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10 Best Types of YouTube Content to Grow Subscribers & Income in 2024

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10 Best Types of YouTube Content to grow subscribers and income - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

It’s possible to build an income from creating content on YouTube, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

There are thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube every day from across the world.

The competition is intense, and making money by creating YouTube videos poses a challenge these days.

Not only that you need good video editing software and a reliable computer, but you also need to know what type of niches you’re going after so you can reach your targeted audience.

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There are various types of YouTube videos that promote or share the same niche, and some will be better than others.

According to a top influencer marketing agency called Mediakix, there are three top video types: product review videos, how-to-videos, and vlogs. 

  • Product Review Videos – Product review videos are videos of YouTubers sharing their feedback and opinions on a specific product. This type of video receives the most views as it helps other viewers or users get a better understanding of the product before purchasing. 
  • How-To-Videos: Some might refer to these types of videos as tutorial or training videos, but however you choose to call them, how-to-videos provides good instructions and answers and shares them with viewers who have little experience with the topic or product. Do not underestimate this type of video as Think With Google estimates that people are more likely to watch a tutorial video than read a product manual. 
  • Vlogs: A vlog is created to share opinions, thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the viewers. Vlogs are popular too, and you can easily find them on just about any YouTube channel, be it travel, IT, food, and lifestyle. Usually, most vloggers will also share their updates on other platforms like blogs, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Making money on YouTube is no longer exclusive to celebrities and mega influencers. A strategic approach and the right content will help you grow both your subscribers and income. Determining what type of content you want to produce allows you plenty of opportunities. 

How to Make Money on YouTube – 8 Steps to Create Income with Youtube

1. Set Up An Adsense Account.

You must link your YouTube to your AdSense account to monetize your channel. And your AdSense account needs to be approved to make money and also to get paid. 

When linking your new AdSense account to your YouTube channel, do not create a new AdSense account via Adsense.com as your account will be rejected, and monetization will be disabled for your YouTube channel. Instead, create an AdSense account via YouTube Studio. 

Go to YouTube’s official guide to create your AdSense account. 

YouTube Sign In | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
There are various ways to generate income from YouTube, but AdSense is the easiest and simplest way. Source: Strangershow

2. Become a YouTube Partner.

For many YouTubers, ads are their bread and butter.

As a YouTuber Partner, you generate income in various ways. You can generate revenue from channel memberships, Google AdSense banner ads, and ads before your videos. 

However, there are some essential rules that you have to understand before becoming a certified YouTube Partner, as well as some other necessities required to start.

YouTube Partnership | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Create a compelling video to qualify as a YouTube partner. Source: Youtube

Aside from sticking to YouTube’s ad rules, you must have a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channel for the last 12 months with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

There is no strict format or timeline to get the 4,000 hours. You can either get the 100 hours from 40 videos or any combo to reach the 4,000 total. 

When you’ve successfully reached the 4,000-hour debut and place yourself as a YouTube Partner, you can begin earning from ads. 

Even with YouTube Premium that allows viewers to remove ads, YouTube will back creators by paying based on the total watch time percentage. 

3. Sell Products Or Merchandise

If you already have products to promote, like beauty products, ebooks, or cookware, to name a few, then sell them on your channel. Selling your merchandise is one good way to make money on YouTube. Your merchandise should be unique so that people can only get it only from you. 

Promoting Product on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Promote your product on YouTube to make money. Source: Tube Filter

Jeffree Star rose to fame when he started making videos on YouTube, and then he launched his cosmetic line and made more money from it. He also expanded his brand by creating a website for his online store.

Launching Products on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Jeffree Star became popular after launching her makeup brand on YouTube. Source: Jeffree Star Youtube

4. Optimize Your Page For Conversions.

When you’ve evaluated how your channel is doing, it’s time to optimize your You Tube videos marketing.

Below are some ways to optimize your channel for conversions.

  • Create a “next click” strategy – For each content you’ve shared, apply a suggestive “next click” strategy system. It’s a system of asking the viewers to watch another video in your playlist to drive the viewers to your landing page or have them sign up to your mailing address. For example, at the end of your video, you include a call-to-action button so the viewers can do what you’re asking them to do.
  • Have a noticeable thumbnail – Thumbnails allow your viewers to tell what type of video you’re sharing. It can also help identify your profile identity. Fun and vibrant thumbnails appear more distinguishable, and people will likely click your video from all other videos on YouTube. 
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe to your You Tube video channel – YouTube often rewards channels with lots of subscribers. That means the more subscribers you have, the more authoritative you appear in your niche. For example, the Netflix channel does a great job inviting viewers to subscribe to their channel after each video. 
  • Your video titles should not be more than 180 characters – Lengthy titles don’t appear accurately on mobile devices, which accounts for more than half of YouTube’s traffic. 
Optimizing YouTube Channel | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
You need to fully optimize your channels to bring more views and subscribers to your YouTube videos. Source: Social Media Examiner

5. Choose Your Monetization Preferences.

For each monetization, channels come with various eligibility obligations. For example:

  • Ad revenue – you must be at least 18 years old to start earning ad revenue. And your content must be advertiser-friendly material. Essentially your video must be a type of video that can be watched by anyone and is non-controversial. YouTube advertisers should feel at ease running their ads, and you’ll potentially make more money. 
  • YouTube Premium revenue – If a YouTube Premium member watches your content, you’ll receive a share of their subscription fee. 
  • Channel membership –To sell channel memberships to fellow subscribers, you need to be 18 years and above and own over 30 000 subscribers. 
  • Merchandise shelf – To sell merchandise from YouTube’s merchandise shelf, you have to be at least 18 years old and possess at least 10,000 subscribers. 
  • Super Chat Payments– You can have your viewers’ messages highlighted during the live streams by asking them to pay you. This method depends on your region, and you also have to be at least 18 years old to make the Super Chat Payments. 
YouTube Monetization Preference | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Choose your monetization preference so you can increase your views and subscriber and start to earn money from it. Source: Why Surf Swim

6. Create Sponsored Content.

This type of content is more useful and engaging when you sponsor a celebrity, company, or influencer already familiar with your niche.

YouTube sponsored videos help integrate your brand, service, and product into an influencer’s video while producing social recommendations.

Most influencers have specific niches that they like to share with their viewers, so whatever you require the influencers to promote needs to be aligned with their audience. 

For example, if you’re promoting tech merchandise, you must connect with relevant influencers that discuss and share the same niche. Reaching out for YouTube influencers marketing on travel niches will not help you achieve your goal in this example.

Sponsored content should also be educational and not salesy.

When the viewers watch your video, they should feel like they learned something new and exciting or solved their problem.

By doing this, your brand will appear more authoritative, memorable, and trustworthy.

When a brand sponsors content from a trusted creator, they achieve a 50 percent higher brand recognition than a brand that produces their own content. 

Content With Influencers Marketing | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Content with influencers marketing is more engaging Source: Kindlebit

7. License Your Content To The Media

When you create a video that goes viral, every news portal and media platform wants to be the first to share it with their audience.

And they can’t use your video without your consent.

To use your video, you can ask them to pay you to use the video and share it with their audiences publicly. Licensing your content to the media is not a hard thing to do. 

All you have to do is keep your details updated on the ‘About you’ page.

You never know when the opportunity comes knocking, and when it knocks, you want to point them to the right door!

If you don’t have a business manager to help you run things, you can always set up a generic email account where people can easily reach you.

YouTube Standard License and Creative Commons License | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Licensing your YouTube’s content to the media is very easy to do. Source: Filmora

8. Work With Brands As An Influencer/Affiliate

Promoting affiliate links can be a substantial earning opportunity if you have a channel that provides in-depth and insightful how-to or tutorial videos.

For example, if a viewer watches a video of you recommending a specific product and they decide to purchase the product using your link, you’ll earn a commission. You can place your affiliate link in your description and explain the link in your video. 

To form trust with your viewers, you can help them solve their problems by providing a tutorial and offering them a solution you have accomplished yourself.

Another example, if your niche is makeup and beauty, try to create a solution for viewers who have a problem drawing a perfect eyebrow or choosing the right foundation color. 

Collaboration with Influencers on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Collaboration with influencers or celebrities can help boost your views and subscribers. Source: Business 2 Community

10 Best Types Of Youtube Content To Grow Subscribers And Income

1. Product Reviews

Product review seems to be the most popular type of content and attracts many new subscribers.

People might not know or even heard about you, but when they search for a specific product, and you happen to review it, they’ll notice you. Especially when you deliver the right message and provide sufficient information that they’re looking for. They might even subscribe to your channel to get more information about other products. 

When reviewing a product, make sure to explain thoroughly and do the proper research beforehand.

Review a product that is still new in the market or a product that not many people have heard of. Making review videos not only earn you new subscribers but also boost your affiliate sale. Just add your affiliate link at the end of your video. 

ItsYeBoi has more than 2.81 million subscribers. His playlist consists of buying every Apple product on Amazon, buying everything on the Tesla website, and others. He recently launched a brand new Tesla Channel. He mentioned Tesla and Elon Musk in his video to encourage his subscribers and new subscribers to check out his new Tesla products.  

These cool gadgets and tech that people are reviewing require minimal effort and time.

Product Reviews on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Product review is one of the most viewed content on YouTube. Source: Youtube

2. Product Launch Videos

Product launch videos are another effective way for YouTubers to create awareness, gain support for their newly-launched products and gain new subscribers. 

Famous YouTuber, Peter McKinnon who has more than 5.29 million subscribers, teaches his subscribers and viewers everything you need to know about photography and cinematography. During his new Lightroom preset pack launch, he gained over 300,000 views. He added a link to his online store called Sellfy store so his subscribers and audiences can easily purchase the item there, and he received many sales from the launch. 

Apple and Samsung did their product launch on YouTube, too; for example, Apple’s new Airpods Max product launch videos were uploaded two months ago and received more than 5.5 million viewers, subsequently increasing sales. 

Launching Product on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Launch your product on YouTube to introduce your product to your viewers. Source: Mac Observer

Watch the video here Introducing AirPods Max — Apple 

3. Funny Animals Videos

Who doesn’t love cute puppies and kitties?

When doing funny things like wiggling its tail, asking for food, or cuddling with each other while sleeping,  these animal videos can quickly get an aww and ohhh from viewers.

You don’t need to be an animal lover to watch these kinds of videos as they can bring joy and laughter to everyone. 

Animals on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
People love cute animals and babies videos. Source: Youtube

There are also animal documentaries that create awareness and teach valuable lessons to their viewers. Channels like National Geographic often feature videos from David Attenborough – the natural historian and world traveler. 

For example, Simon’s Cat channel features a series of funny and playful stories of a fat white feline and his owner named Simon. They share stories that every cat owner and pet enthusiast can relate to. 

Simon's Cat YouTube Channel | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Simon’s Cat YouTube channel is super entertaining and hilarious. Source: Youtube

Another popular channel that shares funny animal videos like kittens, pups, and babies is Funnyplox

4. Video Game Walkthroughs

PewPieDie, also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the world’s most popular YouTubers with more than 100 million subscribers.

He took the recent rising of video game commentaries and turned it into entertainment.

He wasn’t the first person to make a video game commentary on YouTube. Still, what differentiates him from other YouTubers was his funny expression that began to draw attention and compelled many people to watch his video. His channel is updated continuously, and the videos are relatively short. 

PewDiePie on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
PewDiePie is a top 10 famous YouTubers. Source: Tube Filter

Video game walkthroughs specifically target the younger generation.

And these types of audiences are the first generations who embraced YouTube, so there is no surprise that channels related to video games are abundant on YouTube.

The game Minecraft has more than 1,000 channels that are devoted to the game. One of the most viewed Minecraft-related content is from the YouTuber known as DanTDM

Viewers and gamers love the engagement and interaction between gaming video walkthroughs, especially with live play sessions. 

DanTdm on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
DanTDM is a Minecraft game enthusiast and a YouTuber. Source: Youtube. 

5. How-To Guides and Tutorials   

Research shows that many people prefer to consult a video when looking for an answer or a solution.

We can learn via three different mediums; by seeing, hearing, and by action.

We use these combinations to learn about a new thing, and some find video tutorials and guides more helpful.

Educational and learning content receives over a billion views a day on YouTube. 

The Howcast Channel on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The Howcast channel has tons of educational videos. Source: Meme Center. 

Though it might be hard to educate kinesthetically via a video, it’s the ideal method for people who prefer both auditory and visual learning experiences.

A well-structured, detail-oriented, and concise video that manages to deliver a clear message can be handy to the kinesthetically minded. 

The best thing about this type of video is that they are evergreen. The only reason it is no longer timeless is if the activity itself switches or goes outdated. 

The ExpertVillage Group’s channel shares clear quality videos, so you don’t miss any critical information. You can learn about naturopathic medicine, guitar tips maintenance, and more. 

While the HowCast brings you reliable information on various niches like hairstyles, parkour, makeup tutorials, and more. 

The ExpertVillage YouTube Channel | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The ExpertVillage channel is where you can learn everything from cooking to playing guitar. Source: Youtube

6. Celebrity Gossip Videos

Celebrity gossip videos are all over YouTube, and collectively the niche receives billions of page views per month and makes tons of money in the process.

Human beings love to gossip and listen to hot news because we want to stay updated.

Some of the top best-known celebrity gossip channels on YouTube are TMZ.

The channel shares every dose of celebrity news out there. It’s impossible to miss an ounce of infotainment when you watch TMZ’s channel. 

TMZ Live on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
TMZ is the most popular celebrity gossip channel on YouTube. Source: Youtube

But before you jump the gun and create your celebrity gossip channel, you want to make sure that you understand how to use a suitable medium and purpose.

You can either make a celebrity gossip video that covers all celebrities or an individual celebrity. 

For example, the Scarce channel is created by an American YouTuber who reports about YouTube drama and news. 

Scarce YouTube Channel | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Learn the drama of YouTubers from the Scarce channel. Source: The Verge

7. Vlogs   

What is a vlog, and how is it different from other videos on YouTube?

The vlog stands for video blog, and it’s the content you share in a video form instead of writing it in a blog.

You share information, educate and communicate with your audiences via a video.

Vlogs will sometimes use unscripted dialogue that looks like a live video. They focus on a specific niche and are often equivalent to reality television. 

You get to see the vlogger’s routine and daily activities. If the vloggers are traveling, they’ll share a video of them walking around the place while talking to the camera. It’s fun and engaging to watch as viewers often like to know what the vloggers are seeing, doing while they are vlogging. 

Juwei Teoh on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Juwei Teoh shared pre-loved clothes and OOTD on her YouTube channel. Source: Youtube. 

Some popular vloggers on YouTube are Daniel Howell, who shares his thoughts, activity, and life story on his channel.

He has more than 5.5 million subscribers. Some vloggers share their family life, talking about their kids and livelihood like Rwoman Atwood

Malaysian vloggers like Jane Chuck share their life updates, Q&A, and talk about her business with her subscribers and viewers. Kitty Yiyi shared what she was up to doing the MCO so her viewers can get some ideas of what to do at home.  

Kitty YiYi on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Watch Kitty YiYi update her life journal on her YouTube channel. Source: Youtube. 

8. Comedy / Sketch Videos

Comedy is not limited to stand-up comedians or funny movies. Many YouTubers make sketch videos to entertain their viewers.

And some of the videos were shared on social media and went viral. Some of the comedy and sketch channels generate significant traffic in comparison to other television shows. 

Lilly Singh is a Canadian-based YouTuber, talk show host, and comedian who formerly used the pseudonym Superwoman. She has 14.9 million subscribers from all around the world. 

Lilly Singh on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Lilly Singh turned actress and stage comedian after she became popular on YouTube. Source: Dexerto

CollegeHumor shares funny videos and is one of the most popular comedy channels on YouTube with 14 million subscribers. You can enjoy CH’s award-winning sketches, music videos, and more on their channel. 

Youtube influencer Malaysia like So I’m Jenn also provides funny and engaging content for her subscribers. 

If you think you have what it takes to make people laugh, then this is your call!

SoImJenn on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
SoImJenn, is one of Malaysia’s popular influencers and YouTubers. Source: Youtube

9. Unboxing Videos   

Unboxing newly bought stuff can be an exciting moment, especially for women.

Many people enjoy watching unboxing videos of other people’s shopping sprees as they imagine they’ll be buying the same thing soon.

YouTube viewers are obsessed with people unboxing their newly purchased PS5, and it is one of the reasons why PS5 is sold out in Malaysia even before it landed in our mother-land. 

Unboxing videos are usually known as haul videos and focus on buying a particular product and unboxing it in a video with a commentary. It is generally prevalent in tech, fashion, and lifestyle channels. 

These videos provide a clear opportunity for brands to engage in influencer marketing.

As long as the products being promoted and purchased align with the types of products that the channel subscribers and viewers love and long for.

The Unbox Therapy showcases the most incredible products like the latest smartphones and techs in the market. 

The Unbox Therapy YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The Unbox Therapy is popular for his unboxing videos. Source: Youtube. 

10. Pranks

The YouTube generation must have heard about and watched Johnny Knoxville – the pioneer of prank videos. His videos are shared throughout social media.  

There are several elements that many YouTubers fail to understand before starting their prank channels, like the lack of suitable equipment to capture the critical shots and not planning the pranks. You also need to understand the prank video’s goal is to make the viewers laugh, not insult them. 

YouTuber pranksters will share their videos and promote their brands or affiliate products.

Jesse’s YouTube channel PrankvsPrank shares his funny pranks, stunts, travel, and music videos. He has been making prank videos since 2009.

Pranks Videos on YouTube | YouTube Content | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Pranks videos have been popular on YouTube since the beginning of YouTube. Source: Youtube

Remi Gaillard is a French prankster and stuntman. He’s been making funny and dangerous videos since 2007 and has more than 7.12 million subscribers. 


Making money on YouTube is doable, and it can be a source of income if you know what you’re doing.

Identifying your online personality and applying it to your YouTube channel can help you determine what type of content you want to produce. 

As easy as it sounds, producing YouTube videos always requires you to think outside of the box.

You need to be creative and unique so that you’ll be noticeable.

The more people notice you, the more subscribers you have, and the more chances to grow your income.

You can always ask for feedback or comment from your viewers on how to improve your YouTube content, and don’t forget to respond to it. 

Learn more about increasing your subscribers on YouTube and creating better interaction with your target audience across social media channels by visiting us at One Search Pro.            

Find out the latest digital marketing trends in our blogs now!

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