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Clickup Review: Is ClickUp Any Good? Find Out in This In-Depth Review

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Clickup Review: Is ClickUp Any Good? Find Out in This In-Depth Review - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

Have you ever felt like logging off your computer as you look at your weekly to-do list?

Infinite to-do lists seem like they never end. Just when you think you’ve finished one, another one pops up.

It can be overwhelming to manage client expectations, finish work priorities and achieve business goals simultaneously.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or project manager, there are a plethora of ways to be more productive.

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Using productivity software is one way to make your workflow easier.

Right now, you will find a lot of productivity platforms online. You might be wondering which is perfect for your business needs. You might have heard the name ‘ClickUp’. Well, Click Up is one popular project management software that keeps everything related to business in one place.

In this article, we will discuss the features, pricing, pros and cons, and if Clickup is the best tool to streamline your workflow. With this review, you can easily decide if ClickUp is the right tool for you and your business.

By the end of this article, you should be able to understand:

  • What is ClickUp good for?
  • Who uses ClickUp?
  • What is the cost of using Click Up?
  • What are the key features of Clickup?
  • What are some pros and cons of using ClickUp?
  • What’s better than ClickUp?
ClickUp Review: Features, Pricing, Pros, & Cons, and Product Details - ClickUp Review - One Search Pro Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

ClickUp Review – What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a project management tool that aims to replace all existing ‘broken’ management software. With every tool and app a company uses under one roof, this resource management tool aims to make teams 20% more productive.

Launched in 2016 by Zeb Evans and Alex Yurkowski, [1] ClickUp is a new wave crushing it all when it comes to making work easier.

As stated on their website, “make the world more productive together”. The company believes that existing management software is broken and they’re here to fix it. Guess that’s where the nickname ‘underdog of the productivity software industry’ comes from.

With the ClickUp app, everything related to your workflow is kept in one spot. So, you can work directly on the ClickUp app instead of going through the painful journey of going from one window to another. You have all full access to tasks, chats, and documents.

When Click Up guarantees users can save one day a week – we can well believe that! Because they analyzed the time saved by 4,000 teams after switching to ClickUp and they found that they saved 52 days every year! [2] Pretty Impressive, right?

Who is ClickUp for?

ClickUp provides teams with a powerful resource management platform. It caters to project managers, freelancers, product managers, solopreneurs, and other business owners. ClickUp is best suited for teams ranging from 1 to thousands of members.

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Unlike other available project management tools, ClickUp works perfectly for solo users. In fact, large teams in popular companies such as Google, Airbnb, and Uber are currently signed up on the platform.

Presently, more than 100,000 teams are using ClickUp to ease their workflow.

Click-Up Pricing: Why is ClickUp So Cheap?

Compared to other project management tools, ClickUp seems to be cost-effective. But, as you add more users to your team, the cost of using the app gets a bit higher.

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ClickUp pricing includes:



Unlimited Plan

( $5 a user per month)


( $9 a user per month)


( $9 a user per month)

Enterprise Plan


It is best for Personal use

Works well for small teams

Unlimited Teams

Team Sharing

White labeling

100 Mb Storage

Unlimited Storage

Google Single sign-on

More automation and APIs

Enterprise APIS

Access to ClickUp Basic Functionality

Unlimited Dashboard

10,000+ automation

Subtasks in Multiple lists

Guided Onboarding

In-app Video recording

Unlimited Gantt Charts

Advanced time tracking

Dedicated Success manager

Unlimited Tasks

Resource management

Timelines and Mind maps

Native Time Tracking

Agile reporting

The forever-free plan provides access to unlimited tasks. Making it great for solopreneurs, freelancers even startup founders.

However, the free plan doesn’t integrate with popular workflow apps like Dropbox and Google drive. There’s also no access to important features like cloud storage.

Using the free plan, you get an insight into what the platform has to offer. You can decide to upgrade to a paid plan if it suits your business needs.

ClickUp Features: Our 7 Favourite Features From ClickUp

ClickUp Features | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Project Management dashboard. Source: ClickUp

Folks at ClickUp describe their software as “having all the features, without all the mess”. The software functions are divided into different categories. They are:

  • Task Management
  • Process Management
  • Time Management
  • Team Collaboration and Reporting
  • Apps and Devices
  • Integrations
  • New Feature Development (coming soon)

Each feature of the app has a lot of functions. We’re going to take a look at those functions below.

Task Management

Writing a task list takes a lot of time. Adding it to a calendar makes the process never-ending. With the ClickUp task management system, you can handle tasks in a project, prioritize and organize them according to your needs.

ClickUp Task Management | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp’s Task management Dashboard. Source: ClickUp

Thanks to a drag and drop feature, you can set deadlines and task dependencies based on urgent tasks. You have the ability to:

  • Set recurring tasks
  • Organize deadlines
  • Set daily or weekly reminders for particular tasks
  • Access specific workstreams with filters
  • Create tasks in any order or category you prefer
  • Change priorities, dates, or deadlines of tasks (or change overdue tasks)

Process Management

Do you easily forget some elements of your tasks?

ClickUp’s ease of use makes it easier to track and reduce the amount of time wasted repeating tasks. It provides you with a large picture overview of your progress coupled with smaller details of your work.

Depending on which you want to check, you can switch to check larger project details and smaller ones.

ClickUp Process Management | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Project Management Dashboard. Source: ClickUp App

You can display your to-do lists in different formats. For die-hard to-do list fanatics like me, you can stick with a listview. If you prefer visual displays, you can arrange your tasks on a kanban board.

Using the paid version, you’ll have access to features such as Calendar, Gantt chart, and box views for displaying tasks. You don’t have to worry about forgetting deadlines when using ClickUp. You can set deadlines and reminders for tasks to keep you and your team on track.

Software developers would love the third-party integrations with tools like HubSpot, Facebook, and Mailchimp. It also has an expansion built specifically for Monday, so software developers can build their integrative tools.

One other feature project managers love is the workload charts feature. The chart makes it easy to track which teams have space to take on more tasks or are at full capacity.

Time Management

ClickUp Time Management | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Adding Calendar to ClickUp time management Dashboard. Source: ClickUp App

With more companies switching to remote work, time management tools are a very important feature for all project management software. ClickUp time management tool allows users to manage calendars and track milestones.

Its seamless integration with Google calendar allows it to sync information, so your dates and tasks can transfer across without having to miss important deadlines.

You can add due dates and track time automatically, so deadlines cannot be missed. The time management tool allows you to add start and finish dates for tasks and you can keep track of the time each user uses to complete a task.

Another really cool feature is the Gantt chart, users can schedule, plan and prioritize tasks by creating a project timeline. You will get notified for any complete tasks, incomplete, or missed tasks.

For software developers, custom automation is possible using the time management feature. [3] The customization page works you through all the processes using very simple language buttons, literally, anyone can customize it. APIs are pretty easy to use on the ClickUp app.

Team Collaboration and Reporting

ClickUp Team Collaboration & Reporting | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Team Collaboration Dashboard. Source: ClickUp App

ClickUp has collaboration features that allow teams to work together. Never-ending email ping-pong matches about who’s doing what are eliminated. You can see what your team members are working on and the progress with the tasks.

Successful projects are based on keeping each member of the team up-to-date. That’s why ClickUp allows you to save time and directly tag every team member in task comments. So, new collaborators can be assigned to different tasks without having to send email messages.

Alongside the real-time collaboration feature, you can:

  • Sync workflows
  • Edit comments
  • Assign multiple tasks to different team members
  • Add guests to projects with limited access (they can only view lists and projects- rather than having the ability to add or remove projects)
  • Add dates to workflows and paste images

You can also host discussions about a project stream with anyone or even publicly share your work. For a larger team, the team reporting tool provides an overview of what the team is up to. The team reporting tool has a percentage feature that allows you to identify incomplete projects.

Apps and Devices

ClickUp works seamlessly with all modern browsers: Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire devices. It also works on a Macbook, Windows, and Linux operating system. ClickUp app can be downloaded onto multiple devices such as Chrome, mobile, desktop, Gmail, image Markup- even Alexa and Google Assistant.

My favorite feature about the app integrations is with Gmail. You can create tasks through your email account. So, you don’t have to leave your Gmail account before attaching mail to tasks. Cool, right?

Other Features

ClickUp teams are constantly creating new features. The first is the /slash command, which allows you to type / on ClickUp without having to use your mouse. They also have the QuickSwitch-if you type K, you can switch to different spaces and lists.

Not only can you perform tasks, but also earn money while using the ClickUp app. ClickUp has a referral program that encourages users to recommend ClickUp to family, friends, or colleagues. [4] Think of it like how an affiliate works – you earn through your referrals!

For each sign-up you get through your link, you get reward points. This can be converted into cash. Currently, 150 points give you $1.50.

New Weekly Features (Be On The Lookout!)

ClickUp New Weekly Features  | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp API documentation process. Source: ClickUp App

ClickUp app developers aren’t sleeping on creating new features that will make life easier for their users. ClickUp says their teams are working around the clock in ‘8 time zones to get features tested, implemented and released’.

Several features in development have been announced recently. Some are:

  • Mind Maps: Another graphical way to represent ideas or tasks. ClickUp users can use this feature to map out a project or plan.
  • White Label: Enterprise plan users can use this feature to create white-label products without having ClickUp branding.
  • Safari and Firefox extensions: To enable you to capture screenshots, create tasks and track time while you use these internet browsers.
  • Localization: ClickUp is adding different language translations. You can use ClickUp in languages such as Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, and Czech.

Pros and Cons of Using ClickUp

This promising app also comes with its perks. Truth is, no matter how perfect an app is created, it might not suit some needs.

In this section, you can look through the advantages and disadvantages to determine if ClickUp is the tool you would go for.



1. Suitable to personal and team collaboration: ClickUp provides teams with a powerful collaboration tool. Unlike other project management software, It works perfectly for solo users. It comes with a simple user interface, and with the help of the integration, it saves teams time when dealing with working on multiple apps.

1. The UI isn’t very impressive: The text font is very small. It is also hard to skim through your projects because of the text colors. There is limited color coding and it doesn’t provide enough contrast.

2. Clickup is Consumer-centric: ClickUp continually rolls out new features and improvements based on their customer’s needs.

2. Too many features: ClickUp has a lot of great features, for real. But some users reported they feel overwhelmed during the initial setup due to the variety of features present. The ease of use and learning curve is a bit high for most teams as they find it difficult to use almost all features.

3. Full-featured free version: Free versions of most computer software include limited and basic features. ClickUp offers several features normally found in paid versions of other software. Features like dashboards, time tracking, task dependencies, team collaboration, 24/7 support, and 2FA authentication are part of the free plan.

3. Overwhelming customization options: This feature can be an advantage or disadvantage to users. It can be of advantage if the users need to choose and customize to make the software suit their needs. But, some users claim they prefer to use the app to work on their projects only. Truth is, customizing the app to serve one overall purpose is an added benefit for users who use multiple apps to work.

4. Great dashboard view: Using the ClickUp app, you get nice visuals from your dashboard. You can also switch views from different perspectives resulting in varying insights. This is one of the main distinguishing features from the ClickUp app to other competitors.

4. Only the paid version gets Cloud Storage.

5. User-friendly layout: Everything is easy to use and manage on Clickup. Multiple projects are highly organized making the app very easy to navigate.

6. Very affordable: Clickup pricing allows teams to reduce the cost of using two or more apps to manage their projects. So companies only have to pay for one single platform to manage their workflow rather than 2-3 platforms.

ClickUp Compared to Other Project Management Software: How is ClickUp Different?

After learning about the pricing and features of ClickUp, you may be asking yourself, “ isn’t ClickUp like any other project management tool?” Perhaps you may have used tools like Asana and Monday and you feel like it’s not the right fit for your business.

The reality is all businesses have different needs, while all productivity tools are all designed to enhance your business workflow, they all differ in unique functions and use cases. Monday.com for example is a work operating system. It is simple and colorful. It’s an intuitive version of Google Sheets.

One app to replace other existing management software is Asana. Asana is another popular management tool that helps teams manage, organize and track their work. These project management tools might seem similar.

But some are best suited to smaller teams that have less complex needs than others, ClickUp, for example, works seamlessly for small teams.

Best Work Operating System

Best All-round

Best Free Tier

Best Automation Features

Best User-Interface

Click Up




Zoho projects


$9 a user/ month + Forever free plan

$10 a user/month + Forever free plan

$9.80 a user/ month + Forever free plan

$11 a user/month

$9 a user/ month

Unlimited Users






Email Tray






Private tasks






Board view







Easy to use interface, a simple software with a powerful work operating system. It provides a valuable free plan for solo users and value plans for teams as well.

A great task management tool that works perfectly when customized to needs. It comes alongside a generous free trial period.

Management software with a plain interface that’s very easy to navigate. It comes with a forever-free version that’s very useful.

An online team collaboration tool that specializes in workflow management. It is a very flexible software thanks to its ease of use.

Another great team collaboration tool offers a small price for small teams. It features automation that speeds up work processes.

With ClickUp’s forever free plan, you get the ability to create unlimited tasks, add unlimited users, and access most key features.

Unlike other tools that enable at most 5 users for their free plan, ClickUp has made sure everyone can enjoy the benefit of having a project management software.

Our Verdict – ClickUp is a Powerful Project Management Tool

We think ClickUp looks good. The website is easy to understand, read and navigate. Looking into the pros of the app, it’s a very versatile and comprehensive project management platform. When it comes to performing complex tasks with large team members, ClickUp always comes through with accessible features.

It’s also great for organizing time and you can use it with your calendar to manage your time effectively.

However, some users find the customization and the number of features too complex to use. We agree because the interface and the documentation are a bit rough.

Software developers would enjoy working with this app because it’s pretty straightforward. If you’re not a developer and you’re trying to customize the app, with time and patience, you will slowly adapt and learn how to mold it into a preferred shape.

Customer Services and Support

Connect with ClickUp | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp numerous Support Options. Source: ClickUp

ClickUp customer service is very great. They assist with their product documentation and APIs for companies that want to customize the app for their use. Getting started on the app, you have a lot of tutorial videos and written guides at your disposal.

Getting Started on ClickUp | ClickUp Review | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Getting Started on ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

On the company website, they have a blog that covers topics like, ‘What is Gantt Chart and how to use it, How to stay focused at work and How to create your CRM in ClickUp’. It pretty much covers productivity topics and how to use the app. It might be a little overwhelming to navigate at first but they provide a good insight on how to use the app.

Switching to ClickUp

If you are already using project management software like Asana, Trello, or Monday, ClickUp allows you to automatically import data from those tools. Switching to Clickup is very easy.

ClickUp Integrations

ClickUp allows access to popular productivity tools like Slack, Github, Google Drive, Zapier, YouTube, Google Chrome, Outlook, One Drive, and many more.

The company announced it will be releasing one new integration every week. So, make sure you’re on the lookout. There is also integration with tools like Google Sheets, Salesforce, CloudApp, Shift, and Hubspot.

ClickUp Security

ClickUp is leading in regards to the most secure tool in the industry. The company commits to safekeeping consumer data and only collects data to improve its services and market its own products.

ClickUp stores your data through AWS and there have been no security breaches. [5] You can read more about it in their privacy policy. Luckily, ClickUp doesn’t outsource the whole data security process. They handle the transfer to AWS and in-app chat in-house. Your data is 100% safe with ClickUp.

Is ClickUp Right for you?

ClickUp project management software is a highly recommended software alongside other competing apps like Asana, Monday, etc. The current cons could be temporary, as developers are constantly listening and working on feedback to better improve the software for a good user experience.

ClickUp is a must-try for solo and team users who are looking for an all-in-one platform to make work easier. Apart from the overwhelming features, the app is a good value for its money – considering the free plan that allows users to complete a large number of projects without having to pay any money.

If you want to take your resource management to the next level, ClickUp offers a good value for money. I suggest you try Clickup’s free plan to test the waters, especially if you’re migrating from another project management software.

See what the app has to offer. It will only cost you time to navigate through the app, test it out and it fits your needs- you can migrate to premium plans.

Do you want more content like this? Check our post about Google marketing tools. As a reputable digital marketing agency in Malaysia, we produce great content like this every week. Find out more about our content and services @OneSearchPro.

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