent. Source WallMonkeys

The image used is appealing and not too distracting and the CTA seems to align with the company’s goals. The result from the A/B testing shown conversion rates for the new design versus the control were 27 percent higher.

What’s Next?

A call-to-action or CTA prompts the user to perform a specific action that could help boost their site or business performance. Calls-to-action is vital for any business looking to convert prospects into clients and customers. As a business owner, you can never assume the target audience will follow the sales path you want them to take. You need to guide them with a call-to-action through the sales funnel and boost their user experiences by being straight and telling them what you want to do. Think of it as the next step of your marketing or sales funnels, where every click is a potential prospect through the door.

It’s easy to leave your CTA button as simply saying “Shop now” or “Submit,” but you shouldn’t. Your CTA should have a clear meaning even for visitors who skimmed your page. It should be the words that represent the action your visitors are taking.

If you’re not sure how to create a call-to-action that converts, or you would like to learn more about how to integrate a call-to-action into your niche content, contact us today at One Search Pro. We can help you increase visitor engagement and conversion rates by creating a CTA that will enhance your site and improve your business.

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