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Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Marketers

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Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Marketers - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

As of 2021, WordPress powers about 40% of all websites in existence today. This is a remarkable feat when you consider the fact that it has been around for 18 years.

The website you are reading this from may very well be powered by WordPress, and that’s enough proof of the tremendous impact it has on the online space.

If there’s one niche that has taken advantage of this is digital marketing.

We are going to explore the best SEO WordPress plugins and website elements that marketers use today.

If you have been thinking of venturing into that space, this is for you.

SEO Marketing

Why You Should Choose WordPress SEO Plugins

It is not by accident that WordPress SEO plugins are in heavy rotation in most of the websites around today.

It has taken WordPress years of patience, dedication, and research in developing these plugins to turn them into indispensable tools.

The following are the reasons to choose WordPress and why you are better off with WordPress SEO plugins or your marketing needs.

  • WordPress pays close attention to the user experience to make the websites fun, attractive, and easy to use. This, in turn, makes visitors spend more time on the website, reducing the bounce rate and increasing the website’s ranking.
  • WordPress optimizes images for SEO in a simple way by providing options for adding alternative text while giving you access to tools you can use to alter the images to your preferences for better impact.
  • WordPress is optimized for mobile use. What you do on your leading site will automatically be resized to fit any device your visitors are using. There’s no need to do anything extra to make the website accessible to other devices.
  • The number of SEO plugins that work with WordPress is unlimited, both free and premium. You just have to find the one that suits your needs best and add your tweaks to it to your satisfaction.

Best 12 SEO WordPress Plugins for Marketers

There are many SEO WordPress plugins available to marketers, each designed for a unique purpose.

Sifting through all of them to find what you are looking for can be a challenge, and to make your work easier, we have compiled the Best 12 SEO WordPress Plugins For Marketers to increase your website ranking!

1. YOAST SEO – Best Overall

A list of YOAST SEO Easy-to-Use Features. Source: YOAST SEO

YOAST SEO WordPress plugin is the most popular tool for marketers and has 5 million installations so far.

The plugin is free despite packing some fantastic features that would easily pass for a premium package, all of them designed to optimize your website to the highest level possible.

Having a WordPress SEO by YOAST plugin is the best decision you can ever make as an SEO marketer as it equips you with the necessary tools to boost your search rankings.


  • Page analysis tool
  • XML Sitemaps functionality
  • SEO insights
  • Keyword optimization
  • Text Link counter
  • Link suggestions

Ideal For

This tool is best suited for websites with a team of writers who can access these features to improve their posts with actionable tips that make the reader experience better and fun while boosting the page’s ranking.

User friendly and accessibleYOAST SEO doesn’t understand intent
SEO proofreaderIt can be pedantic
Keeps RSS feed safe from content scrapers

2. Rank Math Easiest to Use

A clear overview of RankMath Features. Source: RankMath

RankMath is another great SEO plugin for WordPress that helps with site optimization as you create content. It continues to provide real-time insights and suggestions as you write, which allows you to stay on the same page without any need to use another external application.

Everything you do within this plugin provides you with a preview of how the result will look like; this is the kind of insight that helps you formulate the best writing for the website to increase the SEO rankings.


  • 404 monitor for error notifications
  • XML Sitemap bundle
  • A wide array of writing snippets and aids
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Twitter Card and Open Graph support

Ideal For

Individuals working as a one-person team juggling content creation, website management, and SEO. The plugin keeps all the essential data you need nearby for easy access and execution.

Great UIMigrating other plugins is hard
Quick SEO setupConstant conflicts with other plugins
FAQ Add-onsThe free plan is not that extensive
Site audit features
Constant support

3. All-In-One SEO Pack Most Extensive

The All-In-One SEO pack is considered by many to be the best SEO plugin for WordPress active in more than 2,000,000 websites online. It was released in 2007 to a warm reception, and with gradual improvements over time, it has become one of the most in-demand plugins for SEO marketing. It is easy enough even for SEO beginners to hack without any external assistance.

This plugin provides you with the meta title and meta description you need to improve your writing. It comes with real-time suggestions that highlight the parts that require improvements and changes. This is handy as it allows for changes to be made quickly from within the same space with no need for another third-party application.

The All in One SEO WordPress plugin provides you with all the control you need to ensure your website is displayed in the right places.


  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Smart meta title and description generator
  • Video SEO sitemap
  • Robots.txt editor
  • Google AMP SEO

Ideal For

Small business owners looking to boost their sites’ ranking and increase traffic without breaking their bank. It saves time and money while providing SEO tools that increase sales.

All the main AIOSEO features. Source: AIOSEO Plugin
Great user interfaceComplicated installation wizard
Reliable SEO auditPremium version is not that functional
Flexible add-ons
Overall great support
Great value for free

4. MonsterInsights Best Google Analytics Tracker

Every SEO plugin comes with the ability to track analytics, but very few measure up to what Monsterinsights can do. This SEO WordPress plugin comes with a free and premium version. Each has a set number of features that give users actionable insights that help them improve their websites, pushing their rankings up and increasing their reach.

There’s no need to apply any code to get this SEO tools WordPress plugin working; once it is installed, you can access any information about the way visitors are using your website. It provides a content report on the pages that receive the most visitors with the most specific details on the exact parts driving the traffic up. The best part is that you don;y have to create a new account to gain this information; all can be done from within the dashboard area.


  • Real-time analytics
  • Universal tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Affiliate links tracking

Ideal For

For website owners looking to optimize their websites for conversions. If checking on how your website performs and following trails is crucial for you, Monsterinsights is exactly what you need.

A full page analysis by MonsterInsights Plugin. Source: MonsterInsights
Easy installationThe free version is limited
Great customization optionsPremium version is costly
User-friendly interface
Easy import/export of data
It doesn’t require the creation of a new account

5. Google XML SItemaps – Best in Indexing

The Google XML Sitemaps WordPress SEO plugin is used to create a sitemap for the website and has been around for about a decade now with over 2 million active subscriptions to date. It is easy to assume that the plugin is only limited to Google due to the name, but it is readable best any other search engine available, from Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Search engines usually deploy bots to crawl the web in search of new sites and pages for indexing. If a site is not indexed, finding a hit when searches are conducted using search engines will become impossible,, and that means your website languishes in obscurity.


  • Sitemap indexing
  • Daily auto pings
  • Auto sitemap entries addition

Ideal For

Businesses and individuals who want to see their websites registering on the first few pages of a search engine. Google XML Sitemaps is the best way to increase visibility for your website no matter how small it may be.

Google XML Sitemaps options. Source: XML Sitemaps
Great for indexing sitesLimited file sizes
Easy to createNot all URLs get crawled
Takes into account any page updatesDoes little to improve the rank
Works with all search engines

6. Broken Link Checker Best Link Fixer

There are times where you do everything right, from writing the best SEO content with all the keywords hitting the right notes and appropriate images in the right places, only for all these efforts to amount to nothing due to a broken link. This is where a broken link checker comes in handy when you feel like the website is not registering the intended results.

The Broken Link Checker survey and tests all internal and external links you use to make sure they are working and not broken. Broken links tend to lead to dead pages, and this hurts SEO and limits the user experience. Searching for broken links can be a lot of work, but everything is taken care of with this plugin.


  • Constant link monitoring
  • Dashboard notifications
  • Broken link detector
  • Link search and filter

Ideal For

Marketers who run e-commerce websites that require constant engagement online with links sent to social media platforms. Sending the wrong links to the public will do very little to improve the standing of your website.

Broken Link Checker backend overview. Source: Broken Link Checker
Notices broken linksExpensive for small startups
Link search and filter optionsThe free version is limited
Highlights broken links

7. WP Security & Firewall Best Security Plugin

Like everything else online, to reap the full benefits of SEO marketing, you have to protect your website from malicious attacks that may compromise it. Among the many security plugins that exist, the best so far is the WP Security & Firewall.

WordPress on its own is a secure platform, but it always pays to add an extra firewall into the mix is always a good idea. The plugin comes free and is easy to use without any added complications like the need to learn to code or run it manually; it simply executes malware in the background without affecting the other functionalities of the website.

One of the most convenient features of this plugin is its ability to block some IP addresses on a geolocation basis by analyzing common attack patterns. It even can stop brute force attacks which are common online.


  • Malware scanner
  • Geolocation IP filtering
  • Password generator
  • Account monitoring
  • Login lockdown on failed attempts
  • Website firewall

Ideal For

All users who are running any kind of SEO-based website. The bigger the website’s reach, the higher the risk of attacks, and having the WP Firewall and Security plugin is the hassle-free way of ensuring the website is safe.

A detailed overview of WP Security & Firewall plugin. Source: WP Security & Firewall
Advanced security systemNo customer support
Three levels of securityPremium version is costly
Constant monitoring of the site

8. WPTouch Mobile Plugin – Best Mobile Plugin

With over 3.4 billion smartphone users in the world, it is only natural that every website is optimised for the mobile interface since that’s what people use to access the internet these days. Among the many mobile plugins that exist, the WPTouch Mobile Plugin is the best of them all.

The plugin automatically adds an elegant and straightforward mobile theme for visitors who use their mobile phones to access your website. From the texts to the images, everything is immediately scaled down to fit the mobile interface without compromising on the quality giving your website a scaled-down beautiful look.


  • Customizer support
  • A setup wizard
  • Seamless integration
  • SEO integration

Ideal For

Businesses running e-commerce websites with mobile apps. The ability to scale down a website to fit a mobile screen without a need to create new code is a convenience that many online store owners will appreciate.

A view post/page view of a scaled down page. Source: WPTouch Mobile Plugin
One-click installationBugs when used alongside other plugins
Clean user interfaceIt doesn’t show Facebook page plugins
Supports Google search enginesLimited to one per site
Fast loading speeds
A wide array of mobile themes
Value for money

9. SEO Optimized Images Best Image Optimization Plugin

All text and no images make for boring content that could work against your website no matter how well optimized the other areas may be. When creating content with the right keywords, it is equally important to keep the reader hooked and interested, and the best way to do this is to make things pop using the appropriate images.

SEO Optimized Images is the plugin you go for when you want to incorporate images into your website in a way that helps you attain your goals. Through this plugin, you can add SEO-friendly titles and alternative texts every time you use them to boost your ranking in search engines. Adding images through WordPress is easy, but SEO Optimized Images is the best way to get all that done the right way.


  • Automatic Alt and title tags addition
  • Works with all types of images
  • Supports Woocommerce
  • Customizable attributes
  • Page builders

Ideal For

Website owners who depend on blog posts for their SEO marketing strategies. Adding optimized images is the fastest way to increase the website’s ranking when combined with common keywords.

A breakdown of all the SEO Optimized Images Features.
Source: SEO Optimized Images Plugin
Easy to useThe impact on the ranking is not that great
It supports all kinds of images
Can handle an unlimited number of images

10. All-in-One Schema Rich Snippets – Best Rich Snippets Plugin

In SEO marketing, the use of rich snippets is essential in improving the website you are working on. Rich Snippets are visual search elements like images, star rankings, and any other prominent detail that can catch the visitor’s attention when searching for a particular thing online.

It is a handy plugin that helps sites that don’t rank very highly to get the attention and traffic even when they appear on the lower end of search results. What makes them perfect is that they have a significant impact without necessarily being intrusive; they carry just the right amount of information to the visitor.

It has free and premium versions, with the free one equipped with more than enough features to get your website up and running. For an extra $69, you can go for the premium version that unlocks extra features.


  • Support for all media types
  • Sharing is easy
  • Visual

Ideal For

SEO marketers who use blog posts to increase traffic to the websites. This plugin creates quick previews of the websites that catch the attention of the user quickly.

Rich Snippets easy configuration page. Source: All in One Rich Snippets
FreeLimited design and customization options
Easy installationThe amount of information presented is not enough
Supports all rich snippets types

11. HREFLANG Tags Lite – Best Geolocation Plugin

The mouthful SEO title WordPress name aside, the HREFLANG Tags Lite is the best HTML plugin for WordPress SEO marketing that gives website owners who have multiple versions of their pages to communicate with Google about these variations so that it can display the right pages depending on the geographical locations.

The plugin is quite helpful as it optimizes pages to a set audience, customizing everything from the language and products to suit the area’s conditions in question. This is the perfect plugin if you have a huge site that serves a varied number of people in different global locations.


  • Multiple language support
  • WordPress Multisite integration
  • Meta box creation
  • HTML generator
  • Bulk editor

Ideal For

Large multinational companies serving different countries. By customizing the languages and keywords, these websites can rank highly in each geographical location.

HREFLANG Tag Lite’s language editing page. Source: HREFLANG Tag Lite
Supports multiple languagesLimited features in the free version
Easy integrationPremium version is expensive

12. WP Super Cache Best Cache Plugin

A fast loading website is every SEO marketer’s dream as that is one of the things that make visitors spend more time, increasing traffic. However, several things can compromise this, and one of the most notorious is cache build-up. Caching leads to the website being overloaded with time, and this has to be cleared regularly.

WP Super Cache is the best-automated cache cleaner plugin that will boost the website’s loading times, making it more efficient and more reputable. The plugin creates static HTML copies of the dynamic content on the website then serves those copies to the visitors instead of the slower loading versions.


  • Open Source product
  • Filled in backend settings
  • CDN integration
  • Supports cache rebuilding

Ideal For

SEO marketers who run online stores with images that require fast loading speeds for the visitors to access the website entirely.

A detailed overview of WP Super Cache Settings. Source: WP Super Cache Plugin
Faster loading timesSophisticated
Clean user interfaceInformation changes constantly
Uses fewer server resourcesLimited features in free version
SEO optimization
Lower TTFB


WordPress has transformed the internet and how people interact with it. It has come a long way, and the fact that 40% of websites are now being run on the platform is enough proof that it is doing things the right way.

Although most of these plugins are simple and easy to use, it pays more to have enough information on how to edit SEO in WordPress to bring the best out of them and to avoid the wrath of the pesky google penalty, engaging the services of an SEO expert agency would be the best move for you, especially if you are new to the game.

At One Search Pro digital marketing agency, we are dedicated to providing websites with WordPress SEO services to help them reach their potential without going through the many hurdles that may slow down their progress. We have more than ten years in the industry, offering a wide range of SEO services from direct marketing, SEM, SEO, and Social Media marketing. Check out our website for more WordPress SEO tips.

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