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How to Say “Follow Us on Social Media” for Maximum Reach and Engagement (2024 Guide)

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Are you facing hurdles in expanding your social media following?

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, content creator or influencer, followers are essential to the success of your company.

If it’s been tough trying to grow your following in the past, don’t worry – you can still make progress.

Before we get into how we can do that, we need to understand that CTAs are an essential element of any content.

Whether it be to interact with your website, social media, or even just simply a link, these invites to act show the reader that you have something important for them to see. There is a variety of ways CTAs can manifest, making them incredibly versatile.

Incorporating a “follow us on social media” CTA in your content is among one of those ways that can be incredibly beneficial for your brand. It may lead to an increase in social media followers and engagement, which in turn can improve SEO rankings and website conversion rate.

How Can You Start Getting Followers on Social Media?

To build a successful social media presence, you’ll need to start with the basics. We’ll discuss strategies for creating calls to action that will attract followers and keep them engaged on your account.

To engage your followers, it’s essential to craft a call before sending out your content. Any lack of clarity and value may make them feel uninterested, so make sure you include the essential elements that’ll provide them with an incentive to initiate a social follow with you.

Publish Value-Added Content

Showing your followers that you care about them by providing value-packed content is an excellent way to show you care. This type of content should not be just randomly informative but also something useful that they can put into practice to make decisions or live better.

Remember that you shouldn’t just create fluff and meaningless content for the sake of attracting followers.

Update Your Content Regularly

Scheduling content regularly is great for keeping the public engaged with your business. It also shows that you are continuing to stay active and functioning in the market.

In addition to helping you stay connected to your followers, these consistent posts are also a way for you to gauge interest. This is because they encourage feedback and engagement so you can see what works better in attracting them.

Don’t Neglect Your Profile

No matter which top social media sites you’re on, you need to be sure to update your profile. Complete profiles help viewers to reach and understand your business better.

Having key information easily accessible, such as your business address, contact number, opening hours and map location can help to establish credibility for your brand. This can be a great way to increase customer trust in your business.

Business Information of Unicorn Cafe on Facebook | Follow Us on Social Media | One Search Pro Marketing
A good social media page has all your important business information. Source: Unicorn Cafe

Learn How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be a great tool to help your content go viral as they make it easier for the relevant users to find it. They also help increase engagement as people can easily see and interact with related posts.

With the help of hashtags, it is easy for users to find and engage with your content. They might stumble upon branded hashtags which can lead them to your page. Establishing a successful presence on social media only takes a few clicks!

Writing Captions for More Engagements, Likes, and Comments

Crafting captions for your posts is an intricate task – it’s something that includes taking into account diverse factors like Instagram followers, presence on Facebook and other social media platform, and the target audience you are addressing.

Younger people tend to have shorter attention spans, so it’s best to keep your captions concise. Keeping them short and concise will help you capture their attention for longer.

Even though writing captions is a creative pursuit, there are certain tips to help boost viewer engagement and interest. Knowing these tricks can increase the impact of your posts and get more people involved.

Go Straight to the Point

Start your caption with the most important point that you’re trying to communicate. This will draw in your audience right away and give them a reason to stay and learn more. After that, provide additional details if necessary to enhance their understanding.

Starting with a few too many unnecessary sentences right off the bat could cause your viewers to lose interest and ignore your post completely. To keep them engaged, make sure to get to the point quickly!

Bandai Hobby Sponsored Post on Instagram | Follow Us on Social Media | One Search Pro Marketing
Keep your message to the point. Source: Bandai Hobby

Keep Paragraphs Short

If you want to keep your readers hooked and engaged, it’s important to break up text into smaller chunks. Long-winding paragraphs can be quite overwhelming, making them lose interest in the content quickly.

To make your caption look less cluttered and more enjoyable, try keeping the paragraphs one or two lines in length. In certain cases, you can also use emojis to add a touch of fun and playfulness.

Avoid Complex Jargon

When crafting your marketing message, always try to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. Keep away from jargon and overly technical phrases; use relaxed language that people can connect with easily.

By doing this, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience who will be able to “get” your posts and jokes.

Davud Akhundazada Appreciation Post | Follow Us on Social Media | One Search Pro Marketing
Simple messages work the best. Source: Davud Akhundzada

Appeal to Emotions

Use sentences that speak to the audience’s emotions. Studies have shown that if you craft your message to be emotionally evocative, people can relate to it more easily.

For instance, when promoting your product, you can emphasize how it strengthens relationships and family ties. This will help your customers remember their families and encourage them to purchase from you.

Ask for Opinions

Yes, your Call to Action (CTA) game should be strong, but it’s also important to write captions that actually engage your viewers.

You can even occasionally ask them a question or two and get their feedback on certain topics. This will help draw in more interest in your content.

You can go beyond merely asking people for their opinions – why not enquiring further by getting them to answer questions, volunteer new information, recount experiences, and even take part in polls? This way you can get a more comprehensive insight into consumer responses.

Great Examples of ‘Follow Us on Social Media’ Posts

Sometimes, CTA captions can sound generic and uninspiring, since there are so many content creators and businesses saying the same thing.

Messages like “Follow us on Instagram” and “Follow us on Facebook” are everywhere. As such, it becomes imperative to curate and tailor content to your brand’s unique voice.

If you’re clear about the basic guidelines of how to gain followers, here are some Call to Action examples on how to say follow this page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, or any other social media platforms.

Call to Action 1

Template: Don’t waste any more of your precious time, follow us here at (social media platform) for more updates on __________ which will help you ___________.

Example: Don’t waste any more of your precious time, follow us here at Instagram for more updates on your favorite beauty products which will help you make the best purchase decisions.

Call to Action 2

Template: Join our (social media) community for the best tips and tricks for __________with tutorials that will help you_____________.

Example: Join our Facebook community for the best tips and tricks for diving enthusiasts, with tutorials that will help you be a better diver.

Call to Action 3

Template: Let’s stay in touch! Follow us on (social media) today until (later date and stand a chance to win ____________.

Example: Let’s stay in touch! Follow us at Instagram today until the 11th of March and stand a chance to win a fully paid three days two nights vacation to Langkawi!

Call to Action 4:

Template: Click _____ to be a part of our exciting (social media) community! We are constantly posting __________and you’ll receive the latest updates __________.

Example: Click our ‘join’ button to be a part of our exciting YouTube community! We are constantly posting more videos and you’ll receive the latest updates when we upload our content.

Call to Action 5:

Template: Have you joined (exclusive brand club) on (social media)? ____members can enjoy various perks including ______________, exclusively for members only where we ______________.

Example: Have you joined our exclusive Premier Club on TikTok? Club members can enjoy various perks including access to free weekly live streaming videos, exclusively for members where we discuss all you need to know about financial planning.

Other Types of Content to Increase Followers

In addition to having captions on posts that prompt people to follow you on Instagram (and other platforms), try other types of content too. Having diverse CTAs in different posts and formats will help you connect with more potential followers as they all have different preferences.

Reels or Stories

Most social media sites have this option where short-form content is posted for 24 hours. They go by several names like Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, and YouTube Shorts.


Studies indicate that young people tend to prefer watching videos rather than reading text when it comes to content consumption.

Work with Influencers

By collaborating with social media influencers who have a high follower count, your brand can reach a wider audience. This will give you access to potential customers that you may not be able to market to otherwise.

Having them mention or review your brand will help it gain exposure and increase its visibility.

Malaysian Cosplayer Hakken's Instagram Collaboration with Samsung | Follow Us on Social Media | One Search Pro Marketing
Samsung recently worked with cosplay influencer, Hakken. Source: _hakkencoser_

Live Streaming

Use the live streaming feature available on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and more to promote your products, services or just engage with viewers. Make sure to include your buy now button to increase direct conversion.

Extra Tips to Build Your Online Community

It is not only about gaining more followers, but also ensuring that you can keep them for the long haul.

That said, you should make sure that your followers are well taken care of and satisfied with the way their interaction with your website goes. This will lead to them promoting it among their peers, hence resulting in social proof with more people joining in as followers.

To build yourself a social empire, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Develop a brand voice as soon as possible.
  • Have a relatable mission that everyone can strive towards together.
  • Always lend credibility to their thoughts and opinions.
  • Develop an ‘internal code’ with terms and phrases that only the community shares.
  • Encourage community-generated content.
  • Provide platforms and opportunities for your followers to meet and interact, whether virtually or in real life.
  • Let more followers be part of your brand development through feedback.
  • Reward followers regularly for their participation.
  • Create a feeling of belonging and exclusivity.
  • Amplify the positive things you have done for the community, such as resolving issues they have brought up.

A “Follow Us on Social Media” Call is Just The Beginning

All in all, CTAs are great for getting more followers, but it’s important to use them in different ways and not overdo it with the same message. It’s best to space out your “follow our social media page” messaging as too much can lead to bored or uninterested audience.

To ensure that you craft and use the most effective CTA for your business, it is best to work with professionals like One Search Pro.

We have the expertise and experience to help you create effective and successful social campaigns. The result? You move more leads and generate more revenue for your business.

Wait no more and contact us to set up a free consultation today.

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