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8 TikTok Tricks & Hacks For Your Marketing in 2024

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8 TikTok Tricks & Hacks For Your Marketing - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

TikTok is a fast-expanding and phenomenal social media platform due to its fun and intuitive user interface.

First established as Musical.ly, it was launched in 2014 by Chinese entrepreneurs Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang, becoming a platform popular amongst teenagers.

And today, it has more than 800 million active users with 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. Unsurprisingly, TikTok is also one of the most successful apps in the world.

Social media platforms like TikTok offer opportunities for individuals and business people to interact with others and to understand the people around us.

If you have never heard of TikTok (where have you been all this time?) The platform is entirely based on short-length videos with a time limit of 15 to 60 seconds. In addition, it allows you to add various effects and background music to your videos.

You may think that TikTok Malaysia is only targeting a younger audience.

However, the platform attracts a vast range of audiences.

Based on research, nearly 38 percent of TikTok users are people above 30-years old.

The volume of users and the rate at which it’s growing means that TikTok can offer access to a broader audience.

Comparatively, it seems easier than on other platforms to create video content that possibly goes viral and reaches hundreds or thousands of people.

TikTok For Marketing | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
With the right marketing strategy, TikTok can help your business. Source: HITC

A successful TikTok marketing campaign will allow your business to stand out amongst your peers.

So, do you want to learn how to use TikTok for your business and keep up with the modern-day digital marketing strategy in 2021?

In this article, we’ll share with you a few straightforward and informative TikTok tricks and hacks marketing strategies that will help improve your business and social media presence.

Why TikTok Marketing?

The benefits of TikTok for businesses are varied – You just need to have a clear vision of what they are and make them work for you.

TikTok is used by users from more than 150 different countries, and viral videos on the platform can reach worldwide.

So if you’re looking at reaching international markets, then TikTok is a perfect platform for connecting with new audiences in other parts of the world.

Aside from its clear youth appeal, the platform offers a growing range of adoptions and is taking extra measures to educate its users on safely using the platform.

Use TikTok As a Marketing Tool

TikTok is attuned to modern usage trends and caters to audiences looking for a fresh and fun way to connect and socialize.

And from a marketing standpoint, this is beneficial to business owners as the platform hits the right notes with its users.

Using TikTok for Marketing and Advertising | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
TikTok marketing can be a great marketing plan for your brand, as there is relatively little competition on the platform.
Source: Neil Patel

Video marketing is not going to go anywhere anytime soon. In fact, studies have shown that 86 percent of people would prefer to see a video from brands to know more about them.

And while over 85 percent of business owners are already adapting video as a marketing tool, Tik Tok Malaysia is an ideal way to broaden the reach of your video content.

So if you haven’t used video as one of your marketing strategies, you should consider it now and take your business to another level.

How Does TikTok Work?

TikTok is based on videos that play at a maximum of 15 seconds but can also be combined for up to a total of 60 seconds.

Viewers interact by likes, comments, and sharing the videos they like on their feeds. Users also can share the link of a video via Whatsapp and other messaging apps like SMS.

Users can also upload longer videos that were recorded outside the app. Moreover, it has video editing and customization tools like effects, filters, and sound bites that users can access.

TikTok for Business | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
TikTok For Business is where you can unleash your brand’s creative side. Source: Medium

TikTok is excellent compared to other video-sharing platforms like YouTube because it allows people to add various cool and fun editing effects with catchy background music.

Some of the videos created on TikTok have gone viral – dancing and funny videos from content creators can be a huge hit. This is one of the reasons TikTok is so attractive to millennials.

Also, engagement rates are extraordinarily high on TikTok. TikTok has beaten other platforms when it comes to engagement levels across accounts of all sizes.

In addition, TikTok is perfect in keeping its users active on the app as the average person spends at least 45 minutes a day on the platform.

There are few essential components of TikTok within the app, and ongoing development of the app produces different changes and updates to make the user experience more prominent.

The potential to market on TikTok is relatively new.

Still, many brands and businesses are beginning to add TikTok advertising as part of their marketing budgets, especially for new product launch campaigns.

TikTok even took it one step further in gathering analytics and data, offering better capabilities for companies and brands to strategize their marketing plans with the data presented.

8 TikTok Tricks & Hacks For Your Marketing in 2021

TikTok is a super active platform for creators, with more than 55 percent of its users uploading new videos every day in a given month.

This high number of content being published shows that the content is ever-changing, making it reasonably easy for new creators to gain popularity and credibility.

The platform grants an immeasurable amount of exposure to its creators that can do wonders for your business – increase social conversations, grow email lists, build an online relationship between business and consumers, boost brand awareness, and sales growth.

1. Create Interesting TikTok Marketing Content

Using TikTok for Video Content and Brand Awareness | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
TikTok can help you have fun with video content, build a niche and boost brand awareness. Source Inc. Magazine

TikTok, by far, is the only platform that allows you to express your creativity. As a result, more and more people are using the platform to create something different and unique. The more creative and engaging your content is, the higher your chances to be noticed and the more followers you gain.

But make sure the content you create is original and has never been seen by anyone else, or your video will be just passed on by TikTok’s users. You also need to know when is the best time to post on Tik Tok to ensure it engages and reaches more audiences.

If you’re a marketer looking for ways to create fun and engaging videos, you can study viral videos and the essence that made the video go viral. It helps to create an initial boost for your product launch or campaign. After all, TikTok is all about originality, creativity, and entertainment.

Dance Routine on TikTok | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Nurses from a private hospital create a dance routine on TikTok to create awareness of Covid-19. Source: The Guardian

If you want to create engaging blog post content, you’d first need to think about how your video can benefit your target audience. If you’re not sure how, you can start by asking your existing followers. They might have issues or are struggling with something that you might have the solution for. Alternatively, you could go through the frequent questions asked section on popular forums in your niche.

You can also use the “autosuggest” feature within Google Search to find inspo for creating engaging content.

Say your audience wants to learn the French language, and if you Google “learn French for beginners,” you’ll see a list of search suggestions related to the topic.

Another way to search for content ideas is to use an SEO tool and type in a broad keyword related to your chosen topic.

2. Use the Right Hashtags for TikTok SEO

TikTok Hashtags in Helping to Get Discovered | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Using the right TikTok hashtags helps your business get found. Source: Our Web Hosting Services

TikTok hashtags are essential, just like SEO is vital for a website. TikTok hashtags help your content get more visibility by showing it to users who are interested. Anyone looking for a specific topic or area of interest will use a relevant hashtag to discover such content. From a marketing point of view, TikTok hashtags can help your content reach the right audience.

If you’re not sure what hashtags to use, type in relevant and broad keywords on the search section on TikTok. TikTok will suggest a range of keywords that are associated with what you’re looking for. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can use relatively generic hashtags.

Following your competitors and seeing what they’re doing is another excellent way to search for relevant hashtags. Chances are that they might be using hashtags that are relevant to your content as well. So it’s best to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to, but try not to rely on it as your primary hashtag searching strategy.

There is no limit to how many hashtags you can add to your video; however, your hashtag will appear in the video’s caption. And TikTok’s captions are limited to 100 characters only. Hence you need to carefully add the hashtags and choose the most relevant so you will have space to add in the video’s description.

Using popular industry-related hashtags is vital to increase visibility, but creating your own hashtag can take your TikTok marketing to another level. It can help your brand stand out and offer you tons of opportunities to source user-generated content.

3. Choose a Niche

Choosing A Niche on TikTok | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Choose your niche and keep posting topics that are related to it. Source: Moshi Moshi Nippon

Discovering your niche and perfecting your TikTok content will likely attract more engagement. Users love following creators who cater to their interests. It’s appealing to them; they know they can always rely on you for quality and informative content. Once you start connecting with your audience, you can begin building a community that stretches beyond TikTok.

TikTok is more than funny memes or cute animal videos. It’s a mother-lode of information and creative outlets. Your type of niche will attract like-minded users who will engage with your content because it genuinely appeals to them and, in return, turns into a buying customer.

In the long run, recognizing your niche helps grow your audience and increase your brand’s credibility. So stay consistent in sharing your best content in your niche.

4. Partner with Other Creators through TikTok Marketing Campaigns

Adobe x TikTok | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Adobe Blog partnering with TikTok UK to establish #LevelUpWithAdobe, a software designed to assist budding and influential creators alike to improve their content production abilities. Source: ItchBrand

If your business struggles to build an army of followers on TikTok, you might want to consider partnering with relevant creators on the platform.

For example, suppose your business is in the digital marketing niche. In that case, you might want to create a video with people who have a similar interest in the niche that already has more followers than you.

Start searching for them by searching for relevant topics of your niche on TikTok. Let them know that you’re interested in their content and would like to collaborate on a project that could benefit both parties.

Collaborating with Local Creators | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Working together with local creators on TikTok helps boost your business exposure. Source: Later

Content metrics help you better understand your content performance and what type of content gets more reach and engagement.

Collaborating with creators can be helpful in small and local brands. So much like working with Instagram influencers, you can reach out to local creators who are influential and well-known in your area and niche.

5. Tell a Story

Online Classes via TikTok | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
A group of teachers are teaching kids through online class in entertaining and engaging ways. Source: Bored Teachers

TikTok recently launched a global business platform with a simple tag to marketers, filmmakers, and vloggers on TikTok: Don’t Make Ads, Make TikTok. At surface value, this message feels light and inclusive. But this isn’t a rule or formula to excellent marketing or simply trying to pull in creators. Instead, it’s a tactical method and strategy to encourage marketers to tell and share their stories with the world.

Paying attention to the community’s needs and issues allows the creator to learn more about their audiences.

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to tell your customer about your product. It doesn’t have to be fancy and complicated, but it has to be unique and engaging for your target audience to be interested in watching.

Offering Useful Insights in TikToks | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Providing some insights or useful information for your audience in your videos will likely make it go viral. Source: Later

A well-made infographic is another perfect way of social sharing. Add a combination of exciting overlay texts with pleasing graphics to entice people to watch.

Writing a good description is also vital for SEO purposes. In essence, you want TikTok to know what your content is about when it indexes your video and, in return, suggests it to your potential audience. Therefore, remember to also include your most essential keywords in your descriptions.

6. TikTok Influencer Marketing

Using TikTok for Influencer Marketing | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
TikTok influencer marketing is great for brand awareness.
Source: EDM.com

This type of marketing enables brands to partner with TikTok creators to create and share sponsored content with their audience. The influencer marketing campaign is more favorable for brands and marketers to reach and retain new followers.

Influencer marketing is likely to be one of the most effective forms of TikTok marketing. You don’t have to worry about the negative implications of ads, and you don’t have to worry about building the right audience as you do with native videos on your business account.

You just need to work with your choice of influencers, plan and develop creative content that helps them stir their audience’s interest in your brand.

With influencer marketing, you pay attention to metrics relating to awareness and engagement as these can indicate or guide brand loyalty.

Keeping in Touch With Influencers for Your Brands | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Keep in touch with influencers who you think best for your brands. Source: Silver Mouse

Several big brands have already experimented working with TikTok influencers and primarily achieved outstanding success. TikTok influencer marketing TikTok ads Malaysia work well when creators are given creative freedom, and the content discloses the sponsorship.

While TikTok creators are experts at nurturing engagement, brands should understand how to best combine their brand’s voice and values into influencer content to successfully achieve the most actionable engagement.

Influencers often have tons of followers, and some even have millions. This is a huge audience that you shouldn’t ignore. Once you can tap into their audience, your brand awareness will possibly go through the roof.

7. Get TikTok Marketing Analytics Data

Get TikTok Marketing Analytics Data | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
TikTok pro is useful for TikTok marketers to understand their followers and create visual contents catering to their audiences’ interest. Source: Digital Information World

TikTok provides a Pro-account feature that enables you to display the analytics section. It helps you to understand your TikTok brand and digital marketing campaign performance better. It is also helpful in giving you a rough idea of what type of content gets more engagement so you can work on that area.

TikTok’s analytics dashboard shows insights about your general audience and the performance of published content.

TikTok’s analytics will begin recording data only after switching to a Pro account, as the dashboard won’t display any previous data. Therefore, you will need to wait up to 7 days for your account to generate enough data to start showing insights. During this time, it’s best to publish more content as possible so you can get more detailed insights.

There are three main parts that TikTok displays in your account dashboard:

  • Profile overview
  • Content insights
  • Follower insights

The Profile Views metric shows how many times your TikTok profile was viewed over the past 7 or 28 days. Because this information is split-out by day, you can see what content is driving TikTok users to visit your profile.

TikTok Analytics | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
TikTok analytics are the key to increase your TikTok game.
Source: Later

Follower insights allow you to connect any popular TikTok videos with overall account followers. By looking at the days you publish content and aligning that content to follower growth, you can measure whether your content was engaging enough to drive new followers.

These statistics will allow you to develop an idea of the type of content strategy to apply. When you clearly understand what content drives the users to follow you, you can start posting a schedule and accurately targeted TikTok ads.

While the insights displayed on the Overview tab aren’t the most advanced data, you can use them in strategic ways.

Your future exposure is highly dependent on the performance of your previous videos. So if your last TikTok video manages to go viral, then you’re off to a fantastic start. Don’t forget that the geographical location is a crucial part too. As your video goes live, it’ll only be shown to users from your country. This may be a good thing for small businesses that are trying to improve their local brand awareness.

8. Use Cross-Promotion for Extra Engagement

Cross Promotion on Different Social Media Platforms | TikTok Tricks and Hacks | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Upload your TikTok video to your other social platform for more views and engagement. Source: Later

Once your TikTok videos are online and receiving engagement, it’s best to cross-promote them on your other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is fabulous for increasing awareness of your TikTok account; it also helps boost your TikTok followers’ list and helps to improve your content performance.

Thanks to TikTok’s simplicity of cross-promotion tools, you can easily save your TikTok video directly to your phone. Meaning you can easily upload it back to any of your social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This will allow your followers on other platforms to share and spread your videos.

Add your YouTube, Instagram, or website link to your TikTok profile page. This will encourage your followers to stay connected on all channels and generate potential leads down the road.

Final Thoughts

TikTok isn’t just a platform for millennials to create viral content – as you can see, it’s a perfect platform for marketers and business owners to create product launches and campaigns.

When you use the app to develop innovative, fun, and engaging videos, you’ll see that it’s easy to get your brand out there and increase brand awareness.

Not to mention that TikTok offers advertising opportunities that provide huge lead-generating potential as it has a large pool of users.

So why not take the dive and set a brand profile on TikTok using the TikTok hacks that we outlined for you and launch your first content on TikTok. Who knows, your content will stand a chance to go viral.

Have you planned on adding TikTok to your marketing strategy?

We’d love to help your social media marketing strategy to integrate TikTok marketing or TikTok advertising Malaysia and how it can help benefit your business and online presence.

Contact us at One Search Pro if you have more questions about TikTok marketing, and we’ll love to assist you with any digital marketing needs.

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