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Most Recommended Branding Agency Malaysia – 11 Creative Powerhouse Picks Backed by Results (2024 Review)

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Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

First impressions matter, and for your business, that comes in the form of branding.

Your brand is the face and voice of your business, conveying its identity and values to the world.

It tells people what your product or service is about and can even be used to relate to your target customers, creating a much-needed connection.

So whether you’re currently developing your business, or you’re looking to revamp your current branding, it’s good to have the right branding agency on your side.

These agencies can come up with the best creative branding strategies needed to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Ready to find the best branding agency Malaysia has to offer? We list out 11 of them to get you started.

Top 11 Branding Agencies in Malaysia For Your Business

Walk Production Brand Building Malaysia | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Walk Production is a prominent player in the Malaysian branding scene, renowned for its innovative design, content creation, and strategy development approach.

Specializing in brand development, they seamlessly blend creativity with market insights.

From logo conceptualization to comprehensive brand strategies, Walk Production crafts cohesive brand experiences that can help you resonate with your target audience.


  • Some of Walk Productions’ services include publication work such as annual report design, editorial design, and booklet printing.
  • They’ve serviced a wide range of clients, from exciting startups, SMEs and giant corporations.
ServicesBranding, Design, Publication, Website, Digital Marketing, Copywriting
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Email, Facebook
Notable ClientsFoodpanda, Argile Partners, Tan Cheng Motor, MCT Berhad, Desa Parkcity
One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia Branding Services | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

A digital marketing powerhouse, One Search Pro has extended its expertise to include comprehensive branding solutions through its creative services, leading it to become one of the best branding companies and digital marketing agency Malaysia.

Their forte lies in merging cutting-edge technology with creative prowess, ensuring your brand captures and retains attention.

With a focus on digital branding and strategic messaging, One Search Pro positions your brand at the forefront of the digital landscape.


  • One Search Pro offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including influencer marketing and video production.
  • The company is also the Winner of SME100 Awards 2022 Malaysia’s Fast Moving Companies.
ServicesSocial Media Marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Creative Services, Website Design, Marketing Campaign
ContactsWebsite, Phone (03-91349270), Facebook
Notable ClientsTots n Baby, Pos Malaysia, KoolOptix, Pure & Cure, Boba Wang
SGK Branding Malaysia | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

SGK brings a global perspective to the Malaysian branding arena. With a rich portfolio spanning various industries, SGK excels in creating cohesive brand ecosystems.

Their services go beyond traditional branding, encompassing packaging design, print support, and brand experiences.

SGK’s holistic approach ensures your brand message looks good and resonates authentically with your target market.


  • SGK has multiple agencies across the globe and has serviced over 1500+ clients worldwide.
  • Their services even include sustainability, which focuses on designing and implementing innovative solutions that reduce environmental impact.
ServicesPackaging, Brand Experience, Sustainability, Technology, Print Support
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsUnder Armour, Paper Mate, Van Houten, Knorr, Unilever
INKA Creative Agency Malaysia | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

INKA is a creative agency with a flair for storytelling, taking branding to new heights.

Known for their avant-garde design and strategic thinking, INKA crafts narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Whether it’s brand identity development or immersive brand experiences, INKA’s multidisciplinary team brings a fresh and dynamic approach to every project.


  • INKA’s services include brand assessment, gaining enough data to help you develop the best strategies to move forward.
  • They also offer product consultation for reports and books.
ServicesBranding, Strategy, Website, Publications
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsBritish American Tobacco Malaysia, Pintar Foundation, Opera Hotel, Jin Gastrobar, Cofundr
JUMIX Marketing Agency Malaysia | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Jumix is an award-winning brand marketing agency that punches above its weight in branding.

Specializing in web design and brand development, Jumix tailors its services to each client’s unique needs.

With a focus on high-end design and custom graphics, Jumix transforms brands into memorable entities, ensuring they leave an indelible mark on their audience.


  • Initially a solopreneur business to a well-developed team, Jumix has helped generate over a million dollars of revenue for clients.
  • Their services also include a payment gateway, making them ideal for e-commerce businesses.
ServicesBranding, E-commerce, Digital Marketing
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsEcoBrown’s, Kossan, Cocon, Carte, TVB, RedBull
Envicion Studio Advertising | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Envicion Studio is an advertising and digital agency focusing on creativity and innovation in corporate branding.

This agency combines design thinking with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, ensuring that each brand they touch becomes a compelling story.

Specializing in graphic design, digital marketing, and brand development, Envicion Studio infuses a fresh perspective into every project, making them a go-to choice for businesses seeking a modern and impactful brand identity.


  • Envicion Studio is in the property development business, mainly hotel and land, making them ideal for those in said industry.
  • They also provide outdoor campaign services, including billboards, bunting, banners, directional signage, etc.
ServicesConcepts & Branding, Digital Marketing, Property Marketing
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsSinopec, Eco World, Setia Sky Seputeh, PermasJaya BRDB, Setia Eco Hill
Grey Group Malaysia | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

With a global presence and a strong foothold in Malaysia, Grey is a powerhouse in the branding and advertising domain.

Known for its strategic approach to building famous brands, Grey takes a deep dive into market dynamics to craft brands that stand out from competitors and endure.

Whether it’s traditional advertising or cutting-edge digital campaigns, Grey’s expertise spans the entire spectrum, making them a versatile choice for businesses looking to make a significant impact.


  • Grey has offices across the globe, including America, UK, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.
  • They are part of AKQA, an international family of autonomous agencies that work together to deliver the best service for clients.
ServicesAdvertising & Communications, Health & Wellness, Sustainability, Design
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsDole, Makro, Pringles, ASCO, Pantene
Brand360 Full-Service Branding Agency | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Brand360 is a full-service branding agency that aims to support brands with their professional skill sets and proven digital marketing experience.

Brand360 brings a 360-degree perspective to brand development, from strategic brand consulting to visually captivating design.

Their commitment to understanding client objectives and market dynamics ensures that every brand they work on becomes a powerful entity with a distinct personality and a strong market presence.


  • Brand360 was established by two friends who have always been passionate about brands and branding.
  • They have helped many multinational corporations and forward-thinking businesses develop sharp and clear brand strategies.
ServicesBrand Design, Brand Strategy, Marketing
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsDaikin, Acer, Wonda Coffee, QV, Professor
Brandmoss Branding Agency Malaysia | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Brandmoss is a branding agency in Malaysia that’s all about bringing the right first visual impression to your brand.

This agency’s branding services focus on the intricate details of visual branding, creating brand identities that resonate deeply with the target audience.

Brandmoss specializes in brand development and design, with a keen eye for aesthetics and a commitment to visual storytelling. Brandmoss transforms brands into captivating narratives that leave a lasting impression.


  • Brandmoss offers unlimited graphic design services, promising a 24-48 hour turnaround for one design work at a time.
  • They have been listed as one of the best Advertising agencies in Malaysia.
ServicesVisual Branding, Unlimited Graphic Design, Graphic Design Quick Fix
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsGarden of Plant, SESPRE, Quantic Solutions, Celtic Hotel, FILAS VIP
DIA Branding Singapore & Malaysia | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

DIA is a Singaporean brand agency with studios in Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia.

They comprise a group of strategic, creative and business minds focused on inspiring and fostering creative thinking that results in effective business change.

They’re all about developing brands that lead to business growth, both externally through designs and internally through the people within a company.


  • DIA’s branding services are especially focused on businesses going through structural or strategic change or businesses that went through a merger or acquisition.
  • They also provide internal communications services, which include brand culture staff training.
ServicesEmployer Branding, Brand Design, Strategy Development, Digital Audit, Brand Audit, Brand Activation, Brand Communication
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsBoost, TOP Detergent, IJM, Singapore National Youth Orchestra, Maxx Coffee
Oblique Design Branding Agency | Best Branding Agency Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Oblique is a design-centric branding agency that’s all about delivering real results.

Specializing in branding consultancy and design, Oblique is focused on bringing out the fullest potential of your business through your brand and your story.

Oblique’s commitment to timeless design and strategy ensures that the brands they craft have a lasting impact, making them a preferred choice for businesses looking for an enduring brand and visual identity.


  • With 8 years of experience, Oblique has impacted 227 brands and has worked for 15 different industries.
  • They have an academy service where clients can purchase a guide to fast-track their business growth.
ServicesBrand Discovery, Creative Design, Digital Experience
ContactsWebsite, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsBigo Live, Bens Independent grocer, Village Grocer, Suppagood, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

How To Pick The Right Branding Agency For You

Selecting the right Malaysia branding agency is really important as it can profoundly impact your business’s trajectory.

To choose the right branding company in Malaysia, consider the following key factors.

Determine Your Branding Goals

Before embarking on the quest for the ideal agency, list your branding goals clearly.

Whether you’re seeking a complete brand overhaul or a nuanced refresh, understanding your objectives will guide your agency selection process.

Communicate your vision, target audience, and desired brand personality to prospective agencies, ensuring they align with your strategic direction.

Set a Budget

Establishing a realistic budget is essential to narrow down your options and ensure a harmonious partnership.

Different agencies cater to varying budget ranges, so be transparent about your financial constraints from the outset.

A reputable agency will work with you to maximize the impact of your budget, offering tailored solutions that align with your financial parameters.

Check Their Branding Portfolio

Portfolios are the window to an agency’s capabilities. Scrutinize their past projects to gauge their creativity, versatility, and ability to resonate with diverse audiences.

For example, if you’re looking to improve the branding of your Instagram, check out how they create symbol Instagram highlight icons.

Look for case studies that demonstrate how they tackled challenges similar to yours. A robust branding portfolio showcases an agency’s skills and provides insight into its industry expertise.

See How They Brand Themselves

A branding agency’s own brand is a testament to their abilities. Assess their website, social media presence, and overall branding process and strategy.

Does their own brand reflect the values you seek for your business?

For example, are they well-versed in branding and using Instagram for business? A cohesive and compelling agency brand often indicates a commitment to effective communication and strategic thinking.

In essence, the right branding agency is not just a service provider but a collaborative partner in shaping your brand’s narrative.

By aligning your goals, budget, and values with the agency’s capabilities and past performance, you pave the way for a successful and transformative branding journey.

Now, armed with insights into the best agencies and the criteria for selection, you’re ready to make an informed decision that propels your brand to new heights.

Get Your Branding Done By Experts

Now that you’re armed with insights into Malaysia’s top branding agencies and the crucial factors in selecting the right one, it’s time to transform your brand into a compelling narrative.

Among these agencies, One Search Pro Marketing stands out as a beacon of creativity and strategic branding.

Renowned for its innovative approach and comprehensive services and is one of the best social media agency in Malaysia, One Search Pro Marketing goes beyond traditional branding, offering a suite of creative strategies to make your business stand out.

Position your business for success – because in the dynamic business world, a standout brand is not just an option but a necessity. Elevate your brand with One Search Pro Marketing’s expertise.

Contact us today and get a free consultation to kickstart your branding journey.

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