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TikTok Trending Hashtags: A Guide to Find Hashtags on TikTok Malaysia (Latest 2024 Update)

Guide on how to find hashtag in tiktok Malaysia - One Search Pro Digital marketing Agency Malaysia

If you need your content or ads to go viral on TikTok Malaysia, you need a solid hashtag strategy.

Hashtags for TikTok boost your visibility to your audience. The most popular TikTok hashtags help you identify potential collaborators and competitors and provide you with great content ideas.

You can see what your competitors are producing, and hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas on how to increase your reach

Just as some of the top social media platforms in Malaysia such as Instagram and Twitter, TikTok trending hashtags Malaysia is a trend that is here to stay! 

TikTok | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Using popular TikTok hashtags to boost your social presence and create awareness is a good idea.

The correct hashtags provide users with easy access to search for your business or products. That, plus relevant topics and conversations that they like. 

The TikTok community in Malaysia are actively using hashtags too, so if you’re planning on making your profile, it’s best to know which ones are right for you. 

The great thing about TikTok hashtag Malaysia is that it’s comparatively new, and not flooded with irrelevant content, unlike other platforms. You have a high possibility of staying in the upper ranks for hashtags in your niche. 

Since the introduction of the functions of hashtag for TikTok as a curation tool, its algorithm customises the user’s experience.

From a business point of view, this is considered a good thing as relevant hashtags allow your content to reach the right audience. 

Anyone stands a chance to have a Malaysia viral videos on TikTok if you put in the effort by producing exciting content. 

In this article, we’ll share with you how to use the TikTok hashtag strategy efficiently, so you’ll improve your presence on TikTok Malaysia

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Finding The Right TikTok Trending Hashtags for Your Content

#1 TikTok Hashtag Search

So how to find the right and yet impactful Hashtags for all of you – Content creators?

Search for popular or most searched hashtags on TikTok viral Malaysia by opening your TikTok app, and go to “Discover” on the bottom of your screen. You can find trending hashtags and videos here.

Scroll through this page to see if there’s anything that piques your interest, or serves as a valuable point for your business promotion.

Based on the hashtags that you’re interested in, you can start creating your videos and use the same hashtags in your caption – which is limited to only 100 characters including your hashtags. 

Searching for Popular And Relevant TikToks | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Search for relevant and popular TikTok hashtags before using it for your videos. Source: Boosted Light

Below are some trending TikTok hashtags in Malaysia you can use for your videos. 

Most Searched Hashtags on TikTok | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Use the best TikTok hashtags that are most searched to gain more followers. Source: Medium

If you want to build your online business like One Search Pro, you might want to use some hashtag trending Malaysia picks as shown below:

#digital marketing 

#digital marketing agency

#digital marketing trend

#online marketing service

#tiktok advertising trend

#2 Find a Balance Between Broad & Niche Hashtags   

It’s vital to introduce content based closely on your chosen hashtags and make sure to write a caption. 

This way, it’s easier for your target audience TikTok users to see and engage with your business and products.

Take time to research the best hashtags based on the audience or market you want to reach. 

Hashtags Relevant to Your Content | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Use specific hashtags that are relevant to your content. Source: Later

However, being too specific and unique in your hashtags is not the best idea, as you don’t wave to use hashtags that nobody uses or searches for. 

Test with something mainstream, and work your way into specific hashtags.

You need TikTok hashtags that your potential followers and target audience will type in their TikTok search bar, and you want to use them cohesively in all your content. 

You might want to consider aligning the hashtags with the keywords you used on your site or other social media platforms. 

A specific branded hashtag helps build community, while a branded hashtag challenge or contest will develop user-generated content for your profile or business. 

You can add additional hashtags that are more unique to describe your business and video content. 

#3 Research Industry Leaders and Your Competitors   

One of the best hashtags strategies is to learn from the best.

Search for popular influencers, celebrities, or other industry leaders that have successfully established their presence on TikTok with reliable followers.

Research what’s their social media strategy and try to emulate it in your business.

If it works for them, chances are that it’ll work for you too, especially when you’re just a small business on TikTok that’s just starting out!

Trending on TikTok | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Research what’s trending on TikTok before creating your hashtag. Source: Later

The #makeuptutorial hashtag is one of the most popular hashtag on TikTok. It has tons of makeup tutorials and is even used by big makeup companies like NYX. 

When you do your research, jot down the essential hashtags they’re using, and check if it’s relevant to your content and business.

Look for their audience’s behaviour.

Ask questions like;

How did their followers react to the hashtags? Has the content gone viral? Can other hashtags be included in the caption? And are the hashtags trending on your competitors’ social media platforms too?

Keep in mind that there’s no tried and true formula; you need to keep experimenting to find suitable hashtags that work best for your profile. 

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#4 Find Related Hashtags on TikTok

Searching for relevant and related hashtags is a simple task to do. To search for associated or specific hashtags, type your hashtags in TikTok’s search bar.

You can watch TikTok Malaysia viral content for some ideas too. 

Discovery Pages on TikTok | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
If you’re using popular hashtags, your content will be pulled into relevant Discovery pages for millions of other users to see. Source: Later

Leave out the hashtag icon (#) in your search and tap “Hashtag” in the search bar, and you’ll see how many viewers each hashtag has. 

Always focus on creating one custom hashtag for a campaign instead of many hashtags that will be hard to monitor.

It should be relevant to your content, campaign, challenge, or whatever event the hashtags are for. 

#5 Test Your Hashtags on TikTok   

Find out whether the hashtags you chose are ideal for your content by testing them. Document you own hashtags that you’ve been using and keep track of how many viewers it receives over time. 

Keep in mind that each hashtag will have different results for each of your TikTok videos.

If hashtag “A” works better than hashtag ”B”, stick to hashtag “A” and use it on your subsequent content. 

Interacting with Videos on TikTok | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Interact and engage with TikTok videos to show and get engagement. Source: Vidooly

If you’re creating a new hashtag, make sure it portrays your business image, and when people search for the hashtag, they know what it’s all about.

You don’t create a hashtag about nature but post a TikTok video about a cheeseburger. It may get views, but it will not be targeting the right audience. 

Ensure that you spell your hashtags correctly as wrongly spelt hashtags will lead you to other discoveries.

Imagine your custom hashtag is “sense”, but you accidentally spelt it “sence; it does not reach your audience.

Create hashtags that have simple spelling and are easy to remember. For easy reference, please copy all your hashtags and paste them when you need to use them. 

How Many TikTok Hashtags Should You Use in Your Posts?

With Instagram, the number of hashtags that you can use per post is 30 hashtags.

As abovementioned, TikTok’s caption offers limited space, up to 100 words and characters for both messages and hashtags.

It’s relatively little, so be very precise at this point. You don’t want all the right hashtags you’ve been looking forward to adding being cut because they exceed TikTok’s caption limit. 

TikTok Caption with Words and Hashtags | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
You can only add up to 100 words, including characters and hashtags on your TikTok caption. Source: WebDesignTips

Keep your caption to the point so you’ll have more space for essential hashtags.

Some users add 1 to 3 hashtags, while some add up to 5 to 8 hashtags.

There’s no ballpark figure on how many hashtags you should use, but squeeze everything that you think is essential in your post. 

This goes the same for your TikTok Live or broadcasts too – they help to make you more discoverable.

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Concise TikTok Caption | Hashtags on TikTok | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Keep your caption concise so you can add more TikTok trending hashtag options. Source: MarketingLand


Hashtags are great marketing advertising tools that offer various benefits to your business when used correctly, no matter in TikTok, or other social media marketing platforms like Facebook advertising, Instagram and even Linkedin. 

It can help build your social media presence, convert your followers to buying customers, get your business viral and gain new followers.

As much as other social media are essential in expanding awareness about your business, using the top trending hashtags on TikTok should not be excluded as well.

Using relevant hashtags is like using the right keywords in your online marketing

The right hashtags allow potential customers to find you and increase your social media persona. Remember to include your hashtags in every video you create on TikTok Malaysia.  

Deciding which custom hashtags to use can be a trial and error experience. But with determination and persistence, the TikTok community will notice you.

Ready to take your Tik Tok Malaysia strategy up a notch?

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