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Top 21 Malaysian YouTubers And YouTube Channels Of Different Niche And Content To Consider

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Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Videos have become one of the biggest forms of content that people look for on any social media platform, whether it be for entertainment or even education.

With its sheer popularity, YouTube has now become the second biggest search engine across all nations, following closely in the footsteps of its parent company Google.

What’s important to note is that YouTube didn’t become popular on its own. The platform rose in ranks thanks to the existence of what we now call YouTubers, producing a wide range of content on YouTube that has kept people hooked.

As part of your influencer marketing, it makes sense to look for a Malaysia YouTuber to see if they can help you market your products and services. However, not all YouTuber Malaysia are the same, as they each provide different niches and content that reach different target audiences.

It’s time to take a closer look at the top YouTubers in Malaysia and see if they could be a good fit for your brand! Investigate their content and explore the possibilities.

Top 21 YouTubers And YouTube Channels in Malaysia

Sugu Pavithra

Sugu Pavithra's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Sugu Pavithra is a YouTube channel that is run by a couple, S. Pavithra and M. Sugu, from Malaysia. They became famous after their cooking videos went viral, especially during the pandemic, with many people being impressed by Pavithra’s spoken Malay.

Their channel features mostly South Indian recipes, and their simple yet delicious dishes have gained a huge following, which has led them also to have some coverage on the news. The couple’s cooking skills, warm personalities, and relatable content have attracted over 800k subscribers ever since.

As they’re a cooking channel, they’re the perfect channel to reach out to if you’re a company that sells cooking products, utensils, or even ingredients, especially in relation to South Indian cuisine.


Namewee's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

While known for being controversial, there’s no doubt that Namewee is one of the top Youtuber Malaysia. As a rapper, singer, songwriter, and filmmaker, he first gained fame through his controversial songs that challenged societal norms and sparked debates in Malaysia.

He has since expanded his content to include vlogs, short films, and documentaries that explore various social issues, and he even produces YouTube shorts.

Namewee’s channel currently has over 3.5 million subscribers, and his content’s niche focuses on a mix of music, comedy, and thought-provoking commentary.

Bella Khann

Bella Khann's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Bella Khann, also known as Badriyatul Laili Binti Bahadar Khan, is well known for her bubbly, funny personality and honest opinions.

As a result, she produces a variety of video content that may be enjoyed by different fan bases, such as affordable cosmetics reviews, Shein hauls, response videos, cuisine hacks, gaming streams, and more.

Her main channel has over 1.28 million subscribers, making her one of the most successful Malaysia Top Youtuber to look out for. If you’re a business looking for a fun internet personality to match your brand and to do a product review, then this Youtuber is the one to look out for.

Che Nom

Che Nom's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Che Nom is a Malaysian street food YouTuber who showcases the best of Malaysian cuisine. Ever since 2013, this former engineer-turned-cook created a YouTube channel that features mouth-watering food videos that highlight the diversity of Malaysian food, from curries to desserts.

Che Nom’s channel has over 1.87 million subscribers, which is among the most subscribed YouTube channels in Malaysia. She brands herself as a YouTube mother to anyone looking to learn how to cook Malaysian cuisine.

She hopes to take her viewers on a culinary journey, introducing them to new local flavours and dishes that they may not have tried before. If you’re targeting the local market and your product is helpful for local cuisine, channels like these are a great option.

JO Channel

JO Channel's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Some of the most popular and best YouTube content are those related to children, and if you’re looking for a Malaysian channel, JO Channel is the one for you. The channel began sharing free, entertaining & instructive videos for kids ever since 2015.

This includes YouTube videos such as toy reviews, board game challenges, bike riding lessons, and other children-related topics.

This makes JO Channel the most popular YouTuber for Malaysian children, especially since it has more than 3.87 million subscribers.

They also enjoy providing parenting techniques and lifestyle advice, making it the ideal platform for parents too. So if your product targets families with young children, their channel is worth looking into.

Ling BigYong

Ling BigYong's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Ling BigYong is a Malaysian comedian and social media influencer who gained fame through his hilarious videos and skits. He has since expanded to become a film producer, actor, and comedian.

Using only Chinese in his videos, his YouTube channel features parodies, comedy sketches, and vlogs that poke fun at Malaysian culture and society.

With over 1.5 million subscribers, Ling is known for his witty humour, exaggerated facial expressions, and unique sense of style. If your target audience is Chinese and your product’s branding does well with his style of comedy, then check him out.

Syahmi Sazli

Syahmi Sazli's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Syahmi Sazli is a Malaysian content creator who produces comedy skits and vlogs on his YouTube channel. With over 2.7 million subscribers, Syahmi is known for his witty humour, relatable content, and unique perspective on life.

His videos cover a wide range of topics, from family life and relationships to current events and pop culture.

His content is quite interesting, as you can find a series of his work, and his acting talent is one that stands out. He also does pranks and mukbang videos, making his work quite varied. Definitely a great YouTuber to consider for the Malay audience and Malaysian YouTube users.

Isa Isarb

Isa Isarb's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

If you’re looking for unique social experiments and prank videos, Isa Isarb is well-known just for that. His most viral social experiments included him pretending to be a beggar, and then proceeding to purchase a food stand.

He was curious about how the people in his immediate vicinity would regard him and how they would respond if a beggar bought an entire stall. He also enjoys showing random strangers kindness and generosity, where in one of his videos, he gave away a motorcycle to an unknown individual.

Aside from that kind of entertainment, he also develops original online challenges, such as sitting on a pool of cash. With 2.5 million subscribers, Isa Isarb can fit into your brand if you’re looking for something unique in terms of social experimentation.


MeleTOP's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

MeleTOP is a Malaysian entertainment show that airs on YouTube and TV3. The show features celebrity interviews, music performances, comedy skits, game shows and more. The channel focuses a lot on its celebrity and influencer interviews, featuring talk shows and even gossip that’s bound to be entertaining for a wide target audience.

With close to 2 million subscribers, MeleTOP is one of the most popular entertainment shows in Malaysia that’s available on YouTube. Having your brand on here will definitely reach out to a wide target audience, so long as your brand aligns with them.

Jordan Yeoh Fitness

Jordan Yeoh Fitness YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

With home workouts on the rise, especially since the pandemic, fitness channels have been on the rise of popularity. This means for the local market, you can look out for Jordan Yeoh Fitness. This Malaysian fitness YouTuber shares fitness-related videos such as workout tutorials, nutrition tips, and motivational videos on his channel.

Jordan is known for his high-energy workouts, expert advice, and inspirational messages. His videos cover a wide range of topics, from bodybuilding and weight loss to mental health and personal development.

With over 3.7 million subscribers, he’s one of the most successful Malaysian Fitness YouTuber to look out for if your brand focuses on fitness and health.

Isaac Osman

Isaac Osman's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

There’s just something about mukbang videos that has viewers fascinated but makes it perfect for brands who focus on food. If you’re looking for a local YouTube channel that really focuses on Mukbang, then look for Isaac Osman.

Not only does his niche content focus on him eating large quantities of food, there’s also a level of ASMR to look out for, which includes sounds of chewing, slurping, and sipping.

With over 1.57 million subscribers, Isaac Osman is one of the top mukbang YouTubers in Malaysia.

A lot of his sponsors are from food brands, but when it comes to working with mukbang creators and influencers, you don’t necessarily have to have products related to food, so long as the product matches the brand and style of the influencer.


Jinnyboy TV YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

JinnyboyTV, whose real name is Jim Lin, is a Malaysian YouTube channel that produces short films, web series, and comedy sketches. JinnyboyTV’s YouTube Channel is known for its high-quality production values, relatable characters, and heartwarming stories.

His content covers a range of topics, from relationships and family dynamics to social issues and current events.

With over 1.7 million subscribers, JinnyboyTV is also making his share of waves in the local filmmaking industry, acting in movies, and even becoming a brand ambassador, making him also a famous Youtuber in Malaysia.

Cikidot Channel

Chikidot Channel YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

With plenty of pranks, silly challenges and fun, Cikidot Channel features cousins going through all sorts of fun together. Cikidot, a cheeky version of the words Check It Out, rose in popularity due to their funny personalities, and their being related makes it feel like a family channel too.

With over 1 million subscribers, Cikidot Channel has even been listed as one of the top YouTubers in Malaysia since 2020 and has to date, even done official music videos.

Azfar Heri

Azfar Heri's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Azfar Heri is a Malaysian YouTuber and online personality that mainly focuses on Vlogs and sharing his experiences. He also does videos on lifestyle, travel and cooking, using his personality to attract an audience and keep them entertained. There are even some prank and fun activities videos too.

He’s currently close to hitting 1 million subscribers and has even been nominated as one of the Top 5 Youtubers by Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian.

Alyssa Dezek

Alyssa Dezek's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

One of the most popular YouTube content to look for is music covers, and in Malaysia, the top spot for this type of content belongs to Alyssa Dezek.

With over 4 million subscribers, making her one of the top subscribed Youtube channels in Malaysia, her guitar skills and beautiful voice makes her one of the best musician YouTubers to look out for, as she especially goes viral for one of her songs covers.

She also does unboxing videos on musical instruments and tools, making her the perfect influencer to look for if your product is related to music.


DanKhooProductuions YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

DanKhooProductions is a Malaysian YouTube channel that produces a variety of content, including comedy sketches, short films, and web series.

With over 400,000 subscribers, DanKhooProductions is known for its witty humour, relatable characters, and high-quality production values. Their content covers a range of topics covered, from social issues and current events to everyday situations and Malaysian culture.

You may find DanKhoo Production working alongside other popular names such as JinnyboyTV, Dennis Yin, and even Ernest Ng.


TheGRIMFILM's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

TheGRIMFILM is a Malaysian YouTuber who specialises in short, film-like content.

Jared Lee started the channel on his own at first but now has a team that helps to develop short films, funny content, and even instructional videos.

With almost 200,000 subscribers, TheGRIMFILM’s channel is all about creating poignant films and bringing their imagination to life.


TheMingThing's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

TheMingThing produces comedic content, including skits, parodies, and vlogs. With over 500,000 subscribers, TheMingThing is known for its humorous takes on everyday situations, Malaysian culture, and pop culture.

What makes them stand out from the other channels is how they put their content together, which may seem like two different storylines, but end up leading to a parallel punchline.

The channel features a cast of relatable characters, and witty dialogue with high-quality production values, making it a standout among the other YouTube channels.


CodyHong TV YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

CodyHongTV is a Malaysia YouTuber Chinese who creates content on travel, food, and lifestyle. With over 1 million subscribers, Cody’s channel features travel vlogs, food reviews, and daily vlogs. He is known for his engaging personality, informative content, and stunning visuals, mainly as he uses slapstick edits reminiscent of Japanese comedian Youtubers.

His content also includes unboxing and pranks, basically little things that are bound to entertain his target audience.

Joseph Germani

Joseph Germani's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Joseph Germani’s YouTube channel shows he has a unique way of handling music videos, mainly focusing on parodies. The channel covers everything, from everyday issues to movie spoofs, with one of his popular music videos being called “Chinese Songs in Real Life”.

He aims to combine local references in his videos, and his work shows how much he’s inspired by his own experiences.

His channel currently has close to 200,000 subscribers, and he has also done product reviews and unboxing videos.

Ray Mak

Ray Mak's YouTube Channel |Top YouTuber Malaysia | One Search Pro Marketing

Ray Mak is a Malaysian pianist and YouTuber who creates piano covers of popular songs. With over 400,000 subscribers, Ray’s channel is known for its high-quality piano arrangements and engaging personality.

He covers a wide range of genres, from pop and rock to classical and anime music. Ray also produces original music and is known for his ability to recreate complex arrangements on the piano.

His recent videos also cover travel and even his young children, with his recent video also covering kid’s music. Definitely a channel worth looking into, especially as it ventures into more family-like content.

Use Influencer Marketing To Your Advantage

Based on this list, you can see that Malaysians love a wide range of content that appeals to them. From music to comedy sketches and even fitness!

What matters is how the YouTube Influencer uses the video medium to entertain or even educate their viewers. The more unique or appealing the YouTuber, the more likely they will be to subscribe and watch.

This makes YouTubers in Malaysia the perfect people to consider if you’re planning to use influencer marketing to promote your products and services. They can help in areas such as website conversion if you get them to use your promo code to encourage sales, and can also add to your social proof if you have them review your products.

If you’re stuck on how to conduct your Influencer Marketing, you can always reach out to or contact us at One Search Pro. Whether you’re trying to figure out which influencer works best for you, what you should consider in youtube pay per view Malaysia, or even whether you should consider influencer marketing at all, we have more than 10 years of digital marketing experience to guide you on the path to marketing success. Contact us today!

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