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ClickUp VS Monday.com: Reviews and Comparisons

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ClickUp VS Monday.com: Reviews and Comparisons - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

For anyone who has ever had a weekly-to-do list like me, things can get overwhelming quickly if you don’t keep track of what you are supposed to do.

This can impact your productivity once the panic sets in.

It has happened to me several times before, and although I did get things done before the deadline hit, I had to push everything else aside.

To help people get more control over their scheduling, a number of tools have been created to make it easier to create and manage your to-do lists.

Of the many that exist, we have chosen to look at ClickUP VS Monday.com.

These two are the most popular project marketing tools around.

We will look at their main similarities and differences, compare their features, unlimited integrations, customer support capabilities, pricing, user experience, and a host of other essential aspects.

If you are on the hunt for a reliable to-do list manager and are unsure of what to go with, then you are in the right place.

Read this Monday.com vs. ClickUp Review to learn more.

Brief Overview

ClickUp and Monday.com, alongside other related tools, were created to amalgamate the roles that used to be handled by different things into one seamless option for smaller and larger companies to save time.

When you have too many tools racking the different parts of your schedule, productivity suffers because you have to spend too much time paying attention to so many alerts on top of the work you are already dealing with.

About ClickUp

ClickUp was created to replace all this by offering project management services like creating documents, setting reminders, goals, inbox management, and scheduling the tasks on calendars.

ClickUp can be described as an all-in-one tool, and it can replace all the other tools that you may have been using for all your project management needs.

It has strong phone support with customer care that runs all day and night, even on holidays.

Even the free version has impressive features that allow you to handle things that can only be possible with premium versions of competitor tools.

About Monday.com

Monday.com, on the other hand, is slightly different. It allows individuals and teams to create workflow apps within minutes for running projects and processes in your everyday work.

Created in 2010, the tool has been around for a while now, undergoing various improvements that have allowed it to remain among the most used project management tools.

Monday.com has gone on to serve over 100,000 organizations, proof that it knows its trade pretty well considering how competitive that industry is. It is a code-free platform that allows anyone to use it, all thanks to how easy it is to use.

Teams and individuals don’t have to deal with manual work since everything is connected, and sharing is just as easy as breathing.

This high level of collaborative workspaces and intuitive interfaces makes Monday.com a tool of great interest that anyone dealing with project management must know about.

Main Similarities Between ClickUp VS Monday

The fact that they serve almost similar functions means that they both have some similarities. The similarities for ClickUp vs. Monday.com include the following:

  • Both have a customizable dashboard that you can change based on your preferences to make work easier.
  • Both have vast self-help resources like video tutorials online that are updated regularly.
  • Both are web-based and have support for mobile apps, including Android and iOS.
  • Both can be integrated with Google Calendars, and several other popular calendar view options and platforms.
  • You can manage the workload of all your team members through either of these two options.
  • Both allow users to see who is online and all the weekly tasks they may be working on.
  • Both have varying customer support platforms that users can tap into for troubleshooting.
  • Both have a free plan version with decent capabilities for their users.
  • Both can use more than one platform. They have support for PCs and mobile apps.

Main Differences Between ClickUp VS Monday

The following are the main differences between ClickUp vs. Monday.com.

  • ClickUp packs more features that focus on time and task management when compared to Monday.com. The latter gets the job done, but you have a limited range of features.
  • In terms of views, Monday.com doesn’t offer a lot of options. With ClickUp, on the other hand, you get Gantt chart views, among many others.
  • Monday.com software has a simple and straightforward user interface that is good for beginners. ClickUp can be overwhelming, and without external help, new users may struggle.
  • The ClickUp software is compatible with more devices, including Google Home and Alexa. Monday.com doesn’t grant users this luxury.

ClickUp vs. Monday.com Features


ClickUp Features | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Features. Source: ClickUp

The following is a quick overview of the main software features you should expect when you sign up with ClickUp.

Process Management

ClickUp offers a suite of features that will give you the ability to streamline all your projects to allow you to complete each of them in a step-by-step order.

Notable features that you can take advantage of include checklist templates, custom statuses, workload charts, Gantt view, task dependencies, custom fields, templates, recurring tasks, among others.

Task Management

You can organize your tasks and implement quick changes on the spot without affecting anything else. You can shuffle tasks as an individual or as a team in real-time to meet the changes as they happen without losing the pace of your progress or productivity.

Some of the features behind this include multitasking toolbar, filter and search, and recurring tasks.

Time Management

Time is always crucial, and finding ways to properly manage it is one of ClickUp’s strongest suits. You can schedule your tasks and even manage the team’s work capacity to meet deadlines through time tracking.

You can customize the calendars and track each milestone with so much ease. You can use features like workload view, project timeline view, and time in status to make time management easier.


With ClickUp, you can make as many customizations on your project to make it fit your needs as you see fit. Whether you have a large team or an individual project, you can customize aspects like privacy, tags, workflows, and so much more without impeding the progress.

Collaboration and Reporting

ClickUp is ideal for smaller teams that require collaborations and constant reports to keep the work processes flowing in a user-friendly environment.

Individuals can collaborate through features like real-time editing and syncing, mentions, team reporting, assigning comments, code syntax, and so many others. Keeping everyone in the loop with clear reports is how you ensure a project reaches a successful conclusion.


Monday.com Features | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Monday.com Features. Source: Monday.com

The following are the main features of Monday.com software.


Code-free automation allows users the freedom to focus their attention and energy on tasks that matter the most. You can set up email preferences, for instance, that automatically send once the due date arrives.

You can also set real-time updates to come in once the different tasks are done. This effectively eliminates repetitive work.


A well-defined dashboard that will allow your business to track progress of your project, the timelines, time estimates, Monday.com dependencies, and the budget with a single glance.

You can also run reports to get vital information, like an overview of the project all the way to a granular analysis of any specific details that you may need. Having access to this data will allow teams to collaborate better.

Kanban Board

You can make Kanban boards within minutes to manage all your workflows and communications in a single centralized location for your business. This allows you to stay on top of everything on the project, giving your team the ability to release new and quality products faster.

Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts will help your business team plan, execute and track projects easily. You can track the milestones and every single change that individuals and teams working on a particular project make.

This goes a long way in ensuring that no deadline is missed by your business team. Data can even be imported from Excel for small team collaboration.

File Sharing

You can drag and drop files and share them quickly between small teams and individuals through this reliable file storage and sharing feature that centralizes all files for your business team.

Permissions can be granted easily, and at the same time, you get full control to regulate everything in secure cloud storage within the same platform.

ClickUp vs. Monday Integrations

The ability to integrate with third-party applications increases the functionality of these project management software for your business team. The following is how Monday.com vs. ClickUp measure against each other in terms of integrations.


ClickUp Integrations | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Integrations. Source: ClickUp
  • With ClickUp, you have access to more than 300 native integrations that boost your productivity.
  • Notable integrations worth mentioning include Slack which allows you to create and manage tasks without exiting the ongoing conversations with your team.
  • There’s Everhour that you can use for tracking time.
  • Dropbox for unlimited storage.
  • You can also tap into Google Drive to search and attach files to your ClickUp tasks.
  • ClickUp offers a public API that developers can use to create more integrations.


Monday.com Integrations | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Monday.com Integrations. Source: Monday.com
  • Monday.com has about 50 integrations that allow even large teams to access all that they need in one place.
  • The integrations are further broken down into categories like SaaS, CRM, favorites, and others for ease of use.
  • One of the most prominent integrations like Microsoft Teams can be used to embed project boards directly into team chats.
  • You can also use Excel to import and export Google sheets into Monday.com without distorting the data.
  • Another important integration is Salesforce that you can use to manage your sales pipeline. The best part of all these is that setting up these great integrations is not that hard – all it takes is a few clicks with no need for coding skills.

ClickUp vs. Monday.com Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of all project management tools since problems will always pop up, and getting speedy resolutions is virtual. This is how Monday.com vs. ClickUp compare on this front.


ClickUp Customer Support | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Customer Support. Source: ClickUp
  • ClickUp project management tool holds the distinction of having the highest rating when it comes to client support in the industry. That’s not a small feat to pull off, and it should tell you all that you need to know about how good the support team is.
  • There’s 24/7 customer support, and this spreads across all the pricing plans.
  • Users can access these services and speedy feedback through the resource center that offers options like webinars, documentation videos, demos, and an active community of ClickUp users that help others troubleshoot problems on their own.
  • For the target audience that may not want the self-service route, you are free to get in touch directly with customer support through live chats, requesting a feature, or submitting a bug.


Monday.com Customer Support | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Monday.com Customer Support. Source: Monday.com
  • Monday.com doesn’t lag on customer support either. Users can use any Monday com tutorial as well as community forums that answer the most common questions.
  • There’s also the Monday project management tool that gives users specific solutions to unique problems they may experience—these range from managed marketing and sales, among others.
  • However, Monday.com doesn’t have a Live Chat option. Other users need to fill out an email form if they need to get in touch with customer support. This can be a little too cumbersome for users who need a quick solution.

Monday.com vs. ClickUp Pricing Plans

The following sections are a breakdown of how the pricing models operate for Monday vs ClickUp.


ClickUp Pricing Plans | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Pricing Plans. Source: ClickUp

ClickUp is a cost-effective project management tool that comes in the following four pricing plans depending on your needs and budget management.

  • Free Forever – A free plan that gets you 100 MB of space, unlimited users, and unlimited tasks.
  • Unlimited – You get everything in the previous plan combined with unlimited boards, native integrations. This plan costs $5 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Business – You get everything from the previous plans, and in addition, you get personal goals folders, Google Drive SSO, among many other services and several features. The cost is $9 per user every month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise – The enterprise plan gives you everything from the previous plans on top of contract review plus HIPAA. You also get advanced permissions to manage projects, workflow automation, and many other features. For pricing, you will have to contact ClickUp for more details.


Monday.com Pricing Plans | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Monday.com Pricing Plans. Source: Monday.com

The following are the project management pricing model for Monday.com

  • Individual Free Forever – This is the Monday.com free plan version that gets you unlimited boards, unlimited docs, over 200 templates for up to 2 members, over 20 column types, and compatibility with Android and iOS apps.
  • Basic – With this, you get unlimited boards, over 200 project templates, unlimited free viewers, and a host of other distinct features. The starting price tag is $8 per user per month, billed annually. The minimum number of users allowed is 3.
  • Standard – You get everything from the Basic plan and, in addition, Monday Gantt chart and timeline views, automation, and many more. For a minimum of three users, you will have to part with $10 per user per month, billed annually.
  • Pro – With a Pro plan, you get everything from previous plans combined with a chart view, private boards, the ability to track time, leave comments, and more. The annual billing comes to $16 per user per month.
  • Enterprise – This includes everything found in the previous plans on top of high-level enterprise integrations, automation, premium support, tailored onboarding, and so much more. You have to contact Monday.com for a quote.

Monday.com vs. ClickUp User Experience

User experience is one of the most important aspects of any project management tool, and the same goes for Monday com vs. ClickUp.

This is due to the fact that users spend a lot of time using them, which means they have to be good to look at and easy to navigate. The following is a breakdown of how these two project management tools compare in terms of user-friendly experience.


ClickUp Dashboard | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
ClickUp Dashboard. Source: ClickUp
  • The user interface on the ClickUp software is pretty slick, and the navigation is buttery smooth.
  • It is user-friendly, and the designers knew what they were doing as the little details were not lost to me as I navigated through it all.
  • The flexibility and simplicity are off the charts, and this makes it easy to use, especially if you have large agile teams that need to hit the road running.
  • This software becomes even more impressive when you consider how ClickUp is simply an amalgamation of a number of tools. The colors and fonts are just right, with no room for doubts and confusion.


Monday.com UI | ClickUp VS Monday | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Monday.com UI. Source: Monday.com
  • The Monday.com UI is clean and simple. Both the mobile apps and desktop version work smoothly without lags. It is optimized for both mobile and PC.
  • Setting it up is also quick, and there’s very little need for external help. You will have it running within minutes, all thanks to the intuitive interface that has everything marked out.
  • The customizations at your disposal are also another great addition that makes Monday.com a great option for anyone who wants a straightforward tool. The team grows faster with this.


So, as part of small businesses looking to streamline their project management, what do you go with when making a decision between Monday vs. ClickUp?

I have used both of them extensively, and each of them has something to offer on the table, depending on your needs.

Monday.com has a cleaner user interface, and that stood out for me. Being the first time, I found navigation easier, and I quickly got the hang of how it operates in a short span of time.

The available integrations tools and core features were more than enough to get the job done, as well as mobile app support.

On its own, Monday.com is a very capable internal tool for both individual and team members.

However, with ClickUp in the picture, things shift dramatically. ClickUp has more core features, and although it may be a bit overwhelming on the user interface department, that little hiccup is quickly overridden by the vast benefits the rest of the tool brings for multiple projects involving team members.

I would highly recommend ClickUp if you are running a growing business, but the ultimate choice should be determined by your personal preference – your needs as an individual, team members, or the nature of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does project management software do?

It helps operations management control overall costs, project planning, and hit due dates by giving team members the tools and opportunities to deliver projects they have committed to. At the same time, it allows all those involved to keep track of everything.

2. Who uses project management software?

Anyone involved in an industry requiring project planning involving entire team members uses project management software for planning, resource allocation, scheduling, and managing projects.

3. Is ClickUp better than Monday.com?

In terms of features and integrations, ClickUp offers better website elements than Monday.com, as it has more of them. However, functionality doesn’t hinge on sheer numbers, and that’s where these two task management tools even out.

4. What are some ClickUp vs. Monday alternative options?

5. Do ClickUp and Monday.com both offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes. ClickUp offers 35% discounts for nonprofits, while Monday.com’s is about 18%.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding project management and any other related issue, feel free to contact us, and we will happily address everything to the best of our abilities.

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