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What to Post on Your Social Media Platform

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What to Post on Your Social Media Platform - One Search Pro Digital marketing Agency Malaysia

Social media platforms are the leading marketing platforms in this day and age. Worldwide, there are more than 4 billion social media users, with the top social media platforms being Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

The different types of social media platforms require different types of social media posts.

This is because the various social media platforms attract various demographics of users.

For example, Facebook users are mainly those above 30 while TikTok attracts mainly users below the age of 25.

Your social media posts have to be tailored to the different demographics of users.

On each platform, content is presented differently. For instant, Twitter consists of short posts while Instagram is more image based. 

Therefore, you need to learn how to maximize the content potential of each social media platform – by learning how to use each social media platform in person is a great way to start. 

This way, you can learn the unique way each platform operates. It will help you understand how to make content that stands out from the competition, as well as what tastes the users on the platform have. 

In addition to tailoring your content to fit the styles of the different social media platforms, it also helps to determine your brand’s tone of voice and personality. That way, you can ensure that your content, no matter what platform it’s on, matches up with your branding.

How Data Can Help You Trend in Social Media

In order to plan effective content that will attract users, you need to stay relevant to the current trends. There are many ways to gather the information that you need to craft good quality and unique posts that will bring in the traffic. 

Many social media platforms provide data about your content performance, and this is called analytics. Basic analytics is often free, and you’ll get tons of useful information about several other key performance indicators too. 

Here are the different types of analytics reports that will be of use to you:

1. Publishing & Post Performance Reports

These types of reports will be able to show you the amount of engagements you receive per post. They will also show the trend of engagements over time, so you can compare and see whether your posts are performing better or worse over a period of a few weeks, months or years.

These reports are important for you to see how many people you’ve reached, and to see how each content has performed so you can decide on your content direction.

Facebook Analytics Data to Analyze Your Content | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Facebook analytics let’s you see content analytics by week. Source: Better Marketing

2. Audience Insights & Personas

Social media audience insights provide you with a complete look at the profiles of the people that interact with your content.

These interactions can include users who like your posts, page visitors, those who leave comments and more. 

Often, these media insights include various aspects of your visitors including their location, age, gender, jobs, qualifications and even marital status.

Having a clearer idea of who your content appeals to will help you craft the direction of your content for the long term. 

Audience Insights on Facebook | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Audience insights on Facebook can be using a business profile on Facebook. Source: AdEspresso

3. The Best Posting Time

One of the best social media marketing tips is for you to learn the best times to post your content.

Posting times will heavily affect the visibility of your content. Usually, you want to find out when most of your users are actively online. 

Choosing to put up a post during the periods when your followers are online will indirectly increase your post engagement rates.

Facebook Global Engagement | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Facebook is one platform that provides data on optimal engagement times for your posts. Source: Sprout Social

The optimal times to post are different for each account, depending on the type of content and business you have. 

Therefore, based on your account analytics showing the optimal engagement times, you will have to experiment and see which one gives consistent results.

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Type of Posts for Each Social Media Platform

In this section, we’ll address what to post on each media platform. These suggestions are merely a guide for you to understand each platform more.

The top social media sites in Malaysia present content in a very different way, and emphasize different types of content. 


Facebook is the leading social media in the world today with 2.80 billion monthly users, which represent about a third of the world’s population.

Facebook has a very versatile content creation interface, where you can share texts, videos, images, GIFs and so much more very easily.

These are some of the Facebook content you can consider posting:

Embedded videos

On Facebook, videos and images can be directly uploaded and hosted on the site. You can also embed videos easily from other social media platforms like Youtube and Vimeo.

Live Streaming

Another trend that’s really taking off on Facebook is live streaming. Business owners are now turning to Facebook  live streaming to sell their products directly online. 

They set a time and date where their followers can tune in, and then during the live session they will introduce their products at length.

SMEs in Malaysia Using Facebook Live to Sell Online | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Many SMEs are going on FB live to sell their products directly to customers. Source: Garasi TV

Funny Memes

Facebook is a place where there are also a lot of memes floating around. So some of the content you put out can take advantage of the current memes that are being shared. To make your memes relevant, you can tie them in to the current issues and happenings.

Using Social Media to Post Social Media Memes | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Tying in your memes with current issues will attract more interactions. Source: GSC Cinemas

Product Descriptions

Having a post with lots of images of your product will help your followers understand your products better.

Facebook has a special Business Manager platform which you can use to manage customer interaction, post ads, keep track of your content and more, so be sure to use those. 


Instagram is an image based social media platform which allows the sharing of short videos, less than one minute long.

Any videos longer than that are hosted on IGTV, a special section within the platform. 

Apart from the standard image and short video feed, there’s also an option called Instagram stories, which are displayed on the top part of a user’s account. 

Instagram stories are transient content that play out like a reel of clips, and are available for viewing for only 24 hours. These are some of the most popular things to post if you’re a business page on Instagram:

Inspirational quotes 

Brighten up someone’s day and encourage them. Suitable for brands that encourage motivational and encouragement such as fitness brands, life & wealth planner and more

Inspirational Quote on Instagram Stories | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
An inspirational quote on your stories feed can brighten someone’s day. Source: Instagram

Lifestyle and Behind the Scenes Posts

Include something from your daily business operations, such as how your products are made, how quality checks are conducted and such.

Additionally, you can also include non-product related posts about your daily activities.

Cute Pet Pictures on Instagram | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
You can’t go wrong with cute pet pictures on Instagram. Source: hamster_popo

Short Videos 

It’s always refreshing to post short informational videos that will benefit the customers. 

Videos Attract More Attention Compared to Texts | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Videos attract more attention than long texts, so try putting up videos once in a while. Source: kl.foodie

Promotions and Competitions

Design an attractive poster that will catch your followers’ attention. 


Feature testimonial images from past customers who were satisfied with your products or services. Videos work well too.

When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about attention-grabbing visuals, whether its photos, posters, designs, or video stills. Make your images as unique and stand out as possible for the best results. 


TikTok is a platform where users are able to watch short video clips posted by other users. They are then allowed to like, comment, and share the video clips. As a brand on TikTok, there are many fun TikTok memes and video concepts that are trending. 

Additionally, you can use the various TikTok marketing tools to help your brand reach out. It’s important to keep up with the latest viral video concepts on TikTok. At the same time, you can also balance out your content with some informational posts, brand stories and more. 

Here’s some of the content you can post on TikTok as a business:

Question Answering Time Q&A

Usually, business owners and influencers do this for their followers all the time. The questions from their followers are posted to the upper left side of the video, while the influencer or business owner answers them. Sometimes, more than one question will be answered.

QnA Session via TikTok | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Popular food reviewer Ceddy answers his follower’s questions often. Source: Ceddyornot

Viral Dance Videos

You can keep up with the latest dance trends under the ‘Discover’ section, as well as the other trending hashtags on TikTok. Having a dance collaboration with other channels that share your values can also be an option.

Trending Meme Videos

Although dance videos are pretty popular overseas, TikTok is a lot more than that. On Malaysian TikTok, our trends often include various humorous action videos, funny tropes and memes. In fact, all these attract much more views than dance videos.

Trending Meme Videos on TikTok | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Find out the latest trending hashtags on TikTok under the Discover button on the app. Source: TikTok

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Twitter can sometimes be a challenging tool to post on, especially since the posts have a 280 character limit, including spaces. This means that your content has to be very short and concise. 

It is possible for you to post content as a thread, in a series of posts one after the other. However, as a brand, it’s advisable to keep your message as brief and to the point as possible. 

On Twitter, some of the best performing content includes:

Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls are a fun way of getting your audience involved in answering questions. You’ll also get to know more about them this way. Polls do not have to directly be associated with your brand, and can just be fun and entertaining. 

Twitter Polls | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Twitter polls always attract lots of interaction. Source: The Social Ms

Linked Videos or Images

Due to the limitations in words, Twitter content always works better with an image, GIF, or video. Links are always encouraged on Twitter as it adds more attractiveness to the post. Links give you the freedom to convey messages through an image, rather than thinking of more words to express it. 

Open Ended Question

Twitter attracts a fairly young, urban, and well-educated crowd. Therefore, they’re not afraid to express their opinions in an eloquent manner. Posting open ended questions where your visitors can have an open, moderated discussion is also one way of attracting traffic to your page.

Trending Twitter Hashtags

You’ll be able to see what Twitter hashtags are trending under the magnifying glass icon. Hashtag trends are listed according to your geographical location. Posting content containing that hashtag or key word will help people discover your page when they scroll through.

Hashtags on Twitter | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Discover what hashtags and keywords are trending on Twitter and insert them into your content. Source: Twitter


LinkedIn is a platform which welcomes professionals, and is used as a platform for them to network with one another. Its user interface is not that different from Facebook. However, there are additional features, such as job postings. 

Whether you’re posting on your personal page as a business owner, or on your business page, here are some useful ideas on what to post:

Leadership & Career Tips

Since Linkedin is a very corporate centric platform, articles like these will benefit your connections. They will be able to share your career tips and blog posts to others, and you’ll be able to build your brand awareness this way.

Brand Stories

Posts about your company and business will also do well on LinkedIn. You may want to incorporate your opinions on corporate culture and work culture to make it more relevant for the audience.

One Search Pro's Brand Story on LinkedIn | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Your best opportunity for brand stories is at your ‘About Us’ section’. Source: One Search Pro

Corporate Social Responsibility Posts

Highlight any social or charity programs your brand has been involved in recently, and encourage your followers to participate and get involved by sharing your post and raising awareness. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Posts | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Partnering with other establishments to conduct CSR programs and highlighting them on LinkedIn will increase the esteem people have for your brand. Source: Digi Telecommunications

Corporate and Brand Videos

Videos attract more views and attention than long written posts, and this is also true on LinkedIn. Some of the types of videos you can post include company profile videos, behind the scenes videos, product introduction videos, corporate tips, opinions and more.

Corporate and Brand Videos | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Videos are a way of advertising your brand to others on LinkedIn. Source: Julie’s Biscuits


Pinterest is a rather unique social media platform where users are able to contribute images, and other users can pin them to ‘boards’. As a business company, using Pinterest can be useful, especially if you have a business that can contribute lots of unique images.

To attract attention to your profile, it’s good if you can provide original images and designs. Here are some ways to do it:

Share Wallpapers 

Make original wallpapers for smartphones and label them with trending keywords or tags. This way, when someone searches for that keyword, your wallpaper shows up and people may click on your page for more.

Sharing Cute Wallpapers | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Contributing wallpapers can be a way to attract traffic to your page: Source: Pinterest

Provide Stock Images & Design Ideas

Many designers hang out on Pinterest, and providing them with widgets, backgrounds and more can be a point of attraction. They will be able to pin your images to their board, and you’ll gain better brand awareness.

Providing Free or Paid Stock Images | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
One example of an account that provides stock images and design ideas for Pinterest users. Source: Welcome to the One Percent

Provide DIYs & Tips

Step by step handicraft, design or lifestyle tutorials as well as useful tips and ideas also do very well on Pinterest, as people find them useful. This is especially practical if your brand sells arts and craft related products.

Offering Lifestyle and Tips | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
One example of lifestyle tips is to provide parenting tips, including suggestions and blog articles on baby products like strollers, baby monitors, seats, and more.  Source: Baby Journey


Youtube is yet another leading social media platform with about 2.3 billion active users. It is a streaming video platform whereby you can start an account and post videos. These videos can cover a myriad of things and there are many influencers on this platform. 

Here are some of the videos that perform the best:


Vlogs or video logs are videos whereby the Youtuber ‘brings’ viewers along to vacations, events, outings, eateries and such. They will be narrating their experiences, so that viewers feel that they’re part of that experience too. 

Posting Vlogs | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Food vlogs are pretty popular on Youtube. Source: I Love Melaka

Music & Songs

Whether you make covers or original music, this type of content attracts lots of viewers on Youtube too, because listening to music on Youtube is rather common.

Uploading Music and Songs | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Singers who post cover songs attract many followers on Youtube. Source: Rainych Ran

Challenge videos

Sometimes there will be trending challenges on the internet, and you can take them on while filming yourself. 

Sharing Social Media Challenge Videos | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
The spicy Korean noodle challenge is pretty popular on Youtube. Source: OOHAMI

Reaction and Review videos

Youtubers often create content from other people’s videos, and reaction videos is how they do it. In reaction videos, these Youtubers film themselves reacting to songs, dances, actions, and more. 

Reacting to Others' Social Media Content | Social Media Platform | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Reacting to other social media content is the norm for many Youtubers. Source: Blimey

Find out more about which content suits your business the most and get more ideas for the best Youtube content.

Your Social Media Content Should be Versatile and Varied

As a content creator for your brand, one of the most important things to avoid is stagnation.

If a certain type of content works for your page, you still need to revamp it and renew it regularly to make your social media platform strategy feel fresh every time.

The benefits of social media marketing are numerous for your business as well as your brand marketing. 

Not sure when and how to start?
To ensure your company is able to find its voice, why not come and talk to us at One Search Pro and we’ll plan your content strategy for you. Alternatively you can also read about the latest social media marketing trends on our blog.

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