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Ignite Your Social Media Presence With The Best Social Media Agency Malaysia Has to Offer (13 Picks)

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No matter if you’re a startup or a big-shot company, it’s crucial to establish an online presence to boost your marketing game.

And guess what? Simply having a website won’t cut it anymore. You need to jump on the social media bandwagon to really make an impact.

In Malaysia, where a huge number of people are hooked on social media, it’s super important for businesses to tap into this potential.

This is where social media marketing agencies come in handy! They know their way around the ever-changing digital marketing world and can help businesses navigate through it all.

In this article, we will dive into the 13 coolest social media agencies in Malaysia that can elevate your marketing strategies and help you reach your target audience like never before.

Exciting stuff, right? Let’s get started!

Social Media Agency Malaysia – Our Top 13 Picks

1. One Search Pro

One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

One Search Pro is a dynamic and innovative advertising business that has quickly made a name for itself in Malaysia’s digital marketing industry since its establishment in 2017.

When it comes to social media marketing, One Search Pro is your go-to choice. The agency specializes in crafting captivating and top-notch niche content that connects with your target market.

They strategically analyze data to ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the most opportune moments. You can expect engaging posts, stunning content, and data-driven insights to optimize your social media presence.

In addition to social media marketing, One Search Pro also offers a range of other digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, website design, video production, and creative services – all designed to drive traffic and conversions to your website.


  • Aims to achieve 4x ROI by targeting and converting the right audience on social media
  • Offers people-centric influencer marketing and content-emphasized marketing
  • Provides customized digital marketing strategies and solutions
  • Has served over 100 companies to increase their online presence
ServicesSocial Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, Google Ads, Website Design, Video Production, Creative Services
ContactsEmail, Phone (03-9134 0270), Facebook
Notable ClientsKPJ Healthcare, POS Malaysia, LG PuriCare, Kool Optix, The Mind Design, BeautyFoo Mall


INFLUASIA Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

INFLUASIA is an award-winning digital and influencer agency that specializes in influencer marketing, social media management, and content creation, all of which are great for boosting your social media presence.

The agency operates a network of Malaysia’s leading news and media sites and has worked with over 300 brands and agencies to bring their digital marketing campaigns to life.


  • Has a database of over 49,000 local and 9 million global influencers
  • Provides data-driven and effective influencer marketing campaigns through intelligent technology and expert assistance
  • Develops compelling content that resonates with the target audience
ServicesMedia Network Advertising, Digital Solutions, Influencer Marketing
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsGrab, Netflix, Sunway, Versa, Mamee

3. Shock Media Studio

Shock Media Studio Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Shock Media Studio specializes in showing you results in all of your digital marketing ventures, especially through the use of paid advertising.

This can be seen in their services that include FB Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), and even Retargeting, all of which use social media platforms combined with paid ads to help you boost your business and sales.


  • Founder Vince Tan has 18+ years of experience and a global presence as an Investor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Trainer across 20+ countries, including TEDx
  • Achieved $1 million revenue in 7 days from 4 online product launches
  • Offers website design, SEM, and SEO services to assist with website-related digital marketing
ServicesSEM, SEO, FB Marketing, Retargeting, CRO, Website Design
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsWatsons, Muchy’s, Maybank, Listerine, Drypers

4. SocialGrooves.com

SocialGrooves.com Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

SocialGrooves.com was founded in 2015 by CEO Christopher Tock.

It is a social media marketing and branding digital agency that specializes in a wide range of digital marketing strategies, including developing strong relationships for businesses with online communities.

One of their standout services includes LinkedIn Marketing, a promising social media platform that’s great for B2B companies.


  • Offers social media management, digital analytics, video production, and influencer outreach services.
  • CEO is currently exploring marketing solutions for the Metaverse.
ServicesSocial Media Management, Digital Analytics, Interactive Apps, CRM
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsBurger King, Habib, Pet Lovers Centre, RHB, Lazada

5. Kingdom Digital

Kingdom Digital Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Kingdom Digital is one of Malaysia’s most awarded Social & Content agencies based in Malaysia.

Their focus is a lot on developing strong relationships not only with you as a client, but also by helping you develop meaningful experiences with your consumers across multiple platforms.

Kingdom Digital has also recently joined Hakuhodo Inc., an integrated marketing solutions company based in Tokyo, Japan!


  • Won several awards, including the Marketing Excellence Awards, Dragons of Asia Awards, and the A+M AOTY & MARKies
  • Offers Digital Creative Automation (DCA) services that use their own proprietary delivery system to deliver personalized digital ads and videos to consumers
ServicesSocial Media & Content Marketing, Digital 360 Campaign, Web Experiences, DCA, Video Production & Stories, Digital Creative Production
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsSilky Girl, Lactel, Inti, Digi, Acuvuie, Nutox

6. Team Lewis

Team Lewis Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Team Lewis is a PR Agency that offers digital marketing services with 24 offices across the globe, one of them being Kuala Lumpur.

They promise to go beyond cool campaigns and vanity metrics and are instead focused on solving problems and understanding what is really needed to deliver results.


  • Provides an international team that operates in over 80 markets to deliver award-winning brand experiences
  • Has access to over 500 specialists who speak over 40 languages
  • Has a diverse client base from various industries, including automotive, cybersecurity, and enterprise technology
ServicesPublic Relations, Digital Marketing, Creative, Analytics, Global Campaign Management, Demand Generation, SEO Branding, Marketing Research, Crisis Management
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsSchneider Electric, Turkish Airlines, Skechers, GE Healthcare, Mitsubishi Electric

7. Mad Hat PR

Mad Hat Asia PR Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Mad Hat PR is a people-first creative PR and social media agency that’s focused on telling the right stories.

This agency offers a young outlook that’s paired with a wealth of experience, bringing years of combined communications expertise and creativity to all digital marketing ventures.


  • Established in 2015 and provides over 9 decades of combined experiences
  • Known best for their #stayathome campaign during the social distancing period
  • Offers creative communications strategies, which involve campaign development, creative and event conceptualization, and social media strategy
ServicesCreative Communications Strategies, Content Development & Production, Media & Public Relations, Influencer Engagement, Social Media Content & Management, Issues Management
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsCadbury, Rexona, Lifebuoy, Heineken, Kotex

8. Tiara Digital Advertising

Tiara Digital Advertising Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Tiara Digital Advertising aims to be your all-in-one digital marketing agency social media solution, providing you all your digital journey essentials needed on your journey.

This award-winning company doesn’t just send out a quotation of their services but provides a free full-scale consultation to ensure you get the right solutions for your digital marketing endeavors.


  • Won awards from SME CORP & MITI Malaysia for SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement and Coach & Grow Programme for Most Business Progress via Technology Adoption
  • Has a wide range of clients, both local and international
  • Has a distinct focus on ensuring each piece of content is especially localized
ServicesSocial Media Management, Social Media Paid Marketing, Google Ads Management, Video Marketing
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsSmart Reader Kids, Coway, Dr MI Medispa, Skippy, SimplySiti

9. Maroon Studio

Maroon Studio Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Maroon Studio is a boutique interactive design and social media solutions agency based in KL.

They are renowned for using cutting-edge strategies and the latest technologies to produce memorable digital experiences that engage users and produce desired outcomes.

Their team of qualified experts combines their knowledge and creativity to create compelling campaigns that connect with the desired target markets.


  • Provides Gamification services, which brings gaming elements into non-gaming business contexts, a great way to boost engagement
  • Includes influencer engagement and community engagement as part of campaign targets
ServicesSocial Media & Content Marketing, Games & AR, Website Design, Photo & Video
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsWatsons, llaollao, MyNews, PINK by Pure Beauty, AirAsia

10. Jumix

Jumix Design Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Jumix Design is an award-winning digital branding agency that focuses on branding and digital marketing. They work with a wide range of clients, from small local businesses to large global corporations.

Jumix is adamant that any business can be successful by offering a contemporary design, compelling content, and diverse marketing techniques.


  • Evolved from solopreneur (founder Sanz Teoh) to now an agency of experts
  • Has worked with over 500 clients and has even made over 500 websites
  • Claims to have 30+ millions of revenue made for their clients
ServicesBranding Services, eCommerce Services, Digital Marketing
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsMobile Legends, eRider, MoonTon, Carte Kitchen, Espada

11. AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

AJ Marketing is a digital marketing agency that’s all about solving your marketing challenges in the Asia-Pacific.

They’re especially well-known for their influencer marketing across various Asia Pacific countries, where you can subscribe to a plan and request influencer collaborations scaled to your preference.


  • Has over 7000 partner influencers with a 1.3 billion audience reach
  • Covers countries such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and India
  • Includes celebrity campaigns and digital billboards
ServicesInfluencer Marketing, Performance Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO, Press Release, Celebrity Campaigns, Digital Billboards
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsRakuten, Microsoft, AMD, Adobe, TikTok

12. Lion & Lion

Lion & Lion Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Lion & Lion is a full-service award-winning digital marketing agency with offices in KL, Jakarta, and Singapore.

Their service covers tailor-made solutions in areas such as strategy, creative, social and media, combining brand marketing and media strategy to deliver the best results.


  • Consists of over 120 specialists who have served over 15 markets thus far
  • Includes media audits & strategy, e-commerce, content & partnerships services
ServicesStrategy, Creative, Social, Media Services
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsBigPay, Samyang, AIA, Redoxon, Mars Petcare

13. Nextsclick Digital

Nextsclick Digital Logo | Social Media Agency Malaysia Guide | One Search Pro Malaysia

Nextsclick Digital is an ROI & performance-driven agency based in Malaysia.

Their performance marketing strategy and services promise to convert your traffic into actual leads or sales, with the goal of doubling or tripling your sales on various digital platforms.


  • Won the Gold award for Asia E-commerce in 2021
  • Includes TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook & IG ads, and YouTube Ads services
  • Provides programmatic ads that target specific audience behaviors and automate the decision-making process for media purchases
ServicesDigital Strategy, Landing Page Design, Online Advertising
ContactsEmail, Phone, Facebook
Notable ClientsGHL, JobStreet.com, DiamondPlatinum, Kamdar, Yeo’s

How to Choose The Right Homegrown Social Media Agency

Looking at this list, it’s clear that every social media marketing agency in Malaysia has its own unique strengths, niches, and priorities when it comes to its marketing strategies.

Each one brings something different to the table and tailors their approach according to what works best for them.

If you’re on the hunt for a social media company, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These factors will help you make the right decision and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing the right one for you.

Alignment with Goals

Ensure the social media agency understands and aligns with your business goals.

Whether your aim is to increase brand awareness, generate leads, drive website traffic, boost sales, increase engagement, or create a thriving online community, their strategies should align with your objectives.


Look for a social media management agency with a proven track record in achieving results similar to what you’re aiming for.

A solid history of successful campaigns demonstrates their ability to navigate the complexities of various social media platforms effectively.


Every business is unique. A reputable agency should be willing to create tailored strategies that suit your specific industry, target audience, and business size, even if they were to offer social media marketing packages.


Transparency is crucial. The social media company you choose should provide clear insights into their strategies, progress, and results.

Regular reporting and communication will ensure you’re informed about the impact of their efforts.


Social media thrives on creativity. Look for an agency with social media marketing services that can deliver fresh and innovative content that resonates with your audience, setting you apart from competitors.


A successful partnership involves collaboration. The agency should be open to incorporating your input, ideas, and feedback into their strategies.

A collaborative approach ensures the campaigns reflect your brand’s voice and values.

Research Skills

The ability to conduct thorough market and competitor research is vital.

The agency should understand your industry landscape and be aware of emerging trends to keep your campaigns relevant.

Budget Consideration

While quality comes at a price, it’s essential to find an agency that offers value within your budget. Balance your financial constraints with the agency’s ability to deliver results.

Testimonials and Reviews

Check for client testimonials and online reviews. Insights from previous and current clients can give you a clear picture of the agency’s strengths and areas that may need improvement.


As your business grows, your social media needs may change. Select an agency with the flexibility to scale their strategies and services to accommodate your evolving requirements.

See if You “Like” One Search Pro and Schedule A Meeting

Social media marketing is a game-changer in today’s digital world. It’s the ultimate way to connect and interact with your audience on a whole new level. Undeniably, you can’t ignore its powerful impact.

As you discover the many social media management agency options in Malaysia, there’s one agency that stands out amidst the competition — One Search Pro.

With a proven history of crafting innovative strategies, achieving exceptional results, and embodying the key qualities of an ideal socmed agency, One Search Pro offers a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and customization through its social media marketing services.

We’re not just another option – we’re the solution that aligns with your goals. Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey to elevate your brand’s digital presence.

FAQs on Social Media Marketing Companies

What Does a Social Media Agency Do?

A social media agency specializes in managing, creating, and optimizing content across various social media platforms. They develop strategies, curate engaging content, monitor analytics, and run advertising campaigns to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Is It Worth Hiring a Social Media Agency?

Absolutely! A skilled social media agency brings expertise, time-saving benefits, and a fresh perspective. They understand platform algorithms, trends, and user behavior, which translates into effective campaigns that drive results.

What Should a Social Media Marketing Agency Offer?

A reliable social media marketing agency should offer strategic planning, content creation, community management, data analysis, and performance tracking. They should also tailor their services to your specific business goals and industry needs.

What is the No 1 Social Media in Malaysia?

The top social media platform in Malaysia is currently WhatsApp, with a significant user base. However, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram also get high engagement among Malaysian social media users.

What is the Difference Between a Social Media Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing Agency?

While both agencies operate within the digital realm, a social media marketing agency focuses exclusively on social platforms, crafting content and strategies for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On the other hand, a digital marketing agency encompasses a broader spectrum, including SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising, with social media marketing being just one facet of their services.

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