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How to Revamp Website and Why it is Important for Your Business

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How to Revamp a Website and Why it is Important for Your Business - One Search Pro Digital marketing Agency Malaysia

In today’s world, when people get referred to or learn of your business, they reach for their devices and look it up on the internet. They hope that a quick search will give them a feel of what you have to offer. If they like what they see, then they are likely to try and find out if you have a brick-and-mortar store or if there are other ways to access your products or services.

This trend makes it clear that your company website is now the face of your business. It is what customers first encounter when they try to interact with your business in digital spaces. As such, if you would like to make a good impression and win over customers, your website needs to look its best.

In this article, we discuss how to revamp website, what is website revamp, is it the same as a website redesign as well as the benefits of a website revamp.

Come along as we answer all these questions and more.

How to revamp a website and why it is important
A website revamp entails making changes to a website’s look. Source: Dribbble

Why Should You Revamp Your Website?

If you have a running business website you are probably wondering: “If it is not broken why fix it?”

The answer is quite simple; the business world and digital spaces, in particular, are constantly evolving. If you do not change with them, your website will become outdated and uninviting.

That isn’t the impression you would like to portray to your customers and competitors, is it?

Here are some key reasons why you should revamp your website and redesign your website for your brand marketing

Reason #1

Low Conversions

A poor quality website could result in low sales. Source: Pexels

Low conversions refer to situations where guest traffic to your website does not translate into a proportionate number of sales or profitable interactions. It is an easy problem to spot. As you review your web stats, you may notice that you have lots of visitors to your website but very few of them buy anything on the site or even make inquiries.

Often, the problem is not that customers do not like your products or services. If that was the case, you would not have high traffic. The problem is most probably that your site is unappealing and or difficult to navigate. Consequently, visitors to the site have an unpleasant experience and end up not making a purchase.

Revamping your site to make it more engaging and easier to navigate could very easily boost your conversion rate.

Reason #2

An Outdated Look

An outdated website layout can be slow and unable to keep up with user demands. Source: Elegantthemes

The layout of your website is like the decor in a room. If you want your guests to stay longer on the site and interact with your brand, the layout needs to be appealing and draw people in.

So, how often should you revamp your website to keep things current?

If the layout of your website has remained the same for more than 2 to 3 years, it may be time to freshen things up a bit. Keep in mind that new competitors are coming up every other day. If you want to stay relevant and ahead of them, it is important that you give your customers a delightful online platform that they will enjoy using.

Reason #3

Emerging Technical Challenges

New devices may be incompatible with outdated website systems. Source: Dribbble

A decade ago, very few people had reliable internet access and only computers could be used to browse. There was no need to worry about your website being mobile-friendly or the resolution of its videos and images.

In contrast, most people now have smartphones and are constantly online. Moreover, the technology powering these devices keeps evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Whereas HTML 4.01 was once sufficient, HTML 5 is now the in thing and even that may change in another year or two.

Your website, therefore, has to be compatible with such advancements in devices and their software. If not, you risk alienating a large percentage of your target market.

Reason #4

Content Management

Upgrading your content management system could make it easier to post fresh content. Source: Behance.net

The saying is true, content is indeed king. Potential clients visiting your website might get dazzled by the site’s layout for a short while but it is the content that will make them stay, interact with your business, or recommend the website to others. For this to be possible you need to meticulously manage your content.

In light of this, part of revamping your website involves upgrading your Content Management System(CMS). This ensures that all your content links remain active and that users do not encounter any errors. Updated CMS tools like the WordPress Block Editor also make it easy for you to upload or edit various forms of digital content.

Do You Need a Website Revamp or a Website Redesign?

When you finally get around to discussing your website with a web developer, they will likely present you with 2 options: a website revamp or a website redesign.

A website revamp entails making improvements to the existing structure of your website. A website redesign, on the other hand, involves overhauling the entire website and starting afresh.

Let us look into both options and how to identify which is best for you.

1. Website Revamp

A website revamp is ideal if most of the structure of your website still works and can be made better with only a few tweaks. It is also recommendable if you would prefer to keep your website familiar for your customers or site guests.

Some common problems that can be fixed through a revamp include:

  • An outdated look – fresh colors, logos, and web pages can be added.
  • Outdated software – outdated software can be upgraded to the latest versions
  • Minor site navigation issues – better site prompts, a minimalist website design, or an improved menu can help achieve this
  • Low SEO rankings -new web content can be uploaded to help boost SEO rankings
It takes less time to implement as only a couple of changes and upgrades are performedIf you choose to revamp an overly outdated website( more than 4-5 years old), it is unlikely that you will truly solve its problems
It is cheaper as the scope of work done is narrower
The website will gain a fresh new look but it will remain familiar to regular users

2. Website Redesign

Has it been more than 4 to 5 years since you revamped your website? Are your site guests experiencing errors or a hard time accepting the website? Then a website redesign may be the best way to bring your online platform back to life.

During a website redesign, your web designer and web developer will create a whole new website layout based on your needs. They will likely incorporate:

  • Better software that is up to date
  • New web content and web pages
  • A new improved user interface and web navigation layout
  • New colors or logo (if you are rebranding)
It gives you a chance to resolve all your website’s problems at onceIt costs more due to the extensive work that goes into it
It is a great way to reintroduce your business during a rebrandIt takes longer to complete
All new software often provides a smoother user experience
Website RevampWebsite Redesign
PurposeImproving the look of a website by making adjustments to the existing structure.Creating a whole new website structure with newer software and better features.
Content StructureThe web header and footer may remain the same.

Fresh web content can be added alongside what already exists.
The user interface and website concept is replaced with a new layout.

All the web content is replaced with entirely new content.
Software UsedWordPress
Web builder plugins
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Turnaround TimeTakes a short time
Takes longer than a website revamp

What to Expect When Revamping Your Website

If you would like to achieve a truly effective website, it is important that you take a step-by-step approach. This will give you a chance to review your revamp options with your web designer and agree on solutions that can achieve the kind of website you would like to have.

1. Assess and Review

All you have to do at this point is take stock of what aspects of your website work and which ones don’t. Auditing key indicators such as website traffic, SEO rankings, and conversions would give you a true picture of how your website is performing.

2. Create a Checklist

A checklist should contain all the changes you need to make before launching the website. Source: B3multimedia

Your assessment will give you lots of information about what needs fixing. Based on that, take some time to consider what changes you would like to make and the goals you would like to achieve by revamping your platform. Researching your competitors’ websites could give you some useful perspective.

Diligently gather your findings and make a checklist of your goals to guide you through the rest of the revamp process.

3. Discuss Ideas

Now that you have gotten a feel of how your website is fairing, take some time to discuss solutions and creative ideas with your revamp team. Keep an open mind as your web designer/developer may have fresh ideas on good website features that could get your website where you need it to be.

It is equally very important to consider how users will experience the revamp ideas you plan on implementing. Will they make the site easier to use? Will it be appealing enough to generate interest?

Nevertheless, remember that some design ideas and the software therein cost more than others. Consult your service providers to learn what options are within your budget.

Alternatively, if you will be handling the process on your own, be clear about what you can achieve on your own and what you may have to outsource. You can have a professional guide you on basics such as the best WordPress website design that you can easily implement and manage then take it from there.

4. Execute the Revamp Strategy

Once all your ideas are refined you can begin making changes to the website. If you will be making changes that disrupt services on the website, it is best to forewarn users of the disruption or downtimes.

As you or your revamp team executes the changes, be sure to keep testing them to see if they work or if they match the goals you had in mind. This is better than waiting until all changes are complete only to be disappointed in the end.

5. Launch Your New Website

Try and post a catchy announcement inviting users to your new website. Source: Pinterest

It may take a while but eventually, your website will be ready to launch. However, it is very important that you only launch it after multiple testing sessions and confirmations that everything is working as it should.

Make an effort to reach out to your target audience to let them know that your site is back up and running with a dazzling new look. You can achieve this by:

  • Announcing the launch on your business social media pages
  • Marketing emails
  • Sharing links to your new content pages
  • Having a sale or a giveaway if it is an e-commerce website

How One Search Pro Marketing can Help You Revamp Your Website

The internet is a global hub filled with endless opportunities that could see your business grow into a global brand. However, for you to cash in on those opportunities, your website has to represent your brand in the best way possible. This is why website revamps are such an important investment for your venture.

At One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency, we offer unbeatable professional website revamp services and digital marketing services in Malaysia. Our expertise has helped countless businesses improve their digital presence and even gain international brand recognition. Our specialties include:

  • SEO audit services
  • Social media management
  • Web development

We believe that each brand is unique from the next and should be handled with exclusivity.

As such, when you choose us as your website development company, we develop tailor-made digital marketing solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Our SEO audit services are free and our developers will work in consultation with you to capture your vision for your brand and bring it to life. In essence, we efficiently handle all the innovative aspects of website design and brand image so that you can focus on growing your business.

Are you ready to transform the digital brand image and online presence of your business?

Contact us and we will make it happen for you.

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