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26 Excellent WordPress Website Design Malaysia Examples That You Should Check Out

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Excellent WordPress Website Design Examples That You Should Check - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

When you build a website, you need to understand that the website you create has to look good.

When the audience visits your site, it gives them the first impression of your business.

They will start to judge your business within a second they see your site. And these few seconds are vital as you want to make a positive impact on your audience. 

Website design is an essential skills because it influences how your audience sees and evaluates your business.

The impression it makes on your site will determine whether visitors will remain on your page or leave and go to your competitors. Keep in mind that a good WordPress website design helps you keep your leads on your page as well.

With the expansion in mobile devices, responsive design is more crucial than ever.

You need to ensure that your target audience can access your website from various devices, including desktops, computers, smartphones, tablets.

WordPress has been used by many businesses and developers to build highly engaging websites.

If you want your leads to remain on your site, you have to make sure that each person that visits your site has a good experience. 

Responsive design ensures that your audience has a positive experience regardless of the device they use.

Responsive design keeps your visitors engaged to your page longer. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a site for your personal use or business.

It’s essential to do research and assess what kind of site you need and how you plan to make it aesthetically pleasing, with a solid navigation system.

There are plenty of templates if you want to research WordPress design Malaysia. 

In this article, we’ll share with you some of the most outstanding WordPress website examples that you might need for an idea booster, so that you’ll know how to design WordPress. 

What Makes WordPress the Preferred CMS for a Web Designer?

In case you are unsure, WordPress powers practically one-third of the world’s sites – from personal blogs to major complex websites for huge brands like Beyonce, Time Inc, Sony, NBC, and more.

WordPress is a site builder and content management system where users can install and download for free, but it has tons of unique features that make it the most sought-after content management system, and is used widely today.

However, don’t be confused with the self-hosted WordPress.org content management system (CMS) and the WordPress.com blog hosting service. 

Here is what makes WordPress the most preferred tool for all web designers:

  • It’s Super Easy To Use

A WordPress site can easily be installed and be up and running in minutes, even without a technical experts’ help.

All you need is a web hosting account and a domain name. It can be installed free through your WordPress hosting provider, or you can upload it directly from WordPress.org. 

Since WordPress is an open-source software, it can be used by anyone.

The user base is not limited by pricing, skill level, or premium customer service.

Of course, there are many things you can learn about WordPress, but anyone with minimum IT skills with web designer essential skills could get started with the admin dashboard in ten minutes and understand how the basic interface works. 

The WordPress Jevelin theme is easy to use and built with countless features and traits. Source: WordPress
  • Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is search-engine-friendly from the outset. It’ll function even better when installing an SEO-friendly theme and applying the excellent suite of SEO plugins WordPress has to offer. 

Though WordPress is search engine friendly, you’ll still need to do some manual SEO work for the best results. Just switching to WordPress won’t guarantee your site to rank on Google’s  front page auto-magically. 

The Sprout Social is an example of a WordPress powered site that is search engine friendly. Source: Sprout Social
  • Customizable Designs & WordPress Design Templates

WordPress offers a collection of tons of themes for your website. Some themes allow you to control precisely how your site will look without you having to know a single line of code. You can find thousands of free designs and templates at WordPress.org. 

WordPress has tons of customizable design to suit your preferences. Source: WordPress
  • Cost Saving

The WordPress software itself is free, and you get plenty of free themes and plugins to build and create your website, which means your only inescapable fixed costs are WordPress hosting and a domain name.

All in all, it is possible to manage a basic WordPress site for as low as $60 per year. However, you’ll exceed this amount if you go for premium themes and plugins. 

WordPress is cost-effective and perfect for all types of businesses. Source: WordPress
  • Grow Your Website – SEO-friendly, eCommerce, etc

SEO is vital to getting organic traffic to your WordPress site.

Thanks to plugins like Yoast, it’s incredibly easy to SEO-optimize a WordPress site without having to be a coding genius.

All you need to do is to configure some basic settings, and the seo plugin will handle the rest. 

What’s great, some plugins analyze your content and provide suggestions. So even if you’re not entirely sure about search engine optimization, you’ll get suggestions on how to optimize your content by adhering to a plugin’s SEO recommendations. 

WordPress is also great for eCommerce as there are plenty of premade themes suitable for an online store. Plugins like WooCommerce add complete eCommerce functionality to a site by integrating product displays, shopping carts, payment gateways and complete check-out systems.

WordPress is cost-effective and perfect for all types of businesses. Source: WordPress
  • Easy Updates & Maintenance

Security and backups are either managed with plugins or via a WordPress hosting plan. Each task mentioned above needs to be performed from time to time. 

WordPress is not difficult to manage and maintain if you learn the primary tasks for managing WordPress sites like:

  1. Making sure that the server is stable and running the latest PHP version
  2. Secure and scan your website regularly 
  3. Schedule backups
  4. Update the themes, plugins, and other WordPress’s core updates
  5. Manage spam
  6. Examine functionality and check for potential errors
  7. Improve on-page SEO and speed as much as you can
WordPress site and blog is easy to maintain and manage. Source: WP Maven

26 Great Examples of WordPress Web Design Malaysia

eCommerce WordPress website

If you are running a business or planning to start one, you might want to consider building an eCommerce site. Many companies now go beyond offering information on their company sites and allow visitors and customers to purchase products and services directly online. Both customers and business owners prefer the convenience and the accessibility of an online marketplace. Many WordPress themes provide e-commerce options that can match your site’s style and design.

Here’s why WordPress is the best platform to build your eCommerce site:

  • It offers tons of plugin solutions, for example, WooCommerce
  • It has plenty of themes to choose from, such as Upstore and other eCommerce options
  • It’s easy to install secure payment options
  • Community support is available to assist you throughout the setup

Below are some great samples of WordPress website designs for eCommerce.

1. Bata Malaysia

Bata is a famous shoe and lifestyle brand known for its quality-made, budget-friendly products like shoes and handbags.

Bata rebuilt its site using WordPress and WooCommerce to maximize efficiency, conversions, and performance.

Using WordPress, Bata was able to customize their product category pages and implement an efficient way for their customers to search for new products and stores near them. 

With a strong balance between images and text,customers have easy access to the product they need while staying engaged and interested. Source Bata Malaysia

2. Solasie

Solasie is a European fashion eCommerce site that adds fun and cool features to its design with beautiful matching styles and vintage details.

Solasie’s eCommerce site has an instinctively intelligent design and integrates WooCommerce and other useful plugins. 

Solasie ‘s site has Eye-catching visuals and Simple scrolling to move from section to section. Source Solasie.

3.Over Clothing

With a lively home page and minimalist design on its main page, you would think Over Clothing is a model agency.

The site is very well-designed, with adequately placed tabs on every page for easy navigation. 

Over Clothing eCommerce site has fully-responsive design features. Source: Over Clothing

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4. ETQ Amsterdam

ETQ Amsterdam offers stylish, chic, sports and casual shoes for both young men and women.

From the main page, you’ll know what the store is selling – the website is clean and product-oriented, making it easier for the customer to browse and have a positive user experience.

It uses WooCommerce for the online store and highly engaging stylish design for individual product pages. 

ETQ Amsterdam website has a minimalist and clean layout. Source ETQ Amsterdam

WordPress Agency Websites

For the last decade, WordPress has drastically altered the digital marketing scene and took over a substantial portion of the webspace.

If you have a digital agency or planning to run one, your website must cater to the needs of marketing in the digital space. Furthermore, your site needs to be innovative with solid navigation, so it aligns with your business goals. 

As a digital agency, your site speaks volumes about your reputation. It creates an image of the type of services you’re offering. Though smooth navigation and being user-friendly are the main aspects you should not miss, style and design are also essential.

Here are some examples of digital agencies that successfully use WordPress to promote their digital marketing services:

5. One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

A Malaysian-based digital agency, One Search Pro is an advertising and digital marketing agency that successfully integrates WordPress and SEO Malaysia to introduce its business and services – varied from social media marketing, high quality backlinks and google ads service.

Beside providing its own website design development service, the site aims to provide a user-friendly layout by presenting a minimalist design that helps with conversion rates. One Search Pro’s site is clean and straightforward. 

One Search Pro website is simple and clean With subtle layout featuring its brand personality. Source: One Search Pro

6. Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe’s site is stylish and edgy. The homepage itself is full of personality. It has plenty of black and white, and the plain text font at first glance makes it easy to navigate. 

The Modern Tribe site has bold fonts and a contrast color scheme makes it interesting. Source: Modern Tribe

7. Design The Planet

Design the Planet is a full-service web design and development digital agency based in New Orleans.

Its homepage does not overwhelm visitors with bright colors, huge texts, or lots of photography. Instead, the site focuses mainly on the copy, including some exciting reports highlighting recent project results. 

Design The Planet creativity is well reflected in its website that showcases unique digital experiences, tickles the brain, and pleases the eye. Sourc: Design The Planet

8. Born Group

BORN is an international digital marketing agency that provides creative content and eCommerce services.

A gorilla’s fiery image takes center stage on the BORN Group homepage, producing a minimalist yet conspicuous result.

The site is easy to navigate and is not cluttered. 

Born Group uses a creative blend of animation and visual effects on pixel-rich graphics. Source: Born Group

9. Pink Gorilla Events

Don’t let the funky name fool you – this Nebraskan-based agency offers digital marketing services at its best despite the neon pink homepage color scheme.

We all know bright and striking colors are en vogue when it comes to web design, but Pink Gorilla Events takes it to the next level, and surprisingly it looks lovely.

The pink color runs through many visual aspects of the site, drawing attention to the main essential bits of information you need to know. 

Pink Gorilla Events has a striking pink color scheme and it’s so eye-catching. Source: Pink Gorilla Events

Business & Enterprise WordPress Websites

WordPress has turned out to be a perfect choice for Enterprises and large companies as it offers a variety of benefits such as the following:

  • Cost-efficient and flexible
  • Supports responsive development
  • The possibility to measure business goals
  • SEO-friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Updated frequently with better functionality and security features
  • Multilingual Functionality and supports WordPress multi-sites
  • REST API and WP-CLI makes WordPress a developer’s ultimate choice

Below are some examples of big companies and enterprises that use WordPress.

10. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company website features everything someone needs to know about how the company runs from a business perspective.

The site includes financial reports for investors, details of the organization’s corporate branch, and its views on philanthropy and the environment.

The Walt Disney Company uses WordPress to power its website, and its application of the CMS has earned it an average rating of 3 stars out of 5 from 80 votes as of April 2016. 

The site has easy navigation and quick access to their news and latest movie updates. 

Walt Disney is one of the many big name brands using WordPress today. Source: The Walt Disney

11. Sony Malaysia

Sony is best known for its innovative electronic devices such as PlayStation consoles, smartphones, and more.

Sony is also the owner of a music corporation and movie studio with large images of their products with large fonts, making it easier for visitors to search for their favorite items and new arrivals. 

Sony’s site is stripped down with big compelling visuals,dark color backgrounds, strong typography, and high-definition images. Source: Sony

12. The New York Times

The New York Times is an American newspaper based in NY city with a worldwide follower base and readership.

As a reliable source of world news, The New York Times relies on WordPress to manage the thousands of images, videos, news, and blog posts it publishes daily. 

The NY Times has black and white theme showcasing the elegance of the media outlet. Source: NY Times

13. Vogue Magazine

This weekly fashion Bible is now one of the most well-established fashion, beauty, and digital lifestyle magazines globally. Vogue’s site focuses on topics such as couture, beauty, culture, living, and runaway.

And top of it, they include every single print magazine since the beginning of their online establishment for people to read.

Vogue uses WordPress to power its website. You can access the brand information, a media gallery, thanks to WordPress’ flexibility and the elegant theme it uses.

The infamous fashion magazine-Vogue integrates WordPress into its digital channel. Source: Vogue

14. Group Renault

Group Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer with its major productions being cars and vans.

Not only do the contrasting color schemes help draw attention to what’s crucial on the home page, but Group Renault makes it super clear what they are doing and offering. 

The website also highlights service descriptions, innovation ideas, media and news with fading effects and transitions.

The site looks elegant as WordPress happens to provide all the necessary elements and tools – lending a helping hand to Group Renault’s global success in automobiles. 

The French company’s website opt for WordPress elegant theme. Source: Group Genault

Blog WordPress Websites

To blog or not to blog?

Many websites dedicate a section that features articles on topics relating to the industry. The information engages entrepreneurs while offering valuable information to help them succeed.

Business blogs are a medium of networking but on a large scale that highlight business advancement. Blogs provide consumers with professional and resourceful information.

To stay competitive in eCommerce, a business needs to have a blog. 

WordPress is an excellent solution if you want to have complete control over your blog’s direction, and WordPress.org gives you control over every feature of your website. This makes WordPress the ultimate blogging platform to boost traffic and create an online presence. 

Thousands of companies and established brands are using WordPress for the blog section of their website. And this also includes thousands of dedicated bloggers.

Below are some top wordpress blog design that are powered by WordPress:

15. Chiefway Malaysia

The Chiefway website highlights their service descriptions, portfolios, testimonials, and clientele details with transitions and significant image effects.

The site is super easy to navigate as the business utilizes a fixed top menu. Visitors can find important information without getting distracted. 

The Chiefway blog sectionis user-friendly with clean images and sleek fonts. Source: Chiefway Malaysia

16. Slack Blog

Slack migrated their blog from Medium to WordPress in 2018.

From their blog, you can read all the stories about their collaboration, updates, and future projects.

Providing cutting-edge insights that help drive positive and lasting change in business – the menu tabs are organized by topics, tips, and editor’s pick advice too. 

Slack site is simple and easy to navigate and not cluttered with bold images. Source: Slack

17. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

A law section of the Wall Street Journal uses WordPress – this site offers news and perspective on the latest events.

WSJ advises readers on how to deal with disputes and complicated laws, among other topics. 

WSJ uses WordPresss Blog for its law sections. Source: The WSJ

18. TripAdvisor Blog

TripAdvisor is popular amongst wanderlusters and is best known for comparing prices on hotels around the world – started with sharing travel guides, holiday tips, trips and destination inspiration, travel news, and more on their blog. Check out beautiful travel photography and videography on the blog that indeed makes you want to explore the world. 

TripAdvisor’s blog has excellent use of fonts, creative navigation, high-resolution photographs, fantastic video quality. Source: TripAdvisor

Interactive WordPress Websites

The best way to boost conversions and minimize your bounce rate is to include interactive and fun elements to your WordPress web design.

Interactive WordPress sites come in many shapes and forms. – it can be as simple as offering a search feature or as complex as Google Maps.

What is ideal for your business depends on your business goals. 

Having helpful information in various sections or designs that catches the eye is vital to draw attention to compelling details. Interactive or animated infographics are one way to visually display data in a fun yet informative way.

So how can you include interactive elements into your WordPress site?

Below are some top interactive WordPress websites that help you get ideas so your visitors will be engaged with your content.

19. Cultivated Wit

Created with WordPress, the Cultivated Wit site seems like another unique agency site.

Still, you will be surprised at the mischievous details added into the interactive elements like the “Receive Our Propaganda Newsletter,” or “Care To Enter” call to action button.

And, of course, visitors can’t resist responding when they see these funny calls to action. 

Cultivated Wit’s website is a creative combination of video content and animation creates an incredibly engaging user experience. Source: Cultivated Wit

20. Drip Pop

This delightful WordPress site will have you craving for some ice-cream and sweets when you see it’s bright and colorful designs.

Drip Pop offers a fun and pleasing site to match their delectable-looking products – showcases a modern and clean design that includes animations and unique graphics. 

Drip Pop aims to tempt you with their yummylicious ice-cream with its engaging visual. Source: Drip Pop

21. We Virtually Are

The We Virtually Are website takes unintended gestures to another new level – as you enter the site, you’ll feel that you’re taken to another galaxy.

The black interface with fading effects as you scroll down makes you want to go deeper – It’s engaging and exciting at the same time. 

One of the coolest sites that creates the finest interactive and unforgettable user experiences. Source: We Virtually Are

22. Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer is a music and management business with a straightforward one-page WordPress site.

The main page comes to life as you navigate and stick around to read the content – and though the site is interactive, it has a minimalist concept and uses a black and white color scheme. 

The Velvet Hammer site is an engaging blend of still photography and bold use of black and white to guide users through its site. Source: Velvet Hammer

News & Magazine WordPress Sites

How can you survive a day without reading or watching the news?

Many news and magazine websites publish heavy amounts of content daily powered by WordPress. WordPress is perfect because it provides plenty of designs and layouts that is easy to manage and access. An online news portal and online magazine need to give the readers and viewers information on an accessible platform to keep them interested and stay on the site for a longer time. 

For example, the “A Never-Ending User Journey” theme helps attract more natural traffic to your news magazine on the web.

It has tons of advanced features, and the theme looks excellent and works the way you need it to be.

There are many WordPress design template you can choose to incorporate with your needs. 

Below are some great examples of news and magazine WordPress sites that could give you some ideas. 

23. Wired

Wired the review platform offers in-depth coverage of the latest and future IT trends and how they can help shape a business.

They also share entertainment stories, communications, science articles, political issues, and culture worldwide. 

Wired site has simple, flat, colour-based backgrounds accompanied by light-loading times, strong typography and updated and reliable news. Source: Wired

24. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is an established technology media property dedicated to dominating profiling startups, reviewing the latest IT products in the market, and announcing tech news and updates.

The site features a primary interface with a grid-like format. Posts are displayed in order publication with a video section at the bottom. 

TechCrunch website put together a compelling story along with interactive user navigation. Sourrce Tech Crunch

25. The New Yorker

The New Yorker offers updates on daily news, political views, podcasts, videos, and cartoon content on their WordPress-powered site.

As another WordPress-powered website, The New Yorker demonstrates how a content-heavy site can showcase news stories and entertainment in a clean and straightforward format. 

The New Yorker news site is easy to navigate with squared and perfect amounts of information is presented with each level. Source: The New Yorker

26. Variety

Variety provides entertainment news, awards, film festivals, box office, film reviews, and everything you need to know about the entertainment industry.

The site’s design features a boxed layout and a dark color scheme – the visitors can read film review articles, browse the blog, watch various streaming videos, and subscribe to their newsletter.

Powered by WordPress, the site’s interface delivers high-resolution images and videos and a directory of new movies and featuring actors of the month. 

Variety Entice its audience with images and descriptions. Source: Variety


WordPress is an effective and powerful platform that can produce virtually any type of website for your business.

However, having a real-life WordPress sample website for some inspiration can be beneficial when building your site. 

As we explore in this post, there are many WordPress website design examples that showcase the many ways the CMS can be utilized.

From a news blog, technology websites, eCommerce store, and digital agencies, WordPress sites encompass the globe and are in use in almost every niche. 

Once you narrow down your option and the type of WordPress site you need, it’s critical to ensure it’s supported with proper maintenance.

At One Search Pro, we can help you with that. If you need to build the best and cost-effective site for your business or you need help on how to design wordpress theme, get in touch with us to discuss your project needs.

We will also help you to pick the best digital marketing agency that serves your needs the best. 

Our goal is to make managing websites more accessible, but we can also help expand their features and functionality.

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