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Malaysia Top Facebook Live Selling Accounts and Pages 2024

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Malaysia Top Facebook Live Stream Commerce Selling Accounts and Pages 2021 - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

With more than 2.20 billion monthly active Facebook users, the platform has the most extensive reach of all social media platforms.

Over the years, Facebook has launched numerous valuable tools and Facebook new features to help businesses connect with their audience – one of the features is Facebook Live stream. 

When Facebook launched its Facebook Live feature, the opportunity to engage with leads and customers suddenly blossomed exponentially in Malaysia.

Live streaming commerce attracts an audience – it’s interactive and happens in real-time.

Businesses of all niches and sizes, influencers, and marketers are jumping on the bandwagon on social media, especially Facebook Live, to promote their brands and businesses. 

One of the fastest-growing areas of video marketing is to do a live video. Live video or live streaming requires broadcasting real-time footage on various topics, including product awareness and announcing promotions.

Facebook Live is becoming extremely popular lately as it is one of the most natural ways to reach and connect with audiences and potential customers. 

So, what does it mean to go live stream on Facebook?

Technically it means you’re broadcasting to your followers and viewers and interact with them in real-time as they write their questions, comments and share with you their reactions. It’s a daring approach to get more exposure. 

Here are some of the benefits of live broadcasting that you might want to know:

Benefit #1

Facebook Live is Cost Effective

Looking for ways to make sure you’re producing quality content while staying on budget is the goal for most businesses. If your company wants to create quick, budget-friendly announcements, Live stream Facebook is an excellent cost-effective option. You will not need fancy filming equipment and unnecessary crews when using Facebook Live to sell and promote your products. You can use handheld devices and a minimum of one person to help you shoot. And there are no retakes, so you don’t need to spend additional time editing the video.

Benefit #2

Facebook Live Videos Encourage Traffic 

A massive benefit of Facebook Live videos is it helps traffic to your business page. As live videos encourage engagement and allow you to promote your product and services, users who like your content will likely come back. 

Benefit #3

Changing Landscape For Ecommerce

You now have complete access to the world’s largest online audiences through a platform they already use every day. During the MCO in Malaysia, more companies and businesses had to close their physical stores and opt for online selling by using Facebook live streaming or live commerce. This gave these businesses opportunities to strive during the more challenging time as many people began to shop online. 

Benefit #4

You Can Express Your Business’s Personality

Communicating and interacting with your audience live on the camera allows you the opportunity to share your brand’s identity, which gives you a benefit over your competitors. How you present yourself in front of the camera represents a human element, so your audience can connect you on a more personal level. 

In this article, we’ll share with you Malaysia’s top Facebook accounts and pages that are nailing it on Facebook Live, and we hope you can too!

Malaysia Top Facebook Live Selling Accounts and Pages 2021

In & In Auto Recond Cars

The In & In Auto Recond Cars is a Malaysia-based automobile company and wholesaler that sells used and reconditioned cars like Vellfire, Estima, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche.

The company’s physical store is located in Petaling Jaya. In & In Auto, Recond Cars aims to simplify the process of finding the right used cars for you by providing expert guides and information on what’s latest in the world of used cars.

Thanks to its owner and team of experts, you know more about cars in a hilarious way. 

Facebook Live Streaming for Product Awareness | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
One way to promote your automotive business is by constantly doing a Facebook Live stream to get more traffic and create brand and product awareness. Source In & In Auto Recond Cars. 

With In & In Auto Recond Cars, you can search for your car by requirements, whether you want a vehicle that’s big on fuel efficiency or spacious enough for a large family (and the puppies) or if you’re looking to hit the road in style. The company will show you the best cars. 

In & In Auto Recond Cars uses Facebook Live video to showcase new arrivals at its dealership in real-time, building anticipation and excitement amongst its followers.

On one of its live streaming, you can see that Geng Chow Gor was explaining the Range Rover and Porsche car’s features and specifications.

What was unique about it was, he dressed like a lady in a red spaghetti strap dress and put on red lipstick and explained everything funnily and amusingly.

The live video received more than 2.7 k views with more than 2.5 k comments. He shared the key features and specifications of both models through Facebook Live and aimed to attract car enthusiasts who plan to buy a new ride. 

Funny Facebook Live Stream | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
In & In Auto Recond Cars’s live streaming was funny as the owner can be seen wearing a dress and explaining about a car in woman’s tone. Source In & In Auto Recond Cars Facebook

Tons of car-lovers are viewing recorded car test drives every day, including thousands of car dealers in Malaysia. Suppose your dealership provides them with a live test drive video or thorough explanation on specifications and features like In & In Auto Recond Cars did.

You can expect more traffic and customers and showroom visits. 

You can also see that In & In Auto, Recond Cars have 327,591 users who follow their Facebook page.

We know that their followers are waiting in anticipation of their following videos each time they livestream commerce. 

虾王 Umance

Selling fresh seafood on Facebook Live is not a thing in Malaysia as it goes way back in 2019 before the pandemic.

This live commerce streaming inspiration came from a trend in Taiwan where fresh seafood is auctioned live instead of on the fish markets. There are also similar things going on in Singapore and Australia where customers can pre-book the fresh seafood on Facebook Live streaming and have it delivered at home or picked up from the market. 

Fish Selling on Facebook Live | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
Take your fish-selling game to another level by doing it live on Facebook. Source Umance. 

Since Malaysian people love the convenience of shopping from home, many fishmongers get creative and start to do live streaming to promote their seafood. And one of them is Umance.

Umance is a Malaysian-based company that is known for selling fresh seafood online and delivering it throughout Malaysia. You can get fresh seafood like Norwegian salmon, Canadian Scallops, frozen squid and prawns, Smoke Duck, Dory Fish Fillet, Unagi Slice, Sotong Tube, and more. 

The Umance does Facebook Live with their followers to promote fresh seafood daily while suggesting how the seafood can be prepared and cooked. Umance has started Facebook Live for a while now, and it has reached up to 41 000 views in one stream. The Umance also share attractive giveaways for their live streaming viewers like a massage chair, iPhone, and even a brand new Proton X50! 

Using Facebook Live to Promote Physical Products | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
The Umance are promoting fresh seafood on Facebook Live. Source Umance Facebook

Umance has also been involved in an online scam investigation where they advertised a suspicious promotion to their followers. The initial promotion was advertised on a now-removed Facebook live stream video in which Umance claimed that two lucky winners from the holiday package buyers would stand a chance to win a Proton X50 SUV.

The deal was a hit, and it sold over 8000-holiday packages in 2 hours and came down to RM3.5 million. Despite being accused of scamming their followers back in 2020 following the Laguna travel package, he had made a Facebook Live clarifying the incident and assured his followers that the deal was legit.

QR Fashion 直播

QR Fashion is a Malaysian-based e-tailer widely known on Facebook. With more than 235 386 followers and 137,660 page likes, QR Fashion also leverages Facetime Live to host lucky draws. Known for auctioning luxurious watches like X-Gear, Balmer, Dunson, Ketiny, Buzz, Jeep Jeep, Biden, QR Fashion utilizes Facebook Live as its best. 

QR Fashion on Facebook Live Stream | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
QR Fashion has more than 235,386 followers on Facebook and constantly live streams to update new products to their customers. Source. QR Fashion. 
Facebook Live on Product Introduction | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
QR Fashion educates their viewers about their products through Facebook Live. Source QR Fashion Facebook Live video. 

QR Fashion makes video streaming at least once a day to give their customers some insight on the product they are selling like Digital Smart Watches, Couple & Set Watches, Sports, Luxury and Watch Accessories.

Each day, QR Fashion will do one video streaming, and their followers seem to enjoy their videos. They successfully manage to sell the products that catch their viewers’ attention. Some of QR Fashion’s live stream videos received over 606,80 views since it was first streamed.

There are a few factors on why QR Fashion Facebook live stream manages to excite its followers. The videos are fun to watch as they keep the viewers engaged – with the detailed explanation and benefits about the product.

There are a lot of activities going on in the live streaming – but most importantly is that they stayed on top-of-mind of their followers.

That’s a big part of social media marketing because there are too many competitors selling similar products at the same time. On top of that, they showed their faces – which made it more personal. 


超嗨零售直播台 is an online retailer selling a variety of products ranging from warehouse sales for food and beverages, personal care, electrical products, clothing, and fashion with 93,151 page likes and 128,369 Facebook page followers. 

超嗨零售直播台’s Facebook video strategy involves engaging with their followers and for the followers to engage with them. They live streaming videos are not just there to promote their products but also to let people know why they should buy them and how they can be used daily. 

Promoting Products Via Facebook Live | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
超嗨零售直播台 is actively promoting their products through Facebook Live. Source 超嗨零售直播台

The hosts give different tips and tricks each time, too, making you want to watch their next video to see what else they’ve got to offer. They also ask people what they should do in the following stream, which is great for customer engagement.

Besides asking for feedback, they also hosted lucky draw sessions and promised attractive prizes for their viewers. The most viewed Facebook Live stream they’ve made managed to reach up to 30,000 views, 2800 shares, and 26000 comments!

Interactive Live Stream on Facebook | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
超嗨零售直播台 creates an interactive live stream video by showing their inventories and demonstrating how to cook the product to their viewers. Source 超嗨零售直播台

Jimat Gila   

Jimat Gila is a Malaysian online retailer with 142,606 page likes and 144,673 followers on Facebook. Targetting Malay consumers, and their primary purpose is to help their customers save money while spending by offering discounts every day. Jimat Gila Facebook Live strategy includes sharing videos to promote their products and share how to use them. 

Jimat Gila promotes items like vacuum cleaners, air-fryers, and smartwatches.

Often in their videos, they add the FOMO ( fear of missing out) elements by announcing that there are a limited number of stocks available to their viewers. Scarcity is a massive component of FOMO marketing because if something’s about to run out, there is a reason to buy it now.

Daily Discounts on Facebook Livestream Platform | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
Jimat Gila is targeting Malay audiences in Malaysia with their daily discounts. Source Jimat Gila

A lot of reports suggest that FOMO is most pervasive among millennials. More than 69 percent of generation Z experience the phenomenon, and based on a report made by Strategy Online, 60 percent of millennials make impulse purchases because of FOMO.

In other words, they’ll buy anything, so they will feel they are not missing out. Let’s face it; nobody likes being left behind.

Most of Jimat Gila’s live streaming videos are funny and entertaining so it attracts more viewers and ensures that viewers enjoy what they are sharing. It’s fun to watch a live streaming video where you can interact with your audiences because it makes them feel you’re a down to earth person, and many people like that.

Live Stream Marketing Strategy | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
One of Jimat Gila live stream marketing strategies is to add a FOMO element so their customer won’t be missing the deal offered. Source Jimat Gila


贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING SDN BHD connects with consumers in Malaysia through food and beverages, electrical products, and kitchen appliances stock clearances – with 105,892 people like its Facebook page and they have 142,824 followers. 

The company’s Facebook Live strategy is to connect with its target audience through live videos where you see them try a food or use home appliances.

To increase engagement and make the content enjoyable, the company creates memes. This is to encourage the viewers to share and comment on the live stream video. 贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING also regularly hosts a lucky draw session where they offer cars, motorcycles, VIVO smartphones, cash, and iPhone 12 to their lucky winners.

Lucky Draw on Live Stream | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING SDN BHD entice their followers and viewers with lucky draw sessions to encourage their viewers to keep on watching their live streaming videos. Source 贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING SDN BHD

贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING SDN BHD once did a live stream and received over 12,500 views and more than 262 shares. 

Everybody loves famous people and celebrities. So whatever the company is selling, getting a well-known figure to appear in the videos will help increase the number of views and brand visibility.

In one 贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING SDN BHD’s live streaming video, they collaborated with a Singaporean actor known as Yao Wenlong. 

12500 Views On Live Stream Video | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING SDN BHD had received more than 12500 views in one live stream videos. Source 贪吃王 TCK FOOD TRADING SDN BHD

The Phenomenon of Facebook Live Streaming in Malaysia

We know that Malaysians are interested in breaking news and knowing what’s happening worldwide in real-time. Live videos are often exciting and unpredictable. Many Malaysian sellers go on Facebook Live to promote and sell items, respond to Q&A, and receive instant orders as the platform reaches a wider audience. 

This is due to many factors, such as many shoppers in Malaysia prefer live interactions with the seller. They can see how genuine the seller is and how they describe the products before purchasing them. 

Online Shopping | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
During the pandemic Malaysian had to stay at home and opt for online shopping. Source IT Brief NZ

Through the live videos, streaming businesses will gain more traffic and leads that eventually converts to sales. Business owners will also receive instant comments and inquiries that could be quickly addressed.

What people truly want from social platforms aside from the promotional content is; a human connection because no one likes to interact with robots all the time and dynamism in the type of content you share with the audience to cut out the boredom and keep the excitement intact.  

Many sellers and business owners opt for the digital marketing trend to attract their savvy consumers. Businesses are taking advantage of how Malaysians are so hooked up with social media that they need to use these shifts toward live shopping and social retail.

This step has undoubtedly become an integral element of our society, and advertising best practices are known to follow customer behavior. 

Facebook Life Sharing Session | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
Brands like Benefit makeup educate its customers via Facebook Live, which resulted in increased sales despite the pandemic. Source Oberlo

Nowadays, people tend to use their mobile phones for everything – checking email, making calls, messaging, and browsing on social media rather than doing it on the desktop. So they can browse and do online shopping anywhere and anytime they like. 

For example, during the Malaysia Control Movement in 2020, most Malaysians had to stay at home, and the number of online shopping rose.

Kitchen appliances have quadrupled their sales during the lockdown. The Digital Bazaars were substituted from Ramadan bazaars, which affected thousands of micro-merchants who depend on these bazaars to make a living.

Thus, many businesses turn to live streaming to promote their businesses. 

Malaysian business owners understand that streaming live videos on Facebook is one of the most efficient and pocket-friendly marketing strategies for any business type.

If you regularly stream with fresh content, more users will keep coming back to see your videos, and you’ll potentially build a loyal follower-base for your business while providing quality data and insights. Just like the businesses and companies we’ve mentioned above. 

Online Ramadhan Facebook Stream | Facebook Live Stream | Onse Search Pro Digital Marketing
The yearly Bazaar Ramadhan was canceled due to MCO 2020 but vendors switched to Facebook Live and digital platforms to sell their products. Source Vulcan Post

Are You Ready To Go Forward To Live Stream Commerce?

There you have it, everything you need to know about Facebook Live, and how you can apply it to your business.

As a business owner, you need to take advantage of the Facebook Live feature while still having the novelty influence going for it. Businesses that are quick to pivot and adapt to new features will likely be those who succeed in performance marketing and help form this new trend. 

If you want to create brand awareness, you seriously need to consider Facebook Live.

Launching a new product, product tutorial, hosting a contest, a live event and so much more is possible with Facebook Live stream to boost your business traffic.

Good marketing happens when you produce meaningful and quality content for your audience. Remember that a live streaming video stays on Facebook long after you finish streaming, so you need to create an enjoyable, interactive, and memorable experience that makes people want to watch over and over again. 

Not sure how?

We at One Search Pro can help take your business to the next level with Facebook Live streaming by guiding you to the proper methods and understanding the critical elements of business live streaming. Contact us now!

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