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Supercharge Your WhatsApp Marketing With the Bulk Messaging Feature From WhatsApp Blast Malaysia (2024 Guide)

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Did you know that WhatsApp is the king of messaging apps? It has a crazy 2.7 billion daily users!

And get this, it has an open rate of 98% – which means it’s super effective for marketing purposes.

You’ve got all the tools you need to connect with your customers right at your fingertips on WhatsApp.

If you’re looking to connect with customers on WhatsApp, one particular strategy is WhatsApp Blast Marketing. It lets your business send bulk messages to a targeted audience in a snap, making virtual marketing a breeze.

Now, you can reach out and spread the word efficiently!

If you’re curious about the world of WhatsApp Blast Malaysia and how it can be used as a potent marketing strategy, keep reading!

We’ll cover everything you need to know about this powerful platform and tool.

How to Blast WhatsApp Messages in Malaysia Using WhatsApp Business

To send bulk WhatsApp messages as a business, you will need to use the WhatsApp Business app.

WhatsApp Business is the ideal platform for Malaysian businesses to engage with their customers personally, with sending bulk messages being one of the ways to do so.

To get started with sending WhatsApp Blast messages as part of your WhatsApp Marketing strategy, you’ll need to download the WhatsApp Business app and register for it accordingly.

Then, you will need to familiarize yourself with two key features: New Broadcast and Labels.

New Broadcast

WhatsApp New Broadcast Feature | WhatsApp Blast Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Source: Trengo

WhatsApp Business offers a feature called “New Broadcast” that enables you to send messages to multiple contacts at once without creating a group.

It is particularly useful for businesses looking to deliver promotions, updates, or important information to a specific group of customers.

Broadcast messages sent using this method are a powerful way to reach out to your customers in a personalized manner without the need for them to be part of a group chat.

It maintains the privacy and one-on-one interaction that WhatsApp is known for while allowing you to send the same message to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Here’s how to use the “New Broadcast” feature:

  1. Open your WhatsApp Business application and tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Select “New Broadcast” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap on the “+” icon to choose the contacts you want to include in your broadcast list. You can select individual contacts or entire contact lists.
  4. Once you’ve selected your contacts, tap the checkmark or “Create” button.
  5. Compose your message and hit send. The message will be sent to all the selected contacts individually, appearing as a regular chat.


WhatsApp Labels Feature | WhatsApp Blast Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Source: Hiver

Another essential feature of WhatsApp Business for bulk messaging is the use of “Labels”.

“Labels” help you categorize and organize your contacts, making it easier to send targeted messages to specific customer segments.

You can create custom labels based on factors that are relevant to your business such as purchase history, products, location, or interests.

“Labels” enable you to tailor your messages to specific customer groups, ensuring that your communications are relevant and engaging. Whether you’re announcing a flash sale, promoting a new product, or sharing valuable updates, they help you target the right audience effectively.

Here’s how to use “Labels” effectively:

  1. Navigate to the chat list in your WhatsApp Business app.
  2. Select a chat and tap on the contact’s name to open their profile.
  3. Scroll down to the “Labels” section and tap on it.
  4. Create a new label or choose an existing one that matches the contact’s characteristics.
  5. Once labeled, you can easily send bulk messages to all contacts with the same label.

Pros and Cons of Using WhatsApp Business for WhatsApp Blast

WhatsApp Business is a great platform to use for business marketing, but it also has its drawbacks you will need to consider, especially when you’re using it to do regular WhatsApp Blasts.

You can create an unlimited broadcast listOnly 256 contacts per broadcast list
Users are unlikely to block you if they see you are an official WhatsApp Business accountUsers may opt out or block your business if they’re unhappy with your private message which could lead to account suspension or ban
Tools such as automation and quick replies are available for responding to customersNo third-party integrations, requires WhatsApp API for that
Has a higher chance of the marketing message being seen compared to other platformsWhatsApp needs to authorize your message templates before you can send them out
Able to use videos, images, and even documents in the WhatsApp Blast
One of the most effective forms of zero cost marketing strategies

What You Can Do With WhatsApp Blast on the WhatsApp API Malaysia

If you prefer WhatsApp blasting beyond the limitations of WhatsApp Business, you will need WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp API is a program that enables you to handle and support an unlimited number of users and devices.

This makes it easier to send marketing promotions to an even bigger number of WhatsApp users.

With this in mind, you can use the WhatsApp API account to do the following:

Promotional Messages

Sample Promotional Message Sent Via WhatsApp | WhatsApp Blast Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Source: DelightChat

WhatsApp Business API allows you to SMS blast WhatsApp promotional messages to your customers.

This could include limited-time offers, discounts, or announcements about upcoming sales.

With the ability to send rich media like images and videos, you can make your promotions visually appealing and engaging.

Abandoned Cart Messages

Reduce cart abandonment rates by sending reminders to customers who have items in their cart but haven’t completed the purchase. These messages can include product images and direct links to the cart for a seamless buying experience.


Sample Whatsapp Newsletter | WhatsApp Blast Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Source: CM

Stay in touch with your customers through newsletters sent via WhatsApp. Share updates, industry news, and valuable content to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Back-in-Stock Updates

Notify customers when previously out-of-stock products are back in inventory. This can generate excitement and prompt immediate purchases.

Reactivation Messages

Re-engage with inactive customers by sending reactivation messages. You can offer incentives or simply remind them of your products or services to rekindle their interest.

Status Updates

Keep customers informed about their orders or reservations by sending real-time status updates.

Whether it’s a delivery tracking link or a booking confirmation, this builds trust and enhances the customer experience.

Travel and Leisure Updates

Sample Travel and Leisure Update Message | WhatsApp Blast Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Source: BizEngage

For businesses in the travel and leisure industry, WhatsApp Business API is a game-changer.

You can send itinerary details, boarding passes, hotel reservations, and excursion updates directly to customers’ WhatsApp accounts.

This ensures they have all the information they need at their fingertips, enhancing their travel experience.

Why Using WhatsApp API is Important for WhatsApp Blast

If you’re aiming to connect with customers through WhatsApp, then the WhatsApp API is a necessity.

WhatsApp has many strict policies in place to protect user privacy and prevent spam, with WhatsApp Business officially ended support for third-party apps for various reasons, which includes:

  • Policy Compliance: The official WhatsApp Business API is designed to comply with WhatsApp’s policies, ensuring that your business operations align with the platform’s rules and regulations. Using third-party apps may break these policies, risking account suspension or ban.
  • Risk of Blocking: Attempting to send bulk messages or engage in marketing activities through third-party apps can result in your business number being blocked. This not only disrupts your communication with customers but also damages your brand’s reputation.
  • Limited Features: Third-party apps often lack the full range of features and capabilities offered by the official WhatsApp API. By using the official API, you can access advanced features and tools that enhance your marketing and customer service efforts.

WhatsApp API can work as a WhatsApp Blaster software because it has special tools (APIs) that let outside apps talk to WhatsApp in a safe way. However, you still need to follow WhatsApp’s strict policies.

For example, you may want to send a message template for pre-approval to WhatsApp first.

Once approved, you can then send out the WhatsApp Blast without the risk of your account being suspended or banned.

WhatsApp Blast Message Samples You Can Use

Wondering what message to send to your customers through WhatsApp Blast?

There are many scenarios you could use this for, so if you’re looking for examples or a basis to start, we’ve got you covered.

Take note that all these examples are subject to approval from WhatsApp.

Back-In-Stock Message

“Great news! 🥳 The item you’ve been waiting for is back in stock. Get it now before it runs out again!”

Abandoned Cart Message

“Hi there! Did you forget something in your cart? 🛒 Complete your purchase now and enjoy [discount/offer] 👈!”

Promotional Message

“Exclusive offer alert! 🤩 Shop today and get [discount/offer] on selected items. Don’t miss out!”

Event Promotion

“Join us for an exciting event this [date/time]. RSVP now and be part of the fun! 👏”

Booking Confirmation

“Your booking for [event/product/service] is confirmed for [date/time]. We can’t wait to see you! 😊”

Shipping Update

“Good news! Your order has been shipped and is on its way to you. 🚚 Track your delivery [link].”

Communication and Service Update

“We’re enhancing our services to serve you better. Stay tuned for exciting updates! 🙌”

Upselling Message

“Upgrade your [product/service] for a premium experience. Discover our premium options today! 👑”


“We miss you! 😢 Check out our latest offerings and use your exclusive promo code!”

Games and Challenges

“Ready for some fun? 🎮 Participate in our [game/challenge] and win exciting prizes!”

Take Your WhatsApp Blast Marketing To The Next Level

WhatsApp Blaster Malaysia can be a powerful addition to your arsenal of online marketing tactics, enabling you to reach your audience directly and effectively.

However, it’s important to remember that successful marketing encompasses a wide range of strategies. To truly enhance your business’s online presence, engage with customers, and achieve your marketing goals, why not consider a holistic approach?

At One Search Pro, we specialize in digital marketing, branding, and creative services that can elevate your business to new heights.

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach on WhatsApp or explore other avenues like social media marketing, SEO, or website conversions, our team of experts is here to help.

One Search Pro's Conversion Rate Case Study | WhatsApp Blast Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Don’t limit your potential – unlock the full spectrum of digital marketing possibilities with One Search Pro. Contact us today to take your business to the next level!

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