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SE Ranking Review: In-depth Step by Step Review

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SE Ranking Review An-Indepth SE Ranking SEO Tool by One Search Pro SEO Agency Malaysia

Even if you’re just starting or you’re a professional in your niche, everyone wants to invest in marketing tools to improve their results.

And SE Ranking is one of the most popular choices if you want a solid keyword ranking software.

It has a lot of positive reviews – and for good reasons too!

However, there are several things people think about before they decide to invest in this software.

Is it worth the money? What are the most common complaints they get from their customers? How does SE Ranking make my business grow exactly?

Learning as much as you can about the software can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t have too much spare time.

But don’t worry!

To help you out, our specialists came up with an unbiased, in-depth SEO tool review – SE Ranking Review, the in-depth review by One Search Pro!

In this guide, we’re going to talk about:

  • What is SE Ranking and how it can make your business flourish.
  • The pros and cons of using this software – based on our experience and other customers’ reviews.
  • SE Ranking’s key features and how they work.
  • Other alternatives to SE Ranking.
  • Frequently asked questions about SE Ranking and our specialists’ answer

So let’s start with the beginning!

What is SE Ranking?

When it comes to SEO, digital marketing, and social media management, SE Ranking is that all in one software.

Many professional marketers are in love with this cloud-based platform because it’s complex, accurate, and flexible.

This tool has a lot of important features that help you keep tabs on all of your projects, bring more traffic to your site, and develop a base of loyal customers.

It’s good for finding SEO-related issues like 404-error pages or duplicate content, and it helps you manage all the important projects.

Besides, it allows you to sell SEO software services without giving any hint to your customers that you’re affiliated with them.

Another thing that makes SE Ranking an excellent choice for your SEO marketing campaigns is that they offer extra features such as Marketing Plan, White Label, or Page changes monitoring.

In other words, even if your ranks drop or jump suddenly, you’ll be notified why and when that happened.

Guide to SE RANKING Review In-Depth Review - One Search Pro SEO Company Malaysia

Getting Started with SE Ranking

How exactly would one get started with SE Ranking?


All you need to do is sign up for the free trial available for 14 days (no credit card required) and you’ll be immediately redirected to the dashboard, where you get access to the Essential 250 plan + White Label Feature for 2 weeks.

This is where you’ll be invited to start your first project and use the extensive features to perform various SEO tasks for your business.

SE Ranking Dashboard | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
SE Ranking dashboard and projects upon signing in.
Source: SE Ranking.com

You can always upgrade to either the Pro or Business plan to enjoy a bevy of exclusive features.

Here’s a summarised list of the best features offered by SE Ranking according to alphabetical order:

  • Audit Management
  • Backlink Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Link Management
  • Localization Automation
  • Mobile Keywords
  • Rank Tracking

Pros and Cons of SE Ranking

For this section, we checked customers’ opinions on websites like G2 or Capterra and we’ve gathered all this info in one place.

Pro & Cons of SE Ranking - One Search Pro SEO Company Malaysia

The Benefits of Using SE Ranking

It’s One of the Most Comprehensive Tools on the Market

With almost 17 key features, SE Ranking is the kind of tool that offers a lot right from the start.

Good API

Their easy-to-access data helps you manage projects and accounts effectively by generating in-depth reports.

Competition Research Feature

One of the most appreciated features of SE Ranking is called SEO/ PPC Competitor Research. Put it simply, you can conveniently get competitor statistics.

Track Every Keyword Change Made on Your Website

Knowing which keywords work and which don’t is essential in your marketing campaigns. SE Ranking finds you quick and useful insights for Clickthrough rate (CTR) issues or solve traffic drops.

Paid & Organic Data

Do you want to outrank your competitors? Do you want to see if your SEO and marketing campaigns performed well? SE Ranking has all the tools you need to manage your marketing campaigns.

White Label SEO Services

Whether you’re an independent webmaster or you have an SEO agency, you can now boost your brand awareness with various white label SEO tools – website audit, analysis and traffic, backlink monitoring, or keyword rank tracker.

Easy to Use

SE Ranking is not just a powerful Google ranking software, but it’s easy to use too. You have tips, report columns, and links to support pages so you can learn how to use this tool to its full potential.

Flexible Pricing

Sometimes, being a freelancer or a small digital marketing agency can have a great impact when you choose a certain software. This tool has different plans, and a pricing plan calculator integrated on their website if you want to know how much it’ll cost you.

The Disadvantages of Using SE Ranking

It’s Slow

Having easy access to complex data can be a blessing, but also a curse. From this perspective, some of their customers complained that it takes a lot of time for SE Ranking to update big lists of data.

It Doesn’t Offer In-Depth Webinars

Although SE Ranking is easy to use, let’s keep in mind that it’s one of the most complex rank checker software on the market. So, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all of their features. And since they don’t offer webinars about their product, learning how to use it can take a while.

You Have to Pay More to Get More

Even if SE Ranking’s features are useful for any kind of business you’re running, their pricing is not for everyone. The good part is that no matter what you choose, you still have access to some cool features like custom SEO reports, keyword grouper, or competitor research.

Local SEO Data Has Room for Improvements

In most cases, the search volume is based on the national average, rather than location-specific averages.

SE Ranking Review: Top 10 SERANKING Key Features That Every Marketers Must Know

SE Ranking is considered one of the best rank checking software on the market.

Here are the 10 most popular features we’ll be talking about in our SE Ranking review:

SE Ranking Top 10 Key Features That Every Marketers Must Know - One Search Pro SEO Company Malaysia

1. API Integration

SE Ranking API Integration | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
API integration makes your management tasks a lot easier.
Source: SE Ranking.com

Managing, deleting, or setting up projects can take a lot of time, especially if you’re running a big company. With API, SE Rankings allow you to automate all these time-consuming tasks. Plus, you can receive and create complex reports that you can later use in other widgets or business apps.

While working on this platform, you can also integrate with Google Search Console and Google Analytics so you can optimize your SEO services.

2. Website Content Audit

SE Ranking Website Content Audit | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
In just a few minutes, you see what you need to improve on your website. Source: G2.com

To improve your rankings, you’ll have to improve every aspect of your website. Often, it’s quite hard to pay attention to all the elements of one website, let alone when you have 2 or more domains.

SE Ranking runs this SEO website audit to make your job easier and more effective.

This tool will crawl your website, perform several scans, and give you an in-depth report about what needs improvement. All the pages are specified in the XML sitemap file, and you can upload your list of URLs that you specifically want to get examined.

What’s convenient about this tool is that the website SEO audit will start automatically when you start a new project. In the “settings” section, you can set this feature to do rechecks every week or every month. This report includes but it’s not limited to:

  • The overall website’s health score
  • Meta tags and headers
  • Image optimization (file size, thumbnails, descriptions)
  • User experience issues that need immediate attention
  • Website loading speeds for desktop and mobile versions

3. On-Page Checker

SE Ranking On-Page Checker | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
SE Ranking’s reports are easy to understand.
Source: SE Ranking.com

Optimizing a website can be overwhelming, considering how many elements and pages you have to pay attention to. On the bright side, SE Ranking’s feature can speed this process and send you a list with all the issues you have to fix. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll get an in-depth report with all the elements that should be optimized.

Here’s a quick list with all parameters that are verified:

  • Domain characteristics
  • Title, meta tags, headers
  • URL structures of any page
  • Index status
  • Image optimization
  • Website content
  • Internal and external links
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • How trendy your content is on social media

If you need to improve your content’s uniqueness or solve some minor technical errors, SE Ranking will let you know by giving you a website audit checklist.

4. Backlink Checker

SE Ranking Backlink Checker | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
A backlink checker can improve your PR campaigns.
Source: G2.com

High-quality backlinking will help you rank better on search engines, thus boosting your website’s traffic. Reaching out to influencers, high-authority voices in your niche, and popular websites is a good way to boost your brand’s awareness. On the one hand, you’ll have access to a wider audience. On the other hand, your customers will perceive your business as being trustworthy because it’s backed up by other popular brands.

At the same time, bad backlinks can be detrimental to your website. If bad or spammy websites link to you, your website will get penalized. So no matter how you look at it, backlinking is an important step for any marketing specialists.

These being said, SE Ranking’s backlink checker has 2 main uses. Firstly, you can check your competitor’s backlink profiles to see how many backlinks they have. You can use this information to improve your PR campaigns. Secondly, you can improve your website by checking the location of your audience, getting a useful comparison between your website and other websites on the Internet, and see real-time progress of the new & lost referring domains.

SE Ranking gives you details about:

  • The number of external and internal links
  • The URL of a backlink
  • Alexa ranking of your website
  • The Google index status of a specific link
  • The IP address of the link’s host
  • Moz domain authority
  • Social popularity
  • Competitor analysis & research
  • Backlink monitoring

5. Keyword Grouper

SE Ranking Keyword Grouper | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Grouping relevant keywords will make your SEO tasks easier. Source: SE Ranking.com

Working manually with keywords is exhausting. You have to spend a lot of time sorting closely related terms, various combinations, synonyms that can get redundant, and many other issues. Not only it might take you days to get sure that you’re choosing the right ones, but there are high chances that you’ll make a few mistakes.

However, this software can do this in just a few minutes. Once the results are ready, their keyword research tool gives you a complex analysis of:

  • Grouped keywords by relevance and search volume.
  • The search volume – you’ll have to pay extra for this option though.
  • A list with other highlighted keywords on Google so you can improve your content.

6. In-depth Competitive Research

SE Ranking In-Depth Competitive Research | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
See how your competitors are performing for certain keywords. Source: G2.com

Many times, getting inspiration from your competitors goes a long way. SE Ranking knows it and wants to make your competitor research as accurate and useful as possible.

So how can this feature help you improve your SEO services? Firstly, it gives you a detailed overview of your top 5 competitors’ organic and paid traffic, how many advertisers they have, their keywords difficulty, and search results by country.

Secondly, all this data is put into a Venn diagram so you can organize your strategies faster. So, if there’s any gap with unique, common, or missing keywords between you and other websites, you’ll know it in just a few minutes. Based on the traffic volume and the number of keywords, you’ll get a comprehensive competitive position of the organic and paid competitors.

Last but not least, SE Ranking also makes a comparison between your 3 competitors and their ranking for certain keywords.

Alongside this key feature, 3 important tools make these results accurate:

  • SERP Competitor Tool – allows you to check a keyword’s search results and the top 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 URLs for that keyword. Also, to review the information quicker, you can filter it by parameters like date, search engines, or device.
  • Visibility Rating Tool – refers to the percentage of users who’ll see a certain site in their online search. The higher your percentage is, the higher the chances for possible customers to find your website.
  • Competitor Research Tool – whose benefits we’ve already discussed above.

In a nutshell, making your website stand out is much easier when you can “spy” on your competitors and improve your SEO techniques.

7. Marketing Plan

SE Ranking Marketing Plan | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
This tool has in-depth suggestions for your marketing campaigns. Source: SE Ranking.com

A marketing campaign is more complex than just optimizing a few website parameters and sharing a few posts on social media. Boosting your brand’s awareness is a constant work in progress. And things can get overwhelming if you are not organized and you don’t use the right tools.

Their SEO guide will teach you how you can improve your marketing skills by offering:

  • Useful strategies and pre-launch care
  • An accurate keyword research tool
  • A valuable keyword position software
  • Social media management
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

8. Social Media Tracking

SE Ranking Social Media Tracking | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Attract more visitors by posting engaging content constantly. Source: SE Ranking.com

All professional marketers know that social media management is also important when you want to boost your brand’s awareness. With SE Rankings you can improve your social media content and attract more loyal customers because:

  • You can save time by organizing and auto-posting your content ahead of time
  • You can find out what is the best time to post and engage with your audience
  • You can learn how to create content that drives more engagement

9. White Label Reporting

SE Ranking White Label Reporting | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Offer your clients SEO services without being affiliated with them. Source: SE Ranking.com

To make things run smooth, you can invite your customers and coworkers by making customized accounts and access.

For this, you can use your main domain to invite different users without having to link to SE Ranking. And your clients will have the same benefits as you:

  • Keyword popularity checker
  • Technical website audit
  • Various SEO reports
  • Backlink monitoring

SE Ranking also has a white label rank checker for your users. However, keep in mind that the white label SEO accounts may be limited if they want to check the traffic volume for their selected keywords.

10. Customize Report Builder Dashboard

SE Ranking Customize Report Builder Dashboard  | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Your reports are quicker, more useful, and more in-depth.
Source: G2.com

Even if we’re talking about a website audit template or other important information you receive while SE Ranking is performing various checks on your websites, you’ll get only that data that’s useful.

SE Rankings helps you stay on track and share important reports with your team in just a matter of minutes.

SE Ranking Pricing Plans

Given the list of comprehensive features the platform offers, subscription for SE Ranking comprises 3 individual plans offering flexible pricings per month.

Highlights of Pricing Plans:

  • Essential- $31/month; up to 10 websites, 450,000 keyword checks in total
  • Pro- $71/month; unlimited number of websites, 1800,000 keyword checks in total
  • Business- $151/month; unlimited number of websites, 4500,000 keyword checks in total

Discounts associated with rankings check frequency are also available in:

  • Daily- No discount
  • Every 3 days- 20% off
  • Weekly- 40% off
SE Ranking Pricing Plans | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Pricing and features differ as the plans advance to a higher end. Source: SE Ranking.com

At a more affordable rate compared to similar services offered by competitors, you’re very likely to find a plan that fits your business budget and interests- be it you’re an established brand seeking to expand your online presence, or a SEO agency in need of all features that are not offered in the lower end plans.

Alternatives to SE Ranking – Similar SEO Marketing Tools

While SE Ranking is a powerful tool, it’s not perfect.

Deciding to invest your money in a marketing platform is an important decision. You’ll have to consider things like:

  • The quality of their features
  • The pricing plans and refunding options
  • The quality of their customer service

If you think that SE Ranking isn’t for you, our specialists recommend 4 alternatives that might be just the right tool for you!


In terms of keyword accuracy, SEMRush is better than SE Ranking. And many of their customers think that SEMRush has good features like:

  • Competitor analysis
  • A more user-friendly interface
  • In-depth website auditing abilities

Moz Pro

SE Ranking might have better reviews than Moz Pro when it comes to rank tracking, that’s true. But Moz Pro’s accuracy is superior to SE Ranking when it comes to:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Search volume


Many customers on G2 and Capterra agreed that Mangools is better because:

  • It’s easy to install and use
  • Keywords suggestions are more relevant
  • Long-tail keywords are more useful
  • The search volume is more accurate


Among their most popular features that are also better than what SE Ranking is offering, we can mention:

  • More relevant long-tail keywords
  • Accurate search volume
  • More suited for link building campaigns to improve your off-page SEO
  • Better competitor analysis

SEO Marketing Tools Comparison Chart

SE RankingSEMRushMoz ProMangoolsAhrefs
API IntegrationSE Ranking APISEMrush APIMozscape® APIMangools API
(Granted privately upon request)
Ahrefs API
Keyword tracking
In-depth website audit
Backlink monitoring
Competitor research/analysis
Content analysis
Social media management
Customizable dashboard/Reporting Tools
Customer service/support
Pricing$31 – $151/month with free trial$119.95 – $449.95/month with free trial$99 – $599/month with free trial$29.90 – $79.90/month$99 – $999/month with no free trial

Our Favourite Features and What We Disliked About SE Ranking

Our Favorite SERANKING Features

# Multiple User Roles

Multiple User Roles on SE Ranking | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
You can make accounts for your team members and clients on the same platform. Source: SE Ranking.com

Whether you run your projects as an admin or as a client, you can use SE Ranking at its full potential. Plus, you can invite other clients too on your dashboard!

# API Integration

SE Ranking API Integration | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
API integration makes your project management easier and simpler. Source: SE Ranking.com

Whether we’re talking about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Data Studio, SE Ranking integrates this very well with your project.

# Notes

SE Ranking Notes | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
You can tag and assign tasks for every project you’re managing. Source: SE Ranking.com

Not only can you communicate with your coworkers and your clients more efficiently, but you can also tag people for different projects or tasks.

# Marketing Plan

SE Ranking Marketing Plan | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
You receive useful advice for every stage of your project.
Source: SE Ranking.com

White Label Reporting is a cool and effective tool. Plus, you receive only useful information, so you won’t waste your time with statistics that are not relevant to your business.

# Website Audit

SE Ranking Website Audit | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
See the elements that need to be improved on your website. Source: SE Ranking.com

For every step of your SEO and marketing strategies, this software comes with useful solutions that can help you boost your results and improve your campaigns.

# Keywords Tracking

SE Ranking Keywords Tracking | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Make sure you use the correct keywords when you make your website SEO-friendly. Source: SE Ranking.com

SE Ranking allows you to make your content more SEO-friendly by tracking and suggesting relevant keywords for your domain.

# SERP Analysis

SE Ranking SERP Analysis | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Discover what you need to improve to rank higher on search engines. Source: SE Ranking.com

If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, these reports will help you boost your brand’s visibility.

Our Least Favorite SE Ranking Features

# Social Media Tracker

SE Ranking Social Media Tracker | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Their social media tools are not as performant as their SEO tools. Source: SE Ranking.com

Although SE Ranking has quality SEO services, there is still room for improvement when it comes to the social media tracker features (audience’s activity or follow & unfollow insights)

# Backlink Analysis

SE Ranking Backlink Analysis | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Backlinking is one of the best ways to improve your networking and your brand’s popularity. Source: SE Ranking.com

It’s a good thing that you can see what your competitors are doing. But considering that outreach campaigns can be difficult to plan, backlinks reports should be more in-depth (reports about the click-to-open rates or link-building strategy ideas)

# Keyword Suggestion Tool

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool | SE Ranking Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Keyword suggestions should be relevant to your business.
Source: SE Ranking.com

Their keyword suggestions and the keyword ranking report are not always accurate, especially if you set it for a specific location. For example, if you set your location to Kuala Lumpur, it might offer results for Malaysia, instead of focusing only on Kuala Lumpur.

Verdict: Is SE Ranking Worth the Money?

Absolutely yes! If you’re a professional marketer, SE Ranking offers you the freedom to manage more projects and websites at the same time, by getting useful and in-depth SEO reports and PPC competitor research.

Let’s start by saying this: on big software review websites like Capterra and G2, SE Ranking has a score of 4.8/5 or 5/5.

So it’s doing pretty good for such comprehensive software.

One of their most useful features are:

  • Ranking report tool
  • Keyword position tracking tool
  • Website audit tool
  • Keyword research tool
  • Long-tail keywords research tool

You have so many tools, it’s like getting your own SEO Swiss army knife!

But that doesn’t mean SE Ranking is suited only for big companies or enterprises.

If you’re a small business or you’re just starting your SEO marketing journey, SE Ranking has a lot of demos to speed up your learning process and start planning your marketing campaigns.

However, don’t forget that investing in this tool can be a personal opinion, and what works for you might not work for another business.

And this is exactly why our specialists included in this SE Rankings review some other alternatives like Ahrefs SEMRush, Mangools, or Moz Pro.

You can compare their pricing and their key features and choose what serves you best.

One thing is sure: you’ll know what’s best for you only after you try a few more apps too!

Frequently Asked Question on SE Ranking Tools

Researching can be a tedious job, especially when you don’t have too much free time. Here’s a list of the most common questions people have about SE Ranking.

If you have other questions that are not listed here, our specialists are ready to help you out!

1. Is SE Ranking the Best SEO Tool?

It depends. There are many other SEO tools on the market, and every one of them has its benefits and disadvantages. One thing is sure – SE Ranking is the best ranking tool in its way, so everything depends on how you see it.

2. What is SE Ranking Best Feature?

Again, keep in mind that SE Ranking offers you almost 17 key features- all customized to your company’s needs. When you start planning your SEO and social media campaigns, focusing on one feature would be almost impossible – you’ll need a bit of everything: SEO competitor ranking, website audit report, website rank checking, and many more. And SE Ranking can offer you exactly that – a complex solution to your marketing campaigns.

3. How to Get Started with SE Ranking?

A lot of their customers said that using SE Ranking is pretty easy, and we can attest to that too. Plus, they have a lot of tutorials on their website and YouTube. Once you login into your account, everything you want is in your dashboard. On the top and the left part of the screen, you have a lot of sections like Rankings, Analytics & traffic, Website audit, SMM, Projects, and Keyword research.

4. Can I Customize My SE Ranking Account?

Yes! You can personalize your SE Ranking platform to a T, making it look like you have your SEO software. How’s that possible? Their white-label features let you customize almost everything including the interface color, logos, reports, header, and footers.

5. Does SE Ranking Have an API?

Yes! Created specifically for large companies, SE Rankings API integration lets you manage and automate a lot of tasks that otherwise would be time-consuming.

6. What is Included in the Free Trial for SE Ranking?

For 14 days, you’ll have access to their Optimum plan and their white label feature. You get a flexible report generator, social media analytics, competitor SEO keyword tracking, PPC research – just to name a few.

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