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Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Marketers in 2024

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Best Social Media Management Tools - Best Digital Marketing Agency One Search Pro Malaysia

Marketing in this day and age has grown far more complex than merely designing and putting up advertisements or handing out flyers.

Marketing today is mainly done online, and it involves driving traffic to your business, and converting these visits into actual sales. 

 In January 2021, it was recorded that as many as 86% of Malaysians were on social media. This makes social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp the perfect platform to grow your brand. 

Additionally, with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging, many people have turned to online shopping to fulfill their needs.

This is to fulfill the need for social distancing, and it keeps many people feeling safe. 

Thankfully, there are many online social media tools designed to improve your marketing campaigns and these tools comes in several different types, namely:

  1. Social Media Analytics Tools. These tools give you data on how well your content is performing, as well as behind the scenes data like optimal periods when users interact with yoru post. 
  1. Content Creation Tools. These help you come up with one of a kind content, like articles or videos that are grammatically correct and unique.
  1. Monitoring or Sharing Tools. Tools like these help you plan who,where and when to share your content. They also help you identify your social media target audiences where your content will perform the best, and then help you monitor and improve your strategy.
  1. Graphic Tools. Professional and modern looking graphics will make your content stand out and be recognized. It will also create respect and recognition for your brand. You can improve your graphics with some of the free graphic tools available online.
  1. Others Social Media Tools. There are also many niche tools out there dedicated to different fields of content. 

Top Picks: The 20 Must-Have Social Media Tools for Marketers

As a marketer, you want to have the best social media tools that will help you create quality content, and come up with the best strategies to spread those content. 

The tools that are available online today are helpful and varied, but they’re not suitable for all platforms.

We’ve compiled the best social media management tools for you and listed which social media platforms they go best with.

Here are some of the most useful tools available today, arranged according to each of their different features and function of the social media tools!

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Free Social Media and Website Analytics Tools

1. Facebook Business Suite Facebook All In One Account Manager

Facebook Business Suite | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Facebook Business Suite lets you manage your SME page easily. Source: AdEspresso

Previously, Facebook provided Facebook Analytics. However, they’ve since removed that feature and integrated it into the FB Business Suite package. Facebook Business Suite is Facebook’s complete solution for businesses. Once you set up a business account on Facebook, you’ll be able to access all of the Facebook Business Suite’s features for free. 

Our Favourite Features:

  1. Quick insights into content analytics
  2. Check inbox and get notifications from all accounts
  3. Create ads quickly
Best with:Facebook, Instagram
What’s included in the free subscription:– Ads manager
– Inbox notifications
– Ad creators
– Content analytics

2. Tiktok Analytics – Insights Into Your Tiktok Account Analytics

TikTok Analytics | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Analytics is available on the sidebar of your TikTok Pro account. Source: Hootsuite

In order to access TikTok analytics, you first have to switch to a Tik Tok Pro account. This account is especially created for businesses and creators on TikTok. Once you’ve switched to a Pro account, you’ll be able to enjoy a slew of marketing-centric features, the key one being analytics. 

Our Favourite Features:

  1. Demographics of viewers, including gender and age under each video 
  2. Track followers, video views and profile views over 7 days or 28 days.
  3. See where your viewers are coming from for each video ( For you, followers or profile views)
  4. See what videos your TikTok followers watched for content ideas.
What’s included in the free subscription:TikTok Followers analytics
TikTok viewer analytics
TikTok profile analytics
TikTok video analytics

3. Instagram Account Insights – A Built-in Tool To Track Your Account

Instagram Account Insights | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Audience analytics on Instagram Insights. Source: Later

So far, the Instagram Insights tool is only available if you have a business or creator account. Therefore, in order to access this tool, you have to switch to an Instagram business or creator profile. You’ll be able to view the analytics for your posts for the last 7 or 30 days.

Our favorite features:

  1. Get notifications on any surge in account performance with ‘Recent Highlights’
  2. Analytics available for the last 7 days and the last 30 days
What’s included in the free subscription:Accounts reached 
Content interaction
Total followers. 

4. Twitter Analytics – Track And View Twitter Growth For Free

Twitter Analytics | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Tract tweet performance over the last 28 days with Twitter Analytics, Source: SBH Financial Consultancy

You can turn on Twitter Analytics for your account easily by just visiting the Twitter Analytics page. If you’re already signed in, this will lead you straight to your main social media analysis page with data from the last 30 days.

Our favorite features:

  1. A list of your best performing tweets, by month.
  2. Summary of monthly tweet performance for the past one year.
What’s included in the free subscription:28 day summary 
Tweet impressions
Profile visits
Follower count
Monthly tweet performance summary
Tweet activity
Videos tracking
Conversion tracking

5. Google Analytics – Track Audience Engagement With Your Website

 Rather than being a social media management tool, Google Analytics is actually built for websites. This means that if you own a website of any kind, you can take advantage of Google’s free data analytics tools to understand your customers’ habits better. Additionally, you can also upgrade to Google Analytics 360 which requires some payment for a deeper analysis.

Our favorite features:

  1. Detailed conversion reports 
  2. Identify  visitors that interact with more than one of your online platforms.
  3. Demographics of visitors, and how long they’re spending on your site
Best with:Any websites
What’s included in the free subscription:Audience reports
Advertising reports
Acquisition reports
Behavior reports
Conversion reports
Real time reporting
User flow reporting

6. Linkedin Analytics – Gain Knowledge On Your Linkedin Page

LinkedIn Analytics | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Updated analytics gives you information on your posts. Source: Hootsuite

LinkedIn Analytics can be easily accessed if you’re a page admin. LinkedIn Analytics gives you insight on your posts and videos, your followers and visitors and more.

Our favorite features:

  1. Detailed analytics on views and impressions for each post
  2. ‘Companies to track’ option lets you view follower metrics for other companies like your own.
What’s included in the free subscription:Updates analytics
Visitors and followers metrics
Talent Brand Analytics

Other Subscription-Based Tools

7. Buzzsumo – Find The Right Influencers To Grow Your Brand

Buzzsumo | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Track you social media content and influencer marketing via BuzzSumo: Source: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a social media management tool that lets you plan and put out the best content, and allows you to identify the best influencers that can help you grow your reach, using the power of data, rather than social recommendation. Packages start from USD99 to USD499

Our favorite features:

  1. Detailed analytics on views and impressions for each post
  2. ‘Companies to track’ option lets you view follower metrics for other companies like your own.
Best withFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
What’s included in the free subscription:Content discovery
Content research
Find influencers
Backlinks monitoring
Social media analyzers

8. Google Trends – See What The World Is Searching For

Google Trends | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Google Trends lets you compare the popularity of different search terms. Source: Google Trends

Google Trends is a simple tool to let you see what the top search trends are in real time, according to your country or choice. Apart from seeing the top searches in each country, you can also see the performance and popularity of different search terms. 

Our favorite features:

  1. See search trends from any country in the world.
  2. Track the popularity of a key words over time
  3. Popularity of search terms can be tracked all the way from 2004
Best withAny websites that intended to do SEO strategy
What’s included in the free subscription:Top search terms on Google for every country
Analytics for search terms of your choice
Compare analytics of search terms
Annual search term trend analysis

9. Hubspot – Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management Packages

HubSpot provides complete solutions for businesses to enhance their customer relationships, social media management, content, lead generation, SEO and more. They offer five packages, namely Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub.

Our favorite features:

  1. Customize services packages according to your business needs
  2. Live chat set-ups
  3. Lead generation strategies
Best withAny business offering products or services
What’s included in the free subscription:Lead generation
Automated marketing
Customer feedback
Knowledge base
SEO recommendations
Website themes
Data quality automation

10. Sprout Social – Manage All Your Social Media Accounts Under One Roof

Sprout Social | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Sprout Social’s platform allows you to manage up to 10 social media accounts. Source: Sprout Social

Sprout Social makes is a social media monitoring tool and management tool that lets you consolidate all your social media activities under one roof. They’re able to customize the services you need according to your business size and type.

Our favorite features:

  1. Schedule posts across social media platforms
  2. All-in-one social media inbox
Best withInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
What’s included in the free subscription:Manage 5-10 social media profiles
Integrated inbox
Publish, schedule,draft content across platforms
Group, profile and post performance reporting
Competitive reports
Paid social reporting and much more.

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11. Se Ranking – Professional SEO Tool For Your Brand

SE Ranking | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
SE Ranking gives you in-depth keywords ranking for your content. Source: SEO Hacker

Search for the best SEO keywords for your content and push your site to the top of the search engine results. SE Ranking services come with various SEO tools and monitoring tools as well. Pricing starts from USD31 a month. 

Our favorite features:

  1. Find the highest ranking keywords to drive traffic
  2. Check and monitor backlinks
Best withAll platforms and websites
What’s included in the free subscription:Accurate SEO recommendations and tracking
Website audit
SEO competitive research
Backlink tracking and monitoring
Competitor sites monitoring, etc.

12. Hootsuite – Manage Your Social Media Accounts As A Team

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that provides you to schedule posts and monitor engagement. The special feature here is that there are packages that allow you to manage the accounts as a team, up to an unlimited number. Plans start from USD19 a month. 

Our favorite features:

  1. Allows more than one user to manage the social media account.
  2. Allows management of up to 50 accounts
Best withPopular social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
What’s included in the free subscription:Schedule unlimited posts in advance
Access messages in one inbox
Manage the team
Team communication platform
24/7 customer support

13. Agorapulse – Free Social Media Management Tool For Start Up

Agorapulse | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Agorapulse is available in app form too. Source: GetApp

Agorapulse is yet another free social media management tool, although only for single users and up to 3 social media accounts. As your business grows, you’re allowed to add users and accounts to manage, with subscription plans starting from USD79 per month.

Our favorite features:

  1. Free for 1 user managing 3 accounts
  2. Social listening lets you keep track of trends and competitors
Best withPopular social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
What’s included in the free subscription:Unified inbox
Social media publishing
Social media monitoring
Social media reporting

14. Optinmonster– Lead Generation & Conversion With Powerful Tools

Optinmosters | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Optinmonster provides sales templates designed to create leads and convert traffic. Source: Optinmonster

Optinmonster is a tool that strategizes your content design and allows you to target it at the right group and the right time.

Our favorite features:

  1. Template designs for sales offers and promotions
  2. A/B testing of your content to see how it will perform.
  3. Exit Intent® technology to personalize campaigns based on customer behavior
Best withInstagram, Facebook
What’s included in the free subscription:Unlimited campaigns
Page level targeting
List Segmentation
Subscriber Recognition
Simple reporting

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15. Ahrefs – All In One SEO Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Get the best keywords tools for your website: Source: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool that helps you explore the best SEO keywords and track your site ranking when you’ve inserted those keywords into your content.

Our favorite features:

  1. Keyword ideas with search volumes
  2. Content explorer allows you to see what’s trending among other sites
Best withAny websites
What’s included in the free subscription:Site audit
Website Backlinks profile
Keyword research
Site explorer
Content explorer
Rank tracking system

16. Coschedule – Schedule & Organize Your Marketing Campaign

Coschedule | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Coschedule is great for marketing campaign managers. Source: CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a tool which allows you to track and organize different aspects of your marketing campaign. It’s basically a marketing calendar and work organizer which makes it easier for you to tie your campaign together.

Our favorite features:

  1. Free headline optimization tool
  2. Flexible organization platform
Best withAny websites
What’s included in the free subscription:Calendar organizer
Content organizer
Work organizer
Asset organizer

17. Socialbakers – Unified Social Media Marketing Platform

Socialbakers | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Socialbakers is yet another social media management option. Source: Socialbakers support

SocialBakers is an A.I. powered social media analytics tool that also let’s you manage all your social media accounts under one roof. 

Our favorite features:

  1. Discover the best influencers to help you in influencer marketing
  2. Dedicated account manager available when you upgrade
Best withAll popular social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
What’s included in the free subscription:Essential analytics
Publishing calendar
Content analysis
Social media listening
Audience analysis
Influencer marketing
Community management and more.

18. Zapier– Automate Workflows Between Web Apps

Zapier is an online platform that connects various web apps and automated work-related tasks, saving you time and effort. For example, you can automatically download any attachments from your Gmail and back them up on Google Drive. Subscriptions are free for 100 Zaps per month, but start at USD 19.99 for 750 tasks per month. 

Our favorite features:

  1. Connect from more than 3000 plus apps
  2. Zaps can be created intuitively without much instructions.
Best withAll popular social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
What’s included in the free subscription:Create Multi step Zaps 
Premium apps
Connections via Webhook

Bonus: Free Design Tools

19. Canva – Make Professional Designs Via Templates

Canva | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Canva lets you be a professional designer.

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to come up with modern, sleek designs for your social media posts. Canva has thousands of templates for everything, from name cards to social media posts.

Our favorite features:

  1. Special section for social media posts templates, including Instagram stories, TikTok,Facebook posts, Instagram highlights and more.
  2. Section for social media marketing templates including Facebook ads and Instagram ads.
Best withMarketers who are just starting out and can’t hire graphic designers yet
What’s included in the free subscription:Free access to thousands of templates
Intuitive editing of templates to personalize them

20. Unsplash – Royalty Free Pictures For Every Occasion

Unsplash | Social Media Marketing Tools | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Unsplash is a repository of royalty free images.

If you need professional looking pictures and graphics to illustrate your content or enhance your design, Unsplash is the place to go. There are over 1 million curated photos on this platform that you can use for free.

Our favorite features:

  1. Large and clear professional images
  2. Easy to search for images by keyword
Best withAny social media platform’s content
What’s included in the free subscription:Free access to stock images. User can join for free and wish to contribute pictures

The Best Social Media Tools Will Help You Grow

A well built and long-lasting house needs the correct tools to build. In the same way, your business will also need the correct social media monitoring tools and management tools in order to grow from the ground up.

This is why we have listed all these useful tools to help you.

If you need help deciding which social media marketing plan are the ones you need, come talk to us at One Search Pro.

Drop us a message and we’ll set up a consultation session to advise you on which tools will suit your business the best. 

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