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Malaysians With The Most Instagram Followers

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Instagram is a photo sharing social media app that was launched in 2010. Since then, it has risen to become one of the top social media apps, with over 1 billion active users monthly. 

The main draw of Instagram has been that it’s a free platform, and in Malaysia there are almost 12 million users, a majority of whom are between the ages of 25 and 34. Most Instagram followers are women, at about 54% of users according to Napoleon Cat.

Almost as soon as Instagram launched, the concept of the ‘Instafamous’ or Instagram influencers was born. These were basically people and accounts with a large number of followers. 

Among the many Malaysian social media sites, Instagram has been a top choice for  celebrities and influencers to reach their fans.

This has encouraged many influencers to use their Instagram accounts as a marketing platform, and many brands are working with Instagram influencers as they realize how effective it is in creating more demand, especially for the younger demographic of consumers. 

The top 10 most followed Instagram accounts in Malaysia:

1. Neelofa

Neelofa is a well known TV presenter, entrepreneur and fashion model best known as the host of the variety TV series MeleTOP, as well as her roles on the TV series ‘Kau Yang Terindah’ and ‘Suri Hati Mr Pilot’. 

In 2016, she won the most popular star award at ‘Anugerah Bintang Popular’ organized by Berita Harian.

She currently has 8 million Instagram followers, 4.8 million of whom are from Malaysia. Her account is filled with various lifestyle, beauty and fashion related content, which has attracted those interested in these topics. 

With this number, Neelofa has the top Insta follower count in the country.

Neelofa is one of Malaysia’s leading celebrities, with 8 million IG followers. Source: Neelofa FB

2. Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin

Siti Nurhaliza’s golden voice has garnered her over 300 awards, both locally and internationally. 

Known as Asia’s Celine Dion, Siti Nurhaliza has serenaded the who’s who of Malaysia, and is one of the most recognizable faces and voices on the social media of Malaysia today. 

She is also an entrepreneur with several companies, including her own cosmetic range called Simply Siti.

Her Instagram account currently has 7.9 million Insta followers and is filled with many beauty and fashion related content. 

Additionally, as she’s also a mother, there are several parenting and family related content too.

Singer Siti Nurhaliza has 7.9 Instagram followers. Source: Wikipedia

3. Zizan Razak

Zizan Razak is a well known comedian and actor who rose to fame after winning second place on the comedy competition show ‘Maharaja Lawak’. 

Since then he has acted in many successful films, most notably the KL Gangster and Polis Evo franchise.

Zizan currently has 7.6 million Instagram followers and his account has many funny and humorous posts, creating a casual and fun feeling.

Malaysian comedian and actor Zizan Razak has 7.6 million followers on Instagram. Source: Gempak

4. Nora Danish

Nora Danish is a Malaysian celebrity who has worn many hats. 

She started out acting in film and TV, but has expanded her portfolio as a rapper,TV personality, model and entrepreneur too. 

She has 7.2 million followers on Instagram  and regularly posts about her daily activities with her family and friends.

All round TV personality Nora Danish has 7.2 million followers. Source: Berita Harian SG

5. Mira Filzah

Mira Filzah is an actress, best known for movies like Sangkar( 2019) and Rise, Ini Kalilah! (2018). 

Her sweet down to earth persona has garnered her the title ‘Malaysia’s Girl Next Door’. 

She regularly promotes local beauty brands and hijab fashion on her account which has 7 million followers.

Malaysia’s ‘Girl Next Door’, Mira Filzah has 7 million Instagram followers. Source: Asiaone

6. Janna Nick

Actress and singer Janna Nick rose to fame for her roles in television dramas like Syurga Nur and My Coffee Prince. 

Her Instagram has 6.1 million followers and you’ll notice her youthful and refreshing fashion style instantly. 

This has no doubt contributed to her account attracting many fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Janna Nick’s fashion style is refreshing and youthful. Source: Pinterest

7. Hanis Zalikha

Hanis Zalikha was a fashion model and beauty blogger before landing her first acting job. She also has her own makeup and fashion brand Cakenis, which she founded with her husband. 

Hanis is also a mom of two, and her Instagram account is filled with content about her children and family. 

She currently has 5.9 million followers on her Instagram. 

Actress, entrepreneur, and mom of two Hanis Zalikha has 5.9 million Instagram followers. Source: Rotikaya

8. Scha Alyahya

If there’s a Malaysian fashion ‘it’ girl on Instagram, Scha Alyahya would be one of the forerunners for the title. 

This host and model is considered one of the most stylish local celebrities, with an authentic and unique fashion taste that’s suitable for every Malaysian woman. 

This style guru currently has 5.4 million Instagram followers who look to her for inspiration. 

Scha Alyahya’s personal style is unrivalled. Source: Pamper.my

9. Amyra Rosli

Television drama actress Amyra Rosli is best known for acting in series such as Nur, Nur 2 and Suamiku Encik Sotong. 

Her Instagram account boasts 5.6 million followers. As she’s also a wife and a mother, much of the content is related to her family life, with many pictures of her children.

Amyra Rosli posts many pictures of her family. Source: Berita Harian

10. Fazura

Film enthusiasts will remember Fazura for her role in the film Gol & Gincu, which garnered a lot of attention.

Fazura has since gone on to build a successful acting career for herself.

Her Instagram followers number about 5.4 million and is filled with plenty of beauty and style related content. 

Fazura’s posts are beauty and fashion related. Source: KopiPlanet.com

Instagram: The New Malaysian Influencer’s Frontier

The number of Instagram influencers in Malaysia are growing by the day, and so are the users.

Influencer marketing in Malaysia is becoming a top priority, with close to 12 million followers on Instagram currently.

This number represents about 38% of the total population in Malaysia. 

Out of all Malaysians online, Instagram has some of the widest online marketing potential, reaching at least 73% of connected consumers.

In recent years, Facebook has actually declined in popularity in recent years, as can be seen from its stagnant growth. 

The onus is on SME entrepreneurs to realize that social media marketing in Malaysia will henceforth be conducted on Instagram.

It would be prudent to reach out to an advertising agency in Malaysia to plan proper and professional social media management. 

You can always contact a social media agency in Malaysia like One Search Pro Marketing Sdn Bhd who would know the ins and outs of digital marketing in Malaysia

We will surely be able to help you better plan your Instagram marketing with the data we constantly collect and analyze and our SEO strategies.

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