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How to Write the Perfect Bio For Instagram + The Best Instagram Bio Ideas

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How to Write the Perfect Bio For Instagram + The Best Instagram Bio Ideas - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

Instagram is one of the largest social network platforms and is also an invaluable marketing tool.

It is known as a source of visual content widely popularized by its special features of Instagram stories, IGTV – and recently, Instagram reels.

This strong platform utilising visual elements, when used properly, can help increase brand awareness and turn your followers into your prospects.

However, all the captivating and engaging content will be less effective if you can’t develop a good Instagram bio.

Your Instagram Bio tells everything about your business that your audience needs to know.

The bio section is the first thing your audience and visitors see when they go to your page. By reading your bio on Instagram, your audience will understand what your business is all about, how they can reach you, and how your brand is relevant to what they’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best Instagram bio ideas and tips on crafting a compelling and creative bio for Instagram.

This will help your Instagram profile look more exciting and impressive.

Why Your Instagram Business Bio Matters

It may seem that focusing on Instagram bio is not significant.

On the contrary, it is always through your social media platform that allows you to begin building a solid presence with a basic foundation.

There are numerous reasons why you need a good Insta bio, but the main reason is that human beings have a short attention span. You are given a few moments to captivate their attention and get them to follow your profile.

When they visit your profile, they want to know why they should follow you and how your business can keep them interested.

And for that, you need a great IG bio and description.

Another importance of a good bio is to show off your achievements and to let your audience know your brand’s personality. A well-written bio helps build a connection with your audience right away.

The more you optimize your Instagram bio, the more potential followers and traffic you’ll be able to engage.

Instagram Bios Reflect Your Brand's Personality | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Your Instagram bio reflects your brand’s personality. So you want to make sure that your bio is impressive!
Source: Small Business Trends

According to Instagram, given that you only have 150 characters to create one bio, you should plan what to add so you won’t miss anything important.

For example, you could use it to describe your brand, promote your newest product, or the nature of your business. If you’re promoting your latest product on your bio, make sure to keep your bio updated consistently.

Your description can be a bulleted list or a few short Instagram captions and lines. Be creative as possible when using the 150 characters in your bio to entice your target audiences and prospects.

You can also add hashtags in your bio, but it won’t make your profile appear on the explore page for the hashtag used.

But adding your brand’s hashtag into your Instagram bio will encourage your followers and audiences to use it too, and it’s the best way to put the spotlight on your profile.

What Makes a Good Instagram Business Profile?

Writing your Instagram bio is only one main component of creating an impressive Instagram business profile.

For the best results, below are some actionable strategies you can employ to ensure you optimize your Instagram profile.

Optimize Your Brand’s Name or Username

Lonely Planet Optimizing Instagram Bio | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Lonely Planet optimizes its brand’s name throughout its social media and website. Source: Lonely Planet

Pick a good Instagram name to make your presence known. First thing first, the name you choose must be easily recognizable and remembered. This is vital since people often use Instagram to search for brands and products.

Your username is your brand’s identity, and it’s part of your business profile URL as it is located at the top of your profile page.

When determining how to put your brand on Instagram, it’s essential to think about what your audience is searching for and how you can provide them with helpful information in just a few seconds. And optimizing your Instagram bio’s name is one great way you can do that.

Other benefits on why you should optimize your brand name on Instagram:

  • Present your brand’s personality and identity
  • Attract and engage the right audience
  • Allow your followers and target audiences to understand what your business is all about
  • Make it easy for people to search for your products and services
  • Help you stand out among your competitors

Have an Optimized Instagram Bio

Instagram gives every user 150 characters to create an excellent description of your profile. However, with only 150 characters, you need to write a great first impression and deliver your brand message.

Thankfully, you also have another section on your Instagram profile to describe what your brand is all about and make it easy for people to reach you.

For optimal searching, targeted keywords are good as they will clarify what type of content people can get from your account.

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Have a Good Profile Photo

Sony's Profile Picture on Instagram | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Choose an appropriate profile picture that represents your brand. It could be your brand’s logo. Source: Sony

Your profile photo should be relevant to what you’re presenting. For example, it would be weird if you’re selling fresh pastries, but your profile photo is a picture of a cute kitten.

Select a photo that describes your business’s personality, logo, or products. You can use the same profile picture you use on your other social media, so it’ll be standardized.

Keep note that your Instagram profile photo should be at 110 by 110 pixels. It will be stored at 320 by 320 pixels, so you need to use a large file that ensures it looks clear and not blurry even if Instagram changes how your profile photo is displayed.

If your brand’s logo is square, you will need to zoom out to ensure the whole logo shows inside the circle.

Categorize Page as According to Business Nature/Type

Suria KLCC Mall's Categorization of Its Account | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Suria KLCC Mall categorized its Instagram profile as Shopping & Retail on its bio. Source: Suria KLCC Mall

Instagram also lets you be specific in selecting your business category. This category will appear right under your business name if you choose to enable it. Doing this helps you add more details to your bio with other relevant information about your brand.

Your Instagram business category is the same as your Facebook business page category. So, for example: if on Facebook, your business is categorized as advertising/ marketing, it has to be the same as your Instagram.

Include Your Business Website

Your website address is the only clickable link on your bio, so make sure you utilize this section to its full potential.

While you can add your URL to your homepage, you are encouraged to update this link consistently when you are adding new products, projects, promotions, news, or content.

In addition, many businesses and brands use apps like Linktree to optimize the single link limit by taking the audience to a single landing page with multiple featured product pages and content.

Incorporate a CTA Button/Link

Molly Yeh's LinkedIn Link on Instagram Bio | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Molly Yeh added her LinkedIn profile link as her CTA.
Source: Molly Yeh

You could quickly free up more space in your Instagram bio if you utilize most of the CTA buttons accessible for Instagram for business accounts.

This will let users take action straight from your profile, making it easier for customers to get your product or services.

For example, they can book a table in your restaurant or make an appointment.

Include Your Contact Info

Your contact info provides the customers with the information they require to interact with your business.

Add your email and call info using the call button option to feature your business contact info without having to use extra space in your Instagram bio.

How to Write a Killer Bio for Your Instagram Profile? 8 Tips On How To Create Perfect Bio For Instagram!

Now that you understand what you should add in your Instagram bio, let’s get down to the tips on writing the most engaging and best Instagram bios for business.

#1 Add Branded Hashtags in Your Bio

London's Instagram Bioand Branded Hashtag | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
London’s Instagram bio add its #thisislondon as its branded hashtag and is used by more than 4 million Instagram users worldwide. Source: London

Using your own branded hashtag is excellent to promote your brand and social presence.

A branded hashtag is a hashtag that you create to allow your followers and audience to search for you easily on Instagram.

When you have loyal fans and followers, they will start sharing photos or videos using your hashtags to let you and other users know that they use your product or services. Through these hashtags, you can interact with them and react to their posts.

You can let your audience know about your hashtags by adding them to your bio and highlighting it in your captions and Stories.

#2 Use Line Breaks and Emojis to Make Text Readable and Consistent

Adding line breaks and emojis enhance the visual effects of your plain text bio. In addition, emojis can be used to express the brand’s personality and strengthen your description.

For example, if your business is food, adding pizza, sushi, and ice cream emojis will make your followers think of food immediately.

However, you need to think about the emojis carefully when you add it to your bio, as some emojis are not related to your brand.

Avoid using emojis that have nothing to do with your business.

Using a line break to separate your description makes your profile appear more organized and neat, so it won’t be hard to read or too lengthy.

#3 Include Appropriate CTA’S

Chiara's Instagram Bio | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Chiara’s Instagram bio is focused on its online store’s link.
Source: Chiara Ferragni Brand

While the CTA buttons give you extra space to add other important info on your bio, it’s always a good idea to be clear and direct with your call-to-action.

In addition, you want people to notice your CTA right away when they read your bio.

Be precise with what you want your audience to do depending on your Instagram business account’s purpose.

For example, you could add a link to invite your audience to visit your online store, check out your newest products or download a free ebook.

On the other hand, if you want to grow your Instagram followers, your call-to-action could be a “Follow Us” to learn more about your new arrivals or updates.

Whatever call-to-action you decide to add to your Instagram bio, it should be displayed and written so it’ll be accessible and engaging for your audience to take action.

#4 Use a “Link In Bio” Tool to Showcase More than One Link for the Ultimate Traffic Conversion

LinkTree Links in Instagram Bio | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Adding Linktree links to your bio helps drive traffic to your site. Source: Fstoppers

You probably know by now that Instagram has pretty strict policies when it comes to adding and sharing links.

Instagram does not allow any user to add links to published posts and “Swipe up “ links stories to everyone.

The bio section is the only space to add a link – one link, to be exact.

Through Linktree, like mentioned previously, you can make the most of your links. By creating a link tree for Instagram, you convert the only link allowed into multiple links.

And with more links, you can direct your traffic precisely where you need to. It could be to your online store, blog posts, a sign-up form, or a newsletter.

Since most Instagram users use Instagram via their mobile, your Linktree should be easy to navigate and optimized for mobile-friendly SEO.

#5 Provide Important Company Information

Your Instagram bio should display all the details about your company.

Since you have minimal space, the information you provided should be clear, accurate, and concise.

Your company information should include your store’s physical location and contact info.

#6 Showcase New Promotional Offers

Promotional Offer Link on Zoo Negara's Instagram Bio | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Zoo Negara added a promotional offer link as its CTA.
Source: Zoo Negara Malaysia

You can set up an Instagram shop which is only available if you set your Instagram to a business profile.

The Instagram shop allows you to create your online shop within Instagram.

With this feature, you get a “View Shop” button on your Instagram bio, so your audience can click through your shop without having to scroll through your posts.

You can add new promotional offers or the latest products to your online store.

What’s great about the shop is it’s also available on the “Explore” page, where users from your targeted demographics can search for new products and promotional offers from your store.

Alternatively, you could write promotional offers like “15 percent off on today’s purchase” or “Sign up today and enjoy 20 percent off “ on your bio.

When you add these promotional offers, be sure to update them regularly.

If the promotional offers are no longer available, make sure to remove them or edit with a new one to avoid misunderstanding and confusion between your customers.

#7 Add a Tagline

Inspirational Quote by Starbucks on Instagram | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Starbucks added an inspirational quote on its Instagram bio. Source: Starbucks

Another creative way to attract your audience is through your copy.

Remember that you have 150 characters to write your Insta bio?

Then it would be best if you focused on writing a copy that inspires and motivates your audiences.

Write a copy or a description that relates to your audience, and make your brand stand out from your competitors.

For example, add a little bit of personality, a business tagline, or a mission statement to your Instagram bio. As an Instagram feed is where you can share and connect with your audience, your bio should be relatable too.

#8 Name-Drop Achievements from Well-Known Clients for Social Proof

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your achievement or success stories with your audience.

It shows that your brand manages to help specific individuals reach their objectives, and now you’re ready to help others.

Name-dropping or shout-out to big names and businesses you’ve worked with will also help improve your brand’s credibility and trust.

The reason being, this has something to do with association with psychology; if people see that your brand associates with big brands, they tend to recognize your brand as equal to the big brands.

Examples of Business Profiles that Come Up with Excellent Bios

Check out some of the best bio on Instagram business profiles that manage to write an engaging, compelling and clear Instagram bio – Top picks from us by One Search Pro team


Ellevest Instagram Highlights | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Ellevest features successful female professionals and shares knowledge on content strategies using branded hashtags like #InvestLikeAWomen. Source: Ellevest

The Ellevest Instagram bio is excellent because it displays who the business is catering to – women by women. This gives the audience a definite idea of what they’ll receive from the brand. It has a simple caption for an Instagram bio that describes the brand the best.

One Search Pro

One Search Pro Digital Marketing and Their Experience on The Account's Bio | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
One Search Pro’s bio shares its experience in the field, company registration info and link to a business’s site.
Source: One Search Pro

Displaying your company’s information on your Instagram bio is one great way for your audience to contact you if they are interested in what you’re offering.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics Instagram Bio with Emojis, Clear Objectives, and A CTA | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Lush’s bio has emojis, clear objectives and CTA.
Source: Lush Cosmetic

Established in London, Lush Cosmetics honored itself as a cruelty-free product. The message they convey in the bio is concise and direct. It has emojis, branded hashtag #mylushlife, and a Linktree link that directs its consumer to its landing page. Their bio quote – revolution to save the planet, is punchy and motivated!


Letterfolk Using Branded Hashtags | Bio for Instagram | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Letterfolk encourages its audience to use ite branded hashtag to share photos with their products. Source: Letterfolk

This brand uses its Instagram bio to direct its audience to follow its branded hashtags using a CTA “See LF products in the wild” followed by other relevant Instagram hashtags. Using these hashtags, its customers can view how other people use their products. It makes the brand appear community-friendly, and relatable.


Your Instagram bio is crucial in ensuring your online presence is a success.

Your brand’s Instagram bio is the ideal space to share your thoughts and personality with your audiences.

It also helps the audience to know more about your brand and interact with you.

Since your Instagram bio is the first destination where your target audience gets to know what your business is all about, you must provide a unique, informative, engaging and creative Instagram bio.

A good bio helps your brand stand out among your competitors and helps grow your followers.

You could also get some bio ideas with Instagram profile templates available on the internet.

There are a lot of template ideas for your bio – Instagram for girls, business, environment and more that you could explore.

As one of Malaysia’s best social media marketing agencies, One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency prioritizes building meaningful relationships with all our clients.

To learn more about how to take your social media marketing to the next level talk to us today, and we’d love to discuss how to help boost your social media strategy.

We are a digital marketing team in Malaysia with more than ten years of experience in social media marketing in Malaysia.

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