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Top 10 Famous TikTok Video Creators in Malaysia 2024

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TikTok – The New Storm

TikTok has now taken the world by storm. But it’s not only a place where the cool kids hang out. Recently, even businesses have been getting a share of that TikTok traffic.

Why, you ask? Mainly because of the viral nature of TikTok videos.

Undisputedly, it’s one of the best platforms to be on if you’re looking to get the most pairs of eyes on your content. And also, it promotes creativity, especially when attempting to create a viral TikTok video.

In Malaysia, the people have begun to warm up to the nuances of TikTok videos and been actively participating.

The demographic of Tik Tok users in Malaysia are mostly females, under the age of 30. An average Malaysian spends about 22 minutes on the site, which accumulates up to 2.6 billion video footprints monthly.

Talk about marketing potential. 

But who to follow?

Which TikTok Creators is trending right now?

Read on to know more!

Top 10 Famous TikTok Video Creators in Malaysia to Follow Right Now!

TikTok in Malaysia is no less busy, with almost 4 million people, in total, on the platform.

Many influencers on the site have gone “TikTok Viral” and are steadily gaining likers, followers, and fans. And you might want to partner with some of these guys to help boost your traffic and brand awareness.

So, here’s a list of famous Malaysian TikTokers, handpicked by us at One Search Pro, that have been a big hit with the crowd.

# 1 Puspa Wafiy

Puspa Wafiy | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

At the top of the list with 1.6 million followers is Puspa Wafiy. This TiktokAllStar finalist of 2019 amassed a large following mostly due to the funny videos that she and her husband create. One of her top videos is the parody of the hit drama series 7 Hari Mencintaiku 2, which went viral not only on TikTok but was shared by numerous people across social media platforms. Aside from making funny videos, Puspa is also a beauty influencer in Malaysia.


# 2 _bajilah

Balijah | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Next on the list is @bajilah_ with 1.1 million followers to date. Also a beauty influencer, Bajilah has her own beauty line, Aisycake. But aside from making TikTok videos that promote her brand, she also goes on to document her daily life, most recently as a wife and mother. Her relatable and candid content about motherhood, being a wife, and being Malaysian in general is what has garnered her the attention of the people on TikTok Malaysia.


# 3 Steven Ang

Steven Ang | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

In the third spot on this list of TikTok viral influencers in Malaysia is Steven Ang. Most known for his hilarious comedy sketches, parody videos, and superhuman trick shots, it’s no wonder that this meek guy is in the top three. His video views on TikTok are in the millions, simply because they’re so entertaining and unique. These days, Steven has been channeling his creative energy into coming up with some pretty memorable and funny promotional videos for big businesses looking to partner with an influencer.


#4 Pavetraa Reddy

Pavetraa Reddy | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Air hostess and viral Malaysian TikTok star Pavetraa Reddy is next on the list. Her content centers around her life as a flight crew member as well as her daily life as a Malaysian. In addition to that, she makes parodies of famous Tamil movie scenes, all with impeccable accuracy. These videos are what keeps her following growing. Pavetraa also does quite a bit of influencing, even partnering with online selling platform, Shopee for one of her recent videos.


# 5 Ahmad Akid

Ahmad Akid | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

At 5 is Akiddos with 1.1 million followers, simply for his cute and bubbly videos. The viral Malaysian TikTok star, also known as Ahmad Akid, goes around making Tik Tok videos of him having a fun time with friends and family. Occasionally, he also parodies scenes from hit drama shows, recreates other viral TikTok videos, and showcases his talents for singing and lip-syncing.  


# 6 Ah Moi (VIEW)

Ah Moi (VIEW) | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

@sherminehauahmoi_oe is the 6th viral star of Tik Tok Malaysia on this list. Famous for being a Malaysian Book of Records holder for organic reach on her social platforms, this fashion queen owns her very own brand, VIEW. But she doesn’t merely promote her brand, she does it in a funnybone tickling manner. Even her other videos make light the quirks of everyday, “just Malaysian tings”. Her 800.2k followers keep visiting back for their daily dose of laughter with her shenanigans.


# 7 VIEWChin

VIEWChin | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Another Malaysian Book of Records holder on this list, Chin is the founder of fashion brand VIEW and surprise, surprise, the husband of @sherminehauahmoi_oe. Much like her content, Chin also promotes their joint fashion brand, VIEW as well as creates humorous videos centering around the lives of everyday Malaysians. His 1.7 million followers and growing can attest to his uproarious and hysterical content, as they keep coming back for more.

# 8 Dato’ Calvin Khiu

Dato Calvin Khiu | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Founder of Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Dato’ Calvin Khiu is a prominent figure within the business community in Malaysia. And as he grows his business empire, he uses his comical yet educational TikTok videos to turn attention towards his industrious presence. With 1.8 million followers and counting, his videos are enjoyed by a wide demographic, owing to his relatable content on life, family, and career.


Anda Pilih siapa ? Org Baru ke Pengalaman? #oeacademy @nicspirasi_oe

♬ 原聲 – Dato’Calvin khiu-Mk – Dato’Calvin khiu-Mk

#9 Angel Low Ee

Angel Low Ee | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

The next viral Tik Tok star of Malaysia is @angelloweee, with her 2.3 million followers on the social platform. The teen creates cute and funny videos of her everyday life, alongside following the latest video trends across social media platforms. Many hit the follow button on @angelloweee, not just for her witty content, but also to be on the trail of her lavish influencer lifestyle. Definitely vision board material, we say.

# 10 Audrey

Audrey | TikTok Video Creators | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Last but not least is Audrey, better known on Tik Tok as @4feet9. As with young influencers, her TikTok video content also revolves around her daily life, with a sprinkling of comic-timing. Being an entrepreneurs herself, where she co-founded a coworking space with her husband namely Colony, her most recent relatable video is about the struggles of entrepreneurs while being in lockdown – where she showed us all that even the famous have difficulties facing a pandemic, just like us normies. Her 7103 followers return frequently for their everyday dose of her and her general “girl struggles” too. We feel you, Audrey.

What’s New?

TikTok videos are the new hot thing and, as with all fads, becomes a valuable, next-gen marketing tool, no matter how big or small your business is.

You can partner up with Malaysian Tik Tok advertising which will be the future marketing tools in the future – influencers to boost your traffic, or better yet, begin creating your own viral Tik Tok account for your business.

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