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SiteGiant Review: An In-Depth Analysis of Its Features, Pricing, Support, and More

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SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

As an e-commerce seller, being able to sell your product on multiple platforms can help you reach out to thousands of potential customers in the Malaysia marketplace.

The only problem is that managing these multiple platforms can be a hassle, especially with the different processes you’ll have to go through, such as having to upload your products, managing inventory, and responding to notifications on each platform.

If you’ve been looking for a platform that can help you manage multiple ecommerce platforms, then you would have discovered SiteGiant. But does it really do the job? Can it help increase your sales?

Check out our SiteGiant review to help you in your e-commerce journey.

What is SiteGiant?

SiteGiant Logo | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

SiteGiant Malaysia is an e-commerce solution platform that helps local sellers to boost sales in the Malaysia marketplace. It automates business processes, lightens workloads, and handles multiple e-commerce platforms with ease to help you sell online.

Established in 2013, SiteGiant Sdn Bhd offer a variety of e-commerce services, geared to both Malaysia power sellers both small and large.

This multichannel ecommerce business’ goal is to become Southeast Asia No.1 Omnichannel e-commerce platform. This is why the platform is a 6-in-1 e-commerce platform, providing comprehensive services such as:

  • Webstore
  • Marketplace Sync
  • Social Store
  • Live Commerce
  • Chat Commerce
  • Point of Sales

Some of the most significant features include being able to sell through many popular e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and more. They even cater to social stores such as Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Store, TikTok Shop, WhatsApp Business, and many other online marketplaces.

This includes your own website’s online store, be it powered by WooCommerce, Shopify, and more!

They offer web hosting services that allow you to create your own website, which can be used to create your own webshop. You don’t have to worry about building this website from scratch, as they offer various templates and easy-build options to help you develop your own website easily.

SiteGiant features include their very own SiteGiant MultiChat, where the webstore manages multiple chats from Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Messenger bot, Instagram Messages, TikTok, and WhatsApp. You will never miss out on any potential customer reaching out to you on different platforms!

A Quick Overview of SiteGiant

For those who want a quick look at what SiteGiant has to provide, here’s a breakdown on what the solution has to offer:



Training Provided

2 hours of e-commerce training is conducted online every week, perfect for new sellers

Website Creation

Provides easy-to-build website on SiteGiant with drag-and-drop features

Marketplace Synchronisation

Your products are automatically synchronized across various e-commerce platforms by uploading to the SiteGiant store

SEO for SiteGiant

Able to utilise SEO to improve SiteGiant webshop

Affiliate Program

SiteGiant affiliate network integration for sellers is available on specific payment plans

SiteGiant Payment Gateway Options


  • Razer
  • eGHL
  • iPay88
  • Commerce.asia
  • Paypal

SiteGiant Support

SiteGiant features an extensive FAQ support section, step-by-step onboarding, and AI online chat support

Pricing Plan

Price for their multichannel solution can be as low as RM92 per month, but must be paid in total for a year

All in all, SiteGiant is a great platform for those who are looking for an easy-to-use, multichannel solution for their e-commerce journey.

They have an extensive partnership with various online tools and e-commerce platforms, making them an ideal choice for sellers looking for an easy way to expand their sales online.

With that said, there are other factors to consider when choosing SiteGiant ecommerce as your preferred e-commerce solution. Keep reading for more information to help you in your decision-making!

SiteGiant Pricing

SiteGiant offers two types of plans, each with their own range of services and package plans.

It’s important to note that SiteGiant does not offer you the option to pay monthly as you must pay for a full year package, but they display their prices as monthly to give you a rough idea of how much you are paying per month. Here’s what you need to know.

SiteGiant ERP Plans

SiteGiant ERP Plans | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

These Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) plans by SiteGiant provide Marketplace Power Tools that were created specifically to help Shopee & Lazada sellers accelerate all aspects of their online business by 3x.

This includes areas such as inventory management, order fulfillment, product uploading, accounting, and much more! This makes them recommended for those focusing on expanding to multiple popular e-commerce platforms.

It comes with four pricing plans for ERP, starting from just RM100 monthly with the ERP Mini. This will give you access to the warehouse, 1500 orders per month, and Lazada and Shopee marketplaces, which can help in areas such as inventory fulfill Shopee.

As you pay more, almost all of the features listed here will increase, including the number of e-commerce platforms you can sell your products on, which can expand to shops like PGMall, YouBeli, Zalora, and more.

Their ERP Premium plan offers an extra VIP support and an unlimited inventory of SKUs that you can utilize.

SiteGiant Multichannel Solution Plans

SiteGiant Multichannel Solution Plans | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

Recommended for startups, this full 6-in-1 e-commerce solution was made for multichannel selling. This includes being able to create your own website, and interact with a variety of customers via social media, and even through live selling like Facebook Live.

Their pricing plan for this starts with Multichannel Mini at RM92 per month, as well as free lifetime system upgrades.

This includes standard features such as layout builder, customer reviews, one-page checkout, and more. As you go up the plan, you get more access to features such as more sales channels, stock synchronization, custom shipping labels, and more.

Advantages of SiteGiant for E-Commerce Sellers

SiteGiant has some pretty noteworthy advantages for those who are e-commerce sellers. Here are some of the best pros to look out for:

Free Online Training

With so many features available, SiteGiant ensures that you can learn the ropes to get your business running smoothly on their platform by providing free training online.

They offer these in multiple languages such as English and Mandarin, and cover topics such as order fulfillment, inventory & product, marketplace tools, and more.

This can be especially useful for those who are new to the e-commerce world and need a guide to starting a successful e-commerce business.

Flexible Marketplace Sync

SiteGiant Marketplace Sync | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

Being able to sell on multiple marketplaces is key to expanding your reach to new potential customers.

With SiteGiant’s sync tool, you can quickly sync all the products in your SiteGiant store into the online marketplaces of your choosing using the sync tool, ensuring you don’t have to post the same item over and over again for different platforms.

It’s important to note that you can only gain this sync tool when you subscribe to their Multichannel Basic plan and above. This is not available in their lowest pricing plan, the Multichannel Mini.

Faster Fulfilment Process With Custom Shipping Label

One aspect of e-commerce is the need to print out shipping labels, which gets even more complicated when you have to account for the many e-commerce platforms you’re selling your products on.

With just your SiteGiant Login, they solve this by letting you print all your shipping labels from these various stores through SiteGiant itself. This helps you from committing mistakes such as double printing, or doing tedious work such as manual matching.

With this, SiteGiant promises that your fulfillment process would be 50% faster with them!

GST-Compliant AutoCount Accounting Sync

SiteGiant Accounting Sync | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

Accounting can be another challenging aspect, especially if you’re a new seller. This is why one of the solutions offered by SiteGiant is the ability to integrate the GST-compliant AutoCount Accounting software.

This will automatically account for all of your sales, saving you time by eliminating the need to do it afterwards.

There are additional costs to this, with a yearly plan of RM1500. However, as it’s easy to use and helps you compile your yearly account statements with ease, it’s definitely beneficial in the long run.

Flexible Sync With Major Payment Gateways

SiteGiant Syncable Payment Gateways | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

For Malaysians who want to shop online, online payment gateways such as Razer Pay, iPay88, and even PayPal, are popular payment methods that should be used by e-commerce sellers. Each of these platforms offers its own range of fees to take note of.

All of these are available at SiteGiant, and you can gain further discounts on their setup fee and annual fee through SiteGiant.

Easily Customisable Web Store with Webstore Decoration Tool

SiteGiant Unicart Webstore | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

You don’t need to be a web designer to customize your unicart SiteGiant webstore, as the solution offers a website builder with plenty of templates that you can further design with their webstore decoration tool.

Through the SiteGiant lite login, you gain access to this simple and user-friendly tool that makes it easy to include your brand’s banner slides, logo, and theme colors without much hassle.

Plus, all their websites are mobile and SEO-friendly, making them perfect for website conversion and more.

Free Domain and Setup Fee

If you’re looking to host your web store with SiteGiant, their web hosting plan offers not just SiteGiant email hosting but also comes with a free setup and even a free domain.

Domains usually cost around RM60 – RM120 or more, and setup fees can cost up to thousands of Ringgit, so you’re saving a lot of money here!

Free SSL Certificate

Every website should have an SSL certificate, as it helps protect your customer’s information whenever they conduct any transactions on your website. However, these can cost over RM40 per month for organizations and businesses, which can be quite costly in the long run.

With any of SiteGiant’s plans, you can get this completely free.

Disadvantages of SiteGiant for E-commerce Sellers

Despite the platform being one of the best e-commerce solutions in the Malaysian market, there are some downsides to take note of:

No Monthly Plans Available

SiteGiant ERP Mini Plan | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

As mentioned earlier, SiteGiant only offers yearly plans. They may state their plans as per month, but that’s how much you’re paying after dividing the yearly plan by the 12 months in a year.

In general, this could be more affordable in the long run, especially if you fully use SiteGiant for a year. However, if you’re new or your budget is limited, this may be too heavy to pay at once.

No Free Trial Offered

Compared to many other solutions available in the market, SiteGiant doesn’t offer any trial for you to test the system and see if it’s exactly what you’re looking for. This means you cannot test out the solutions offered to see if they can really help you with your e-commerce sales.

While it’s true they have the reputation and reviews to back up their service, and you can get a free consultation beforehand, there’s no denying that a free trial could give potential sellers the push they need to subscribe to their plans.

You Need to Pay More to Access The Better Features

It’s a given that you should get more features when you’re paying more, but basic solutions such as syncing and payment gateway integration are not offered in their lowest plan.

For example, some of their lowest plans won’t give you access to social media, which means you lack access to features like Facebook Smart Responder.

So if you’re hoping to try out their more affordable SiteGiant lite plans in hopes to save money, you may find yourself missing out a lot more than you realize.

Limited to Malaysian Customers

SiteGiant Customers and Partners | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

Most of the partners and applications available on SiteGiant cater only for Malaysian customers.

For example, with the exception of Paypal, most of the payment gateways offered by SiteGiant are mainly for Malaysians. In fact, a lot of their solutions are geared towards helping Malaysian sellers reach potential Malaysian customers, which is great if that’s your intended target audience.

However, if you were hoping to expand beyond Malaysia and into a more international landscape, SiteGiant may not be the best option for you. While Paypal works best for American customers, it’s not common for customers in Southeast Asian countries.

They do partner with local delivery services that are capable of delivering to various countries around the world, such as PosLaju and DHL. However, a majority of them cater more to the local market.

Limited to Whatever Applications SiteGiant Has to Offer

Applications Offered on SiteGiant | SiteGiant Review | One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia

Compared to other SiteGiant competitor, you are limited to what applications SiteGiant has available. Granted, there are plenty of applications available for accounting, gateway payments, delivery services, and more.

However, if you just so happen to be using an app that isn’t available on SiteGiant, or you’re planning to integrate it into SiteGiant somehow, you’re out of luck. It’s not possible to use apps outside of what SiteGiant has to offer, so you either have to let go or make do.

SiteGiant: The Verdict

Upon weighing both the pros and cons of SiteGiant, the verdict remains on whether you should get SiteGiant.

Choose SiteGiant If…

You’re a Growing E-Commerce Seller

Perhaps your business is doing well but find yourself limited to selling within the Klang Valley, or on only one online marketplace.

If you’re looking to expand even further, be it to even more platforms or to be the best business in Malaysia, and want to make that process a lot easier, SiteGiant is the best solution available.

You Want to Set Up Your Webstore Easily

With free domain names and SSL certificates, SiteGiant makes setting up your very own webstore a lot easier. Throw in their website builder and you have what it takes to get your webstore running with just a few clicks.

You’re Looking For a More Integrated, Simple Way of Doing E-Commerce

With so many solutions and applications available on SiteGiant, running your e-commerce business would be a breeze. It will definitely help save you a lot of time as it makes processes such as labeling and answering messages through the SiteGiant multichat a lot easier.

Don’t Choose SiteGiant If…

You’re a New E-Commerce Seller With Minimal Capital

If you have just started selling online, their yearly plans can be tough to take on. If you opt for their cheapest plan, you may miss out on the better solutions that could benefit your business better.

You Intend to Sell Your Products to More International Markets

If you’re already doing well in Malaysia, and you intend to sell your products to neighboring countries within Southeast Asia, or even further countries such as Australia or America, SiteGiant will not be able to help you much in this department.

This is because many of their partners and solutions fully cater to the local Malaysian market.

You Have Apps and Systems Not Provided by SiteGiant

Be sure to check what SiteGiant has to offer thoroughly especially in terms of apps. If you discover they do not provide a system that you highly depend on, chances are you cannot integrate it into SiteGiant.

Save yourself the trouble and opt for SiteGiant alternatives instead if you find yourself in such a situation.

Which SiteGiant Plan Should You Go For?

If you’re keen to go with SiteGiant, choosing the right plan that suits your needs is essential. Here’s what plan we recommend according to your business needs:

For E-Commerce Sellers Aiming to Grow Their Current Business

If you want to grow your current business and expand to more e-commerce platforms, then opt for their ERP Value plan.

This offers you not only the option to expand to e-commerce platforms beyond Shopee and Lazada but also offers you access to PGMall, YouBeli, and more. Furthermore, it also gives you access to various webstore and social media platforms.

They also offer plenty of built-in webstore features, shipping & logistics, as well as an order fulfillment assistant which would help you plenty in your quest to expand.

For Startups Looking to Advance Even Further

As a startup that’s doing well and looking to really increase sales, you can opt for the Multichannel Pro plan on SiteGiant.

Out of all the Multichannel plans, this is the best one as it has all the best features such as the Abandoned Checkout Recovery, Mailchimp Integration, Barcode Label, Customer Group, and more to really help you connect with your customers.

It also comes with some freebies such as the SiteGiant MultiChat and easyParcel plugin worth RM590 and RM200 respectively being free for a whole year!

Expand Your Business With The Right E-Commerce Solution And Marketing

Based on this review, if you believe SiteGiant truly has the solutions you need to increase online sales and more, then it’s good to opt for it!

However, if it doesn’t hit the mark, there are other SiteGiant alternatives you can look out for. After all, when it comes to expanding your business, choosing the right tools and solution is key to making it a success.

That said, using the right tools and solutions alone is just one part of the e-commerce journey. It’s also vital to consider other areas such as marketing tools, particularly digital marketing for e-commerce sellers.

Areas such as local SEO, social media, online ads, and more can play a big role in helping your business expand further.

You can learn all about these marketing tools and more right here at One Search Pro. Feel free to contact us to discover new ways to expand your business!

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