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TikTok Viral Malaysia: Best TikTok Viral Compilation Videos In Malaysia 2024

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TikTok is used widely by the younger generations in Malaysia.

TikTok is extremely popular amongst the younger generation or Generation Z. As one of the top social media sites in Malaysia, the app represents the definition of getting involved in today’s hyper-connected world.

Most of the users are from the age of ’20s to early ’40s, and 50 percent of them are from the age of 20 to 34. Most of the short videos shared are fun, hilarious, and captivating, and all of them revolve around music, lifestyle, and entertainment. 

Even celebrities joined the TikTok viral Malaysia bandwagon.

Malaysian stars like Nora Danish and Marion Caunter are on TikTok Malaysia and often share their dancing routine with their family members. Hollywood celebrity Will Smith joined TikTok and gained almost 5 million followers after a few weeks on the platform. 

TikTok is a great way to express creativity and expression, especially in this year’s pandemic. Through the Tik Tok Malaysia community, people shared laughs, opened borders and traditions. 

To acknowledge the ingenuity and creativity of TikTok’s users, we have rounded up TikTok virals in Malaysia that gave us something to cheer and laugh about during this incredibly challenging year. These TikTok Malaysia viral videos led to trending moments, and are forever immortalized on this top 11 list. 

1. Dalgona Coffee Tik Tok Video

Dalgona Coffee on TikTik | TikTok Viral Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing
The delicious Dalgona Coffee that stirred on TikTok.

Originally from Korea, this sensational Tik Tok coffee comprises four simple ingredients – coffee powder, hot water, sugar, and milk. The whipped coffee drink is seen everywhere on TikTok and has become the absolute choice for a quarantine caffeine fix. 


2. The Flying Challenge   

This funny Tik Tok video makes you look like you’re floating on air. This TikTok challenge became trendy, so much that people are looking for tutorials on how to do it. Pair it with a catchy song, and your TikTok video will be viral in seconds the moment you upload it. 

3. The No Rush challenge

This viral TikTok challenge allows you and your friends to participate in the videos no matter where they are. The whole point of the challenge is to virtually connect with your friends or family and parade your outfit or makeup transformation. 

This can be a mini advertising for your TikTok account too!

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4. Ke Sana Ke Sini Tik Tok Challenge

“Ke Sana Ke Sini ” was inspired by a catchphrase made by the Malaysian PM during the press conference announcing the MCO extension. The Prime Minister reminded people to remain at home and do not go out and about “ke sana ke sini” so they’ll stay safe and sound at home. 

Watch the hilarious TikTok viral videos here KESANA KESINI REMIX COMPILATION | TIKTOK VIRAL 

5. The Siren Beat Challenge   

This TikTok challenge is different from other challenges. Everyone shared their traditional and cultural differences in pleasant and harmonious ways. Some even flaunt their cheongsam, kebaya, and sari on their TikTok videos.

You can watch people from countries around the world showcase their traditional costumes. 

You can watch the compilation – The Siren Beat TikTok video here Culture Challenge Compilation Tik Tok

6. The Sunglasses Challenge

The challenge seems like a no-brainer. But according to people who have succeeded – it’s all about timing and gravity. You can watch the bloopers of the people who aren’t successfully putting the sunglasses correctly on TikTok, and it’s chucklesome. 

If you’re curious what the challenge is all about, check out the video here      

7. Tak Boleh Challenge

This challenge began with a Korean song with lyrics that sound like “Tak Boleh” and “hey Boleh”. Malaysia Tik Tokers dubbed the song into a funny act like asking for “Duit Raya”, and the other person will say “Tak Boleh” mimicking the Korean music.

This is one of the top Tik Tok viral Malaysia videos to watch, with even the top Malaysian TikTok video creators and influencers joining in on the fun!

You can watch the video here, and I’m sure the song will get stuck in your head. TikTok Malaysia | Tak Boleh – Eh Boleh 

8. Album Lookalike Challenge

In this challenge, you’re required to pose and write a caption about it. And when the beat drops, the album cover that you’re re-creating and impersonating will appear on the screen together with the song title that responds to the caption you wrote. 

The challenge is not easy to explain, but take a look at the video, and you’ll get the idea. 

9. Guess the Gibberish

The challenge’s objective is to guess what the gibberish words shown on the screen mean before the time is up. You have ten seconds to guess the gibberish words’ exact meaning before the real word is revealed. 

You can watch the fun video here Tiktok Malaysia (Guess The Gibberish)

10. Siapa Bilang Gadis Melayu Tak Menawan   

In this challenge, you can see Malay ladies and girls share their before and after makeup videos. The challenge aims to prove that even the girl next door can be pretty when dolled up and look nice.

Not hating just loving that is what these lovely people do. Once again, this can be the perfect chance to promote your small business on TikTok if you are just starting out! Simply hop on the bandwagon!

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11. #MalaysiaDanceChallenge               

In this challenge, Malaysians share their traditional dance from different states like Sarawak and Sabah. It’s an excellent video to watch as you can learn about other cultures and traditions. Not to mention that some of these people are really good at dancing!

Watch the video here to emulate the dancing steps. 


Wrapping Up on TikTok Viral Malaysia

When it comes to short and captivating videos, TikTok Malaysia seems relevant to many people. There’s a vast niche of people searching for micro-entertainment and quick distraction during their day. If the video is appealing and attractive enough, it’ll trend and become viral. That’s how TikTok viral works!

The TikTok x Warner Music Malaysia is one example of how Tik Tok users in Malaysia can express creativity and show off their singing talent. Tik Tok users in Malaysia can use various instruments to stand a chance to be a recording artist, and sing in an exclusive recording session sponsored by Faithful Music.

This challenge caused tons of Tik Tok viral videos in Malaysia, exposing various art talents from the younger generation in Malaysia. TikTok Malaysia goes viral not only because it’s fun, but also because it helps people flaunt their hidden skills and creativity. 

Singing Challenge Organised By Warner Music Malaysia | TikTok Viral Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The singing challenge is organised by Warner Music Malaysia for TikTok users in Malaysia. Source: Nasi Lemak Tech

Always stay updated with the latest news and trends with entertaining TikTok videos on TikTok Malaysia. To learn more about trending and Tik Tok viral Malaysia, check the latest updates on One Search Pro site and our trending blogs to get to know more!

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