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10 Tips You Should Do When Managing Your Facebook Page

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Social media is all the rage in today’s world, and that is an undeniable fact. Most of us wake up and check our social media pages almost the first thing in the morning – Facebook is one of them. 

Not surprising, since Facebook has turned out to be one of the most popular social media networks in the world, replacing what used to be Friendster back in the 90’s. 

And because of the HUGE pool of people buzzing around this site, Facebook has also become one of the best places for businesses to build brands and market products or services, locally and internationally. 

Facebook for Business: What is a Facebook Page?

Facebook Page came into existence when the company saw the need to allow its users to set up separate profiles dedicated to causes and interests. 

After all, business is about branding, and it doesn’t help to have your customers forming weird impressions of you as a product or service provider just because you keep posting pictures about puppies or sharing too many religious videos on your account.

That’s where a Facebook Business Page emerges as a great platform for companies, especially small brands to build their presence little by little, surrounded by this vast network of opportunity. This Facebook feature is perfect for businesses to connect with their audiences via:

✅ Content sharing

✅ Advertising campaigns

✅ Post conversations & interactions

✅ Customer support 

✅ Brand collabs

To begin creating a page for your brand, set up your page as “Business or Brand” as your page type, set your page name and category, and you’re well on your way.

Setting up Facebook Page to Either “Business or Brand” | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

The 10 Commandments of Facebook Page Management

Congrats, you created your page! You are excited to get started on Facebook management for your business page next. 

But did you know there are 10 things you should do when you manage a Facebook page on your own?

We’ve got that covered for you!

Here are the 10 things to take note of when managing your Facebook page:

  1. Get Your Cover Photo Right

Your page’s cover photo is usually the first thing that catches your visitor’s attention. Similar to your personal Facebook account, the cover photo allows you to showcase an extra image to brighten your page.

Except now, the cover photo area serves as the perfect spot to:

  • Tell what your business or page is about
  • Highlight products, services and/or promotions
  • Bring a message to attention via videos or image slides

Keep in mind the picture needs to be at least 400 x 150 pixels in size. A larger resolution is better to prevent the image from looking too stretched. 

You can also check out Facebook’s guidelines to ensure you have the right photo sizes.

Cover Photos for Facebook Page | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Cover photos are a great place to make a statement about your business or tell a strong message to your audience.
  1. Get Your Profile Photo Right

This may sound like being Captain Obvious but the truth is, some people may not be aware that the key to making a strong brand statement starts with a good logo. 

You should upload your company logo as your page’s profile picture.

The logo should be neat, clean and simple so that it leaves a clear impression to your audience, as opposed to your cover photo.

Don’t have one?

Get it designed with the help of free online tools like Canva or Hatchful outsource for help. 

The photo displays at 170 x 170 pixels so don’t place anything important in the corners as they won’t show up — make sure your image adjustment fits nicely at the center instead.

Canva - A User-Friendly Online Tool For Designs | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Canva is a wonderful tool online that you can use to create your logo with its intuitive design.
  1. Fill Up Accurate Contact Info

The reason you put up a Facebook page is to have your potential prospects connect with you. 

However, that is only possible IF you fill up your contact information accurately. 

If you missed filling up your page info at the start of setting up your page, don’t worry. 

You can easily return back to that page by clicking on “Edit Page Info” then “Page Info” to fill up the remaining details anytime. 

You can also write a short description (limited to 255 characters) to quickly tell your visitors about the nature of your business. 

Remember to save the changes though once you’re done to update the page instantly.

Filling Up Details on Facebook Business Page | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Fill up details like a short description about your business, set your category and business hours, and more here.
  1. Write A Great Page Description

A page description helps your potential customers get a glimpse of what your business is all about. Think of this like a cover letter you attach on your email resume sample or proposal — you want it to be short, sweet yet precise. 

People like Neil Patel did an awesome job at crafting a brief summary that best explains his brand, which is basically himself as an established digital marketer. 

You could highlight your blog or website here with links, or simply list out the products or services you offer. 

Consider checking out other people’s pages for inspiration.

The key idea here is to make it as interesting and appealing as possible to project a positive impression to page visitors.

Checking the Facebook Page's Page Description | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
A look at the page description by one of the well-known digital marketing gurus of today, Neil Patel.
  1. Add And Edit Page Roles

Adding and editing page roles aren’t much of a concern if you’re the only one handling the page. 

But if you have a Facebook post manager team, you will need to assign page roles to your members accordingly by clicking on “Page Role” of your page settings.

Your member can be appointed as an Admin, an Editor, a Moderator, an Advertiser or an Analyst.

Apart from Admin who has complete control over the page, other roles have different page access and limitations. 

Take a look at the helpful table by Facebook to know the differences for each role:

Understanding The Role of Each Page | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Understanding what each page role can do to manage your Facebook page makes it easier to assign access type.
  1. Change Your Facebook Business Page Template

Time to set your Facebook business page template next! A template is like clothes for your page — you should dress it based on brand relevance. 

You can choose from ten different templates, so pick one that is most suitable for your venture. If you are a restaurant, go for a restaurant and cafe theme since it is designed to highlight info like menu, location, business hours and photos. 

After selecting a theme, you have the flexibility to rearrange the tabs however you like. To find out more about each theme, simply click on “View Details”. 

Accessing 'Templates and Tabs' | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

You can access “Templates and tabs” from “Edit Page Info” button to edit your page theme.

Checking the Theme's Details | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Check each theme’s details to see which design fits your page best before applying the template.

  1. Create A Facebook Business Page Username

Not to be confused with your page name, your business page username is a unique page handle you go by on Facebook. 

The general rule is to stick to your brand name for this since this is the name people will see, associate and interact with. 

The main idea here is to make it easy for potential customers to find your brand. 

Plus, your username is what others will use to tag your Page on Facebook, be it photos or posts.

However, sometimes you may not be able to use the same business name as it’s taken up by others. This is where your creativity kicks in — try putting a name closest and most relevant to your brand. 

For example, a page like “My Cupcake Story” can go for @mycupcakestoryshop since @mycupcakestory is already in use.

Picking a Business Name | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Your business name may not be available sometimes so pick another name that is closest to your brand.

Finalizing on Business Name | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
  1. Put Up Local Business Info

Add more information about your business by clicking the About section and fill up at “Business Info” and “More Info”.

Put in details like your vision and mission statements, services, menu, prices (where applicable), be sure to edit in website links, and link to additional social media accounts (if any) here.  

This provides a bit more depth and context to your page. Doing this helps increase your page visibility since it’s easier for others to find your Facebook page.

It’s also especially helpful for potential customers who may be keen to learn more and engage with your brand. 

More details means higher chances of people connecting with your business.

Putting Up Local Business Info on The Page | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Providing more info about your business will increase page visibility, making it easier for people to find you.

  1. Pin Important Page Updates

Facebook allows you to pin posts for pages, unlike your personal accounts. 

Take advantage of this great feature by pinning important announcements, updates or promotions to highlight them to your audience. 

The only downside to this is that only one pin can be up at a time and you can’t schedule a pinned post via your Facebook page manager tabs, so you should keep this regularly updated and save it for the most important post. 

Think of it like a free advertisement billboard — except it’s now on your business page, in an easy-to-put-up-and-take-down digital format.

Pinning A Post on Facebook to Highlight | Managing Your Facebook Page | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Click on the three dots of the post and select pin to top of page to highlight the post.
  1. Post Often To Keep Things Fresh

This is the most important thing to do of all — you should post frequently once you have your page technicalities all set up nice and neat. 

After all, your Facebook page acts as an indicator of your business presence, an extension of your shop front on a digital platform. 

You don’t want people to wonder if your business is still running or has closed down. 

The best practice is to post at least once daily, but depending on your resources, you should aim to put up a post a few times a month minimum.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own. You can consider hiring third party Facebook management services to help you manage your Facebook page.

Build Your Business Presence on Facebook

Facebook is a vast pool of business opportunities that is too good to be missed.

With the ever changing business landscape, what’s stopping you from creating a Facebook page to get your brand to the tech savvy people out there? 

Hopefully by the end of this article, you should be able to understand and apply the 10 commandments aka important things to do when managing your Facebook page. 

Once you get started on a Facebook business page, it’s good to have an amount of content ready for posting and stay in the know of things of the never ending stream of changes and updates.

Feeling overwhelmed by the page management workload? 

We’re here to help transform your page into a brand-building social media presence with our social media marketing and Facebook page management services!

One Search Pro is no stranger when it comes to the Facebook marketing trends Malaysia niche — we have assisted many clients across different industries in expanding their businesses online, from baby care and beauty products, to smart gadgets, property, automotive and more.

Contact us now to create the ideal Facebook page for your brand!

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