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10 Online Christmas Marketing Ideas That Will Impress Even Santa

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Data has shown that in the final 3 months leading up to the end of  2020, e-commerce has really taken off.

With online events like the 11.11 sale, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Malaysians are spending online like never before. 

This trend doesn’t stop, as e-commerce stores are also organizing 12.12 sales and Christmas promotions to end the year with a bang. If you’re a business owner, you don’t want to miss out on the buzz.

Take some time to adopt some effective online marketing strategies to make the Christmas season really shine for you.

Consumers are shopping online for Christmas like never before.

10 Christmas Online Marketing Ideas That Will Take Off Like Fireworks

To get into the yuletide spirit, there are several things you can do. These steps will help increase the attention your brand gets during the holiday season. However, you’ve got to ensure that you target the right audience and position your message as clearly as possible. Here are some practical steps you can do:

1. Dress Up Your Social Media Accounts

There’s no better way to welcome the Christmas season than decorating your website and social media accounts. Get some snow, reindeer or candy canes up. The more, the better. You can do this for your website as well. 

Some simple design changes will make a lot of difference. This is a clear way to attract your visitor’s attention and lead them on to any special promos or campaigns you have going on. This simple social media marketing strategy won’t take long. If you can put up Christmas banners and redesign your logo with a festive theme, that will do wonders.

Celebrate the season by decorating your website. Source: The Body Shop Malaysia

2. Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas

Make sure you post up at least one Christmas post on every platform you’re on. These posts can be used to directly or indirectly promote your products of services. It’s also a chance to get creative and get even more people interested in your brand. 

Make your content short and catchy, so that it can be shared and attract even more attention overall. The content should also be relevant to current events, which will make it even more effective.

A simple Christmas wish can create buzz for your page. Source: NanoMalaysia FB

3. Create a Shopping Guide

Not everyone knows what to get their loved ones for Christmas. This is where your content can be a key marketing collateral. You can help these potential customers with a gift buying guide. This guide should be a list of the most suitable products or services you have for different age groups, or specific relatives. 

Examples of buying guides include ‘The 10 Best Presents for Your Grandma’, or ‘ 7 Gifts You Can Get for A Music Lover’.

Buying guides can be used to promote your products. Source: BloomThis

4. Have Some Christmas Bundles

Malaysians love giving gift sets and hampers. You see this most commonly during Chinese New Year. However, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a ‘hamper’ for Christmas too. Put a few matching products together, and then offer them at a lower bundle price.

Promos like these always tend to peak the interests of customers, as they’re on the lookout for seasonal bargains. Your job is to give them the value for money they crave. If it’s good, they may even buy it for themselves!

Putting several products together creates more value for your customers. Source: confettimy IG

5. Make Sure Your Content Gets Seen

Social media marketing has its benefits, but only if you use the right strategies. Your content may be good, but it needs to reach the right people. That’s where digital marketing strategies come in. It’s not just about having interesting concepts and designs, it’s also knowing when to launch your content, who to target and where to target your ads.

One strategy you can use is to ensure more visibility is to step up your SEO methods and application. Search engine optimization or SEO is the use of key phrases or words in your content to make it appear when searched by the general public.

SEO is one way to make your content more visible.

6. Curate Eye-catching Hashtags

Hashtags play a huge role on social media marketing. They’re not just fancy words behind a numbers symbol. Hashtags are found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and more. They’re a way for users to find content about a certain topic that the hashtag represents. 

This is why having the right hashtags for your content matters. It will push your content and page to the fore, and this is how you’ll be able to reach more people. Make sure you use Christmas related hashtags this festive season, and make sure they’re trending so you can get more hits.

Using Christmas related hashtags can bring your content to the fore. Source: Sweet Tooth Bakery IG

7. Put The Christmas Spirit in Your Ad Campaigns

Social media ad campaigns are necessary as part of your online marketing strategy. This is the season  to change things up a bit. Rather than going with posts that are evergreen or relevant all year round, come up with ads featuring seasonal keywords. 

This will help bring down your cost per click, and make your ads more effective during these few weeks. Christmas ads should be run for a limited time, and you’ll need to do your research when to best start them.

Planning a Christmas ad campaign is fun and rewarding. Source: Harvey Norman

8. Spice Things Up With Special Offers

Brick and mortar stores typically have promotions for Christmas, so your online store should come up with some seasonal offers too. It can come in various forms, including gift cards, vouchers, discounts, buy 1 free 1 or free shipping. 

Keep in mind that many people will be shopping for gifts during this time. Any product or service you promote should be suitable as a gift too, besides being available for self purchase.

Having a giveaway is one way to promote your online business. Source: sightlinesent IG

9. Run a Festive Live Stream

Live streaming is the hottest online marketing trend these days. You shouldn’t miss out on this brand new concept either. Live streams are possible on several social media platforms including IG and Facebook. Some brands even host live streams from their own websites. 

Live streams are able to engage customers in real time, while building trust for your brand. Anyone can host a live stream, or you can get an influencer to do it for you. They can take the form of an interview, Q&A session, product demonstration or a special event broadcast. 

Whatever format they take, you can be sure that a Christmas live stream will attract many viewers which will benefit your brand in the long run.

Run a festive live stream as a Christmas treat. Source: Clarins Malaysia

10. Make Your Christmas Email Campaign Stand Out

Email marketing hasn’t gone out of style. It’s still a pretty key part of any digital marketing campaign. This Christmas, make your emails stand out with the most eye-catching titles. 

Research has shown that people generally delete most of the marketing emails they receive, unless the first few words catch their attention. There are several online tools you can use to make your email titles more effective overall. 

Christmas emails should be joyful and personal. Source:Rojer@Flickr

‘Tis The Season For Your Business To Be Online

The importance of social media marketing cannot be stressed enough.

For any business to survive during these times, it is essential to make their online presence felt. Christmas is a perfect opportunity for this. 

As a business owner, this festive season provides many opportunities to reach out and solidify your reach. In addition to all the ideas listed above, you may also want to consider getting an online marketing service.

Having some help from a professional digital marketing agency like One Search Pro will bring your marketing to another level.

It’s time to realize your true potential and take this opportunity to be THE online brand this yuletide season.

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