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Google Knowledge Panel: How to Get Featured in The Knowledge Panel and Make Your Business Listing Pop

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Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia

When doing a Google search, the search results have made it possible to view all the information needed the moment the page has loaded.

This is especially so with the right side of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) where you can see a panel displaying relevant facts and snippets of information on the subject of the search. This panel is called the Google Knowledge Panel.

This knowledge panel is a great source for companies to utilize and promote the brand further.

If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, then this guide is for you as we break down all you need to know about google knowledge panels, how to get a google knowledge panel, how to claim Google knowledge panel, and how you can use it to reach your target audience.

What is A Knowledge Panel?

As briefly mentioned earlier, knowledge panels are the information boxes that appear after a basic Google search. To know where is the knowledge panel on Google, they appear on the right side of Google’s SERP in the search results for specific subjects or entities.

This includes people, places, animals, organizations, and even things and objects.

Sample Knowledge Panel for The Country Malaysia | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
An example of a Knowledge Panel for the country Malaysia.

In essence, knowledge panels help users get quick snapshots of information related to these subjects. These are automatically generated, with the information coming from various sources across the web. Information in these knowledge panels contain information such as:

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Website link
  • Founder and CEO with links to their respective search results
  • Year founded
  • A “People also search for” section
  • Social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • And more.

There are some similarities to the Knowledge Panel and Google My Business which are business listings with information provided directly from the business.

These also appear on the right-hand side of the SERP but the biggest difference is if you can spot a Google Map section.

If you do, then the information mainly comes from a Google My Business account – which is still important for knowledge panels, but they’re still slightly different.

So to speak, two different entities.

Comparing Google My Business to a Google Knowledge Panel | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
The map is visible due to Google My Business compared to the usual knowledge panels with the absence of a map.

Why Are Google Knowledge Panels Important?

The Google Knowledge Panel is important especially in three areas:

#1: Enhance User Experience on Google

With the Knowledge Panel Google created as a way to improve users’ search experiences.

A lot of people use Google to learn, browse, and discover things directed to learning, browsing, or discovery – and the panel helps in this precise aspect. This is why the Knowledge Panel is built on various sources, rather than directly from the business itself.

The goal of the knowledge panel for users is to:

  • Supply a user with basic factual information for their search results.
  • Help a user navigate to different web pages that have related content.
  • Provide content that would otherwise require users to conduct multiple searches and visit multiple pages.
  • Help a user obtain information faster without needing to visit multiple pages.

#2: Enhance SEO For Businesses

Because people are using Google to search for more information, and Google will utilise the Knowledge Panel to give more information faster, this means there are opportunities for people to discover your business through this system as well.

This makes them perfect for potential leads and gaining more organic traffic.

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Appearing on a Google Knowledge Panel will acquire some strategic SEO planning to reflect on the Google Knowledge Graph. This is a knowledge base Google uses to help identify a user’s keyword query search intent so it can deliver the right information accordingly.

This is why if your business has a Google Knowledge Panel, this confirms that you have increased domain authority and a great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan in place. This can be seen further with:

  • Increased Web Visibility – Your business stands out better as information about the business appears in relevant search topics.
  • Established Authority – Having a knowledge panel means your business has become the authority of the relevant search topics due to strong SEO.
  • Higher Engagement from Users – Having a knowledge panel will lead to an increase in clicks and visitors organically.

#3: Becomes The Response to Voice Queries

Another reason why Knowledge Panels are important is due to the fact that users who use voice queries to search for information will often read from Knowledge Panels. This means that if your business is on the Knowledge Panel, this will be read out to the users when searching for relevant topics.

All in all, having a Knowledge Panel is definitely a plus point to consider in your business strategy to gain more visibility on Google. So let’s see how you can get your business one.

How to Get a Knowledge Panel for Your Business?

From what we have shared so far, we know one important thing: knowledge panels are automatically generated and cannot be created on your own.

This means there’s no direct knowledge panel login or hacks to access and make changes. So how does Google get information from you and how exactly can you get a knowledge panel for your business?

Understanding Knowledge Graphs

Let’s establish this first and foremost – you will need multiple websites to corroborate information related to your business.

Google uses this information across different websites to create a knowledge graph and the more accurate the knowledge graph data is, the better the chances for your business to appear on the Knowledge Panel.

Knowledge Panels Contain Information Pulled from the Knowledge Graph | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
This panel consists of information taken from the Knowledge Graph.

Understanding The Different Panels

Another factor to consider during the process of acquiring a panel for your business is that there are two basic types of Knowledge Panels from Google:

  • Local Panel
  • Branded or Personal Panel

Local panels depend on the location of the user. Oftentimes, the location will have a certain impact on the search results depending on whether the topic they are searching about is local, national, or a global entity.

These usually only appear when someone within that area searches for the local business, but if the user is outside of the geographic area, this panel will not appear. To get this, you will need to have a Google My Business account and use key strategies such as utilizing the benefits of local SEO.

Example of a local panel that includes various information such as reviews and opening hours.

For Google branded pages, particularly branded or personal panels, it will highly depend on your business’ domain authority and popularity across various websites such as Wikipedia.

Example of a branded panel that includes relevant information such as profiles and stock prices.

General Steps to Get a Knowledge Panel

In general, getting a knowledge panel will require you to take these 3 steps:

1. Identify The Main Website

The main website should be the biggest source of where Google gets information from the knowledge panel. It can be any page or website such as Facebook or even Wikipedia. Ideally, however, it should be your website where you can have full control of the information you portray.

It’s important to note that it would be best to make your website’s About page or the Contact Page (if you’re aiming for a local panel) the main website as this is where the relevant information should be for Google to pull out.

2. Lay Out The Information for Google

On the main website you want the information to be on, you will need to have this info laid out in a way that Google will understand. This includes simple descriptions and headings using multiple sections related to the information that needs to be displayed.

You can use a type of Schema Markup that can be added to the HTML of the website to make it easier for Google to crawl through this information better.

Schema Markup | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
Example of a schema markup. Image source: Google Developers

3. Corroborate Across Different Platforms

Whether it’s Facebook, the Wikipedia page, Google My Business, Google Search Console, YouTube, and more, you will want the information across all of them to be accurate as these will be some of the sources Google will use to create the Knowledge Graph for the Knowledge Panel.

The more Google sees the same information across these different trusted platforms, the more it becomes part of the knowledge graph entries, and the more they trust it. Better yet, get these platforms to link back to your main website for added authority!

Checking The Accuracy of Information Available on The Internet | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
Check if your information such as company address is the same across different platforms.

How to Verify Your Knowledge Panel?

Despite knowledge panels being auto-generated, it’s possible to get a Google Knowledge Panel verification and claim google knowledge panel, though it will be a local and not the branded panel. To do this, you will have to do the following:

  1. Create A Google My Business Account or log into your existing account.
  2. Search your business or the particular entity that represents your business.
  3. Look at the bottom of the knowledge panel where you will find a “Claim This Knowledge Panel” button.
  4. Click on the button.
  5. Review the information provided.
  6. You will need to sign into one of the official sites or profiles listed to verify such as:
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  1. If Google is unable to find any sites associated with your business, you will need to provide more relevant information.
The "Claim This Knowledge Panel" Button | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
Example of where you can find the “Claim This Knowledge Panel” button.

Once done, you should be able to claim your local knowledge panel through your Google control panel.

How to Increase Your Chances of Acquiring a Google Panel?

Based on the steps mentioned above, there are 3 key factors (AKA tips) in acquiring a Google Panel:

  • Creating a Google My Business Account – A Google My Business account is important especially for local knowledge panels as this is a good direct source for Google to utilize.
  • Having Multiple Sources – Adding your structured data to online sources that are trusted or relevant to your industry or field of interest helps boost the verification process as this will help with Google’s knowledge graph as well.
  • Ensuring There Is a Main Website – The main website acts as the key informant to Google – so make sure it doesn’t contain irrelevant information.

With that said, one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting a Knowledge Panel is to have an SEO strategy in place.

Have a Good SEO Strategy to Acquire Google Panel

Other than corroborating your information across various websites, as well as creating a Google My Business account, there are other ways you can increase your chances of acquiring a Google Panel. This includes having a solid SEO strategy that includes:

Creating User-Centric Content

Creating user-centric SEO content helps your business stay relevant to Google as it shows you have the knowledge and information users look for. This requires knowing what types of keywords your customers use, as well as building content centered around those keywords.

Blog Articles Published by One Search Pro Marketing | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
Creating content that caters to your target audience helps you stay relevant to Google. Source: One Search Pro Blog

Building User Reviews

User reviews play a key role in whether a brand should get a knowledge panel, and helps Google understand the business better. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on platforms such as Google or Facebook, or even on your own website, to help boost this.

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The Reviews Section of a Google Knowledge Panel | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
The review section of a Google Knowledge Panel on search engines.

Boosting Your Site’s Authority

Increasing domain authority also increases your chances of getting a knowledge panel. This can be done through link building with other high authority websites.

Try contacting a high authority website to see if there are opportunities to link back to your website, such as through guest posting or even exchanging content with proper credit.

How to Increase Website Domain Authority | Google Knowledge Panel | One Search Pro Digital Marketing Malaysia
The best way to increase your domain authority is through linking with a high authority website. Source: Moz

Optimizing Information for Google Panels

Making sure your information is optimized across various platforms, especially on your main website, makes it easier for Google to verify the information and use it for Knowledge Panels.

So be sure to continuously optimize your website in any content you create on the website so that Google will be able to build its Knowledge Graph better.

Keep information on your website optimized for Google to verify information better for the Knowledge Panel. Source: One Search Pro

FAQs For Google Knowledge Panels

Can Anyone Have a Google Knowledge Panel?

In truth, anyone can have even a personal knowledge panel as long as there’s enough relevant information and authority across search engines.

However, this requires a lot more effort for those with less authority and presence on Google as there isn’t enough information for Google to even create a Knowledge Graph relevant to the business.

To get this knowledge graph, there are plenty of steps to take, including checking information across websites and even doing SEO; [1] so if your business is keen to have a knowledge panel, it’s possible.

How Does Google Decide Who Gets a Knowledge Panel?

Google automatically generates one for businesses that have enough authority, especially across various platforms and websites. There is a misconception that having a Wikipedia page is enough to have a knowledge panel, but that really isn’t the case.

What’s important is having a main website for Google to use as the primary source, while the other websites (such as Wikipedia) corroborate that information. With enough authority, Google will select your business to have a knowledge panel.

Why is My Google Panel Not Showing?

There could be a number of reasons as to why your Google Panel is not showing. You may need to clear cache or delete cookies to make it appear again.

Or maybe the information used in the knowledge panel was altered or deleted on a key website like the business’ Wikipedia page, or there is an issue with Google’s knowledge graph on the business, which will affect Google’s assessment and remove the Google Panel.

Is Google My Business Panel a Knowledge Panel?

The Google My Business Panel looks a lot like a Knowledge Panel, but you can tell the difference once you see a Google Map information. This means the information is mainly from the Google My Business panel.

With that said, local business panels derive their information mainly from Google My Business profiles as they are mostly location-based, so it’s still relevant to have an account as part of the Knowledge Panels.

Can Google Knowledge Panels Disappear?

They can, depending on your main website. A lot of people make the mistake of depending on other websites such as Wikipedia pages or Facebook as the main source for their knowledge panel.

However, if the information was altered or deleted, this could make your Google Knowledge Panel disappear, too. This is why it’s important to make your own website the main website for Google to depend on, rather than other websites that are outside of your control.

Solutions For Your Business To Gain A Google Knowledge Panel

Getting a Google Knowledge Panel may be an uphill task, but it is doable especially if you have the right tools and solutions to help make the process easier.

This can include using the right SEO tools which are key to helping you and your business get a knowledge panel that will help boost organic traffic and increase your brand’s visibility.

If this is what you’re looking for, then here at One Search Pro, we provide SEO services that can help your business rank on Google – this of course, entails helping your business get its very own knowledge panel, and more!

Contact us today and talk to our digital marketing consultants for a free proposal to get started on your bright SEO journey.

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