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A Look At Facebook Live Streaming Surges in Malaysia During MCO in 2024

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The movement control order (MCO) in Malaysia means that people are not going shopping or dining out at restaurants. This is a stark contrast to the mall culture we had just a year ago.

Because of COVID-19, businesses have to be more creative in attracting customers, and they’re turning to Facebook Live. For some sellers, timed auctions seem to be a popular option to sell not just high-end items, but everyday items like apparels and foodstuff as well. 

The pandemic of 2020 has forced several businesses to rethink their marketing strategies on their E-commerce trends and there are various opportunities to adapt and explore new markets. 

Social media usage in Malaysia has increased due to the fear of being in public areas, and the rules prohibiting too many people in one location. And instead of buying things offline, there is a shift in buyer’s behaviour since now they prefer making purchases through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Foodpanda, Shopee, etc.    

So how do you jump on the bandwagon and take your slice of the proverbial digital pie? With 20 million Facebook users in Malaysia alone, there’s bound to be a hungry market for your products and services. In the next section, we’ll tell you about Facebook Live stream and the benefits of Facebook marketing Malaysia. 

What Is Facebook Live Stream And How Can You Use It For Your Business? 

The scale of the coronavirus has a deep impact on our lives and the way we work.

For local businesses or small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia, the need to reevaluate business strategies to keep up with the current times is all the more crucial. Restrictions of large gatherings and face-to-face meetings, have led to the passing of laws or rules that encourage the implementation of work from home protocols. 

As a result, video-based content, in the form of remote learning, videoconferencing and live streaming has grown in popularity and usefulness in the past year alone. Usage of live streaming platforms has increased by 47%, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

But even with the need to transition to web-based content, not all companies or professionals are ready to take on the challenge.

Lack of technical expertise and knowledge might prevent a business from successfully creating the right content for their audiences.

So what are your options for Facebook advertising Malaysia

Facebook Live stream, which is easy to manage and coordinate, is a great way for bricks and mortar companies to engage and reach customers.

It allows businesses to stay connected to their target audiences in a pandemic, where face-to-face interactions are not ideal. Below are several more benefits to use Facebook Live stream for your business:

Facebook Has More Than 1.6 Billion Active Users | Facebook Live Streaming | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Facebook has more than 1.6 billion active users worldwide.

1. Cultivate Trust with Audiences

According to a global survey by PwC, 35% of consumers say that trust in a brand is a major factor in their buying decision. Conducting live streaming events via Facebook allows a business to build trust and confidence. By stripping away the superficial, edited videos and showing an honest to goodness portrayal of your on-screen talent, you’ll connect with audiences authentically and genuinely. 

Audiences love someone they can relate to, and hosting live streaming events is the best way to socialise with them. Moreover, you’ll be able to respond to questions quickly, enticing users to come back for future events. 

2. Real Engagement with Audience

Engagement with Audience | Facebook Live Streaming | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Wang Lei interacts with his followers on Facebook Live to attract viewers.

Live streaming videos are inherently unique, as it can have spontaneous moments in each event. The ability to instantly share opinions, allows real engagement and interaction that might not be possible if you weren’t doing it live. 

Statistics say that Facebook Live Stream encourages up to 10 times more comments than non-live videos. When you address audiences and their live comments, more people will join the conversation and voice out their thoughts as well. 

But don’t just stop there. Live events are more than just a Q&A session. You can hold demonstrations of how to use your product and services best. For example, use cooking shows or various tutorials to show people how your product works, and that you’re the expert in your niche.

3. Turn Your Employees into Influencers

Turning Employees into Influencers | Facebook Live Streaming | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The GCS Staff started the #hellocannot hashtag and it became their tagline during the MCO. Source: GSC Malaysia

People don’t just become stars in movies or the music industry. Influencer marketing can turn average Joes or Janes into popular influencers with a large online following. Once they show their expertise and project the right message, you will find that they can become powerful brand ambassadors for your business. 

Useful content with great storytelling will have the best results and raise brand awareness. By making regular appearances, and producing shareable, interesting content, your employees are on their way to becoming well-known on-screen personalities. 

4. Easy to Start and Setup    

The good thing about live videos is that it’s made for engagement. As long as you practice speaking live and get the basics right, you will find that live videos are easy to produce when compared to edited videos – which requires time and patience. 

To create a polished live streaming video, keep the setup simple. All you need is a laptop, a webcam, and a quality microphone. And that’s about all the basic techniques that you need to connect with people in any part of the world. Getting comfortable doing live streaming videos takes a bit of practice. But once you nail it down, you’ll find the process fun and rewarding, and a useful tool to grow your audience. 

5. Multiple Opportunities To Monetise Content

Similar to YouTube product reviews, live streaming videos can give you multiple options to monetise your content. It could be a preview, or sneak peek into an exclusive paid live webinar – with exclusive never seen before content. If you’re into product reviews, paid sponsorship is an option, especially for beauty influencers. 

You can also build a membership site revolving around your content, where you discuss niche topics of interest. At the end of your videos, have a call-to-action for viewers to visit your website. You’ll have more website visitors and at the same time have more options to nurture that traffic. 

Case Study – How A Getai Singer Turned Things Around

Wang Lei on Facebook Live Stream Selling Seafood | Facebook Live Streaming | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Wang Lei sells seafood using FB live stream during the pandemic: Source: Mothership Singapore

Getai host, Wang Lei is a principal example of how someone who was jobless for 75 days, managed to adapt and thrive thanks to Facebook Live Stream. 

Public performances are a no-go obviously during the pandemic. And people like Wang Lei are severely affected by the situation. 

But through sheer determination and a bit of luck, he managed to get his viewers up to 30,000 after several weeks, and setting an all-time high record of 62,000 viewers. 

What’s surprising is that he even had to curse to his viewers after a string of silly questions, but sales still came pouring in. 


As you can see from the above article, Facebook Live stream will continue to grow as an essential strategy for businesses to promote their products and connect with customers. 

And if you’re a small SME in Malaysia that is not utilising Facebook marketing, it’s advisable that you start doing it to stay competitive. You not only get targeted views with your content, but high engagement as well. 

However, setting up Facebook Live stream poses its own challenges. You need to understand the equipment and how it integrates with the software that you’re using. Everything needs to be properly configured so you’ll have the best chance of winning over your audience. 

If Facebook Live streaming is something you’re interested in, contact us to learn more on how to start your Facebook Live stream effectively. Our data team in One Search Pro Marketing are experts in collecting and analysing data. And this information is used to put together special reports like the one you’ve read above.

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