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Best AI Copywriting Tools for Blog: Kicking Your Content Creation Up a Notch (2024 Review)

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As bloggers, we all know how important it is to produce quality content that engages our readers.

However, creating content can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially when writer’s block strikes.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, we now have access to AI copywriting tools that can help us generate content faster and more efficiently.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the best AI copywriting tools available in 2023 that can help you take your blog content to the next level.

These tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate content that’s optimized for search engines, social media platforms, and other marketing channels.

Whether you’re struggling to come up with blog post ideas, need help crafting headlines, or want to improve your overall copywriting style, there’s an AI copywriting tool out there that can help.

What Are AI Copywriting Tools?

AI copywriting tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence to generate written content automatically. These tools can help you create high-quality content quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

AI copywriting tools can help you with a variety of writing tasks, including blog posts, social media updates, product descriptions, and more.

Why Use Copywriting AI Tools for Blog Writing?

There are several reasons why you might want to use AI copywriting tools for blog writing.

To begin with, these tools can assist you in brainstorming ideas for your blog posts by analyzing your intended audience and proposing topics that may pique their interest.

Additionally, AI copywriting tools can expedite and streamline your writing process, producing top-notch content in mere minutes, allowing you to devote more time to other areas of your blog.

These tools can also help you enhance the quality of your writing by scrutinizing your work and offering suggestions for enhancing your grammar, style, and tone.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
AI can learn from data and adapt in real time, making it a valuable tool for businesses. Source: Great Learning

Who Can Benefit from AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting tools are designed to help businesses and individuals save time and effort in creating high-quality content. Here are some groups that can benefit from using AI copywriting tools:

Marketers and Social Media Managers

As marketers and social media managers, we understand the importance of creating engaging content that resonates with our target audience.

AI copywriting tools can help us generate compelling headlines, social media posts, and ad copy that are optimized for conversions.

These tools can also help us streamline our content creation process, allowing us to focus on other important tasks, such as driving website traffic.

Shopify Homepage | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Good copywriting has the potential to drive sales by targeting the right audience. Source: Shopify


AI copywriting tools can be a valuable resource for writers who are struggling with writer’s block or need inspiration for their next piece. These tools can help us generate ideas, craft compelling headlines, and even suggest relevant keywords to include in our content.

This can be especially helpful for freelance writers who need to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Business Owners

As business owners, we know that creating high-quality content is essential for building brand awareness and attracting new customers. However, writing content can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for those who are not natural writers.

AI copywriting tools can help us create professional-looking content quickly and easily, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business.

Differences Between Branding, Identity, and Logo | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Brand identity creates recognition and trust with customers, supports promotional campaigns, and instills a sense of pride among employees. Source: Aasman


Retailers can benefit from using AI copywriting tools to create compelling product descriptions and sales copy. These tools can help us highlight the unique features and benefits of our products, making it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Additionally, AI copywriting tools can help us optimize our product descriptions for SEO, increasing our visibility in search engine results pages.

Top AI Copywriting Tools for Blog Writing

AI copywriting tools can be incredibly helpful for content creators. They can assist us in generating ideas, creating content, and optimizing our writing.

With so many great tools available, it’s never been easier to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. Check out our top 8 picks below!


ChatGPT has been making waves lately thanks to its user-friendly interface and incredibly advanced AI features. Even if you are not familiar with generative software, you can start using ChatGPT in no time.

ChatGPT | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: ChatGPT

This is what sets it apart from other AI writing assistants and why it has become so popular over the past few months. AI technology has made considerable strides in understanding and responding to natural language commands.

What’s more, it can learn from past conversations and adjust its responses accordingly, as opposed to being a novice every time it encounters a new query.

Subscription Pricing

ChatGPT provides 2 account types; a free tier and its Plus version for $20 USD/month. Until the launch of ChatGPT-4 on March 14, 2023, the main distinction between these accounts is the response speed. Nowadays though, the Plus customers have exclusive access to ChatGPT-4.

Provides ‘natural’ conversations that mimic human interactionLack of emotional intelligence
Highly versatile, effective, and efficientLimited context and knowledge
Availability of extensions and plugins


Copy.ai enables you to produce content that is nearly ready for publishing with only minor editing required from a human.

Finding a human writer can be time-consuming and expensive. Copy.ai has made it possible to get the same quality in just a few minutes with no added costs.

Copy.ai | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: Copy.ai

It can write blog articles, social media posts, emails, and more – all you need to do is give it a topic and give it some creative direction to generate outlines which you then approve.

The straightforward brief instructions and the pre-made templates are incredibly useful when beginning something new.

Subscription Pricing

Take advantage of up to 2,000 words monthly at no cost, or opt for the $49 USD/month subscription to enjoy unlimited words, translation tools, automated processes, and more!

Pros Cons
User-friendly interfaceCan be expensive for small businesses or individual content creators
Large library of pre-written content templatesContent generated by the platform can be repetitive or lack originality
Integrations with popular content creation tools


QuillBot is designed to come up with fresh and innovative ways to rephrase the content you already have. It doesn’t work like other AI copywriters which simply generate content from instructions.

Quillbot | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: Quillbot

QuillBot isn’t just a thesaurus – it can also help you make your content concise and understandable, or expand on existing material with extra details.

Additionally, it provides useful features such as an AI search tool for web research, a citation generator, and even a co-writing sentence finisher!

Subscription Pricing

With the free plan, you can access up to 125 words of rephrasing and 2,500 words of summarizing with the most essential features. Upgrade to the premium plan and gain access to amazing features like unlimited word count, different rephrasing modes, and anti-plagiarism tools for only $19.95 USD/month!

Integrations with popular content creation tools, including Google Docs and Microsoft WordCustomer support can be slow to respond to user inquiries or issues
Offers a free copywriting generator version with basic featuresCan be expensive for users who need to access the platform’s advanced features
Provides plagiarism checker tool


Copysmith is an AI copywriting tool that can help you create high-quality content quickly. It uses GPT-3 technology to generate product descriptions, taglines, and even entire blog posts.

Copysmith | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: Copysmith

Copysmith can also help you optimize your content for SEO by suggesting relevant keywords and phrases. The tool is easy to use and can save you a lot of time and effort.

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Subscription Pricing

Copysmith offers three subscription plans: Starter, Professional, and Start Up. The Starter plan is $19 per month, the Professional plan is $59 per month, and the Start Up plan is $299 per month. All plans offer unlimited in-app support and a free trial. Custom packages are also available.

Pros Cons
Fair pricing for the features offeredPlatform and AI tools might be tricky to navigate
Responsive customer supportOccasional irrelevant/ duplicate results to your query
Optimized SEO content with just a few clicks


Wordtune is an AI rephraser tool that helps refine the readability and clarity of your texts. Similar to QuillBot, you can adjust the tone and length of your content as well.

Wordtune | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: Wordtune

Additionally, you can activate its “spices” like facts, figures, and jokes to truly capture the reader’s attention.

Subscription Pricing

With the free plan, you get 10 content rewrites per day – if you want to unlock unlimited access, simply subscribe for $9.99 USD each month.

Pros Cons
Provides real-time suggestions as users typeLimited free version for new users
Offers a range of writing tools, including a rephraser, tone adjuster, and fluency enhancerPlatform’s suggestions can be too generic or not specific enough
Affordable pricing plans


Jasper stands out for its ability to create content that is close to what humans would copywrite, while still keeping team collaboration in mind. It functions like the Google Workspace of an AI copywriter.

It also includes a template library and cloud storage which makes it great for enterprises of all sizes, helping them draft, review and approve copy projects easily.

Jasper | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: Jasper

Jasper is equipped with a document-oriented interface. When providing your content brief, there are choices available to you in terms of the desired tone, SEO keywords, and so on. This makes it easier to get exactly what you want from the output content.

Subscription Pricing

Jasper’s free trial comes with 10,000 words of content without you having to pay a dime. Subscriptions start from $24 and go up to $500 per month, depending on the total word count required.

Pros Cons
Output sounds accurate and well-writtenLacks personality and voice
Affordable optionStruggles with niche and overly technical topics
Ability to churn out content quickly


Writesonic is the perfect tool for marketers who are looking to automate their tedious writing tasks such as welcome emails and SEO meta descriptions.

Moreover, the billing system is highly flexible, allowing you to tailor your package according to your changing business requirements.

Writesonic | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: Writesonic

One of the impressive features is the ability to generate landing pages within seconds, with just a few details. Such pages are optimized and engaging, offering great value.

Subscription Pricing

Writesonic offers three pricing tiers, namely, the free trial, Long Form package, and Custom Plan. The Long Form package is the most economical with a monthly rate of $12.67 and provides bulk processing services including AI rewriter and priority access to new features.

The Custom Plan offers everything in the Long Form package, along with a dedicated account manager, training, and a custom number of words and users, with pricing available on application.

All packages include 25+ languages, Zapier integrations, a 1-click WordPress exporter, and browser extensions.

Pros Cons
User-friendly platform with intuitive interfaceCopy may need minimal editing
Built in implicit spell checkerDatabase not regularly updated
50+ advanced writing tools


WordAI is an AI tool that primarily focuses on rewriting text to improve its quality, clarity, and uniqueness.

It offers features such as bulk rewrites and downloads, integration with Article Forge (an AI content generator tool), and the ability to rewrite one article up to 1000 times.

WordAi | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Source: WordAi

Subscription Pricing

WordAi offers three pricing tiers: a yearly plan at $27 per month (paid annually), a monthly package at $57 per month, and a custom ‘enterprise’ plan with pricing available on application.

Pros Cons
Supports multiple languagesSubscription plans could be pricey
Quality of spun content is similar to that of human written onesMonthly limits on rewritten words.
Rewrites entire paragraphs and sentences

Features to Consider When Choosing an AI Copywriting Software

When looking for an AI copy writing tool, there are several features to consider to ensure you get the best tool for your needs. Here are some of the most important features to consider:

Ease of Use

The ease of use of a copywriting generator is crucial to ensure that you can quickly and easily generate high-quality niche content.

Look for a tool with a user-friendly interface and a simple, intuitive workflow that allows you to get started right away. Some tools even offer pre-built templates and prompts to help you get started.

Customization Options

Customization options are essential to ensure that your content meets your specific needs. Look for a tool that allows you to customize the tone, style, and voice of your content to match your brand.

Some tools even allow you to input your own data and parameters to generate more personalized content.

Rytr | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
AI-generated content should still maintain a sense of human interaction to make copies sound natural and engaging. Source: Rytr


Pricing is an important consideration when choosing an AI copywriting tool. Look for a tool that offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees or long-term contracts.

Some tools offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which can be more cost effective for businesses with varying content needs.

Integration with Other Tools

Integration with other tools is essential to ensure that your AI copywriting tool can work seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Look for a tool that integrates with your favorite content management systems, social media platforms, and other tools to streamline your content creation process.

Google Workspace | AI Copywriting | One Search Pro Marketing
Integrating AI copywriting tools with other programs is critical in order to guarantee seamless interaction of the tool with your existing workflow.

Best Practices for AI Copywriting

When it comes to using AI copywriting tools, there are some best practices to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best results possible. Here are some tips that we’ve found helpful:

Fact Check Everything

AI copywriting tools can be great for generating content quickly, but they are not always accurate. It’s important to fact-check everything that the tool produces to ensure that it is correct.

This is especially important if you are creating content for a business or brand, as incorrect information can damage your reputation.

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Be Aware of AI’s Limitations

AI copywriting tools are not perfect. They have limitations when it comes to understanding context, tone, and style. It’s important to be aware of these limitations and to use the tool accordingly.

For example, if you are creating content for a brand, you may want to use the tool to generate ideas, but then edit the content yourself to ensure that it matches the brand’s tone and style.

Proofread & Edit AI Copies

Even the best AI copywriting tools will produce content that needs to be edited. It’s important to take the time to edit the content that the tool produces to ensure that it is high-quality and accurate.

This may involve rewording sentences, adding or removing information, or adjusting the tone of the content.

Do the Creative Work Yourself

While AI copywriting tools can be great for generating ideas and basic content, they are not a replacement for creativity.

It’s important to do the creative work yourself and to use the tool as a tool, rather than relying on it to do all of the work for you. This will help ensure that your content is unique and engaging.

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What is an AI Copywriter?

An AI copywriter is a software program that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate written content. These tools can help with various writing tasks, such as generating headlines, crafting social media posts, or writing product descriptions.

Can AI Replace Human Writers?

AI copywriting tools can generate great content, but they cannot replace human writers completely.

Human writers have the advantage of being able to bring creativity, emotion, and critical thinking into their work – something that AI tools cannot match.

That said, we cannot deny that AI writing generators are a great help to writers who are looking to save time and improve their writing process. They can generate ideas and provide valuable suggestions that will help streamline the process.

Is AI Copywriting Good for SEO?

Yes, AI copywriting can be good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These tools can help writers generate content that is optimized for search engines by suggesting relevant keywords and phrases.

Additionally, AI tools can help writers craft meta descriptions and title tags that are more likely to attract clicks.

Are There Any Free AI Writing Tools?

Yes, there are several free AI writing tools available. Some examples include Writesonic, Copy.ai, and Anyword.

However, these free tools may have limitations compared to their paid counterparts, such as a smaller range of features or a lower output quality.

It’s important to evaluate the specific needs of your writing project and choose the tool that best fits those needs.


AI copywriting tools can be a useful addition to a writer’s toolkit, but they cannot replace human creativity and critical thinking.

These tools can help with generating ideas, improving SEO, and saving time, but it’s important to choose the right tool for the specific writing project. There are also free AI writing tools available, but they may have limitations compared to their paid counterparts.

After analyzing the pros and cons of each tool, we recommend using Jasper.ai as the top choice for creators and marketing teams. With its advanced features and trusted reputation, Jasper.ai is a reliable option for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, we suggest giving Writesonic a try. Writesonic offers an amazing range of features that can benefit freelancers and small businesses. From company bios to review responders, and copywriting features to YouTube title generator, it’s a great option for those who need help with content production.

AI copywriting isn’t the only way to increase your productivity. One Search Pro can help you manage all your social media tasks, scheduling, publishing, analytics, and more for all accounts in one place. Try it out today and experience the amazing benefits it has to offer!

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