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Useful Tips For Implementing Auto Reply Comment Facebook In 2024

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Useful Tips For Implementing Auto Reply Comment Facebook by Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia One Search Pro

Do you want to boost the efficiency of your Facebook ad campaigns? Do you often feel that you don’t have enough time to respond to every Facebook comment and message you get?

Auto reply comment Facebook – a Facebook comments autoresponder might be just the thing you’re looking for!

In this article, you’ll learn everything about:

  • How auto reply Facebook comment works using Facebook Messenger
  • Advantages of implementing Facebook auto reply bot
  • What third party services you should use for Facebook instant replies
  • Any relevant tips you should know about FB auto commenter

One thing is sure – using a Facebook auto reply comment will improve your customer-driven marketing strategy and boost your messages engagement rates.

Interested yet? Read on!

Why Should You Focus On Your Facebook Comments?

Unresponsive Facebook Comment Replies | Auto Reply Comment Facebook | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
If you don’t manage Facebook comments on time, it makes your brand look unresponsive. Source: AdWeek

Getting user comments on your Facebook posts is essential for your online visibility. It means the client is interested in said specific posts from your brand and wants to engage with it.

Depending on the Facebook comments you get, you might see things like:

  • Questions about the price of your products or services
  • Questions about the shipping information
  • Discussion threads between your visitors
  • Personal opinions
  • Customer feedback or complaints

Statistics show that 2/3 of Facebook users visit at least one local business Facebook page a week. [1] And everyone needs a professional and quick answer.

For example: you might receive 80 Facebook comments about the price of your product or service and 2 comments about delivery problems on your Facebook page posts.

Prioritizing and solving complaints is crucial for your brand’s image. Thus, your same public reply to the first 80 Facebook comments only delays you from dealing with those 2 comments that need immediate solving.

What should you do? Use a Facebook comment autoresponder for those 80 Facebook comments, and respond individually to those 2 questions that don’t fit into that pattern. You dedicate time to complicated problems that require direct feedback and automatically reply to repetitive questions at the same time using a standard same reply.

But What Are Automated Replies For Facebook Comments?

Automated Facebook Messenger Replies | Auto Reply Comment Facebook | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Automated replies allow you to focus on problems that need immediate attention. Source: Twirp.ca

Learning the differences between branding vs. marketing and implementing successful campaigns takes a lot of time. Replying to hundreds of Facebook comments or messages to connect with fans seems overwhelming, if not impossible.

Here’s where Automation comes into the picture. As the name says, you can auto-respond to Facebook comments, thus saving a lot of time in the process.

The Facebook auto-reply will help you with 2 things:

  • You can message and engage with clients on Facebook Messenger
  • You can automatically send a private message or respond to Facebook comments

Benefits of Setting Up Auto Reply Comment Facebook

Now that you know what Automation is, it’s time to see how your brand can take advantage of it. Below, our digital marketing Malaysia experts made a list with 4 huge advantages!

1. Personalize Customer Service

You can give the same solution to everyone because people have different needs. That’s why FB auto comment gives personalized answers based on the question asked. You can personalize up to 4 questions and make them up to 280 characters long.

Say hi to your messenger after they first message you with specific keywords and reply only through a customised answer! No more irrelevant spam messages!

2. Convert Potential Customers

An auto reply to comment on Facebook interacts with your clients about essential things like:

  • Important contact information (email, opening hours, location);
  • If you’re on holiday and when you get back;
  • Thanking customers that recommended your Facebook profile.

People see that your brand is active on social media and committed to customer care and will trust your business. Thus, it’s easier to boost your local SEO campaigns to acquire users and convert them into loyal clients.

3. Manage Negative Facebook Comments

The good news about negative Facebook comments is that they’re manageable. Although setting an auto reply comment Facebook in this situation is not wholeheartedly recommended because it looks impersonal, you can still turn the negative comments or trolling messages situation in your favor.

By setting a 10-minute auto-reply message, you can encourage your customers to talk about their problems through private message where you can come up with a customized solution.

4. Gain Meaningful Insights About Your Audience

Whether you’re using traditional vs online marketing, knowing your audience is a must for your brand’s success.

Facebook Messenger bots have in-built devices which give you important information about your audience and your campaign’s results. So, to acquire users from most comments alone, you can learn:

Why Should You Set Up Auto Reply Comment Facebook?

Facebook As The Most Used Social Network | Auto Reply Comment Facebook | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Facebook is the most used social network in 2021. Source: Statista

A survey shows that 83% of people expect a response on social media to their questions. [2] And up to 46% expect that answer to be immediately or within an hour. Quite overwhelming, right?

An auto reply comment Facebook can help you meet this expectation even when you’re on holiday or your staff is busy with other tasks.

You can even customize a Facebook auto-reply comment by inserting helpful attachments like forms, or menus.

Redirecting your clients towards the information they need even when you’re away is a good method to keep your customers happy. Your brand will be more credible and you’ll increase your business visibility on the Internet.

Basically, with a Facebook comment autoresponder you can convert possible clients into loyal prospects. Plus, it’ll be easier to manage negative Facebook comments. Besides, it can save a lot of time, especially when you’ve just decided to start online marketing and don’t have much free time replying to users comment.

Facebook Users Comment Response Rate | Auto Reply Comment Facebook | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
If you have a users comment response rate of 90% and a response time under 15 minutes for Facebook comments, your Facebook page gets awarded with the “Very Responsive Badge”. Source: EDesk

How You Can Set Up Automated Responses on Facebook?

Now that you know how useful an auto-reply option is, it’s time to let you know that Facebook doesn’t allow you to set up auto-replies for comments on Facebook posts or ad posts. Ironic, isn’t it?

But don’t worry – to automatically reply to Facebook comments posted on your Facebook page, here are some excellent third-party services for this.

Besides, using a third-party service can help you with other important things as well – Facebook auto poster for Messenger, for instance. Not only will you save time with auto-replies, but you can plan your content strategy using Facebook schedule post to save time uploading pics at the right time.

Our creative marketing experts can recommend the 3 most popular third-party services that can help you. You can try for free the auto-replies and the auto Facebook post options to customize replies only to specific or all keywords!

And you don’t even need many things – just a Facebook page and an automation service are more than enough to help you with your auto reply to users comment issues!

1. Many Chat

Many Chat Bot | Auto Reply Comment Facebook | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Manychat allows you to use attachments when you’re building your chatbot elements. Source: Manychat

With Manychat, you can redirect your customers to the exact information they need. You can insert different attachments they can click on so that your clients’ questions on a specific post can be answered quickly and efficiently.

Free templates that save you time if you don’t have technical skills.Multi-language support needs improvement.

You can run Facebook ads.

UX is a bit hard to understand at first.
You can choose to reply with a private message after leaving a comment in your Facebook posts.

If you choose to build your Facebook bot with Manychat, here’s how you can set up a custom auto-response flow.

2. ChatFuel

ChatFuel Messenger Bot | Auto Reply Comment Facebook | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Chatfuel offers you the opportunity to try their free FAQs templates and decide which one suits you best. Source: Chatfuel

Note: you don’t have to learn to code when you build your Facebook auto-reply bot. In just 3 minutes, you can use Chatfuel’s intuitive and visual interface to create a bot that will answer your prospects’ questions.

It’s simple to manage.Servers slow down occasionally.
You can gather useful data easily.It’s a bit expensive.
Frequent and helpful updates.

To help you set up your Facebook auto-reply bot, Chatfuel made a step-by-step video guide on YouTube! Watch it and learn how to reply to comments using automation in no time!

3. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey Chatbot | Auto Reply Comment Facebook | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Another advantage of using a chatbot on Facebook Messenger is that people are more likely to interact with it than filling a form. Source: MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an all-in-one chat platform you can use to boost the results of your marketing strategies. Your Facebook chat will look more lively and you’ll boost engagement with your audience.

You can set up multiple chatbots to reply to comments for multiple social media platforms.Frequent updates.
You can join a Facebook group if you need any help.It can take a while to learn how to use it.
Affordable price.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger using their private messages service.

Useful Tips for Facebook Comment Auto Reply Setting

Doing research and organizing things properly can take a lot of time and it’s easy to get lost in the process. Here are 4 extra tips to look out for so that your Facebook page and Facebook post look sleek, clean, and engaging!

1. Always make sure that your bot is set up properly. If you learn to set your chat box right, for example: automatically replying only to certain keywords, you can increase the open rate of your Facebook messages by up to 88%. [3]

2. Avoid engagement clickbait. Starting a debate about Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter sounds like a good idea, but Facebook will punish these strategies with a low reach. Always create attractive niche content that’s helpful and informative.

3. Avoid adding the “Send Message” button to your Facebook post. It can be very confusing for visitors or other users to see this button and might not engage with it at all. The cleaner your page, the better.

4. Always check the newest Facebook updates so you won’t be taken by surprise when something changes.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties setting up your Facebook auto-reply to users, our specialists in internet marketing Malaysia are here to help you – don’t hesitate and reach out to us!


Each Facebook user who leaves a comment on your business’s Facebook page post is a potential customer. Setting up your own Facebook auto-reply chat box can be a valuable source of feedback that helps boost your audience engagement and convert prospects into loyal customers much easier.

However, this alone doesn’t guarantee you 100% success with your sales – especially when it comes to negative comments. As a business Facebook page owner, you can come across different challenges regardless of setting up an instant message reply system using Facebook’s automatic reply bot.

For example, you might still have trouble with boosting your social presence or driving sales through your Facebook post.

The good news is that: One Search Pro is a professional online marketing agency that specializes in various marketing strategies like:

Check these articles out or any other relevant if not specific post on our blog that suits your needs!

And if you need help, just open your browser and contact us – the best online marketing Malaysia experts will be ready to connect with you and make your business skyrocket!

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