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Make Money With SEO: 13 Proven SEO Methods That Work Like A Charm

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13 Proven Methods to Help Create Results & Make Money With SEO- One Search Pro SEO Agency SEO Expert Malaysia

Learning how to make money with SEO isn’t a quick road to internet riches, but it may be a fantastic way to make money online – because there is no upper limit to making money with SEO abilities to develop, rank, and monetize websites!

As search engines may not rank or even locate your material if you do not use SEO, once you have the requisite SEO knowledge, you may begin ranking your websites for profit or investigate alternative methods to making money with SEO.

So, what are you holding out for? Begin to learn SEO right away! It’s simple to get started.

Everything you need to know to improve your talents is available on the internet and can be accessed via various social media outlets.

Depending on how much effort you put in, developing monetizable abilities takes only between 2 and 6 months.

In this post, I’ll give you a guide to SEO, showing you how to earn money with SEO, the learning method you may utilize, and thirteen various ways you can use SEO to make a profit.

SEO as a Source of Income? How To Make Real Money With SEO?

Building an e-commerce site, establishing successful articles, blog posts, selling services and affiliate marketing, eBooks, online courses, and more are all methods to making money online.

However, if you don’t have traffic, you won’t be able to make money online using these strategies. [1]

Using SEO is one of the most effective strategies to get high-quality visitors to your website.

A search engine optimization job requires knowledge and skills that may help you achieve online business success.

SEO auditor installed on websites to capture valuable leads. Source: Keyword.com Leadgen Dashboard

Knowing SEO services, along with how to design and manage an SEO plan may make you helpful to business owners and anybody launching a personal website in ways such as:

  • You’ll learn why SEO is important
  • How organic traffic from engines like Google may help your business
  • How to target the appropriate sort of visitors for your products or services
  • Why not all traffic is good traffic, and how to optimize for search keywords such as websites in this browser intent and rank better in search engines such as Google.

Once you’ve mastered the principles and concepts of SEO (detailed below), you can start applying what you’ve learned to a variety of niches and types of businesses. You can even freelance as a way to profitting while learning and applying your skills in the new world.

The two main ways to generate money using SEO are:

  • Selling your expertise to businesses;
  • Create a traction-generating website to generate advertising or referral money.

Owning a website is the greatest option if you can develop and publish high-quality material. [2] It can teach you more than working for other companies, but you will have to wait up to a year before you can earn a respectable living.

On the other hand, selling your SEO talents may provide expertise in a variety of industries such as e-commerce businesses, mobile apps, real estate, and restaurant industries.

Unfortunately, profits for newcomers may be relatively minimal as it might also take some time to find patrons. However, if you’re skilled at selling, you might make a lot more money much faster.

How to Learn From Scratch and Become An Expert?

SEO is not a tough skill to master. All it takes is making the time to study the different SEO principles and best practices.

The wonderful thing about SEO is that you may begin providing your skills and earning money while on your way to being an SEO expert.

SEO Traffic is the number of visitors and internet users. Source: Website Traffic Illustration

Bellow are some technical terms used/ associated with making money through SEO:

Conversion – Conversion is frequently connected with a sale, however, defining conversion just by that is extremely narrow-minded in internet affiliate marketing. Conversion occurs whenever a visitor completes the desired activity on your website, as defined by us.

Lead generation- SEO and lead generation are not synonymous. The goal of SEO is to increase online traffic. Lead generation is to increase the number of patrons/prospects for your company. On the other hand, SEO may supplement lead generation efforts by increasing brand recognition through organic visitors to your website. [3]

SEO traffic- is organic traffic from search engines or users who put a term or query into Google, scrolled through the search results (SERP’s), and then clicked on to your website.

Here’s a short overview of the SEO learning path:

  • Discover how search engines operate and how they index material.
  • Learn the fundamentals of search engine online marketing concepts and strategies.
  • Recognize what search engines are looking for (i.e. quality content that searchers love)
  • Learn how to properly optimize material.
  • Learn about the importance of offsite SEO elements and how to accomplish them.
  • Select the best SEO tools to assist you in making data-driven decisions.
  • Use what you’ve learned to make money off websites.
  • If you want to learn more about this technique, have a look at this complete SEO course

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you may begin using the strategies listed below to earn money with SEO abilities and expertise.

13 Ways To Make Money with SEO: Proven SEO Methods to Help Create Results

1. Become an SEO Freelancer

Freelancers may earn positive income! Source: I Wrote a Book About Freelancing

If you enjoy the concept of operating an SEO writing company but think that starting a full-fledged firm would be too much effort, try becoming an SEO or digital marketing freelancer.

If you’ve discovered a certain aspect of SEO that you like, you may sell your skills in that area.

For example, perhaps you’ve discovered that you like creating broken backlinks. You might work with an agency or a webmaster to provide this service. Alternatively, utilize a freelancing platform such as Upwork to bid on SEO projects that need that ability.

It is less expensive than hiring an SEO firmSome SEO expert freelancers just deal with consultation tactics, therefore you’ll need to assemble your team to carry them out
Some firms will do better with a freelancer than in an agency settingYou will have more control and freedom than if you hired an SEO company
They often accept fewer projects/clients than agencies, therefore they will have more time for you

2. Start an SEO Business

Search engine optimization is the pathway to starting an online SEO business. Source: Search Engine Optimization

Do you know how to start an SEO business?

Web owners are always looking for innovative methods to bring in new consumers and ways of earning money from website traffic. Increasing website traffic is a fantastic way to do this. [4]

However, getting traffic to your web is not as simple as writing a few blog posts. Consequently, company owners rely on SEO experts to assist them in creating more keywords in search engine traffic for the website in this browser.

You can provide this service to clients if you’ve had some success with your web or personal projects.

Running an SEO company is not for everyone. It may be a lot of work, and managing client relationships and expectations can consume a significant amount of your time.

Clients’ consistent monthly retainersWhen you add in personnel and expenses, the margins might be razor-thin
Client management may be a time-consuming and frustrating endeavorThe SEO sector is only expanding
The revenue cap is quite highOther abilities like recruiting, team management, and others will be required

3. Sell Products on Your Website (E-Commerce)

Selling products or services with SEO improves sales and marketing data. Source: Sales Prospecting Engine

If you are familiar with SEO, you may utilize it to make money with SEO from your shop. Organic search engine traffic may be a very consistent source of traffic.

You may perform keyword research to identify your target audience’s keywords to locate your product. For example, if you locate a term with a large volume and low competition, such as “waterproof backpack”, this might assist you to confirm that there is a demand for the goods.

Because the margins on digital marketing of items might be considerably larger, they can be advantageous. You may also try different items and different angles with digital products until you find something that sells.

It’s a genuine company idea with a very high earning potentialCustomers are unable to try before purchasing
Customers are unable to purchase during a site outageThe e-commerce market is only growing year after year
You have complete authority over your brandE-commerce is extremely competitive

4. Consultation From Clients

Health service consultation website allows for profitable consultation sessions. Source: Waraso Health Service

Consulting is often the first step that SEOs do before establishing an agency. It is a straightforward partnership in which you give your SEO expertise and abilities in exchange for a predetermined hourly cost.

A lot of factors influence the hourly rate, some of which are: your track record and reputation, years of experience and accomplishments, and client requirements and project scope. [5]

Focusing on specialization is the key to a successful SEO consulting firm. You may establish yourself as a real expert in this manner.

You reach a point when you understand that trading your time to make money is not scalableSetting your hourly rate
Hours are flexibleClient acquisition can be difficult because you can only work on one (or maybe two) projects at a time
Client retainers provide cash up aheadLow overhead, no need to bother about offices, staff, or anything else

5. Set up a Blog and Make Money From Ads

Using effective advertisements in business blogging can be a marketing technique. Source: Blog: a Marketing Channel

If you have strong SEO abilities, you can make money from popular SEO articles. Paid advertising is one of the simplest ways to monetize articles.

To be a successful blogger, you must choose a niche with a large number of visitors and low levels of competition. For example, the above-mentioned personal finance specialty is one of the most competitive online businesses. Even if you are an SEO master, establishing the authority required to compete will take a long time. [6]

Because you get paid based on the number of visitors and clicks, monetizing an article with sponsored advertising is one of the most passive methods available.

It is a simple method of monetization to tryYou can sell ads space privately
You will lose visitors who might have otherwise chosen to stayAds will not generate much revenue for small blogs
You may earn a consistent income
Some readers will use ad blockers

6. Set up a Blog and Make Money from Affiliate Sales

Digital marketing websites have a higher chance of making profit from affiliate sales. Source: Promote Digital Marketing Website

One of the most common ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. It is competitive, but you have a far better chance of success if you have genuine SEO expertise.

As an affiliate, there is no limit to the size of the site you may create. There are single-person blogs up to large-scale affiliate sites like NerdWallet and The WireCutter.

Affiliate marketing entails promoting high-quality items in return for a commission when a customer purchases through your affiliate link.

Using free SEO tools to build a successful affiliate site is a genuinely passive income. However, you are relying on organic traffic and vendor payouts (which can be subjective to changes).

You can sell ads space privatelyThey might make your blog look spammy or unattractive
Ads won’t make much money for small blogsIt is a simple method of monetization to try
You may earn a consistent incomeSome readers will employ ad blockers

7. Create and Sell SEO Online Courses

SEO online courses with theme learning development may be beneficial. Source: Online Learning Website

After you’ve been doing SEO for a while and have seen some concrete results, you may bundle your expertise and sell it as a course.

Keep in mind that the SEO sector keyword is crowded with low-quality courses, so if you’re going to develop one, make sure it’s distinctive and unique. If it is supported by measurable achievements that you have achieved for yourself or clients.

Another thing to think about before you start selling your course business is establishing an audience. Sure, you may use sponsored traffic sources, but it may take some time before you get a good ROI keyword, especially if you don’t have an audience.

There are several methods you may use to monetize your current SEO skills business.

If you don’t want to spend time creating a complete course, you might develop something smaller, such as name email website save, a paid newsletter, Slack channel, Discord server, or private Facebook group.

SEO Courses may be highly profitable since you just have to build the course once and then sell it several times.

Profit margins are ridiculously highIt takes a long time to persuade people to buy from your business
Once the course is created, it becomes a genuine passive revenue streamBuilding a business course is a LOT of work

8. Sell SEO Copywriting Services

Scientific copywriting website services include writing and editing. Source: Scientific Copywriting Website

SEO content writing companies have SEO writers who create material that is optimized for keywords search engines. Writers that identify in the keyword as SEO writers are more generalists who do not specialize in a certain field.

The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to charge higher prices, and you’ll be grouped in with the other generalist writers on google offering the same services.

Instead, position your business as a specialty writer with superior SEO skills. Not only can you produce authoritative content tailored to a certain niche, but you also understand how to properly optimize it for search engines, add relevant keyword research, and more.

There is also a high need for writers to write for a post in a related rank, as almost every website requires a steady supply of content.

You may either work for a few firms and create material for their clients to identify websites in this browser, or you can directly approach company and website owners and offer your services as an online business. such as comment name email website, or how to name email website save. These are all possible ways to earn.

There is now a high demand for these services enabling you to earn moneyTo write doesn’t pay a lot of money for SEO knowledge
You may work from anywhere on the globe no required fields are markedEven if you’re a natural writer for a post, writing keywords or coursework is a lot of work

9. Sell Micro-SEO Services on Fiverr

Experience the onboarding experience for Fiverr for business before selling your services. Source: Fiverr for Business

As you are aware, a plethora of activities must be completed to properly execute an SEO strategy. It’s a lot to ask of a single individual, best ways on a page let alone a team.

SEO firms and individual website owners are constantly on the hunt for qualified contractors to assist in the execution of successful SEO campaigns. [7]

You may sell your skills in a variety of ways, but Fiverr is one of the most effective. Fiverr is sometimes neglected since it is linked with lower-paying employment. You may, however, provide upsells on your blog and earn money for the jobs you accomplish or like an article

The secret to making a good living on Fiverr is to position oneself as an expert in a specific field. You should select a task that you are confident you can do and receive high marks from your consumers.

There is, however, a limit on how much you may make on the Fiverr page. It’s a wonderful location to start your SEO career, but it’s unlikely to be a platform you’ll want to utilize indefinitely.

If you perform a good job, best ways you may rapidly make a name for yourselfThe income potential isn’t as large as it would be if you were providing services or knowledge to client-facing accounts
Providing microservices on google is significantly easier than providing end-to-end SEO skillsThere are several agencies and lead sources that require your writing services

10. Host Seminars and Charge Per Seat

You can profit from creative SEO seminars! Source: Creative Seminar

SEO is driven by information – if you can position yourself as an authority, people will gladly pay for it.

If you’re just getting started, it won’t be as simple – for example, I could recommend gathering a group of local specialists and organizing a paid Meetup.

As your credibility grows, you will be able to strike out on your own and host them regularly.

Great profit margins – the only major expenses are venue and guest niche sitesIt is quite difficult to persuade consumers to pay a high ticket price for instance to write SEO articles
Once you’ve created the curriculum, could utilize it over and overPutting together the curriculum could require a lot of labor and knowledge

11. Sell White Label SEO Services to Other Agencies

Sharing new product design and development is another way to make money using SEO. Source: Blog by Anna Melisha

Most white-label relationships do not need you to interact with clients, which is fantastic. and require no link.

A single agency site can provide you dozens (hundreds) of customer accounts to work on. It is considerably simpler to generate revenue and keywords.

This is particularly true for lower-cost retainers, because the other party must preserve margins to build credibility.

You’re developing an income, but not a niche brand – you don’t receive credit for customer outcomes.

A single agency site can provide you dozens (hundreds) of customer sites to work onLower-cost retainers, because the other party must preserve margins
It is considerably simpler to generate revenueYou’re developing an income, but not a brand – you don’t receive credit for related customer outcomes
Most white-label relationships do not need you to link with clients, which can be a plus

12. Collect Agency Retainers from Clients

Web design retainers from clients can and should be collected. Source: Sealab Design Retainer Campaign

The agency lifestyle is not for everyone. However, if you’ve successfully developed a consulting firm, take advantage, expanding into an agency could be a natural next step.

Client retainers sites provide cash up aheadWorking long hours in a high-stress niche
Revenue growth has a high ceilingDealing with clients sites is…difficult
High possibility for sale or acquisition linkThe margins are not as wide as you could have related to

BONUS: Work With An Agency or Trusted SEO Company

Working with an agency can be a quick way to create visible results

Working with an agency provides the least amount of danger. You may study SEO and the agency business while earning a living.

However, it is the least profitable choice when compared to the others.

Many SEO professionals do not aspire to work for an agency. However, this may be a fantastic opportunity to be paid to develop your talents and learn things you would not have discovered otherwise.

Working for an agency typically entails taking on considerably larger tasks than working as a lone freelancer.

When you engage with an agency for SEO services, you will be able to test and learn what is currently working by utilizing the resources of an established firm and its clientele. Furthermore, you will get paid continuously, which is not always the case when you first start freelancing.

Capability to test and learn utilizing the resources of othersWorking for other people is a nightmare if you’re an entrepreneur
Long hours in a hectic atmosphere are the norm
A consistent, reliable passive income

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are several chances to sell your services and ways to make money through SEO.

Remember that you don’t have to be an SEO expert to make money with it. You can start making money once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, implemented what you’ve learned, and seen some results.

SEO agency Malaysia are a great point to start learning these skills at. Connect with us to learn how to rank better, increase organic traffic and achieve better ROIs for your business with our proven SEO marketing strategies.

Ready to skyrocket your website rankings and profits?

Increase your company’s income online by partnering with one of Malaysia’s top-rated digital marketing agencies, One Search Pro that truly cares about your brand.

Set a goal, choose a strategy, and watch as we assist you in developing better branding and generating more potential through the magical SEO!

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