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PR Agency Malaysia – 13 Top PR Companies Malaysia Review

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PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

In need of a public relations agency to develop a solid PR strategy for your company?

Whether you’re looking for campaign management or a way to push your marketing strategy further, having the right PR agency can help your business grow and reach new heights.

Which leads to the question: which agency in Malaysia is the best for your business?

Finding the right marketing agency is really important – they should be a reliable partner that can help you with your marketing goals.

If that’s on your mind, we’ve come up with a list of the best PR Agency Malaysia to help you decide. Let’s go!

How Much Do Services In PR Agencies Cost in Malaysia?

PR agencies Malaysia offer a wide range of services, each with its own cost. Here are some of the services you can look out for and their average cost:

PR Service

Average Cost

Marketing Consultancy


Distribution of Press Releases


PPC Advertising

RM2.50 – RM9/click

Social Media Advertising


Other services to look out for include:

  • Media Relations
  • Strategic Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Public Affairs

Each form of service comes with varying costs depending on the level of management required for each of them.

It’s important to remember that the best PR company in Malaysia is one that can bring your company towards the path of success, so be sure to keep that in mind when you plan out your budget.

13 Best PR Agencies In Malaysia To Look For

1. Mad Hat PR PLT

Mad Hat Asia PR | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Mad Hat is all about putting people first, so if you’re looking for a way to tell a story about your brand that is fun and exciting, then they should be on top of your list.

They’re all about being creative and keeping up with the current trends. If your campaign needs to tell a modern story, then Mad Hat can help innovate your story and tailor it to your needs.



Creative Communications Strategies, Media & Public Relations, Influencer Engagement, Social Media Content & Management, Issues Management


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Lifebuoy, Nutox, Rexona, Kotex, Cadbury, Levis

2. SLPR Worldwide

SLPR Worldwide PR Services | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

SLPR Worldwide is committed to connecting your business with the most relevant target audience you require, incorporating sincerity and responsibility into all of its services.

Each approach uses a unified PR communication strategy to help your company get noticed and make long-lasting impressions.

They provide a wide range of reliable methods that will undoubtedly grow your business, aiming to make your goals a reality.


  • Offers innovative public relations services such as Guerilla PR and stunts campaigns, as well as tactical PR campaigns
  • Pioneers in omnichannel perception transformation


Strategic Public Relations, Digital & Social Media Agency, Creative Advertising & Design, Strategic Editorial Support


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Sasa, Marrybrown, Traveloka, Jaya One, Coway

3. Carat Comms Management

Carat Comms Managements PR Service | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Carat Comms Management focuses on increasing your brand’s credibility and visibility by combining the best elements of a marketing agency and an event planning agency.

They specialise in event experience design & development, creating advertising & promotions that capture audiences, and even reaching out to the right people for sponsorships & partnerships.

Regardless of the industry you’re in or even the style, theme, or budget you have in mind, Carat Comms is determined to help you attain your marketing goals.


  • Also works as a brand event management company
  • Handles and plans virtual events, making them masters of the digital economy


Media Design, Media Buying, Media strategy, Social Media Strategy and Advertising, Event Planning, Public relations


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Cotton On, Sony, AliPay, Prudential, JBL Professional

4. GO Communications

Go Communications PR | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

GO Communications provide integrated, comprehensive, and strategic packages for your campaigns, delivering impressive results from conception to execution. Their solutions are tailor-made to fit your business needs, promising to be innovative, bold, and results-driven.

They have been in the industry for 15 years and have helped many businesses – from startups to MNCs.

Over the years, the agency has worked on a wide range of campaigns and strategies in PR Malaysia, from long-term large-account projects to one-week events on a shoestring budget.


  • Multi Award winner with over 60 awards since 2013
  • Also a creative agency in Malaysia with services such as digital design and annual reports


Public Relations, Digital, Creative Services


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Starbucks, Lego, Renault, Caltex, Sunway Lagoon


BRANDTHINK PR Services | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

BRANDTHINK is a marketing communications company that’s all about using great stories to solve business problems.

Since 200, this Malaysia PR agency has found new, imaginative, and intelligent ways to tell the stories of multiple companies and their brands to their target market.

They understand that the marketing landscape is fragmented across various channels and are keen to help you navigate it.

Their services go beyond just PR as they provide services in other areas, such as design and commerce, giving you the reach you need for the people you’re targeting.


  • Commerce service includes live commerce and e-commerce marketing campaigns
  • Visual animation and video production services are also offered as part of what they offer


Business and Marketing Consulting, Public Relations, Design, Commerce


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Disney, Tefal, Under Armor, Akemi, Carlsberg


TQPR Malaysia PR Firm | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Total Quality PR is one of the leading communications agencies in Southeast Asia. They specialize in developing campaigns and other forms of content designed to quickly capture the company’s target audience’s attention, interest, and hearts.

This independent public relations consultancy thoroughly understands the market, knowing the best way to gain their attention and even prepare for potential issues. They also emphasize creating long-lasting and quality relationships with their clients.


  • Based in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia
  • Some of their clients are from Fortune 500 firms
  • Partnered with The Worldcom Public Relations Group


Corporate Positioning & Image Strategies, Marketing Communications, Media Relations, Digital Marketing


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Uber, Fitbit, MSIG, Opensignal, Intel

7. bzBee Consult

bzBee Consults PR Agency Malaysia | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

bzBee Consult is as busy and as hardworking as its name suggests. They are all about making your business their business as part of their approach. They believe in creating a meaningful impact with their strategies to contribute to their client’s business success.

Their work has won multiple awards, including Gold in Crisis/Issues Management Awards and a Public Affairs Award from CENDANA.


  • Clients include the Malaysian Ministries and Government
  • Founder is Prof. Bani, with 30 years of professional experience including Diplomatic Services, Commercial Advisory and Cross-Border Negotiations, and more


Strategic Communications, Crisis Communications, Stakeholder Management & Government Relations, Brand Management, Events Management


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Bursa Malaysia, Bangsar Seafood Village, Kellog’s, Lembaga Tabung Haji, Microsoft

8. Suppagood PR

Suppagood PR Malaysia | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Suppagood PR is a boutique PR agency that is all about delivering your brand’s truth to the target market. They’ll help you find a unique voice to help you stand out from the crowd and celebrate your authenticity to attract them.

Their PR management services include developing good story angles and selecting suitable media and influencers to approach. They can also help identify critical messages in your campaign and design campaigns along with press conference services, if necessary.


  • Offers exclusive talent and celebrity matching
  • Provides Suppaclass workshops to inspire and deeply understand presented topics


Public Relations, Brand Development, Content Strategy & Marketing, Influencer Relation


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Beauty Undercover, K11 Musea, Clique Clinic, Socar, Face Inc

9. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

AJ Marketing is well known for its extensive network of influencers, over 7000 and counting! This makes them a great option if your PR strategy could use the help of influencers.

This is why if you’re looking to utilize influencers in creative campaigns to make your brand well-known, then AJ Marketing is the best option!

This influencer marketing agency does offer PR services with their digital marketing strategy, so you can be sure that they’re well versed on multiple online platforms for media coverage, such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


  • Widely known across Asia with offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea
  • Offers Asian Celebrity Licensing, including K-pop celebrities


Marketing Strategy, SEO, Social Media Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Billboards


Website, Email

Notable Clients

BMW, ByteDance, Adobe, AMD, Zumba

10. Priority Communications

Priority Communications Malaysia PR Service | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Priority Communications, which has been in business since 1996, offers complete PR services as well as business communications consultancy. The agency delivers impactful results for its clients by actively listening to understand their communication challenges.

Priority will assist in developing comprehensive and integrated communication strategies to ensure that their client’s campaigns spark conversations, connect communities, and champion meaningful change.


  • PR service includes Government Relations and Experiential event creation and planning
  • Also provides reputation management that covers scenario planning and preparedness


Public Relations, Digital Communication, Content and Creative, Reputation Management


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Samsung, Toyota, Marigold, SK-II, Sanofi

11. PubliCT.io (Supernewsroom)

PubliCT.io (Supernewsroom) Public Relations | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Get your brand in the news with this guaranteed press release distribution platform!

PubliCT.io, formerly known as Supernewsroom, is an award-winning press relation agency supported by experienced public relations professionals and an extensive network of top-tier media agencies.

If you want to get media coverage, PubliCT.io offers you the digital PR platform to do just that. All you have to do is select the news agency, upload your press release, and then pay once your press release is published!


  • Its top-tier partners include those with high digital authority scores, such as The Star, The Edge, Vulcan Post, and more
  • Backed by an award-winning PR firm, Intelectasia


Media Relations, Crisis Management, Digital PR


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Concorde Hotel, Affin Bank, Gleneagles KL, Indah Water, SIRIM

12. Commas PR

Commas PR Malaysia | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Want to attract Millenials and Gen-Z? Then Commas PR has what it takes to help you out. An independent brand and lifestyle communications agency, they excel at delivering coordinated campaigns that appeal to the target demographics.

They have over ten years of expertise in creating campaigns and events that are bound to capture the young and youth.

The agency is in tune with Kuala Lumpur’s ever-changing social scene and cultural narrative, making them ideal for those who want something hip and fresh in their campaign.


  • Provides a network of local influencers and can also develop a partnership between brands
  • Has worked in the music, film, entertainment, FMCG, beauty, and fashion industries


Activation, Public Relations, Influencer Advocacy, Digital Strategy, Partnership


Website, Email, Phone, Facebook

Notable Clients

Jaya One, Nestle, Red Bull, Sundance Channel, Mary kay

13. One Search Pro

One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia | PR Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

One Search Pro offers over ten years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in all things marketing; including PR-related ones. Not only can they help your brand rank organically, they can also manage your company’s branding and reputation while doing so.

As one of the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia, One Search Pro genuinely cares about your brand’s story.

Their services include managing your company’s reputation, managing media contacts, distributing news and press releases, and more. Once you’ve set a goal and picked a plan, they can help develop a strong campaign directed at your target audience, leading to the results you’re looking for.


  • Provides LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, and more social media advertising services
  • Known as one of the best graphic design companies in Malaysia
  • Also offers influencer marketing services to help push the brand story further with the right people


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Google Ads Malaysia, Creative Services, Website Design




One Search Pro – Home


One Search Pro’s @onesearchpro

Notable Clients

BeautyFoo Mall, Celza, The Rev, Chiefway, Mobil 1, The Mind Design, Boba Wang, iPharma Home

FAQs on PR Agency in Malaysia

What Exactly Does PR Do?

Public relations (PR) involves managing relationships with the media and other stakeholders to promote or protect a company’s image.

PR professionals work on behalf of their clients to create positive stories, spread awareness about their products/services, and build public support for policies or initiatives. In other words, PR is essential in helping companies communicate effectively with those around them.

What Should I Look For In A PR Agency?

There are several things to consider when choosing PR agencies. It would be best to look for a PR firm in Malaysia that has experience in the industry you are interested in, understands your business and target market, and has a solid online presence.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the agency is reliable and professional. Look for agencies with positive reviews from other businesses or clients, and ask any questions you have about their services before signing up.

Are you looking for SEO services, social media marketing services, and more on top of your PR campaigns, or just digital PR services?

Figure that part out before you officially subscribe to any services offered by an agency.

How Can I Evaluate A PR Agency?

You can do a few things to evaluate a PR agency properly. It’s essential first to know what you’re looking for before proceeding.

Next is to see if the PR Agency can effectively nail your brand’s story. From there, you can look into other factors, such as whether they have access to multi-channel content and are experts in content distribution relevant to your business. Finally, they should be using analytics and results to determine their strategies to help reach the goal you’re looking for.

Which Is Better, PR or Marketing?

If you want visibility for your product or service, PR will likely work better than marketing. On the other hand, marketing might be a better option if you are looking for long-term relationships with potential customers who will feel loyal to your brand regardless of newsworthy events.

In the end, they both work hand in hand to benefit your business and marketing strategy, so if budget allows, feel free to consider both!

Get Your Company’s Story Told Properly Through Public Relations

The basis of a good PR company in Malaysia is to properly and effectively tell your company’s brand and story to the masses. Whether for branding or marketing or even to help through a crisis, PR companies Malaysia should be able to share the story that needs to be said.

At One Search Pro, we can help you relay that story and communicate with your target audience effectively through our omnichannel marketing services. We can help develop the content you need and push it through the proper channels that are specially targeted.

If you’re ready to make this happen, contact us today for a free consultation!

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