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34 TikTok Small Businesses Ideas & TikTok Compilations To Blow Up On TikTok

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34 TikTok Small Businesses Ideas & TikTok Complilation To Blow Up On TikTok by One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in Malaysia, with about 4 million users in Malaysia.

A large portion of the users on TikTok is young people, below the age of 30.

There are a lot of opportunities on TikTok for small businesses.

As long as you have good TikTok ideas for this social media platform, you can produce content that will show up on the ‘For You’ feed of users in general.

As a small business on TikTok, you may not know where to start. As such, we have compiled some of the best ideas from our own observations and the internet in order to help you and TikTok small businesses out.

Remember that your main objective is to increase brand awareness and let more people discover you on that platform.

The right TikTok ideas will help you in using TikTok advertising as a future marketing tool!

34 Best TikTok Small Businesses Ideas in Malaysia To Get Viral in TikTok

The best TikTok ads, videos, and TikTok content are the ones that attract the attention of users so they stay on and watch the whole video. [1]

This will have an effect on the algorithm, which will start recommending more of your videos to that same user and their contacts. As such, your content needs to be engaging and relevant.

It’s important to know how to make a TikTok video stand out and grab the public’s attention as fast as you can. Here are our ideas, organized into several different categories:

A) Getting To Know Me and My Brand!

1. Introducing The Brand

Our TikTok ideas begin with the most basic one, which is for you to introduce what you’re selling. Highlight two to three of your best products, flavors, or designs.

Keep the message simple and you’ll see curious people stay to watch your videos.

Use hashtags relevant to your products, like this sticker business account we found, which used #smallbusiness and #stickerbusiness. Here’s a short guide to hashtags on Tiktok for you to find the best trending ones.

Apart from that, don’t forget to also use a branded hashtag together with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize your video reaching the right people!

One of the first things you can do – introduce your products! Source: Jane@Tiktok

2. Give Your Customers a Workspace Tour

If you have a dedicated workspace, even if it’s small, now is the time to show your viewers around. Make sure that your workplace is clean and decorated attractively. That way, viewers will know that you’re a dedicated seller who is well organized and clean.

A workspace tour showcases your organizational skills. Source: nrsyuz@Titok

3. How Did You Start

Let your viewers know what inspired you to start this business on social media platforms. Answer questions like what were your initial challenges, where you got your funds and where did you start sourcing your supplies.

Short information like these helps your viewers feel closer to your business.

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4. What Does Your Business Name Mean

Explain how you chose your business name and the process you went through to pick it. Tell your viewers what this name means to you and how you hope it will help your business. It would be even better if your name has a quirky story behind it.

5. How Do You Pack Your Orders

Product packaging videos are some of the most fun to watch. These allow your viewers to know what you place in the packages that are being sent to them. Apart from that, if your packaging is pretty, it will leave a fine impression on your viewers too.

Product packing videos are satisfying to watch. Source: Atia Izazi@TikTok

6. Product Usage Tutorials

No matter what you’re selling, one aspect that can make your Tik Tok viral is when you provide some useful and practical ways to use your products.

Apart from the usual methods that everyone is practicing, you can add some new and creative uses for your products as well.

Short how-to videos can attract buyers too. Source: Alyssa.safri@TikTok

7. How Do You Make Your Products

If you sell a product or service that requires hands-on production, and not just repacking them from a supplier, you can document your product-making process. This process will allow viewers to gauge the quality and commitment your brand has.

8. Inventory Organization

Another type of TikTok content that often does well is organization videos. These videos involve people placing things into cupboards and racks, arranging them neatly into rows and lines.

Somehow these videos are highly comforting and are an antithesis to the chaos they may be facing in real life.

Organizing your inventory lets your viewers have a sense of order: Source: barebeauty_my@TikTok

9. Product and Service Showcase

If you’ve introduced your brand, it’s now time to run through all the products that you offer. If you run a service-based business, then this will definitely be a good time to document the different services and packages you have, not just your bestsellers.

10. Document The Tools of Your Trade

Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at your business by doing a video on what you use to keep your business running. It can be as simple as what brand of racks you use to organize your products, to the type of software you use to keep track of stocks and accounts.

11. Stock Arrival Day

For small businesses, stock arrivals are a very exciting and significant time. This is especially true if you’ve designed and produced your own products from scratch. Unboxing videos in this case will do you brand good.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the best time to post on TikTok Malaysia so that your followers know that you’ve restocked and can start ordering.

12. Meet The Team

If you have more than one person in your business, you can have a video introducing everyone and their roles in the company. It would be nice if you could combine this with say, a dance challenge of some sort, especially a relay dance.

Jelita KL has a small team of 6 people. Source: jelita.kl@TikTok

13. Business Milestones and Achievements

Do you have a success story to tell? Now is the time to share your joy. Maybe you made your first overseas sale, or maybe you reached a significant number in terms of profit.

Any of these happy stories related to your business is worth making into a video to mark the milestone.

Iylia Malek shares how she upgraded her business transport over time. Source: iyliamalek@TikTok

B) Let’s Have Some Fun!

As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Therefore, once in a while, your TikTok account needs some content that’s not directly related to your business, products or services.

14. Take on a Dance Challenge

Whether you choose to do it alone or with some friends and colleagues, viral dance challenges will always be one effective way to make your Tik Tok go viral. For this, you need to keep track of Malaysia TikTok trends, by using the discovery button.

15. Share Bits of Your Personal Life

As a business owner, you definitely have a life outside of work and your business. It is alright to share some aspects of it as a TikTok video, such as your favorite workout, the cafe you always go to, your morning routine, etc.

Business owner Lily N. sells surprise gift boxes, and shares aspects of her personal life too. Source: lxlyayaa@TikTok

16. Make a Funny Video

Funny Tik Tok video ideas hardly get ignored so you should observe how famous TikTok comedians go about it. It doesn’t have to be a video of you telling a joke.

You can put up funny observations about the community around you, or funny habits that you observe among Malaysians for example.

17. Include Your Pet

Your business doesn’t have to be pet-related for you to feature your cute pets. Anything a pet does (or doesn’t do) is adorable and can be included. So get your cameras ready to record your cat, tortoise, hamster, gerbil or any other fur baby.

Online artist Ggatorart has included her cat in her content. Source: ggatorart@TikTok

18. Try a Mukbang Challenge

TikTok video ideas don’t get better than this. Everyone on TikTok knows about the Korean Fire Noodle challenge and the hashtag #koreanfirenoodles is viral on the platform.

You can always pick up on any food-based challenges and attempt these types of videos on your business channel too. Once again, a branded hashtag can help you gain viewership!

19. Make a Reaction Video

One of the Tik Tok ideas that you can use is to create a video where you react to other videos. These can include social media memes, challenge videos by others, videos of viral events, and so on. Remember that Tik Tok videos that are funny often do better on the platform.

20. Express Your Gratitude

Say a big ‘thank you’ to your customers with a happy video. It could be anything, including a short clip of you dancing, putting together a thank-you package, a small arts and craft project or the like.

You can thank viewers for bringing your followers up to a certain number, or being conscientious.

Customers really like it when you acknowledge them as this implies you see them as more than just a source of income. It’s important for your customers to feel valued as human beings too.

Appreciating well-behaved customers is always good content. Source: Hijab tutorials & more@TikTok

21. Share a Life Hack

Everyone appreciates a good life hack, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve your products or services. Your viewers would really appreciate it if you made their lives easier.

Maybe you know how to remove stains from a sofa, or tie shoelaces easier. Either way, these types of videos featuring useful life hacks can end up being the uncalculated surprise element that helps to boost your channel’s viewership.

22. Carry Out Community Service

As a business, you can show your gratitude by giving back to the community around you. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Joining a volunteer group or helping one needy person is more than enough.

Bigger corporations often call this CSR (corporate social responsibility) and if you’re a small business, you can start with small projects too.

23. Share an Inspirational Story

Know someone who overcame challenges? Or maybe it’s your own story of finding success. Share these types of videos with your followers to brighten up their day. It can be something practical so that people know they’re not alone in their personal struggles.

Content like these helps keep your page positive and bright.

24. Give Out Freebies

Who doesn’t like freebies? If you produce a short video announcing that the first 5 or 10 people that contact you will win a mystery box, you’ll get plenty of responses.

This effective way will help increase your brand awareness on TikTok, as more people will be curious about what you and your business offer.

You can host giveaways where recipients have to do certain things like sharing your video or following your account. Source: sistersgiftbox_56@TikTok

25. Share Practical Advice

Giving life advice for everyday things like relationships, studies, parenting, and more will help you connect with different demographics of your audience.

It is a great example of a customer-driven marketing strategy where you reach out from your usual sphere of influence. This is done by meeting the needs of more people.

26. Make a Poll

TikTok has a creator’s tool that has an option for accounts to create a poll on your videos. This poll option can be found under ‘stickers’ when you’re editing your video.

Polls are part of great TikTok video ideas where you can gather feedback from your viewers and followers about future business plans, and content. It’s quick, easy and cheap.

Additionally, it’s also a great way to interact with your subscribers. Check out some of our other TikTok tricks and hacks you may not yet know about.

27. Answer and React to Comments

On TikTok, it is the norm for content creators and business owners to respond to comments and questions left by your audience. They usually do this through a short video.

Although you can react to positive comments well and good, it is your response to negative feedback that will attract more attention. Make sure your response is polite, but firm and try to clear up any misconceptions they may have.

28. Celebrate Special Occasions

In Malaysia, there’s no shortage of celebrations for you to mark. Whether it’s Merdeka Day, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas, you can always celebrate it with a video wishing all your followers and visitors alike.

Apart from national holidays, you can also mark celebrations related to your business, like the anniversary of your opening.

Businesswoman Yatt Ahmad celebrated Merdeka Day with a humorous video. Source: Yatt Ahmad My@Tiktok

29. Partner with Another Business

Creating content alone can be fun and all, but it’s even better when you team up with other creators to brainstorm TikTok video ideas. Featuring another small business helps both you and your business partner to promote in each other’s sphere of influence.

This will be mutually beneficial as both of you will be able to expand your brand awareness to a new bunch of users. It’s also a good chance to come up with attractive niche content that reaches a very specific target audience.

C) Let’s Get Technical!

Your small business content can have lots of lighthearted and entertaining content. However, you should also try and insert a few informational videos too, especially those that highlight the more technical side of your business.

30. Favorite Business Software

Perhaps you discovered an app recently that helps you keep track of inventory, or one that helps with accounting. Make a video so that other small business owners can learn and benefit from it.

You can even have a video tutorial showing how you use the app or software.

TikTok user Pika shares her favorite site for tracking customer delivery details. Source: frorust@TikTok

31. How to Start a Small Business

Now that you have your own small business, it’s time to share your experience with others who have the same dream. List down what they need to know, and how to get in touch with suppliers, distributors, etc, and how to carry out marketing on a budget.

Businesswoman Suri Ossaman gives marketing tips to other small businesses. Source: Suri Ossaman@TikTok

32. Improving on Past Mistakes

Look back on your early days as a small business in Malaysia and share a thing or two about what you could have done better back then. This will help others who are starting out avoid the same mistakes.

33. The Legal Side of Things

Answer legal questions pertaining to having a small business. Is there any type of registration needed, or any taxes to be paid? Share how you registered under SSM and whether or not you buy any insurance for your TikTok small business, or how you applied for a business loan, etc.

34. Tiktok Tips

Share tips and tricks on how to make a TikTok video, including how to film, edit and add various effects. Part of your digital marketing strategy should include reaching out to your audience on TikTok who aren’t sure of what to do.

TikTok: The Fun Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

TikTok should be incorporated as one significant part of your social media content as a business. As it has a relatively young audience base, you should be able to start online marketing to them right away.

If you are curious about how you can start to advertise on TikTok in Malaysia, come and have a chat with us at One Search Pro. You can contact us at your earliest convenience to begin marketing your small business on TikTok, where fun content meets business opportunities.

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