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13 Best Affiliate Marketing Malaysia Platforms

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13 Best Affiliate Marketing Malaysia Platforms - Top Affiliate Program Malaysia by One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

Affiliate marketing is the system of generating income through commissions each time you promote a product or brand and make a sale from it.

It’s one of the many popular ways to make money online for publishers and SEO experts with the right skills. When done correctly, you can drive traffic without worrying about keeping inventory.

If you are interested in learning about making passive income through affiliate marketing, read on!

In this post, we will cover all you need to know about affiliate marketing Malaysia, how it works, and the essential points in affiliate marketing – plus our 13 selections of the best affiliate programs available to help you select the perfect Malaysia affiliate program for your online business!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is another good way to make money online. Source: Miles Web

Affiliate marketing works by laying out product promotions and marketing tools to other parties; it supports individuals with a time-tested, successful marketing strategy while rewarding affiliates with a share of the benefit from the sale made.

In this process, several different groups of people are involved and the differences between affiliates programs that are available in Malaysia!

– The Seller and The Vendors

The seller can be an individual entrepreneur or a large company, a vendor, product creator, manufacturer, or retailer with a product to sell. [1]

The product can be physical goods like tech accessories or a digital product like an ebook for parenting for example.

– The Affiliate or The Publishers

The affiliate, also widely recognized as the publisher or the advertiser, can be either a person or an enterprise that sells the merchant’s product to its audience.

Oftentimes, a customer-driven marketing strategy is employed to create content to explain how the promoted products may be beneficial to the readers. And when the reader ends up purchasing the product, they’ll receive a piece of the profit.

– Affiliate Network

The affiliate network is an organization that helps brand owners organize their affiliate programs. This is specially designed for vendors or advertisers who don’t have time to set up their affiliate programs.

Instead, they will partner with an affiliate network to help save costs.

– The Customer

The people who purchase the product or services you promote. They complete the whole process of being an affiliate and are critical to the entire system. Without the customer, there’ll be no room for growth and revenue.

Depending on the affiliate programs you sign up for, you will get paid in many different ways:

  • Pay Per Sale – this is the most common affiliate marketing arrangement. The vendors pay the affiliate a certain percentage of the sale price of the product or service after the customer buys it due to the affiliate’s marketing efforts. For example, the Amazon affiliate program Malaysia receives payment via Pay Per Sale.
  • Pay Per Lead – affiliates get paid based on the conversation of leads. [2] The affiliates must convince the reader to visit the vendor’s site and complete the preferred action like signing up their email address. Usually, the more personal details are required by the lead, the higher its value is to the merchant.
  • Pay Per Click /PPC – programs falling under this category motivates the affiliate to redirect the customers from their website to the vendor’s site. The affiliate must capture the site visitors’ interest and make them want to click from their site to the vendor’s site and complete the desired action there. The affiliate will be paid based on the number of clicks generated. [3]

Generally, bloggers and affiliates in Malaysia can earn from RM1000 to several thousands a month from being an affiliate, but it all depends on how successful you convert your social media target audience (visitors) to buyers! 

Our Top Picks: Best 13 Affiliate Programs in Malaysia

Below is the list of 13 affiliate programs in Malaysia that are top-tier in our review! Check them out if you, too, want to utilise affiliate links as a source of income!

1. Shopee Affiliate Program

The Shopee Affiliate Program offers a vast selection of product categories that are ideal for broad niches. Source: Tribunnews.com

As one of the top affiliate marketing programs countrywide, Shopee is also one of Malaysia’s popular mobile marketplace created for sellers and buyers to enjoy a safe and protected shopping experience. It has everything from fashion, electronics to food and beverages.

The mobile app can easily be downloaded at Google Play Store or App Store.

Products/Services Offered: Arts, household, baby items, toys, electronics, tech accessories, fashion, hobbies, sports and outdoor, digital goods, and cinema tickets

Commission Rate: Commission rate up to 9.10 percent depending on the product categories and if the affiliate is referring to a new or existing customer

Offers a wide variety of product categoriesOffers below average commission rates
Huge marketplace in Malaysia and Southeast AsiaCommission capped at RM50
Provides frequent promotions and vouchers for consumers
Website: https://affiliate.shopee.com.my/

2. LAZADA Affiliate Program

Lazada is Southeast Asia’s biggest online shopping mall. Source: Most2414

Lazada is an international e-commerce marketplace that offers sellers and buyers from Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand a fast and convenient online shopping experience.

The vast online marketplace in Malaysia, along with overseas businesses, currently serves more than 560 million customers, and it’s continuing to expand to other SEA regions too! We think that Lazada goes second, if not competing closely with Shopee for the top spot, as the best platform to start a successful e-commerce business in Malaysia.

Products/Services Offered: Electronics, Baby items Health and beauty, Household, IT accessories, and animal foods

Commission Rate: 2.5 percent – 14 percent

The marketplace not only focuses on the Malaysian market but on other countries in Southeast Asia as wellHigher or possible stronger competition from other affiliates
Diverse product categoriesSales conversions often get rejected without clear clarification
Lazada’s affiliate program commission rate is relatively attractive compared to other competitors
Easy Lazada affiliate login to check on your progress
Website: https://www.lazada.com.my/lazada-affiliate-program/

3. Zalora Affiliate Program

Zalora is Asia’s fashion online retailer that carries a range of fashion products and brands. Source: techniasia.com

The Zalora affiliate program is quite popular amongst bloggers and influencers in Malaysia. As a fashion marketplace in Malaysia, the brand has more than 50,000 products ranging from clothing, handbags, and accessories.

Products/Services Offered: Various local and international fashion brands

Commission Rate: 6 percent per sale for new customers and 4 percent per sale for returning customers

Zalora has one of the best support systems created for its affiliate marketersSince Zalora is widely known, some consumers will purchase directly from its website
Provide affiliate tools like banner, deep linking, and vouchersYou need to sign up through their affiliate program network
Affiliates will get extended commissions based on the sale performance and campaign seasons
Website: https://www.zalora.com.my/partner/

4. Watsons Affiliate Program

Watsons Affiliate Program’s commission is based on the cost per sale. Source: CapitaLand

Watsons is Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer in Asian countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, and more. It is also available in a few European and Middle East countries.

Products/Services Offered: Vast choice of different brands of health and beauty products

Commission Rate: 2.10 percent (cost per sale basis)

There are affiliate tools to help new affiliates with deep linking and shop linksCost-per-sale commission base, thus you need to sell more to get higher-rate commissions
Established health and beauty retailer in MalaysiaCompulsory to sign up through its affiliate network
Offer a variety of health and beauty products
Website: https://app.involve.asia/directory/watsons-malaysia-affiliate-program

5. Under Armour Affiliate Program

Under Armour is a well-known sportswear brand worldwide. Source: Under Armour

Under Armour needs no introduction as it is one of the world’s largest sportswear labels. In addition, Under Armour’s affiliate program is also one of the top affiliate programs in Malaysia in its sports niche.

We think that their vast range of products offered allows them to emerge one step ahead compared to competitors from the same niche, earning them a spot on this list!

Products/Services Offered: Tops, bottom, women, and kids sports attire and accessories

Commission Rate: Each product comes with a different commission rate

Free to sign-upYou’re competing with the brand’s main site
All orders managed by Under Armour customer service
It has a 14-day cookie period
Website: https://www.underarmour.com.my/en-my/malaysia-affiliate-program.html

6. Airbnb Associate

Airbnb Associates offer travel enthusiasts and creators to earn money online via its affiliate program. Source: Esquire Middle East

Airbnb affiliate program or Airbnb Associates is a program that allows marketers to earn money by promoting holidays and vacation stays on Airbnb lists. If you have a knack for travel content, then this should be your focus.

Products/Services Offered: Airbnb accommodations around the world

Commission Rate: For the first 500 bookings made in a month, you’ll get 25 percent of the Airbnb fee and 30 percent for bookings that exceed more than 500 in a month. A booking made through your site or marketing channel, however, will allow you to earn 25 percent from the Airbnb host fee

High-commission rateTakes some time to get approved
Trusted and recognized brandRequire built-in referral program
Available marketing tools for eligible affiliates
Website: https://www.airbnb.com/associates

7. JD Sports Affiliate Program

JD Sports is a UK sports house and is a hub for sports gear and accessories lovers. Source: JD Sports

JD Sports is a prominent sportswear and gear retailer for women, men, and children, with 781 stores worldwide. Originally from the UK, the fashion house has lines of limited edition and premier designs from popular brands like Nike and Adidas Originals.

Products/Services Offered: Sports clothing, shoes, and accessories

Commission Rate: 7 percent

Established and trusted brandPeople might choose to visit the physical store to purchase instead
Offer many well-known sports brands that may not be available in MalaysiaA must to sign up through an affiliate network
Affiliate program tools are available
Website: https://app.involve.asia/directory/jd-sports-my-affiliate-program

8. AliExpress Affiliate Program

AliExpress helps connect customers worldwide and manages the shipping for the orders. Source: AliExpress

AliExpress is an international marketplace based in China that connects customers and buyers through their listings and manages the shipping.

The perks of buying through AliExpress are their affordable items and the much-similar wide range of product lines offered.

Products/Services Offered: Wholesale, e-commerce, electronics, households, and more

Commission Rate: 3 to 9 percent depending on the item sold

AliExpress allows you to create tracking IDs for all your linksCommission capped at $50, so if a consumer purchases something worth thousands, you’ll never receive more than $50
Provide various banners and dynamic adsNot supported by PayPal
The “AliPlugin” helps affiliates to create links easier and faster
Website: https://portals.aliexpress.com/

9. Microsoft Affiliate Program

Microsoft is by far one of the best tech-related affiliate programs in Malaysia. Source: ACS Foundation.

Microsoft is such a big name and enough to excite all digital marketers and tech whizzes in Malaysia.

The affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in Malaysia catered specifically to people working around the internet industry and tech. If you’re an Amazon affiliate in Malaysia, you are most probably familiar with the program.

Products/Services Offered: Software, applications, security, and web development related products

Commission Rate: 10 percent for each sale

A perfect affiliate program for web developers and bloggers working in related nichesSince the brand is well-known, it can be quite competitive
The product is saleableThe commission rate changes based on the product
Generous commission rate
Website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-my/microsoft-365/business/microsoft-365-affiliate-program

10. Photobook Malaysia Affiliate Program

Photo Books provides customized printing for personal and business orders. Source: Photobook Malaysia

Established in 2005, Photobook Malaysia has expanded to more than 150 countries worldwide. The brand caters to people who want to customize their photos and have them printed on canvas, mugs, calendars, and more.

As their brand name itself suggests, their hot sellers are photo books that come in a variety of designs and themes.

Products/Services Offered: Photobook, stationery and cards, gifts, calendars, DIY prints, custom apparel, and bags.

Commission Rate: Up to 15 percent commission on sales

Helpful affiliate manager to offer supportLimited to only one specific niche
Exclusive offers available upon request
High commission rate
Website: https://www.photobook.com.my/affiliate

11. UNIQLO Affiliate Program

Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion brand that emphasizes quality and suitability. Source: NST

This Japanese fashion brand is known for its affordable everyday styles and quality products. Uniqlo focuses on well-made basic ready-to-wear clothing and provides value in comparison to other fashion trends that keep changing.

The brand’s shoppers are known to come from various demographics, age range, and income levels.

Products/Services Offered: Ready-to-wear, accessories, and everything under the UNIQLO name

Commission Rate: 5 percent for every sale

A trusted brand for ready-to-wearNon-appealing commission rates
Affordable to many peopleSign-ups need to be through affiliate and program network
You can only promote within your region
Website: https://app.involve.asia/directory/uniqlo-my-affiliate-program

12. EasyStore Affiliate Program

The EasyStore affiliate program opens opportunities for tech publishers and advertisers the chance to generate income through their content. Source: eCommerceday2019

EasyStore allows you to design your online stores or help you to sell on online marketplaces in Malaysia like Shopee and Lazada. The brand has existing users from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Products/Services Offered: E-commerce online marketing related businesses that include app design, online store set-up, theme design, B2B wholesale portal, app integrations, and more.

Commission Rate: 20 percent for every sale made

Attractive commission ratesNiche-specific affiliate program limits opportunities
Provide support for your affiliate site
Affiliates can easily view the performance over the dashboard and connect to EasyStore’s representative for any assistance.
Website: https://www.easystore.co/en-my/partners

13. Bus Online Ticket Affiliate Program

Through the Bus Online Ticket affiliate, you can share the revenue for each bus ticket made. Source: Twitter

Bus Online Ticket is an online booking platform for bus tickets for bus operators in Malaysia and Singapore. We especially love how user-friendly and secure the interface is.

The company motto is to make traveling more convenient for customers by providing access to bus operators in Malaysia and Singapore which cover a total of over 3000 routes!

Products/Services Offered: Bus, train, tickets, and bus charter

Commission Rate: 2.10 percent commission on all bus ticket bookings

Extended integration options like XML and APITargeted niche on only transportation booking
Commissions are paid monthly via Paypal and bank transferThe commission rate is relatively low
Free to join
Website: https://www.busonlineticket.com/busonlineticket-affiliates-program

6 Essential Points To Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Program

Whether you use affiliate marketing in Malaysia as a side income or a primary source of income, it’s vital to find the ideal program to join.

Below are 6 essential factors you should be taking into consideration when finding the right Malaysia affiliate program.

#1. Relevancy to Your Niche

Looking for products and services that are relevant to your niche is crucial to success. You need to understand and familiarize yourself with the things you promote so your reader will be convinced and click the buy now button. [4]

For example, if your site is tech-related, you’d be best in promoting niche content and items like IT accessories, gadgets, and tools. 

#2. Commission Rate

Often marketers who join Malaysia affiliate programs are looking for affiliate programs that offer high percentage commission rates. So before you decide to join any affiliate programs, you need to check on their terms and regulations first.

For example, check how much commission they are willing to pay for each sale made and what is the tracking period or also known as the cookie period. [5]

#3. Products and Services Offered

The product and services offered have to be in-demand, or how else will you sell it?

If possible, find evergreen products so no matter what the current trends are, you’ll be able to sell the item.

#4. The Gravity of The Products

The higher the gravity, the more sellable the item is. So if you’re promoting something that has high gravity, you’ll be able to sell more, but at the same time, it could be challenging as you have to compete with other affiliates too. [6]

Other than that, you may also need to take into account branding vs marketing when aiming to announce to the public about your products’ identity.

#5. Vendor Support

Usually, quality vendors will provide helpful tools to assist their affiliates, such as product images, banners, conversion metrics, and demographics insights.

Assistance can be provided in many ways depending on the size of the vendor, and this can also be from email support and a live chat.

For example, affiliate Lazada Malaysia provides one of the best support and training for its affiliates.

#6. Program Competitors

Your site might be providing all the necessary info about tech, but your readers might not be buying from you as you only offer specific niche categories of items.

So if you’re successful in a particular affiliate program, research other brand’s competitors to see if they also offer affiliate programs where you can join so you can diversify.

To Summarize Briefly

Affiliate marketing in Malaysia could replace your full-time profession or as an additional income if you’re good at promoting products and services and capture the audience’s interest.

Ensuring your site is loaded with insightful content is one way to succeed in any affiliate program. To achieve effective results, it’s crucial to optimize your site for conversions.

Through proper SEO strategies, you’ll boost your affiliate marketing campaign and improve visibility and revenue.

The good thing is that you can talk to us, One Search Pro for any of your SEO needs as we’re a digital marketing agency specializing in providing on-point and professional digital marketing services. 

Better yet: FREE consultation services are provided!

Contact us so we can fully understand your business needs, benchmarks, and competition to take further actions!

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