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A Complete Guide to “People Also Search For” (PASF) Keywords

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A Complete Guide to "People Also Search For" (PASF) Keywords - One Search Pro Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia & SEO Service Malaysia

Google is always making changes to further enhance search engine results.

And to their latest addition? Its “People Also Search For” (PASF) keywords.

PASF boxes appear in any search engine result when someone conducts an organic search, then clicks on what comes up but then goes back to the results page.

What this feature aims to do is provide extra and quick options for the user in the event they don’t get what they are looking for in the link they just opened.

By providing alternative PASF keywords, the user doesn’t have to type afresh into the address bar.

Our focus today will be on “People Also Search For” keywords.

Table of Content - A Complete Guide to "People Also Search For" (PASF) - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

We will look at their importance to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC, the evolution of the feature, how you can use keywords with monthly search volume data to boost your appearance in these people also ask boxes, and when it started coming into effect.

We will also explore how you can use Google’s people also ask related questions options to your benefit, the principle of operations behind them, and how to maximize their impact on any search engine result using relevant keywords.

Other important information that will help boost your Google search engine experiences will also be discussed!

Let’s dive right in!

A Complete Guide to "People Also Search For" (PASF) - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

PASF Keywords: Definition + Why It’s Important for SEO and PPC

Every time you search an item on Google, you get many results displayed in pages, all of them related to the single keyword you used.

But what happens when what you searched doesn’t bring what you need? You will have to type in something different to see what comes up.

“People Also Search For” keywords aim to reduce this workload by displaying the other possible search alternatives that you can simply click on Google.

By suggesting other related terms, you don’t have to retype the whole thing again, and neither do you have to open new tabs to expand your Google organic search result.

PASF with Monthly SearcH Volumes 
| People Also Search For | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
PASF keywords with monthly search volume are good for PPC and SEO. Source: Dashword

These related query terms and keywords usually appear in the form of a box that can be found at the bottom of the page.

These results are arrived at through Google’s algorithm, which is getting better every day.

All you have to do is click on any of the suggested link bait to open other Google searches related to the primary topic you were looking up.

Evolution of the PASF Feature: Explained!

The “People Also Search For” feature may be a recent addition to the Google search engine, but it is not entirely a new feature that has been part of the SERP layout for a while now.

It officially started being used in 2012, and over the years, it has undergone various changes to become a very reliable option for people who want quick access to extra search results without typing a query again.

At first, this new feature began as an independent box whose primary function was to look for topics related to the music world on Google.

The main idea back then was to offer Google display ads based on the user’s preferences, much like what music apps like Spotify do today.

The box would display other songs by the same artist or any other music that has names that sound almost the same.

The current form of “People Also Search For” keywords is more advanced than it was back in the day. There is no search for box or image thumbnails; instead, actual topics with searches related to what you are looking for are displayed in a clear manner.

Judging from how effective it has become, it is clear that PASF keywords are here to stay and despite Google’s reluctance to make a new Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that is lengthy.

This new feature is set to improve even more in the near future to make Google search results easier to get for those that use keyword research for their content.

Ahref's Keyword Explorer | People Also Search For | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Keyword research is a crucial aspect to SEO. Source: Ahrefs

How SEOs Can Use These Options to Your Benefit

The benefits of “People Also Search For” keywords are unlimited, and you can take full advantage of them when you create content or thumbnail images that will receive huge hits from organic search results and even help you make money with SEO.

People Also Search For Box on Google Search Results Page | People Also Search For | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Search query “online marketing” yields the above search results, with the “People Also Search For” box located at the bottom of the results.

You can do this in the following ways:

#1 Understanding Search and User Intent Behind The Target Query

A PASF box is designed to help the user go in a different direction with the use of follow-up questions that are based on the related search query they are looking up.

This is made possible by Google’s ability to predict related search queries and collect the most useful links in the form of SERP.

You can make use of other powerful Google marketing tools, or a simple keyword research tool by also predicting what people who search for your business may ask and ensuring you appear in those searches by using the right keywords and refined content ideas.

#2 Singling Out Essential Search Terms

Identifying vital search terms will help you figure out the pattern that Google uses to display these pages in the alternative SERP section.

You can then restructure your landing pages within your website in a way that will display the website in these “People Also Search For” alternatives, and this will boost traffic towards your pages organically on Google.

#3 Using FAQs

The “Frequently Asked Questions” section is an underrated tool that helps to drive more traffic to your website and will give you a competitive edge over other people.

By answering the most common questions on your own websites via a FAQ page, it becomes easier for it to appear in the search results if the related queries being asked are similar to what you have.

At the same time, you become a trusted website domain authority.

You can even add helpful plugins like FAQPage schema that will further give you more options to choose from. [1] It will help you create high engagement sections that will keep people coming and staying on your website.

#4 Studying your Competitors

It pays to have an ear on the ground as far as your competitors are concerned. By knowing the things they did wrong and understanding the key areas that need improvement will help save you from the same unnecessary pain.

Keyword-research tools will help you formulate the most common questions and restructure them to suit your business for better search query results by making use of related queries.

#5 Structuring Content Around Related Suggestions

This is another simple tactic that can help you rank higher. Once you have studied the common questions that are being asked and those that keep appearing in the “People Also Search For” keyword section, try creating content that aims to answer those questions.

Apart from driving traffic to website, it will also help you set yourself as an expert on related topics.

Include the Who, Why, When, Where, and What in your titles since search engines love to show search query results that respond to these questions.

Limit your language to simple and relevant search terms that are tailor-made for your target audience.

#6 Making use of Popular Search Engine Categories

Use common attributes when talking about a product or service to increase the chances of what you are talking about appearing in the first few web pages.

Going into specifics has the effect of diluting things since no one is going to search for complicated features of a product.

This is a powerful marketing tactic that helps to connect your service and products to other related items that come up in the search result.

#7 Tracking Bounce Rates

If at any point you notice high bounce rates combined with quick exits from any organic landing page, then consider restructuring the web pages with more relevant keywords that people search for via monthly search volume data research to be more useful to people to reduce the bouncing and exit rates. [2]

So, What You Should Really Know About PASF Keywords

SEMrush SEO Tool | People Also Search For | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
One of the many tactics to make your website rank higher is to conduct in-depth competitive research on competitors. Source: Semrush

Just like most search tools and features, nothing is ever written in stone, and you are never really assured of success just because you chose to make use of PASF boxes.

Some important things you need to keep in mind include the following:

PASF Positions Can Change

It is not always that the “People Also Search For” box will always appear at the bottom of the search results page.

The fact of the matter is that the position does vary depending on Google’s algorithm perception of the lapse in query results that were registered in the initial search.

This is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked as the position of the “People Also Search For” box impacts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns.

They May Bring Video Results

It is not always texts, latest news links, or a featured snippet with PASF boxes or Google PAA boxes; there are times when the suggestions a user clicks on may trigger video results, and this can happen when the term searched has specific words like “How to” and the likes.

Therefore, you should also include videos that take advantage of this to start expanding your YouTube SEO chances.

Repetition of Featured Snippets

Some snippets will be featured for some related searches. Although not all “People Also Search For” features make use of featured snippets, similar search terms that have the same answers will appear many times.

Use this knowledge of featured snippets to restructure the content within your web page to take advantage of this in converting website content to attract users.

How to Maximize the Potential of the Feature

You can maximize the benefits of the “People Also Ask Google” feature by doing the following things.

  • Use more relevant keywords with monthly search volume that best capture the most common data searches that people may be conducting online. This will help push your web page to a favorable position in the rankings.
  • Use concise answers rather than expansive and wordy ones. It is easier for your content to be found when you use simple words that relate to the searches being conducted by online users compared to using long and complicated words.
  • Use relevant answers and content for “People Also Search For” Google queries. Preference and priority is usually given to content that carries more relevance to the question being typed in the address bar.
  • You can outsource SEO and use tools to help increase your ability to take advantage of PASF. These include the following:
    • Google Analytics. A free tool that helps you figure out the rise and fall of online data traffic in related topics.
    • Search Console. This will help you search and find PASF keywords everywhere with monthly search volume derived from verified sources.
    • SEOlyzer. This is one of the best free SEO tools that give you a real-time analysis of user data to help you consolidate your web page.
    • Keyword Hero. This will help you bridge the inherent gaps that are common in keyword searches and data.
    • Data Studio. A completely free tool you can use to merge data derived from different platforms like Bing webmaster or Google Analytics.
Sample Search Queries that People Ask | People Also Search For | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
An illustration of possible search queries that people ask.


Google is always changing how query results are displayed, and it is up to content creators to reconstruct all the keywords to take advantage of these changes and help boost their landing pages.

If you are currently looking to increase traffic to your website through the “People Also Search For” feature, the PASF box or simply has no clue on what to do or where to look, then contact us, and we will help you figure out things.

We are a reliable digital marketing agency company in Malaysia that deals with website design, site audits, social media optimization, social media marketing, among other things.

Let us help you navigate the world of SEO with the best SEO strategy for 2022!

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