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22 Best Free SEO Tools Must Have For Marketers

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30 Best Free SEO Tools Must Have For Marketer - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency

Search engine optimization(SEO) is a digital way of fully utilizing various search engines to your advantage to drive traffic to your website. Marketers around the globe use SEO to ensure that their websites are accessible.

The website’s design also contributes to its success; the content you have on various pages of your website needs to be detailed enough to answer any questions from the searchers with ease.

While creating suitable content for your website, maximize the keywords since it will lure in various searches making your website a favorite on search engines.

SEO tools benefit marketers by an improved experience for searchers, business improves due to increasing traffic, elevates the website’s ranking on search engines, etc.

The best Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tool available for marketers to use.

Type of SEO Tools

There are different types of SEO tools available for marketers.
Source: OneSearchPro
  • Analytics: they aid in the analysis and measurement of data on websites.
  • Crawling and index tool: crawling is when search engines analyze your page’s content, while backlinks indexing is whether the page is qualified for ranking.
  • Keyword research tool: helps in knowing the popular keyword your audience searches the most.
  • Link checker: it is a program that assesses the links on website pages for any flaws.
  • Local SEO: these facilitate high ranking on research pages of your region.
  • Research: a tool for analysis of competitions, history, and technology
  • Site speed: a tool for inspecting your website’s speed for several pages.
  • Multi-tools: these are SEO tools with multiple functions.

22 Best Free SEO Tools For Marketers

# Analytics

 1.  Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the performance of websites. Source: Google PageSpeed Insights

It is an SEO tool developed by Google to pinpoint performance concerns on websites. They analyze different sites from users’ perspectives regarding access speed and experience using a mobile and a desktop.

It is best known for its operating speed, hence allows users to test the momentum on their websites quickly. It also reports on the issue behind the slowing of your site and recommends ways of amending them.

Ideal for: websites that are slow to gauge performance since it recommends the best way of improving them. It is suitable for providing data from labs and fields about a page improving its ranking on search engines.

2. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool monitors your SEO performance. Source: Ahref.com/Webmaster

Ahrefs webmaster is an analytic tool that facilitates the inspection of content through audits and monitoring of backlinks. It works by combining data from Google Analytics and index from backlinks providing you with information on improving its content.

The webmaster is free and has some features like; gives alerts whenever your competitor gets a new backlink and permits site audits.

Ideal for: Ahrefs webmaster tool is suitable for analyzing keyword rankings and website profiles, looking for the best-performed content, and keyword research for different search engines.

3. Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to boost your SEO rankings. Source: GoogleAnalytics.com

It is regarded as the most utilized analytic tool worldwide. Google Analytics provides you a wide range of data like site visits, demographics, sources of traffic which you will use to optimize your marketing.

Being a free SEO tool and its ability to combine with other online SEO tools are the most remarkable features of this tool. It works well with Google Search Console to produce a potent SEO analytic tool.

Ideal for: determining the general information of your website’s visitors like age and location and seeing if your search engine optimization tools are working for your benefit. Also, it helps in knowing how your audiences engage with your site.

4. Google Search Console

Google Search Console identifies and rectifies the issue that arises in websites. Source: OneSearchPro

Google Search Console allows for a steadfast inspection on your website to give you alerts, website defects, and analysis. It is also among the most valuable sources of google ranking reports and keyword data.

The most helpful feature of this free google SEO tool is its index report analysis. The report covers the pages on your site that are not indexed and ways of improving these pages to enable indexing.

Ideal for: the SEO website tool can be applied when technical problems arise to examine and rectify them. Additionally, it is ideal for sitemaps submission and to check for vital SEO clicks. Moreover, Google Search Console helps marketers monitor their traffic, maximize ranking, and customize the site’s appearance in search results.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends shows the trending topics on Google. Source: Google Trend

It is an SEO WordPress plugin that shows the frequency of a particular keyword in the google search engine. Google Trends is a crucial tool for marketers since it highlights the global trend of these keywords, giving you ideas of how best to apply the information to your advantage. 

As a digital marketer, if you want to know what is trending globally, then Google Trends is here for that. It is the best feature in Google Trends since it helps online businesses increase their revenues and website traffic.

Ideal for: While innovating ads for your website, Google Trends facilitates this because you will know the right keyword to include. Also, google trends enhance content creation for your SEO.

# Crawling and Index Tool

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO ensures that your data is readable by providing tools to improve it. Source: OneSearchPro

Yoast is an SEO monitoring tool that ensures your website features are at par with the highest SEO technical standards. It provides you with the tools to reach these standards for your content to become readable.

Generation of XML sitemaps automatically and giving digital marketers insights into SEO is among Yoast SEO features that are its selling point. These features promote its usability.

Ideal for: The online SEO tool is perfect for writers to enhance their digital marketing blogs to better the readers’ experience and elevate the page’s ranking. Yoast protects the RSS feed from content scrapers. Yoast SEO is also ideal for driving more traffic from different social media to your site, leading to increased revenues for online entrepreneurs.

7. XML Sitemaps

Marketers utilize XML Sitemaps to facilitate crawling and indexing from Google. Source: Pro-Sitemaps.com

An XML sitemap is a list that contains various URLs on your website. A map directs search engines to available content for analysis and indexing, although indexing is not guaranteed.

An XML sitemap is a google tool for SEO that facilitates indexing, has daily auto pings, and auto sitemap as its features. Moreover, XML Sitemaps is installed automatically and guarantees its users completely free updates.

Ideal for: websites that want to appear on top in the search engines, websites that change or add content frequently as XML is sensitive to new updates on websites. The XML sitemap has a validator that verifies your sitemap and may inform google of its location, leading to indexing your page.

# Keyword Research Tools

8. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner gives marketers recommendations on the best keywords to apply. Source: OneSearchPro

It is a google search engine tool that generates keywords, especially when the standard research tools cannot. Keyword Planner is among the most recognized SEO tools in search engines due to its analytic tools, which are regarded as top-notch.

The most prominent feature of Google Ads Keyword Planner is the data on cost per click(CPC) and click price estimates. Besides, it gives marketers suggestions of keywords that will boost their online business and rank their website high on search engines.

Ideal for: those planning on purchasing google ads and digital marketers to improve the content on their websites by employing popular keywords. In e-commerce websites, it is ideal to use Google Ads Keyword Planner for search engine optimization as it has the best data for this.

9. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer generates keywords and organizes them in a list for straightforward interpretation. Source: Moz

Moz Keyword Explorer is a generating tool for keywords and arranges them into lists using their vast database. Moz uses free tools like MozBar and Link Explorer to track websites’ domain authority and others.

Online marketers using Moz Explorer enjoy benefits like its analysis of high-ranking links to aid you in being aware of the methods they used to be at the top.

Moz keyword explorer checks keyword difficulty and sorts the keywords according to predictability. It generates and saves keywords at a fast rate and exports these data.

Ideal for: The proper applications of Moz keyword explorer are SERP details review, inspecting your competitors’ ranking and comparing the results with yours, and following up on how your keyword performs in various search engines. Additionally, Moz Keyword Explorer has outstanding metrics on search volume, meaning if you use it for your SEO, it will be successful.

10. Ubersuggest

Adding Ubersuggest extension to your Chrome facilitates the improvement of the site’s content. Source: Ubersuggest

It is an SEO tool that offers keyword suggestions plus your rival’s keyword rankings to evaluate their position to rank better. All the data used is from other sources and Ubersuggest’s data.

Ubersuggest has improved to offer other uses apart from keyword suggestions. It displays the number of searches a word has had for a year and provides SEO abilities like metrics of links and top rankings, especially competitors.

Ideal for: websites that want to get optimum outputs and those that want to drive in traffic by using captivating SEO.

11. Keyword Surfer

Find a new keyword idea on Keyword Surfer. Source: Keyword Surfer

It is a chrome extension that reveals the search volume of questions often asked on google monthly.

Features of keyword surfer can show CPC data for each keyword you search plus their volumes in the google search engine. Additionally, it displays other ideas that relate to the question asked.

Ideal for: Keyword surfers are employed when finding the best content for web domains, content for the most effective SEO, and the best content size, keywords, and website features to include in your page.

12. Keyword Hero

Marketers optimize Keyword Hero for their SEO. Source: Keyword Hero

Keyword hero is an SEO tool that resolves missing keywords through its advanced technology in math and machining.

It is free for up to 2000 sessions monthly and up to 10 URLs. Matching of conversion and keywords is possible in keyword hero.

Ideal for: Keyword hero is an SEO monitoring tool used to continuously monitor keywords’ performance and store the data in google analytics, where it can be accessed whenever needed. Also, it monitors ranking variations and alerts you when a site, keyword, etc. begin losing their position in various search engines.

# Links Checker

13. Disavow Tool

A website after using Disavow Tool in eliminating Google penalties. Source: OneSearchPro

Under the Google Search Console, it permits the dismissal of inbound links curbing penalties that are link-bound. It is a complex tool to come across since most people do not need it.

Disavow most notable feature is its capability to download the disavowed links as files. Even with all its importance, it is vital to be cautious while using Disavow since it can cause harm to your website and interfere with its ranking in google search.

Ideal for: sites that have several spam reports from negative links that may affect the SEO and pages that have been affected by manual actions. It is a good tool and is applied to eliminate google penalties and protect sites from SEOs with bad intentions.

14. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs Backlink Checker is applied to check backlinks. Source: Ahrefs

A backlink is a link that directs users from another website to your website. It shows the best 100 backlinks to websites.

Ahrefs backlink checker determines the top 5 most linked pages, the anchor text that is the most used, the number of backlinks, etc.

Ideal for: It is best employed when checking links quickly or when the SEO is on limited funds since it allows backlink checks even on low budgets.

# Local SEO

15. Yoast SEO

Outrank your competitors with Yoast SEO. Source: Yoast

Apart from being a crawling and indexing tool, Yoast SEO is also a local tool. It monitors your website to ensure that it is performing according to the local standards.

Its features provide users with various tools to obtain optimum standards and give insights to marketers about their SEO performance.

Ideal for: Bloggers ideally use it since it has tools to improve the blog posts. Besides, it automatically creates XML sitemaps whenever you open sites while using them.

16. Google My Business

Get your business online with Google My Business. Source: Google

Google my business is among the SEO management tools that allow business owners to decide how their business will appear on searches and maps. Digital marketers can also respond to reviews that affect their business.

The unique feature of this tool is the freedom to create your own GMB profile with customization that suits your business. This process is an essential step.

Ideal for: local SEO, GMB affects the SEO locally, meaning a verified profile has a higher probability of making it to the top of the charts on search engines. Moreover, being highly ranked locally also contributes to your overall website ranking.

# Research

17. BuzzSumo

Using BuzzSumo in Determining SEO Performance. Source: Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is an SEO research tool in chrome as an extension that enables marketers to know the content that performs well with specific phrases and keywords. It shows the influencers for a particular content lessening work for the online entrepreneurs.

It is among the tools that accurately estimate the social share count for different content. This capability is its popular feature.

Ideal for: checking how your SEO is performing since it shows you the number of shares your content received. Utilization of Buzz Sumo to assess your competitors’ content performance in sharing and the formats is possible.

18. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is ideal for boosting online marketing. Source: Similarweb

It is a tool for determining the number of traffic various websites get, including the websites of your business rivals. It analyses the research and displays a more accessible report for you to see, like traffic demographics, referring sites, top keywords on search engines, and so on.

It is free, and you can get a sneak peek of your competitors’ details; however, you will have to pay for the services for more information.

Ideal for: SimilarWeb is ideal for boosting business, especially when using SEO. It is accessible and provides information on how best to optimize your SEO content, the website’s content, and the ways of driving traffic into your page to surpass your competitors.

# Site Speed

19. GTmetrix

GTmetrix tracks your site’s performance and gives suggestions for improving it. Source: GTmetrix

GTmetrix is among the best SEO tools online that gauge the loading speed of your website. It is common to use GTmetrix in SEO to test the site’s speed and how best to improve it.

It is preferred since it shows reports from familiar sources such as Waterfalls, PageSpeed, and YSlow. It also analyzes historical data for every page it inspects.

Ideal for: For SEO use, GTmetrix identifies performance problems on various websites facilitating alterations to; improve the site. The site’s speed also contributes to the ranking on search engines; hence it is advisable to use this SEO tool to your advantage.

20. Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights is a tool for improving websites. Source: Google

Page speed insight is another google SEO tool for marketers to use in improving their websites. Page speed insights analyze the website data and recommend changes to make it perform better.

Field data is a page speed insight feature that uses gathered metrics from chrome user reports to assess your page’s performance globally.

Ideal for: websites performing below standard to learn various ways of enhancing them, and it is suitable for increasing your online presence since it will suggest the best ease of improving your site.

# Multi-Tools

21. SEMRush

SEMRush is used to drives traffic to a website. Source: OneSearchPro

Being a multi tool, SEMRush has several functions, from running SEO audits, searching for backlinking probability to keyword research and tracking.

SEMRush offers multiple services in one SEO tool. Their free option works with one website, so you will have to upgrade and pay for the benefits if you need an audit analysis of multiple websites.

Ideal for: site auditing and domain/keyword reporting. It also provides you with all the information needed to improve your rankings on search engines.

22. Sheets For Marketers

Sheet For Marketers works across all devices. Source: Sheetsformarketers

Sheets combine different resources for digital marketers to learn ways of automating their work in google sheets. It comes with instructions for the preferred templates and tools.

Some of its remarkable features are it works across several devices hence can be accessed anytime, and it has add-ons that permit flexibility on the sheets.

Ideal for: this tool helps look for free sheets of site audits, keyword research, scraping, competitive analysis, etc.


SEO WordPress plugins have become life savior tools especially for online marketers who depend entirely on digital platforms. The different tools available on WordPress enable online entrepreneurs to become visible to the world and make profits from their business. 

At One Search Pro, we dedicate ourselves to fully utilize these tools to boost your business by offering advanced services in SEO, website design, social media marketing, and SEM. 

Contact us today and we’ll help you optimize your website to increase your profitability.

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