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15 Interactive Facebook Posts Ideas to Help Skyrocket Engagement Rate In 2024

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15 Interactive Facebook Posts Ideas to Help Skyrocket Engagement Rate - One Search Pro Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

Ever seen a Facebook post that is so engaging, hilarious, or thought-provoking that you can’t help but share it with your friends?

Facebook is a growing community of millions of people – which translates to an effective social media management platform.

Every post you share has an opportunity to reach out to your potential customers. This is where interactive Facebook posts come into the picture.

They provide your audience with the ability to participate in your content.

So, how do you make your Facebook posts like that?

Here, I will give you an overview of the concept, plus some examples of fun interactive posts. You will learn the different kinds of content that you can create and how to optimize them for maximum results.

Let’s get on with it!

15 Interactive Facebook Posts Ideas For Meaningful Engagement

So how do we get started? Here are 15 Facebook post ideas you can consider to boost your facebook user engagements into more Likes, Shares and Comments!

#1 Questions

Questions give you the opportunity to share your idea, ask your audience’s opinion, and make you aware of their feelings about the topic.

You can create all forms of questions about your new product – from a trivial question about a simple issue to any other kind of questions.

It is the perfect way to engage your followers and encourage them to respond to your post.

Facebook posts with questions tend to get around 0.12% more comments than posts without them. [1] This means that a question can encourage people to interact with your post and help boost engagement.

Pro Tip: The way you ask the question can make a difference in how it is perceived. Ask your audience to share their opinion, if they agree or disagree with your statement.

Facebook Post by Scholastic | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Asking the right questions can help garner lots of creative responses. Source: Scholastic

#2 Quizzes and Polls Using Reactions

Take advantage of the Reactions feature to engage your followers with fun quizzes, polls, and multiple choice questions.

You can ask them questions about an interesting topic or a brand-related question.

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All you have to do is provide them with different options to choose from, encourage them to vote in the comment section, and show them how much they have contributed to the conversation!

This type of Facebook post is a great way to show your followers that you care about them.

Quizzes and Polls on Social Media by One Search Pro | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Quizzes and polls can help foster a sense of community.

#3 Trending Topics

If you’re following all the important news and events happening in the world, then it is a good idea to create Facebook posts about those spicy topics.

People love to discuss current events, and they love to share what is trending in their community. Talking about what’s hot in the news, and what’s trending in your area will get you some serious engagement.

When there is a trending topic, loads of comments, shares, and reactions will ensue. All of this makes your Facebook post ideas stand out.

You can use this opportunity to get more exposure for your page, and get more people to click on your link!

Discussing Trendy Topics on Facebook | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Trendy topics worth discussing can help new audiences gain exposure to your business page.

#4 Social Media Memes

Memes are viral live videos and photos that are created for the purpose of entertainment. They are great ways to get your message across because they’re funny and they have an entertaining tone.

Studies have shown about 75% of people around 13 to 36 years old share memes everyday. [2] Especially among teenagers, memes are really popular. If you have a meme that you think will appeal to this age group, then it will be a promising choice.

Social media memes are some kind of a way to brighten up the day, and they make people smile. People especially love to laugh at funny images of cat memes, relatable comics, or pop culture meme references.

Knowing this, you can use this fact to your advantage in social media marketing.

So, if you’re interested in making your page engaging, then why not create your social media content idea of a meme and share it with your followers?

Social Media Funny Meme to Help Foster Engagement | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
When used correctly, social media memes can help put a big smile on your audience’s face. Source: Social Bakers

#5 Behind the Scenes

Take your audiences behind the scenes and show them what is happening at your company. It is an opportunity to show your potential customers what your business is really like, plus it can create a lot of buzz.

If you have a cool team behind the scenes, you can publish an immersive post for social media with office and business images about them – including pictures of them having fun, or doing cool things.

Pro Tip: Show them that it is not only about work. They are also having fun, and that is something that your followers will love to see.

Behind The Scene Posts on Facebook Help Interact with Audience | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Behind the scenes let your audience know you’re not a robot operating behind a screen! Source: Typeform

#6 Product Photos

Visuals are very important as they can make or break your post. You can use images to make your content more engaging. Doing so will also make your message more appealing.

When people search for a product, they will want to see what it looks like – which directly translates to wanting to see more pictures of it.

Including a product photo in your Facebook post will make it more interesting, and it may help increase the click-through rate.

An eye-catching product photo often won’t fail to catch the attention of your audience, so it may be a good idea to include one in your post too!

You can also create a series of images that show your product in different ways, or how it can be used. It increases brand awareness and makes your Facebook post more engaging.

Showcasing Product Photos | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Product photos help showcase what your business is about. Source: Oreo

#7 Funny and Tear Jerking Videos

Funny videos are especially popular on Facebook. In fact, more than 10,000 Facebook users share and talk about a certain Facebook page that posts a funny video regularly. [3]

If you have something funny or emotional, it may even become a hit. Your content creation can also be a great opportunity to create meaningful connections with your audience.

People will share your post with their friends; if they are feeling the same emotions, they will engage with you, giving you more opportunities to create more content.

Pro Tip: You can follow the example of this page below and create a post with funny + strong content that will get you lots of engagement. Facebook business pages and Facebook groups often take this opportunity to go viral and get lots of shares and likes.

Emotionally Relatavle Video on Facebook | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Creating content in the form of emotionally relatable videos helps your Facebook audience learn about you. Source: Facebook

#8 Contest and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a contest, especially when it is free and there are great prizes?

Creating a contest is one of the most effective ways to get more people engaged. People would want to win, and they will go to any length to do so.

In fact, 78.4% of contest shares can be attributed to viral content on Facebook. [4] This shows that Facebook is a great place to get your content shared – especially if you have freebies to give away.

Offering giveaways for a certain period of time will also give you more opportunities to get people engaged.

Pro Tip: You can give your product for free for a few share and comment campaigns. This will be a win-win situation for you too!

Facebook Contests and Giveaways | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Contests and giveaways work best when your Facebook audience is interested in your products or services offered. Source: DiGiorno

#9 Industry Tips

People love to share useful information about a certain topic.

This is especially true when they are in a certain niche industry where they possess the scarce authority to share only the best source of information.

That is why it is a good idea to create interactive posts for social media about industry tips.

It’s important to share tips and tricks so that your followers can learn how to become better experts in the field while you provide them with an excellent source of information and engagement.

Relevant tips are always good to share, and it is always a good idea to include a call to action at the end of your post.

Pro Tip: If you’re providing tips and tricks about industry trends, then you can also encourage your followers to click on your link and learn more about the topic from you!

Sharing Industry Tips on Facebook | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Industry tips are a source of inspiration + information combined for your followers! Source: Surfer SEO

#10 Infographics/Images With Quotes And/Or Your Company Logo

Branded graphics and images are a great way to catch the attention of your followers. They make your Facebook post ideas more interesting and add more value to your message.

You can attach some interactive elements to your images and infographics, such as a clickable image or some form of interactivity via a quote.

Put your brand logo on the picture and add a few words about an interesting topic or your company’s vision. This will be a great way to give your followers a taste of what you have to offer.

It entices your audience to check out your page and even share images of your brand to their circle of friends!

Pro Tip: If you own informational charts or branded graphics, you can use them to create a fun interactive post. Link the infographic to your company website and include motivational quotes about the topic. Share this post with your followers and you’re good to go!

Relevant Infographics | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Infographics are great because the human brain processes visuals better than chunky texts! Source: One Search Pro

#11 Show Your Personality

Every page on a social media platform has a personality, and this personality is often shown through the visual content that they share.

Your personality is your main weapon when it comes to building a relationship with your followers. It is your brand, your identity, and it is a crucial part of your social media marketing strategy.

Your online persona can be a great way to interact with your followers; it allows you to build a stronger relationship with more Facebook accounts and shows them that you are real, unique, and genuine!

The way you show your personality depends on your niche, but you can always share a story about something that happened to you, or something that you did.

Through storytelling, people who watch your videos or read your post will get to know you better. It gives them the opportunity to see who you are and what makes you unique.

Pro Tip: You can also add a few personal details about yourself in your Facebook posts – they can be your favorite quote, or some opinion about a topic. This will not only give your followers a better idea of who you are but also make them more engaged with your content.

Telling Stories and Personal Details Through Facebook Posts | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Telling stories using personal details about your brand helps add a little human touch to your post. Source: My Burger Lab

#12 Blog Posts

Do you have a blog where you post about different things? If so, then you can use this as an opportunity to share your top posts with your followers.

A good Facebook marketing strategy is to have an article shared on Facebook once a day, so that you can always have a piece of interactive content that is fresh and interesting.

Creating effective Facebook posts about your blog post is a great way to get two birds with one stone. Not only will you get your blog content seen by more people, but you will also gain a lot of audience engagement from many Facebook users.

Sharing your blog article on your fan page will also provide you with the opportunity to talk about what is happening in your industry.

Writing and Sharing Blog Posts on Facebook | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Find and write blog posts then share them on Facebook with your community! Source: Speedhome

#13 Guessing Games

If you are interested in providing entertainment for your audience, then creating a guessing game might be one of the most productive visual content ideas. The goal of the game is to get as many people to guess the answer as possible.

You can do this by giving hints, asking questions, or by providing a Facebook poster or images. The more people who play, the more exposure you will get.

There are many creative ways to create a guessing game.


You can create a forum-style post where Facebook users need to answer a question and share their guesses with other users.

To make things even simpler, you can too, post a picture with a message that reads: “What do you think is in this picture?”, and people will have to guess the answer!

Interactive Games on Facebook | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Games are fun and they help boost engagement – who doesn’t love them? Source: CinchShare

#14 Suggestions/Feedbacks From Facebook Users

Nobody is perfect, and the same goes for your Facebook page.

People will be more inclined to engage with your page if they can offer you participant suggestions or feedback.

It doesn’t have to be a formal survey. You can ask them for their opinion about something in the form of a simple and engaging question.

It can also be something as simple as asking your followers for their thoughts on a product or how you can improve your Facebook page.

Humbly request for them to write down their ideas, and you can publish the feedback on your page. This is a surefire way to generate engagement on your Facebook page, improve your page’s credibility, and build a loyal following base.

Publishing The Answers to Common Questions | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Publishing your reply to a question can publicly answer common questions in one go. Source: Starbucks Malaysia

#15 Discount and Sales

Discounts and sales are a great way to get people’s attention – simply because people love discounts and deals, and you can use this to your advantage.

When you have a promotion going on, or a coupon code that can be used to save money, you can create a fun interactive post about it.

In fact, about 93% of the people who are shopping are influenced by discounts and promotions. [5] So, when you have a good discount and you’re promoting it on your page, people will be drawn to it.

Pro Tip: You can also create an illusion of scarcity by making it look like the deal is about to expire, or that product is a limited edition.

These FB posts will create a lot of buzz and get people to share them with their friends. It may also get you some serious sales. However, make sure you don’t trick your Facebook followers!

Discounts and Sales on Facebook Business Page | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Discounts are effective (and immediate) attention grabbers! Source: Anthropologie

Why Do Engaging Social Media Posts Work?

Engaging Facebook posts create a sense of urgency and value.

The feeling that you’re part of something special is an important part of your overall Facebook marketing strategy. This feeling will be boosted by the fact that they are participating in the content and will be able to connect with your brand.

Personal Factors

Personal factors can also play a role in the success of interactive social media posts. The time you take to respond to the questions and comments of your followers will help to increase your credibility. It creates the overall lasting impression of your brand.

Your audience will also feel that you are open and approachable, and this will make them feel personally connected to you.

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Purpose and Search Intent

Their purpose is also an important factor. The more specific you are in addressing the search intent, the better.

It works quite simply – they ask, you deliver.

For example, if you are selling a product, you may include information about the product quality and also inspiring prices of it. This will help to persuade your Facebook followers to make a purchase.


A good promotion will help to increase the number of conversions.

Engaging social media posts will also increase your social presence. Your brand is a representation of your business while your social media presence is a representation of your brand.

In the US, about 72% of consumers trust companies whose values are aligned with their own. [6] Customers will want to know more about your business and choose a brand that they can trust, one that reflects their own values.

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Lifespan of Facebook Posts

The lifespan of Facebook posts depends on the content, the engagement level, and your brand. Stronger Facebook engagement posts will have a longer lifespan than posts with low engagement.

The average lifespan of a Facebook post is about 6 hours, [7] but if your Facebook post ideas have a high engagement level, around the first 2 hours, they will be seen by more people.

Best Practices to Maximize Reach To Your Facebook Audiences

As mentioned, creating effective Facebook posts is a very important part of your overall social media marketing strategy. It will allow you to engage your followers, drive them to your website, and promote your brand.

Now, let’s take a look at some tips and best practices that will help you to maximize your reach:

1. Create Visually Appealing Content

A well-designed Facebook post is an engaging one. It will grab the attention of your followers, and they will want to see more.

So, how do you create a visually appealing post?

Take your time to think about what would make your content attractive to your followers. If you are writing a post about a product, consider how you can create a compelling Facebook poster with the right images.

What color scheme would work best? What type of images would you like to use? Do you want to incorporate images of people? Think about your content and the visuals that will go with it.


You can use a combination of your business Facebook theme color palette or pastel colors and post photos of products that you want to promote based on your target audience. Say, viral photos and memes are a great option if your audience is a younger crowd.

Aesthetic appeal is not just limited to the colors that you use. You can also add a background to your content, as well as a combination of cool images and informational videos.

There are many different ways to incorporate design elements into your post. You can experiment with different ways and use them to create engaging content that will connect with your followers.

Simples Designs and Actionable Captions to Capture Attention | Interactive Facebook Posts | One Search Pro Digital Marketing
Simple designs paired with actionable captions go a long way toward attracting eyeballs. Source: TGV Cinemas

2. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to get your visual content noticed by a large number of people. When you create a post with a hashtag, it will show up in the related FB posts section of your audience.

You can also use top hashtags to connect with other businesses and brands. If you are a social media marketer, you can use hashtags such as #socialmedia, #socialmediamarketing, and #marketing to help you get more visibility.

Or, if you are a business owner, you can use #business, #entrepreneur, and #businessgrowth to help you connect with other people in your industry.

By using hashtags, you can help your audience to discover new content, connect with your brand, and even generate leads that you can follow up on.

3. Use Strong Captions

When you create an FB post, make sure that you include strong captions.

The caption is the text that appears on the post. It will appear above the image; they should be short and sweet.

Try to make it catchy, informative, and engaging. It should also tell your followers what your post is about and what they can expect to find in it.

A caption should be clear and concise, because it is the most important thing that your followers will see when they view your post. The image serves as an aesthetic appeal, but the caption is what will draw them in.

4. Publish Your Content at the Best Time

When you publish your content, you should do it at the best time. People are the most active during certain times of the day, and you should also keep this in mind.

1 PM to 3 PM on Thursdays and Fridays is among the best time to post on Facebook as people are checking social media for the most important information.

Wrapping Up

Engaging posts are contents that allow your followers to respond, share, or comment on them. I have presented a number of ways in which you can do this, including posting meme images, polls, and asking questions.

In addition, using hashtags, sharing buttons, and comment fields across your social networks can all help you to engage your followers and make your post more interactive.

Remember that, as the creator of the post, you are the one who decides what will happen in your post. You can either make it open for participation or leave it closed.

However, you can publish content that encourages your followers to interact with you to get the most out of your content.

More engagement and reach is an excellent way to get further traffic and sales.

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